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Zodiac Wheel.

The Zodiac is an imaginary belt of the Heavens, within which are the apparent paths of the Sun, Moon and Planets. The belt contains twelve Constellations of Stars (hence the twelve Signs of the Zodiac) and each of the twelve Signs are governed by one of these four Elements: Earth, Fire, Air or Water. Astrology plays a big part in the Zodiac, as it is the actual study of influence that the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets have on an individual at the time of their Birth (which creates all the Sun/Moon/Rising Signs of the Zodiac).

Bullet Journaling: a masterpost.

Bullet Journal Things ♡

⁃ constellation chart
⁃ cute quotes/doodles
⁃ stress management pages
⁃ use brown paper bags ripped out for doodles
⁃ cut out things from magazines/paper bags
⁃ order stickers
⁃ washi tape EVERYTHING
⁃ order black pens
⁃ use markers
⁃ work on cursive
⁃ idea/random thought pages
⁃ picture pages
⁃ books to read
⁃ movies/shows to watch
⁃ daily reminders
⁃ habit trackers
⁃ thoughtful pages (philosophy, science, book reviews, etc.)
⁃ bookmarks
⁃ websites
⁃ start a blog/continue studyblr
⁃ songs/albums to hear
⁃ messy/creative spreads
⁃ pastels (esp. pink)
⁃ doodle banners/headers/fillers
⁃ rant pages
⁃ order a watercolour palette
⁃ advice/how-to pages (how to become a morning person)
⁃ travel pages
⁃ dream journal pages
⁃ use song lyrics
⁃ poetry pages
⁃ astronomy
⁃ yearly spread
⁃ new years resolution
⁃ mini monthly calendars
⁃ birthdays
⁃ spending chart
⁃ receipt pockets
⁃ health pages
⁃ decor/interior decorating/dream house pages
⁃ coffee tracker
⁃ water tracker
⁃ lipstick kisses
⁃ sticky notes
⁃ handwriting samples
⁃ paint swatches
⁃ wish lists (swell water bottle, more notebooks, black pens, phone adapter, etc.)
⁃ passwords
⁃ gift ideas
⁃ shopping lists
⁃ recipes
⁃ trip ideas
⁃ self care
⁃ ticket stubs
⁃ dried/pressed flower petals
⁃ weather
⁃ paintings (The Swing)
⁃ colour schemes
⁃ words (darling, daydreaming, celestial, astral, entropic, enigmatic, paradoxical, etc.)
⁃ themes lists (The Swing, coffeehouse, forest, ocean, London, yellow, space, inferno, candide, the odyssey, etc.)
⁃ construction paper
⁃ get pictures developed
⁃ order more picture corners
⁃ dictionary pages
⁃ buy scrapbook pages
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The Vertex in Astrology, Part 1

The Vertex is the point where the Western Horizon (where the sun sets in the 7th house) and the Ecliptic (the constellations) intersect. Visualize a birth chart as an overlay to these images. The Vertex is always in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th house, as this is the Western Hemisphere of the chart. The AntiVertex is always exactly opposite your Vertex, so the AntiVertex can be in houses 11, 12, 1, 2, or the 3rd house, as this is the Eastern Hemisphere of the chart. For example, I have my Vertex in the 8th house and the AntiVertex in the 2nd house. The AntiVertex is where the Eastern Horizon (where the planets rise in the 1st house) intersects with the Ecliptic.

This picture above looks like the chart would have the Vertex in the 5th house and the Anti Vertex in the 11th house.

To discover your Vertex, go to, place your cursor on “Free Horoscopes”, then click on “Exteneded Chart Selection”. Under “Additional Objects, you’ll find the Vertex. This is the luxury of modern day astrology, computers do the nitty gritty work for you.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these images, found them on Bing.

This picture below looks like the Vertex is in the 8th house and the Anti Vertex is in the 2nd house.

