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Bullet Journaling: a masterpost.

Bullet Journal Things ♡

⁃ constellation chart
⁃ cute quotes/doodles
⁃ stress management pages
⁃ use brown paper bags ripped out for doodles
⁃ cut out things from magazines/paper bags
⁃ order stickers
⁃ washi tape EVERYTHING
⁃ order black pens
⁃ use markers
⁃ work on cursive
⁃ idea/random thought pages
⁃ picture pages
⁃ books to read
⁃ movies/shows to watch
⁃ daily reminders
⁃ habit trackers
⁃ thoughtful pages (philosophy, science, book reviews, etc.)
⁃ bookmarks
⁃ websites
⁃ start a blog/continue studyblr
⁃ songs/albums to hear
⁃ messy/creative spreads
⁃ pastels (esp. pink)
⁃ doodle banners/headers/fillers
⁃ rant pages
⁃ order a watercolour palette
⁃ advice/how-to pages (how to become a morning person)
⁃ travel pages
⁃ dream journal pages
⁃ use song lyrics
⁃ poetry pages
⁃ astronomy
⁃ yearly spread
⁃ new years resolution
⁃ mini monthly calendars
⁃ birthdays
⁃ spending chart
⁃ receipt pockets
⁃ health pages
⁃ decor/interior decorating/dream house pages
⁃ coffee tracker
⁃ water tracker
⁃ lipstick kisses
⁃ sticky notes
⁃ handwriting samples
⁃ paint swatches
⁃ wish lists (swell water bottle, more notebooks, black pens, phone adapter, etc.)
⁃ passwords
⁃ gift ideas
⁃ shopping lists
⁃ recipes
⁃ trip ideas
⁃ self care
⁃ ticket stubs
⁃ dried/pressed flower petals
⁃ weather
⁃ paintings (The Swing)
⁃ colour schemes
⁃ words (darling, daydreaming, celestial, astral, entropic, enigmatic, paradoxical, etc.)
⁃ themes lists (The Swing, coffeehouse, forest, ocean, London, yellow, space, inferno, candide, the odyssey, etc.)
⁃ construction paper
⁃ get pictures developed
⁃ order more picture corners
⁃ dictionary pages
⁃ buy scrapbook pages
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The Vertex in Astrology, Part 1

The Vertex is the point where the Western Horizon (where the sun sets in the 7th house) and the Ecliptic (the constellations) intersect. Visualize a birth chart as an overlay to these images. The Vertex is always in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th house, as this is the Western Hemisphere of the chart. The AntiVertex is always exactly opposite your Vertex, so the AntiVertex can be in houses 11, 12, 1, 2, or the 3rd house, as this is the Eastern Hemisphere of the chart. For example, I have my Vertex in the 8th house and the AntiVertex in the 2nd house. The AntiVertex is where the Eastern Horizon (where the planets rise in the 1st house) intersects with the Ecliptic.

This picture above looks like the chart would have the Vertex in the 5th house and the Anti Vertex in the 11th house.

To discover your Vertex, go to, place your cursor on “Free Horoscopes”, then click on “Exteneded Chart Selection”. Under “Additional Objects, you’ll find the Vertex. This is the luxury of modern day astrology, computers do the nitty gritty work for you.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these images, found them on Bing.

This picture below looks like the Vertex is in the 8th house and the Anti Vertex is in the 2nd house.

As you know, the Earth has tilted 23.5 degrees on its axis, and that is why there has been this propaganda about “The Constellations have Shifted…” Back in the days of the Babylonians, the constellations lined up with the seasons, but now they do not, so astrologers choose to either be Sidereal/Vedic (constellation based) or Tropical/Western (season based signs). Ptolemy was well aware that the constellations move one degree every 72 years, he didn’t know that one day Astronomers would use this fact to falsely disprove the zodiac. I don’t feel a connection to the constellations, in my opinion it’s totally weird to look at clusters of stars and think, “that’s a goat” or “that’s a crab”, etc. but that’s another conversation entirely, you can check out my post “Why it Does Not Matter to Prove Whether Astrology is “Real”. To me, seasons hold more tangible insight than constellations, that’s why I’m a Western Astrologer!

AntiVertex in the 11th house, Vertex in the 5th house: By finding the truest friends (11th), you will reach your greatest creativity (5th). Many introverted types tell themselves they don’t need more people in their life, that they enjoy being a loner; the truth is, we all innately desire a sense of community (11th) in order to feel genuinely fulfilled (5th). Being part of a group will inspire you, and finding the right one, where people share your ideals (11th) will lead you toward soulful self expression (5th).

