After 5h of painful constractions and being unable to sleep all night and wishing this is it and today we will go to the hospital the constractions faded away and stopped complately as the sun rose up. I than made a quick google search and found out that i can have this kinda nights for weeks before actually going into labor,. That’s just great, like I got any sleep anyways.

One good side tho, the constractions might help my cervix soften, wich might help the first stage of the labor to be faster. But atm I would rather take 8 to 10 h intense pain and finally have my baby, than this 4 h here 5h there and nothing happens pain for weeks…

- Tuikku

Shell Albian Sands testing GPS tags on contractors

Some union members say they’ll be tracked everywhere from the job site, to the can. Workers at Shell Albian Sands say they’re frustrated about a GPS device the company plans to issue to contractors during an April shutdown. But Shell Canada says the monitoring is about safety and productivity.

“Safety is also an important indicator for how well a business is performing operationally – improving safety not only saves lives, it can help drive to a more competitive business,” says Shell Spokesperson Cameron Yost in an email. “In this context, the decision to pilot a GPS tracking system for a maintenance project at Albian makes sense.”

Workers who contacted MyMcMurray argued it was a huge breach of privacy, but Shell says the tags will collect data from groups of contractors and data won’t be looked at individually unless there is an emergency.

“The only reasons we would get specific details on an individual is in the event of an incident investigation, to monitor fatigue status or when the panic button is activated.  All of which is in accordance with Canadian privacy laws,” states Yost.

The contractors say it’s being issued as Personal Protective Equipment which is an easy way for Shell to fire anyone who refuses to wear them.

Shell Albian Sands is the operation portion of the Athabasca Oil Sands Project, which consists of the Muskeg River and Jackpine mines.

This post was originally published here: Shell Albian Sands testing GPS tags on contractors

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When Bionicle was discontinued in 2010 it was a traumatic and depressing event to have happen. For many years I didn’t know what else to do with my life, I got interested in cars, politics, lego’s competitors and even hero factory, ninjago and chima. On july 2nd 2014 that all changed when my childhood was brought back to life when the black and white leaked display for bionicle 2015 was posted online. Before july 2nd 2014 all I was thinking about was kre-o transformers, tenkai knights, mega bloks power rangers, mega bloks kapow and hero factory and if it wasn’t for that leaked image I might have given up on lego completely because I couldn’t take another year of hf, I just couldn’t take another year of sets that feel like an offense to constraction. To those who said to take the leaked images down and to those who said we had to take down leaked set images because some buy who works at lego would fired, I have one thing to you and that is the guy who leaked those images who worked for lego is a hero and 1 guy getting fired is worth bringing back joy, happiness and enthusiasm to the bionicle fandom. It’s not as if there’s hundreds or thousands of people getting fired for that leaked display image, it’s just 1 guy getting fired I mean come on everyone get over it, do any of us even know who this guy who leaked the images is? The guy who leaked those images is Toa Ignika because he sacrificed himself for the greater good of awakening mata nui. The guy who leaked those images is Toa Matoro because he sacrificed himself when he put on the Ignika to bring Mata Nui back to life just like how the leaker brought the bionicle fandom back to life. The guy who leaked those images is Mata Nui for doing what’s right. The guy who leaked that display has fulfilled his destiny of bringing bionicle back to life, a toyline which has saved lego from bankruptcy and will now try to save constrraction from evil and almost becoming not mainstream. Those who tried to silence the leaked images or those who tried to take down the images or tell others including me to take down the leaked bionicle 2015 images I have 1 thing to say and that is stop trying to silence this movement you damn elitists. Stop trying to act as if it’s not a big deal that bionicle is back because bionicle’s return is a big deal to me many others. Those who tried to take down leaked images are as evil as Makuta Teridax and must be taken on the way the Toa would against something evil. Today marks 1 year since bionicle the revolutionary toyline and the revolutionary storyline was 1st leaked and it’s been 1 year since the hype train has been awakened. LimeFlavouredLibertarian24 is bionicle 2015 in it’s most awesome form.  

Under constraction .. 🙅🏻
The Dolce Diet / 3 weeks
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I find it hypocritical when people say they don’t like spoilers in stories, but they buy playsets instead of constraction. A playset tends to be part of a scene in a storyline and that means every lego theme and every set is a spoiler into the story. Although bionicle has a conflict in a box now, bionicle has nearly always had no spoilers in their sets because each character is their own set and that means to learn the storyline you have to get all the sets  

Hotel Dana w Szczecinie - wkrótce otwarcie

Hotel Dana w Szczecinie – wkrótce otwarcie

Jak podają portal już wkrótce otworzy się nowy czterogwiazdkowy hotel Dana w Szczecinie. Hotel będzie franczyzowany przez markę luxury collection Sieci Starwood Hotels & Resort. Jedyny hotel franczyzowany tek marki w Polsce to Hotel Bristol w Warszawie. Inwestorem hotelu Dana jest J.W Constraction czyli znany developer mieszkań Janusz Wojciechowski. Lokalizacja Hotelu to ulica…

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Okay so like, I really wany Steven Universe lego sets. One for the house/temple, one for the car wash, constraction sets of all the gems…