As you know, the Earth has tilted 23.5 degrees on its axis, and that is why there has been this propaganda about “The Constellations have Shifted…” Back in the days of the Babylonians, the constellations lined up with the seasons, but now they do not, so astrologers choose to either be Sidereal/Vedic (constellation based) or Tropical/Western (season based signs). Ptolemy was well aware that the constellations move one degree every 72 years, he didn’t know that one day Astronomers would use this fact to falsely disprove the zodiac. I don’t feel a connection to the constellations, in my opinion it’s totally weird to look at clusters of stars and think, “that’s a goat” or “that’s a crab”, etc. but that’s another conversation entirely, you can check out my post “Why it Does Not Matter to Prove Whether Astrology is “Real”. To me, seasons hold more tangible insight than constellations, that’s why I’m a Western Astrologer!

AntiVertex in the 11th house, Vertex in the 5th house: By finding the truest friends (11th), you will reach your greatest creativity (5th). Many introverted types tell themselves they don’t need more people in their life, that they enjoy being a loner; the truth is, we all innately desire a sense of community (11th) in order to feel genuinely fulfilled (5th). Being part of a group will inspire you, and finding the right one, where people share your ideals (11th) will lead you toward soulful self expression (5th).

AntiVertex in the 12th house, Vertex in the 6th house: You need other people to help you help you understand the depths of your subconscious mind (12th), so that you can be the most productive worker (6th). Other people bring you away from self harm (12th) and you develop competency at dealing with daily life tasks (6th). By uncovering your inner baggage, working thru your inner complexes (12th), not letting your deep seated wounds affect the way you treat others, you will become a highly functioning (6th) individual who is healthy mentally and physically (6th).

AntiVertex in the 1st house, Vertex in the 7th house: You attract people who influence your image (1st), because you are often finding yourself in others (7th). You’re more of a people person, averse to being alone. Your soul came into this life agreeing to learn to be less self centered, to focus your energy on being present for others.

AntiVertex in the 2nd house, Vertex in the 8th house: You attract people to help you with pragmatic stuff, so that you can focus on Esoteric subjects. Others around you have money and are more organized (2nd), while you are more of a soul searcher (8th), enthralled by delving into mysterious topics.

AntiVertex in the 3rd house, Vertex in 9th house: You attract people who take care of remedial thinking, such as mundane paperwork, daily details of life, logistics, etc., so that you get to focus on higher learning. You are more drawn to philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and various ways of life than trivial knowledge. You may feel like the way history, math, English, and science are taught in schools is dull and you strive to learn them your own way, you’d rather explore than do things “by the book”. Disheartened by academia, you have the potential to be a grand intellectual once you have time to pursue your own studies and no longer be concerned with ordinary mental tasks.

I offer classes to learn astrology, if any of you are interested, message me!

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Stay Tuned for Part 2, where I will discuss the SIGNS of the Vertex!


Nicknames: Aster, Stratos
Is a combo of Science Sans and Outer Sans

Age: 16
Roommate: Karma
Closest friends: Haz, Bobble, North, Charamelon
Hobbies: Astronomy, Alien hunting,
Likes: Sci-fyi, Undertrek tv show, star charts, Constellations, star gazing
Dislikes: Mystical nonsense, surprises, doing laundry,

Aster, also known as Stratos is studying to be an astronomer. He likes making star charts and maps of the sky. He spends a lot of time outside gazing at the stars and trying to figure out why they don’t follow any sort of patern. With science! He wants to make a map of the stars for the whole omega timeline one day. He really likes aliens and hopes to make an alien friend one day. (Because of shenanigans he thinks the anons are aliens sending him cryptic messages.) He also spends a lot of time arguing with karma on the merits of science vs fortune telling and why science is better. He gets mistaken for a Tv show or gameshow host a lot and it drives him up the wall.

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Sign of the Month

The Story of Taurus and Persephone 

The mythology of Taurus begins with a wandering bull known as Cerus. The large and mighty Cerus was a feared beast who trampled villages to pieces on a whim. He was owned by no one, and none of the farmers knew where he came from. Due to his size and strength his legend became immortal, no one could stop Cerus.