AntiVertex in the 12th house, Vertex in the 6th house: You need other people to help you help you understand the depths of your subconscious mind (12th), so that you can be the most productive worker (6th). Other people bring you away from self harm (12th) and you develop competency at dealing with daily life tasks (6th). By uncovering your inner baggage, working thru your inner complexes (12th), not letting your deep seated wounds affect the way you treat others, you will become a highly functioning (6th) individual who is healthy mentally and physically (6th).

AntiVertex in the 1st house, Vertex in the 7th house: You attract people who influence your image (1st), because you are often finding yourself in others (7th). You’re more of a people person, averse to being alone. Your soul came into this life agreeing to learn to be less self centered, to focus your energy on being present for others.

AntiVertex in the 2nd house, Vertex in the 8th house: You attract people to help you with pragmatic stuff, so that you can focus on Esoteric subjects. Others around you have money and are more organized (2nd), while you are more of a soul searcher (8th), enthralled by delving into mysterious topics.

AntiVertex in the 3rd house, Vertex in 9th house: You attract people who take care of remedial thinking, such as mundane paperwork, daily details of life, logistics, etc., so that you get to focus on higher learning. You are more drawn to philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and various ways of life than trivial knowledge. You may feel like the way history, math, English, and science are taught in schools is dull and you strive to learn them your own way, you’d rather explore than do things “by the book”. Disheartened by academia, you have the potential to be a grand intellectual once you have time to pursue your own studies and no longer be concerned with ordinary mental tasks.

I offer classes to learn astrology, if any of you are interested, message me!

I also love giving readings. Sellieve Neptune, professional astrologer. You Can Check out:

Stay Tuned for Part 2, where I will discuss the SIGNS of the Vertex!

The Dunhuang Star map is one of the first known graphical representations of stars from ancient Chinese astronomy, dated to the Tang Dynasty (618–907). Before this map, much of the star information mentioned in historical Chinese texts had been questioned. The map provides a graphical verification of the star observations, and are part of a series of pictures on one of the Dunhuang manuscripts. The astronomy behind the map is explained in an educational resource posted on the website of the International Dunhuang Project, where much of the research on the map has been done. The Dunhuang Star map is to date the world’s oldest complete preserved star atlas.


Nicknames: Aster, Stratos
Is a combo of Science Sans and Outer Sans

Age: 16
Roommate: Karma
Closest friends: Haz, Bobble, North, Charamelon
Hobbies: Astronomy, Alien hunting,
Likes: Sci-fyi, Undertrek tv show, star charts, Constellations, star gazing
Dislikes: Mystical nonsense, surprises, doing laundry,

Aster, also known as Stratos is studying to be an astronomer. He likes making star charts and maps of the sky. He spends a lot of time outside gazing at the stars and trying to figure out why they don’t follow any sort of patern. With science! He wants to make a map of the stars for the whole omega timeline one day. He really likes aliens and hopes to make an alien friend one day. (Because of shenanigans he thinks the anons are aliens sending him cryptic messages.) He also spends a lot of time arguing with karma on the merits of science vs fortune telling and why science is better. He gets mistaken for a Tv show or gameshow host a lot and it drives him up the wall.

His is not a blessed name.

There is blood in his footsteps;
There are ghosts in his breath.
His scars chart no constellations;
His voice speaks no prayers.
His fingers hold guns, not caresses;
His lips form screams, not kisses.

But I feel sunlight in the warmth of his skin
and trace mountains in the peaks of his spine.
His lungs breathe my name with his winter;
His bones carry my touch with his sins.
And I find peace in his war.
I find home in his exile.

This is not a sacred love.

—  keep your angels and your heaven; I love a damned boy, and he loves me (j.p.)
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~ 10 years of your Progressed Moon

~Progressed Planets aspecting your Natal Planets

~Progressed Planets aspecting Progressed Planets

Transiting Planets

~ Transiting Planets Aspecting Natal Planets

~Transiting Planets aspecting Progressed Planets

~ Transiting Planets aspecting other Transiting Planets


~ 10 - 15 dates and predictions for upcoming year

~Big events for the next Several Years

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Sign of the Month

The Story of Taurus and Persephone 

The mythology of Taurus begins with a wandering bull known as Cerus. The large and mighty Cerus was a feared beast who trampled villages to pieces on a whim. He was owned by no one, and none of the farmers knew where he came from. Due to his size and strength his legend became immortal, no one could stop Cerus.

The wild bull Cerus was out of control, no one had ever been able to stop his rampages. One day Persephone, the goddess of Spring, finds him trampling through a field of recently-bloomed flowers and goes to him and her presence calms him. They form a bond together, and the bull learns to behave himself. Persephone teaches the bull patience and how to use his strength wisely.

