Poverty, despair breed new generation of Philippine rebels
The rebellion “will not disappear because of the fundamental needs of the people. The problems have persisted, and that’s the platform of the rebellion.”

SIERRA MADRE MOUNTAINS, Philippines — In the late-night hours and amid the chirp of crickets, Katryn welcomed a huddle of exhausted Filipino journalists in cheerful spirits like she was home. “Coffee?” she asked with a comforting smile.

Comrade Katryn is her nom de guerre, however, and for her, home is a rebel encampment concealed in the rain-soaked wilderness of the Philippines’ Sierra Madre Mountains. The 24-year-old walked away from her family two years ago to join one of the world’s longest-raging Marxist rebellions.

Mostly in their 20s and 30s, a few dozen New People’s Army guerrillas lugged M16 rifles and grenade launchers on a plateau where red hammer-and-sickle flags adorned a makeshift hall. Most wore mud-stained boots while cooking over wood fires or guarding the peripheries of the encampment, just 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) from the nearest army camp.

They’re part of a new generation of Maoist fighters who reflect the resiliency and constraints of an insurgency that has dragged on for nearly half a century through six Philippine presidencies while Cold War-era communist insurgencies across much of the world have faded into memory. They are driven by some of the same things as their predecessors, including crushing poverty, despair, government misrule and the abysmal inequality that has long plagued Philippine society.

“The New People’s Army has no other recruiter but the state itself,” a young rebel, Comrade May, told The Associated Press.

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Do you think the plot is going to wrap up really fast and sorta sloppily like last seasons last episode?

Honestly, probably. When it comes to serialization they do a lot better when they work within their own time constraints. Like Stick of Truth and TFBW.

To fight monsters, you have to become one yourself.

Ryodan Ghoulseeker in his younger years. He was a very angry streaker who carried around a sword and tried to beat up everyone. The angst was real.

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II. My body has failed me many times and in many ways. I’d like to claw out of this flesh I wear, just for once in my life, I’d like to do without a body, experience without the limitations of carnality and decay. I am reminded of ‘The Night Circus,’ wherein Hector Bowen attempts to rid himself of his physical nature so as to inhabit whatever form he desires. As his daughter Celia explains, “He wanted to remove himself from the physical world. […] Suppose I had a glass of wine, […] If I took this wine and poured it into a basin of water, or a lake or even the ocean, would the wine itself be gone?” Hector Bowen had discovered a way to “remove his glass” but it went badly for him. I suppose it is impossible to truly inhabit spaces without the constraints of the human body, to take up whatever form when need be. This is one of the ways my body has disappointed me. As Arabelle Sicardi said, “bodies are unreliable narrators.”
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