The Mind of an Artist

As artists our minds are never at rest — we can’t help but look at things much differently than most other people. Creative individuals; be it photographers, writers, Illustrators, sculptors, conceptual designers or animators. We are constantly observing and studying the functionality and process of everything that surrounds us. We are curious by nature.

On a sunny day, during a walk in the woods or a hike in a canyon; a swim in a lake or a visit to the zoo — even just watching our pets play and interact. We are studying how things are constructed, how light hits the leaves, how the shadow and light converge and the saturation of color transforms between the contrasts of value.

We can’t help but look at an animal or a person and notice every wrinkle, fold of skin, tuft of fur, strand of hair, every bone, muscle, tendon, ligament and vein — reacting underneath the surface. The feeling different colors invoke, the cool breeze of wind, blowing of leaves, rustling of grass and the sounds of the world.

We can watch a sunset and enjoy its beauty but also marvel at the magic that happens as the sky transforms and creates a broad display of hues — studying how this moment in time affects the color of every element in nature. Including the movement of clouds, their shape, how they break apart and how they react to light.
How we see differences between a wet surface and a dry one before and after a rainfall. How the world changes at night; not just visually but in all manners of life waking in rotation to the varying sounds, flashes of light, call of the moon and cover of night.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, we are all too aware of the way light bounces off of different materials; varying textures of skin, fur, moss, rock, metal and wood. We take in every element of every moment of every action and we strive to not only replicate what we see but to break it down, study it and build upon it.

This is how we are built and how our minds are engineered; it is the interest in how things in nature work that make us want to replicate, manipulate, create and pay tribute to such beauty and wonder.

Wherever we Go, Whatever we Do, We are Constantly Learning.
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- Mike Corriero
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Chongqing home to ‘most illegal building in the air’

A 66-meter-high balcony in Chongqing has Chinese netizens divided.
The balcony was originally designed to connect two units in a residential building together. But it has since been illegally transformed into a personal home, according to news report by

The balcony – located between the 21st and 22nd floors of the building – has been reconstructed with walls and roofing by one of the building’s property owners.

The new domicile is made of glass and steel, and has an area of about 6 square meters. It’s been called “the most illegal building in the air” by Chongqing residents, the report said.

While some netizens are showing their concern over safety issues, others are saying the balcony is a public area – and if not, should be subject to administrative procedures.

“This cannot be defined as illegal construction. They just added a roof,” Weibo user @fuyu posted.

“This is definitely not designed to be a load-bearing structure. Aren’t they afraid of it falling down some day?” wrote @doudouEric.

“This kind of suspended balcony shouldn’t have been built at all,” posted @zashidegongchengshi.