“Common Bark Spider” (Caerostris sexcuspidata)

…a species of orb-weaving spider (Araneidae) which is native to Southern Africa, and on islands off its eastern coast, including Madagascar, the Comores, and Aldabra Island. Like other members of the family Araneidae, the common bark spider will constrict a large (1.5 meters across) orb-shaped web which it uses to trap and eventually consume passing prey items. Common bark spiders are primarily active at night, during the day they will dismantle their webs and retire to a nearby branch where they will tuck their legs together and use their bark-like coloration as camouflage until the night returns. 


Animalia-Arthropoda-Arachnida-Araneae-Araneidae-Caerostris-C. sexucuspidata

Image(s): YoMaSahara

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Kataang (obvs), 17

last dance

For once, they are separated, each on the opposite of the the ballroom. From where he stands by the sides of royals, he watches her dance with a courtier. They dance in time, her dress moves as they take a two step back. She is smiling, her teeth white and her laugh infectious with her partner. 

His heart constricts, not because she is dancing with someone else, but because he can’t remember the last time he held her. He can’t remember the way her hair felt like silk when he ran his fingers through it. He can’t remember  the taste of sea salt and sunshine that clung to her skin. He can’t remember that her eyes were the exact shade of blue as a calm day at sea.

All he knows is that they fought about something, but now it seems meaningless because no argument is worth it if it means forgetting her.  All he knows is that their dance can’t be their last one. All that he knows is that this can’t be the end. 

Before he can overthink it and before someone can stop him, he starts moving towards her. Each step quickens with haste and his heart is slamming against his rib cage, part in desire and part in fear. This can’t be the end. Their last dance can’t be one he can’t remember. Without realizing it as his heart thumps in his chest, he breaks out into a run because there have already been too many moments lost when he didn’t say I love you.

And when she twirls with her partner, their eyes lock when she sees him standing so near, closer than the opposite side of the ballroom. Her smile falters and her eyes are wide, shock coloring her features.

But he doesn’t care. He drinks in the sight of her, remembering with clarity all the things that were forgotten. He sees that her eyes are indeed the color of ocean waves on a bright sunny day. He knows that the curve of her neck and the dip of her waist are beautiful parts that make up a woman stronger than most. He notices all the freckles on her face from playing in the sun and all the scars on her fingers from sparring all day long. 

He desperately hopes that the adventure is not yet done.

Tentatively, with a shy smile, he holds his hand towards her, palm face up like a prayer. “Can I have this dance?”

She is still surprised that he’s here, her face open as she looks at his hand, realizing the offering is to begin again. But just as shyly as he offered, she places her hand in his and completes the puzzle that is them. As fingers–his and hers–become intertwined, she smiles and his heart is reflected in her eyes and he knows that her heart is reflected in his. 

And what is, without a doubt the most beautiful sound in all the world, she says, “Yes.”

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☂ - favorite season? ✿ - fave kind of clothing?

Favorite season: OOHH I looooooove winter. I love feeling the cold air on my cheeks and huddling by fires when it’s really cold out. I love everything about the crisp cool air where I live.

Favorite kind of clothes: I really like comfy things. I tend to wear sweat pants or anything not right fitting on my thighs. I wear tank tops and spaghetti straps cause I really don’t like wearing bras in my house and it’s so hot out normally it’s hard to wear my t shirts. I don’t normally wear shorts or skinny jeans. I don’t like anything constricting.

So just finished listening to the new tame impala album. Honestly it’s a breakup album & feels really constricted compared to the other two albums. I mean like it was said it’s very electronic, no real catchy guitar riffs and such. (It’s still a good album ) but just feels held back / laid back, seems all the effort on the album was on" let it happen". Ironically my favourite song on the album, “disciples” which happens to be the second shortest song at 1:48. The other songs that were released before the album are good. The rest are very forgettable, you kinda don’t know where one starts and one ends kinda forgettable.

It’s a great album for those kids who consider themselves “stoners” or smoke pot at gigs, love Mac demarco and all that, but with that being said, the album is pretty bland. There’s just this sombre lull to it. Not gonna lie highly disappointed by it given Kevin Parker has unreleased demos like, “my lover Mother Nature ” that blows every song on this LP out the water

Oh well.


I hope melody prochets next album isn’t a breakup album.

lyrics tag

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Rules: Put your music on shuffle, type the first ten songs that come on and your favorite lyrics. Tag 10 people.

im kinda tired of listening to the same songs on my phone and im listening to radio right now so i’ll do it with the songs that the channels will play

2PM - Come Back When You Hear This Song (such greasy lyrics omg xD)
I’m sorry so come back
I’m regretting so come back
Come back when you hear this song
Wherever you are, whoever you’re with

Big Bang - Monster
Nothing comes to my mind
As you tremble, you take a step, two steps back
You say that I scare you now
You’re like a moon that makes me go crazy

BTS - Let Me Know
Maybe we’re all just a bunch of fools
Everyone lives with a love that has come to an end

4Minute - Volume Up
Your eyes make constrict my heart more and more everyday
Now I am hidden as a greater scar in my heart

Sistar  - Touch My Body
My pool gets soft and sometimes warm just for you

Exo - What is Love
All the guys in the world are jealous of me
They must be jealous to death of me, for having you (wow there ARE girls out there who hear these words, right? *sobs for eternity)

MBlaq - Be A Man
I’m so dizzy, did I bump my head somewhere? (this one makes me laugh :D)
Let’s break up – those words keep circling me, did I hear it wrong?

IU Feat. Jang Yi-jeong - Friday
This Friday
How is this Friday?
Although there isn’t a movie I really want to see
Although there isn’t anything I really want to eat

Vixx - Light Me Up
The maze spreads over the gray city
Time stops as I look for you right here
An angel of darkness, an illusion of a nightmare
She slightly shines through her mask

SNSD - I Got A Boy
Listen to me, you all know him, right? (*coughs*)
He’s a bit young but he’s full inside

ah this was tiring but so much fun! 

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Something worth waiting for.

It has been a while since that night.

I have tired of writing about you

within the constrictions of period marks, 

that impose themselves 

like the points-of-view of my friends.

No matter how well my friends know me,

They just don’t know us.

Do you know that I wake up

every morning thinking of you?

I replay that night in my mind

at the most inappropriate of times.

I want to go back to that night

that silly night when I asked,

“Is there even something here to wait for?”

Then you kissed me. 

Then you fell off the couch.

You and I know no reason.

We are not bound by any etiquette.

I will send you little messages

whenever I please throughout my day.

And you will respond to my

clattering of inquiries

with eloquent paragraphs 

as beautiful as your mind. 

And I wake up every morning 

hoping for you.

Where do I begin…?  OK so this is all inspired by an RP from this morning’s stream but with some liberty taken.  In this spin Inkanyamba hired Dentia through shady channels to ‘deal’ with a pesky python she wanted to teach a lesson too, or perhaps just devour alive.  Inka lurks here in the shadows mostly camouflaged, without Dentia noticing, sampling the meal soon to be unconscious and helpless against her eager swallows and gulps.