After 5h of painful constractions and being unable to sleep all night and wishing this is it and today we will go to the hospital the constractions faded away and stopped complately as the sun rose up. I than made a quick google search and found out that i can have this kinda nights for weeks before actually going into labor,. That’s just great, like I got any sleep anyways.

One good side tho, the constractions might help my cervix soften, wich might help the first stage of the labor to be faster. But atm I would rather take 8 to 10 h intense pain and finally have my baby, than this 4 h here 5h there and nothing happens pain for weeks…

- Tuikku

Shell Albian Sands testing GPS tags on contractors

Some union members say they’ll be tracked everywhere from the job site, to the can. Workers at Shell Albian Sands say they’re frustrated about a GPS device the company plans to issue to contractors during an April shutdown. But Shell Canada says the monitoring is about safety and productivity.

“Safety is also an important indicator for how well a business is performing operationally – improving safety not only saves lives, it can help drive to a more competitive business,” says Shell Spokesperson Cameron Yost in an email. “In this context, the decision to pilot a GPS tracking system for a maintenance project at Albian makes sense.”

Workers who contacted MyMcMurray argued it was a huge breach of privacy, but Shell says the tags will collect data from groups of contractors and data won’t be looked at individually unless there is an emergency.

“The only reasons we would get specific details on an individual is in the event of an incident investigation, to monitor fatigue status or when the panic button is activated.  All of which is in accordance with Canadian privacy laws,” states Yost.

The contractors say it’s being issued as Personal Protective Equipment which is an easy way for Shell to fire anyone who refuses to wear them.

Shell Albian Sands is the operation portion of the Athabasca Oil Sands Project, which consists of the Muskeg River and Jackpine mines.

This post was originally published here: Shell Albian Sands testing GPS tags on contractors

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People need to remember that constraction sets are never going to be as intricate, compact or ingenious as the custom creations more experienced adult or teenage fans come up with. These sets are intended for young children, who want to build and modify them quickly and who have to be able to bash them about without them flying apart. They also have to be designed within strict budget constraints, limiting the amount of parts, new moulds, colours or recolours that can be used. Sometimes, in making these sets simpler or cheaper, things on them may end up looking somewhat inelegant. That major peeve you have with a new figure may also be a major peeve of the designers of the set, who had to cut a corner there to meet a budget constraint or to make something sturdier, or even to meet some sort of quota for certain kinds of construction in the sets. Acting as if the designers are totally incompetent for doing this sort of thing and going on rants about how you could do their jobs better, just makes you look incredibly entitled and snobbish. And anyway, if you’re unhappy with a set or wave of sets, nobody’s forcing you to invest in it.


Lego’s done a lot of awesome things, but there’s a few things that they failed at epically, now let’s into lego’s top 5 failures:

At number 5 we’ve got HF IFB and although it wasn’t a complete disaster, it did distance itself too much from constraction and the things that made constraction so successful. Many of the sets felt like they were meant for other themes lego has like ninjago, chima or even the lego movie, but hey lego don’t turn constraction into system styled mechs in bags!

At number 4 we’ve got the av-matoran build and there’s a crapload of things of this style of sets I hate and the main one is that their builds are so damn simplistic and they’re so over priced, many of the 2008 matoran were $6.99 for 14 pieces, that’s $0.50 a piece, meanwhile the small sets of today are so much better at $0.10 a piece like akida. Also the bionicle stars were a money grab in my opinion because imagine paying $7.99 for 15 pieces or $0.53 a piece and that’s just the US price, in Canada the bionicle stars were $10.99 each so I got ripped off even more. The price per piece ratio for the stars in canada ranged between $0.52-$0.73 a piece so the lack of pieces both in Canada and the US really make these sets a failure!    

Another thing about them that sucked was that most of the time their instructions were a crappy poster and I’d expect that crap when I get a mega bloks set, but not a bionicle set! Sets’ instructions should be books, not posters you have to constantly fold open and closed!

Also if lego ever did bring back canisters then please don’t base them around the fake ones the av matoran and agori had because it’s just a cardboard box with a plastic lid and that’s the type of trickery I’d expect from mega bloks, but not from the greatest toy company in the world lego. The bionicle stars were packaged in canisters, but they tended to get cracked very easily

Look at what happened to my Tahu Stars canister…speaking of things breaking, they used the 2008-2010 ball socket pieces that broke super mega easily! This type of build also sucked because it’s what they used for the final wave of g1 sets.

At number 3 we’ve got Jack Stone and basically every set that used this type of minifigure because you couldn’t take this minifig apart at all, so it’s not good for those who want to customize their minifigs. The jack stone minifigs also just looked like crap with those weird noses on their heads. They also didn’t have that much articulation and at times are hard to place on a studded base.