Taurus is a sign of the Spring joining in with Persephone every year in the spring when the goddess returns from the underworld, Cerus joins her. She sits upon his back and he runs her through the fields, allowing her to set all of the plants in bloom as they ride by. In the fall when Persephone returns to Hades, Cerus returns to the sky as the Taurus constellation.

Map the Scars

Fandom: Hunter x Hunter

Pairing: Killugon

Rating: General

Additional Tags: hurt/comfort, au-ish, older characters

A little drabble for huyandere since her request for headcanons got me thinking about them!

In which Gon and Killua are still young but older, now, on Whale Island, and Gon charts Killua’s constellations. Or: both boys have scars. But Killua finds it a little harder to talk about his

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Oikawa Tooru HC

Tooru sleeps in, but not for the reason he usually proclaims; it’s not ‘beauty sleep’, or that 'A Grand King must always look the part!’, but rather because he stays awake stargazing.

He stays up early in the AM PM–has since he was a child– using those early hours of calming serenity to learn about the constellations, how to chart them and trace their forms with his awe-inspired eyes–how to get lost in the infinity of the unknown; the swirling, colorful depths of space an expansive mystery he was easily swept away into.

He becomes absorbed in the twinkling stars that look like diamonds and gems spilled across inky, silky skies, sometimes staying awake until the edges of approaching periwinkle and sorbet colored dawn broached into the twilight he grows to adore. Exhausted, he climbs into his bed, images of soothing stillness engraved behind his eyelids. He doesn’t share his hobby often, scared of ridicule or teasing, preferring to be labeled vapid than have his secret affinity for the skies ripped away and degraded with cruel words and mockery; its delicate and special to him, and he dares not spoil one of the only things to have ever brought his solace from his pains and sorrows.

Though, the few that do know– the few that have gotten the privilege to see Tooru from behind the veil of his charming persona– all agree that they have never seen Tooru so peaceful, so beautiful, and they love him even more than before.

magnuserin  asked:

Magnus walked into their dorm room for the first time after the team selection ceremony. Instantly he saw a bright green haired girl standing on top of one of the beds, trying to put up various posters of what appeared to be constellations, galaxies, and star charts on the ceiling. "Umm.. do you need some help with those?" he said, nervous about meeting one of his new teammates, but eager to take any opportunity to help them and make a good impression.

Having entered her bedroom early, Harley had began organizing her star charts upon the ceiling, balancing precariously on one of the beds.  She hadn’t unpacked her bags yet, and they sat in a sloppy pile beside a stack of her books, discordantly chosen to include botanical encyclopedias, bestiaries, sigil catalogues, almanacs, and anthologies. 
A voice startled her. Harley dropped from the bed, turning towards the doorway and the tall figure standing in it. Harley smiled and strode over, outstretching a work-worn, ink-marked hand to be shaken.
“That’s alright, thanks! I’m Harley!”

Freckles & Fluff

A short, fluffy Drarry drabble that’s been stuck in my head for weeks, inspired by the random freckles dotting my body. drarryking’s birthday seemed like the perfect excuse to finally write it down. Happy Birthday, Lex, darling! <3

One month after they start dating and two months before they say I love you for the first time, Harry and Draco find themselves sharing a lazy Saturday afternoon in bed.

Sighing against Draco’s chest, Harry mumbles, “I feel like we should really get up and, I don’t know, do something? Get dressed?”

“Ah, but you see, that is in direct conflict with my plan to keep you naked as long as possible.”

Harry can hear the smirk in Draco’s tone and he rolls his eyes, angling his head up to look at the blond. “We’ve been naked since last night, don’t you want to eat something?”

A grin spread across Draco’s face and he purrs, “But Harry, I have eaten quite a few times already.” Grin widening at Harry’s blush, Draco continues, “And you’ve been soo delicious, mmm. I think I may need another helping.”

Groaning, Harry tangles his fingers in the pale hair as Draco shifts and begins to kiss his shoulder. After sucking a blossoming red mark into Harry’s skin, Draco suddenly pulls back. “You know, I keep finding more freckles.”

Harry frowns a bit. “What?”

“You have a small smattering of freckles, distributed sporadically all over your body, and I keep discovering new ones.”

“Er- yeah, I know.”

“I’m going to find them all.” Draco declares, already pushing Harry onto his back.

Cocking an eyebrow, Harry asks, “Wha- Why?”

“Because.” Draco kisses the freckle on Harry’s shoulder. “It’s like mapping out your skin, charting a constellation across your body. I want to find them all and connect them with kisses.”

“With kisses?” Harry’s pulse starts fluttering wildly and Draco licks the one at the base of his throat.

