constructing whiteness

White women and black men want the same exact thing, which is to trade power structure with white men. They don’t give a darn about anyone else, they just want to taste the candy white men say is too delicious to stop eating. They both salivate at the thought of having control and dictatorship like white men. That’s why neither group cares for any other group suffering under the current constructs white men created, but themselves.

White women aren’t trying to give up the perks that come with white privilege. Or white supremacy. They just want to sit in the seat white men sit at. They only care about sexism that targets them, they don’t care about WOC especially black women, studies have proven that. They enjoy being propped up over other races of women. Which why they say nothing when other women are slandered in praise of them. They’re no different than the men they share race with.

Black men don’t want to give up male privilege through misogyny, sexism and patriarchy which is why it’s not hard to see them be sexist, misogynistic and patriarchal. They spew it like spit. They just want white men’s power.

White women want white men’s power without giving up white supremacy/white privilege.

Black men want white men’s power without giving up sexism, misogyny and patriarchy/male privilege.


Palace of Tobiah  (Qasr al-Abd)

Iraq al-amir, Jordan

200 BCE

Although little is known for definite about the history of Qasr al-Abd it is widely believed to have been built by a Tobiad notable, Hyrcanus of Jerusalem, head of the powerful Jewish Tobiad family and governor of Ammon. Credence for this theory is gained from the fact that the Hebrew name ‘Tuvya’ or 'Toviyya’ (Tobias) is engraved (טוביה but in a more Aramaic script) above the adjacent burial caves of Iraq al-Amir, which share their name with the nearby village.

The heavily decorated two-storey stone structure (measuring about 40 metres by 20 metres, and 13 metres high) is a rare example of Hellenistic architecture in Jordan. In the 1st century AD, Flavius Josephus described it as, “A strong fortress, which was constructed entirely of white marble up to the very roof and had beasts of gigantic size carved on it; and he enclosed it with a wide and deep moat”. The castle is built from some of the largest single blocks of any building in the Middle East, with the largest block measuring seven by three metres. However, these blocks were at most only 40 centimetres wide (making the building relatively vulnerable to the earthquake which destroyed it). 

Open to debate and discuss

We don’t live in a rape culture

Feminism has become something terrible

The BLM movement is misguided

There are only 2 Genders

Gender isn’t a Social Construct

Donald Trump isn’t a Fascist

The Wage gap doesn’t exist

There is no Patriarchy

White privilege is gone

Police officers aren’t killing blacks for sport

Socialism is a terrible Concept

Capitalism (and the 1%) isnt your enemy

Safe Spaces and Trigger warnings are counterproductive

<b>if you disagree with me, then by god, <i>DEBATE ME</i>. Lets  have a discussion about it, lets bring our facts and arguments to the table and see if we cant come to some kind of agreement or consensus of some sort.</b>