Daily practise: The Seeress

Pisces: Cursed sight and Goddess Dagger; Can foresee the future. Chosen by the Moon Goddess to bear the burden of the world. Cursed Saggitarius unintentionally, and locked themselves due to being unable to control their powers. The Goddess Dagger is only used in defense and is used skillfully. User can wield Dark Magic. Many seek the Seer/Seeress to kidnap and abuse their power.

Today’s practise is a design on one of the amazing concepts about the signs and their magical weapons by Atmosa, who was kind enough to let me use them and practise character (and by extension, weapon) design. Thank you very much, I hope you like it!

I tried to add some amethysts into the design, since it is Pisces birthstone. Also I didn’t want to go full ‘HI I’M A FISH’, but still I tried to mantain a watery feeling.

More to come about these.

(Also counts as part of the 100 Days Drawing Challenge. #007: Your Zodiac sign)

From Constellations to Fiddler! Looking Back at the Playbill Covers of 2015

Zodiac Wheel.

The Zodiac is an imaginary belt of the Heavens, within which are the apparent paths of the Sun, Moon and Planets. The belt contains twelve Constellations of Stars (hence the twelve Signs of the Zodiac) and each of the twelve Signs are governed by one of these four Elements: Earth, Fire, Air or Water. Astrology plays a big part in the Zodiac, as it is the actual study of influence that the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets have on an individual at the time of their Birth (which creates all the Sun/Moon/Rising Signs of the Zodiac).