“Mmm, yes. Lips are an important tool for these kinds of geographical excursions.” Draco presses said lips to the two dots above Harry’s nipple and Harry lets out a tiny whimper, which Draco studiously ignores.

Nuzzling at a freckle on Harry’s hip, Draco murmurs, “Such perfect little imperfections.”

Harry breathes raggedly as Draco moves to the one on his thigh and the cluster of three near his ankle, halfway torn between arousal and affection. “Draco-”

“Shush, pet. Now roll over, you’ve got much more on the other side.” Draco’s pushing him and so Harry relents, settling on his stomach.

Spending a significant amount of time on Harry’s back, Draco sucks small love bites onto each of the five spread out freckles. Spurred on by the content sighs and hums that Harry lets out, Draco marks the two on his forearm and the one on his calf. When Draco licks the speckle on the back of Harry’s knee, Harry squeals in surprise, kicking his leg out at the ticklish touch.

Rubbing the spot soothingly, Draco drags his hand across Harry’s bare arse and then stretches his body over Harry’s, pulling him back into his arms as they return to facing each other on their sides. Kissing the last two, the freckles on Harry’s cheekbone, Draco whispers, “There, now I’ve sufficiently outlined them.”

“You’re completely barmy,” Harry informs him with an amused expression.

A twinkle lights up Draco’s silver eyes. “You bring it out in me. I used to be completely sane before you.”

Snorting, Harry agrees with mock sincerity, “Yeah, that’s what I’d call you, completely sane.”

“Oh shut it, you.”

“Make me.”

“Well, if you insist.”

Webslinger- Peter Parker X Reader

Prompt: Bucky accidentally drops hints about your crush on Peter, and Peter eventually asks you about it, leaving you to own up to your feelings.

Word Count: 1690

Warnings: None (:

A/N: I have never written a Peter imagine, so I would really appreciate feedback. I hope you enjoy! And remember REQUESTS ARE OPEN (send them to my asks please, thanks!)

“Nah ah ah,” Peter tisked as he strode into the kitchen, clad in low hanging sweatpants and no shirt.

“What,” you asked, taking your head out of the pantry, a pop tart in hand.

“There is no way I’m gonna let you have the last pop tart,” Peter clarified.

“Then you’re just going to have come and get it,” you teased. Peter rushed forward, slinging a web in your direction, it stuck to the pop tart. Another web flew toward you, this time, the web stuck your arm and hand to the wall. Peter retracted the web on the pop tart, the breakfast item coming to him effortlessly.

“Got it,” he taunted, unwrapping it. You sighed and leaned back against the wall, your arm stuck hopelessly. Peter stepped around you and popped his tart into the toaster.

“Ya know, sticking a girl to a wall is just rude,” you pointed out, pulling at the webbing glueing you to the wall.

“Is it?” Peter asked.

“Um, yeah,” you clarified. You and Peter had only been friends for about two months now, and you were already hopelessly in love with him. You constantly bantered and played around with each other, it was part of your friendship; but half of the other Avengers were totally convinced you two were in love. And they made it their personal mission to completely embarrass you whenever you were around each other.

“Would you please unstick me?” you asked, batting your eyelashes.

“Ya know, I don’t really feel like it,” Peter sighed, retrieving his pop tart from the toaster.

“Please,” you pleaded as he strode from the kitchen with his breakfast.


“PETER YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND UNSTICK ME RIGHT NOW,” You screamed. Your only reply was his laugh echoing from down the hall. You huffed, clawing at the webbing, looking for anything to pry it off the wall. You grabbed a spatula from a nearby drawer and began trying to get free. With no luck, you grabbed a steak knife from the knife block and began sawing at the material. In your attempt to get free, you failed to notice another tower resident saunter into the kitchen.

“Hey, where’s your boyfriend?,” Bucky asked, rummaging around in the fridge, not noticing you struggling with your bindings.

“I don’t know, you tell me,” you snapped, still sawing with the knife.

“What- are you ok?” Bucky asked, finally looking at you and seeing you trying to gouge the web from the wall.

“Uhhhh, no?” you replied, motioning to your hand.

“Awww, did your little webslinger boyfriend do that to you?” he cooed, poking fun at your secret affections for Peter. Him, Steve, and Natasha were the only people who knew, and they never let you forget it.

“My name is Spider Man… And what were you saying about a boyfriend?” Peter questioned as he came back into the kitchen and began washing his cleaned plate. Your cheeks torched red.He had heard Bucky’s remark….

“NOTHING,” You interrupted before Bucky had a chance to say anything else.

