I Just Wrote An Extremely Good Song To Remember All The Amendments To The Constituiton......

    (The tune is country western with a strong drumbeat)

You’ve got the freedom of speech & the freedom to preach 
You can shoot someone dead
Without a soldier in your bed
If the police want to search you, they must have good cause
& you don’t have to speak without taking a pause
The 6th and the 7th say you’ll get a fair trial
The sentence must be reasonable or the court’s in denial
You’ve got more rights than the B.O.R claims
& the powers not specified belong to the states
The 11th amendment is too confusing for me
But new election procedures is clearer to see
The next 3 changes about colour and race
Are the civil rights to keep equality in its place
The next one gives the gov income tax to collect
& Senators must be a direct elect
18 & 21 deal with prohibition
The 19th establishes votes for women
The 20th sorts out beginning & end
Only 2 terms for the president, a VP max 10
The 23rd gives votes to the people of D.C
If you don’t pay poll tax you can still vote Murkowski
The 25th helps you if the POTUS gets shot
If you’re 18 you can vote, if you aren’t you cannot
The 27th amendment is the final one
It’s about salary for congressman & I’m finally done

Post May 27, 2012

The deadline was not met, nothing was accomplished. Inspite of the Supreme Court warning our dear politicians, nothing was done. I thought people would come on the streets, revolt, and shout slogans against them and the sheer waste of time and money. I thought there would be some action/reaction so the 601 people would have to walk in shame. I thought this was the time to stand up, go out there and show your disappointment.

I didn’t do anything about it. Nobody did. Life just returned back to normal. To nothingness. To looking forward to Nepal that cannot seem to be NEW again. I don’t know what November 22, 2012 will bring. I hope it brings something more substantial and more stable. But, if we want something to happen on that day, we should start working on it now. Now is the time. Let’s go on the street, demand, and fight and do what’s necessary so we instigate our vision to the politicians. Let media notice, let the ones responsible notice. If we let go of things now, what we do on November 2, 2012 won’t have much impact. Let’s feel what we felt a week before the final deadline, again!

Let’s all get together! Let’s do it now! Do whatever, but do it now!