Our timing was always bad. We would almost get caught every time. The odds were never in our favor either, and we were complete opposites. They say constrats meet. I know that for sure now. But as you’ve been saying yourself, too, then contrasts will meet and contrasts will part.

Out of all things the best “timed” thing ever was our parting, ironically. It took me some time to realize that. I was home alone that day - all by myself. All free to cry and pour out all the tears that I had. There was nobody to bother me and I had peace to sort things out. It was maybe what I needed.

Today, I’ve come to know why we were so “unfortunate in luck”. What we did was wrong. It wasn’t pleasing for our Creator. We didn’t have his support, hence why we never had good luck. Our parting was the most correct thing as for why He granted us the hidden blessing of perfect timing, something that we had not tried yet until that day.

From this I’ve learned; Do things against His will and you’ll have none of His support. Without his support and help you’ll get nothing and even if you do, then you will still be the loser at the end.
Do things that are right in the eyes of Him and you’ll have all the power that you need to succeed.

- Medoina