“In the late ‘70s, Kasten moved from the darkroom into the studio, where she assembled found industrial materials—wire, sheet metal, Plexiglas and mirrors—into transitory structures that existed only to be photographed. Flush with color, the “Constructs” series (1979–84) bears a striking, and deliberate, resemblance to the complex geometries of Constructivist painting.”

The last image is from El Lissitzky, Proun 19D. 

I’m not sure how her work or constructivism directly relates to my practice but I’ve found that she has inspired me to experiment with photography, materials, and projection over the last year in a way that I had not considered before.


Moscow architectural constructavist gem - Workers club for the people - now a theatre for the people. Was allowed to walk around with help from designer friend Mischa. Could not have wished for a better contrasting vehicle - stretched opulent American hummer parked outside! Wonder what the architect would make of that?’_Club’_Club