The wild bull Cerus was out of control, no one had ever been able to stop his rampages. One day Persephone, the goddess of Spring, finds him trampling through a field of recently-bloomed flowers and goes to him and her presence calms him. They form a bond together, and the bull learns to behave himself. Persephone teaches the bull patience and how to use his strength wisely.

Taurus is a sign of the Spring joining in with Persephone every year in the spring when the goddess returns from the underworld, Cerus joins her. She sits upon his back and he runs her through the fields, allowing her to set all of the plants in bloom as they ride by. In the fall when Persephone returns to Hades, Cerus returns to the sky as the Taurus constellation.


Northern and Southern Celestial Map, 1795.

Historical map of the sky of the northern and southern hemisphere, showing the stars and mythological drawings of the constellations. This map is centred on the geographic north and south pole, with the plane of the ecliptic (arching through lower and upper centre) showing the constellations of the northern and southern zodiac. The zodiac shows the Sun’s passage through the sky throughout the year, and does not align to the geographic equator because the Earth is tilted on its axis. The relative brightness of the stars is shown, as well as the Milky Way. 

constcllatcd  asked:


fluff the floof || @constcllatcd || accepting.

           Midnight hues painted the sky dark navy blues and ebonies,
      MOTTLED with glimmering cosmos and stardust. Sitting cross-legged
      on the rooftop of the Garrison’s living quarters, Shiro and Lance could
      easily make out each far away star, each planet, and the faint specks
      of galaxies somewhere far away in the infinite expanse of space.

            Not so far away, scattered around them were papers.
      Crumpled papers, stark white papers, lined papers, scraps from a composition,
      even short stacks of index cards. All were covered in sloppy, boyish handwriting.
      NOTES for one of Lance’s more advanced classes. And where the equations and
      field notes ended, scrawled in BLACK and BLUE inks were crude sketches of the
      constellations, the planets, star charts and the hurried, messily slanted writing of the
      theoretical properties of wormholes. It was this topic that had originally veered the two
      so gravely off course. It started with a simple jest - a joke turned into COMPETITION
      - and eventually the two had settled into the groove of hurling ridiculous claims and
      counterclaims at one another until Shiro BURST into a fit of guffaws, and Lance all-too
      -quickly followed suit.

           It was while laughing heartily, shoulders shaking with each
      peal, that Shiro reached out to TUSSLE Lance’s mousy brown hair with the palm of his hand
      and tips of his fingers. It was an innate, brotherly 
urge, HONED IN by years of time with a
      certain Kogane, that Shiro didn’t give the action a second thought as he chided them both for
      getting so off-task. He turned his eyes
( eyes that were still jovially DANCING with light
      back towards the many notes at his cross-legged knees, letting his guard completely down
      and never ONCE expecting for the gesture to be reciprocated. Yet, he still found himself
      starting as Lance ruffled the top of his head in return. Found himself BATTING Lance’s
      hand away to no avail and GRINNING a lopsided grin at his young friend’s persistence.

           “Lance-! Cut it out, kid! You need to
           actually s t u d y, not mess up my hair 
! “


Elijah Burritt - The Constellations of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere for Each Month in the Year, “Burritt’s Geography of the Heavens”, 1833.

These Celestial maps represent the Night Sky and Constellations of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Constellations are drawn in detail and include depictions of the Zodiacal figures the Stars are said to represent.

Map of the Northern Hemisphere shows Ursa Major (Great Bear or Big Dipper), Ursa Minor (the Little Bear or Little Dipper), Draco (the Dragono), Cassiopeia (the W), Perseus, Camelopardalis, and Cepheus. 
Map of the Southern Hemisphere shows Hydra (the Snake), Dorado (the Sword Fish), Pavo (the Peacock) and the Centaur.

Both charts are quartered by lines indicating the Solstitial and Equinoctial Colures.