Also many of the sets were a rip off such as paying $7 for 14 pieces or $0.50 a piece, or imagine paying $4 for 7 pieces which might not seem like a big rip off, but that’s $0.57 a piece! Many Jack Stone sets had a price per piece ratio of $0.30-$0.40 a piece, so you’re kind of gettin’ screwed no matter which set you got. 

At number 2, we’ve got Ben 10 and this was a rip off beyond your wildest dreams. These sets had between 14-22 pieces and cost $14.99 each which means their price per piece ratio was between $0.68-$1.07 a piece and if you think you’re gettin’ screwed out of your money now, get ready to hear how much they cost in Canada, they’re $19.99 Canadian which means where I live they were $0.91-$1.43 a piece and then there’s a 13% tax on that so that means each set is $22.46 so that means their real price per piece ratio is $1.02-$1.60 so if you complained about how you getting ripped about these sets in the us, then you haven’t seen how much they cost in Canada.

Also they came out right when the Bionicle stars came out which was a depressing time as it was, but then there’s this narrative that ben 10 is the successor to bionicle and when I saw ben 10 sets in the stores and in the lego magazine I thought to myself…why did they have make that big rip off, but luckily it only lasted for one wave.

They also used the 2008-2010 ball socket pieces that broke super mega easily. Their builds are too simplistic, they had too many specialized pieces/big chunks of plastic and they didn’t have any real weapons or anything, why the hell did one of them have a weird cloth piece as wings?!

If you thought ben 10 sucked, then get ready to find out what’s at number 1 and it’s Galidor. Imagine paying $10 for 12 pieces/$0.83 a piece or imagine paying $15 for 14 pieces/$1.07 a piece or imagine paying $40 for 9 pieces I mean holy crap that’s $4.44 a piece or imagine this huge rip off that came from Galidor which is 9 pieces for $60 or $6.67 a piece and imagine how much it would cost in Canada…that’s the main reason why Galidor is lego’s biggest failure, but I’m gonna give even more reasons why galidor sucked so epically:

Many pieces aren’t compatible with lego at all which makes them impossible to use for mocs. Also all the sets have piece counts that are below 30 pieces, which is as bad as the av matoran, but at least the av matoran have some use parts, galidor was nothing, but crap you couldn’t use! 

I’m not a huge fan of the aesthetic of galidor

They’re only worth happy meal toys because buying for the sake of an actual set is a dumb ass idea

Many of the sets had a lot of gappy gimmicks like light up features and many fo the pieces and ball and socket pieces couldn’t be taken apart, that’s a another dumb thing about galidor

Galidor shouldn’t have gotten a TV show, if I could go back in time I would have made Lego make a bionicle tv show instead of a galidor show.

Even the people who worked on galidor thought “The TV show that was supposed to be the foundation of the line’s appeal turned out to be so bad that, in the words of Niels Milan Pedersen, one of Galidor’s designers, top executives were “gobsmacked with disgust."”

That’s what I think the top 5 lego failures are!

it’s done!

it ended up being about twice as large as i was originally planning, probably about half again the approximate size of its in-game model (compared to the minis), and hypothetically costing about twice the price range i was intending. i may try again some day making it as a Constraction (i looked it up this time) set, but those things have changed so much in the last 10 years. i don’t know how most of the pieces even work any more (although, clearly, i did figure out a couple).


Kids Passport / VI Design, Total Branding

client - RAICES CICLO co.,ltd.

art direction, graphic design, chalk art - KawaiCo

interior design, constraction - accomplish

web direction - mdesign

photo - Kei Katagiri

concept - 発見と発信のシンボル








“it’s always disappointing when you can pretty much build a new set with parts you already have”

I don’t think there’s ever been a constraction set that’s been made entirely with pre-existing colours and moulds. Pretty much every set includes new, wave exclusive moulds and at least one or two pieces in new colours. What do you expect from an established system? Even the newest ideas will be at least somewhat replicable if they’re made with the same basic resources, especially if they’re released in the same year. This’d be like fans of City complaining about the fact that they can build 90% of some new Police Station with their parts collection.

limeflavouredlibertarian24 asked:

The 2001 rahi had a lot of technic and look at the creatures, they have technic gearfunctions and little to no ccbs shell pieces. More technic in ccbs is a great direction for constraction

My point is that Technic was never meant to be used to make figures. The only reason the Rahi looked like animals is because of a masterful use of the available pieces. Ever notice how Bionicle drifted from Technic as the years went on?

Fail on #weekend #project. #quest was to add to brocken #machine #arduino control. When i poweron it - it was fully damadget. Destroyed was 2 #mainboards (one which i constracted) and one board which controll full machine life…. Also destroyed #coolling system of motors and all manual control system….
Next my #weekend quest will be creation mainboard with programing….
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