“Yeah ok, um, how do you get this stuff off?” Bucky asked, poking at the web.

“Oh you just have to rip it, but it’s pretty strong stuff-” Peter was cut off by Bucky effortlessly ripping the web off the wall, taking some paint and plaster with it.

“There ya go, all good,” Bucky finished, as Peter’s jaw hung open.

“How did you-?”

“Hello? Metal arm?” Bucky scoffed, holding up his gleaming arm.

“Oh yeah, right,” Peter sighed.

“What did I say about webs on the wall, Spider Boy?” Tony chastised, closing the fridge door and looking at the damaged wall.

“Oh sorry Mr. Stark, I-I’ll clean it up, don’t worry,” Peter stuttered.

“You better,” Tony scoffed as he took a yogurt from the fridge and left.

“He’s scary,” Peter whispered when Tony was safely out of earshot.

“Oh no he’s not, he’s just as much a softy as Steve,” you pointed out, gesturing to Steve shoveling cereal into his mouth at the table.

“Hmph, what-” Steve asked, hearing his name in the conversation.

“Nothing,” You negated.

“Well, I’m off to to go do…. stuff,” Peter decided, side stepping from the room. You sighed, leaning up against the counter.

“That was…bad,” You commented, glaring over at Bucky. Bucky just looked at you.


“You almost… he almost found out,” you scolded, pushing Bucky’s shoulder for emphasis, he just laughed at your frustration.

“Alright, I’m gonna leave before gossip girl over here spills all my secrets,” You decided.

You grabbed an orange from the fruit bowl on your way out and retreated to your room. As you flopped onto your bed, you noticed your school books piled into the corner. You got up and dragged yourself over to your desk, fishing your math homework from your bag. You sprawled all of your notes over the desk, getting started on the multitude of problems.

After two long hours you had finished all your math homework and decided you needed a break to nurse your throbbing headache. You padded down the hallway toward the living room, hoping Peter wouldn’t be around. You walked through the kitchen and grabbed a soda and a bag of chips for a snack. You crept down the hall, peeking around the wall into the living room. You saw Peter sprawled out on the couch, some action movie playing loudly on the TV. You tried to duck back behind the wall, but it was too late.

“Hey [Y/n] is that you?” He asked, pausing the movie. You took a deep breath, and stepped around the wall.

“Yeah, hey webslinger,” You greeted, cringing internally at the nickname. Really, webslinger?

“Sorry I know you don’t like-” You stammered

“No, don’t worry about ie…” Peter chirped, cutting you off with a smile. You stood, leaning against the wall, motionless, not knowing what to do. A tense silence hung in the air, each second drawing on for an eternity.

“So are you going to come sit or…?” Peter asked, scooting over on the couch.

“Oh yeah, sure,” You agreed, walking over to the couch, sitting as far away as possible.

“What are we watching?” You asked.

“Uhhh I don’t know, I just found this on netflix,” Peter explained, starting the movie again. You lounged on the couch, getting comfortable. Peter got up and went into the kitchen, coming back with a large bowl of popcorn, a bag of candy in his other hand. He sat down much closer this time, he was so close, his leg was brushing up against yours. You heart thumped against your ribs, and your stomach filled with butterflies.

“Want some popcorn?” Peter offered. You took a handful, popping each piece one by one in your mouth. You continued watching the movie, Peter’s side pressing into yours gently as he got comfortable on the couch. Every few minutes you would steal a glance at Peter. You admired his gently sloped nose and perfect plump lips. You were carefully charting the constellation of freckles dotting his neck and face when suddenly he turned toward you.

“Are you single,” he blurted, his voice quiet. Your eyes widened, your mouth full of popcorn.

“Excuse me?” You asked, popcorn threatening to fall from your open mouth.

“Sorry, I just heard Bucky mention something about a boyfriend, and I’ve liked you for so long, I was hoping you were still single so I was just wondering, sorry, that isn’t something you just ask, that’s probably your private life and I-

“Yes, I’m single,” You answered, cutting off his ramble. He just looked up from fiddling with the popcorn, his eyes wide and bright.

“Wait but- Bucky said,”

“Yeah I know what he said, he was actually just teasing me about my huge crush on you…” You admitted, waiting tensely for his response.

“Really, you have a crush on me?” he asked, looking to you for assurance.
“Uh yeah,” You sighed, twiddling with your fingers. Quiet once again shrouded the room, shy looks and small smiles being shared in the silence.

“Hey [Y/n] can I kiss you?” Peter asked, his voice shaky and timid.

“Why bother asking, of course,” You breathed as Peter connected his lips to yours. You leaned into the kiss, your stomach knotting excitedly. Your lips moved in perfect harmony, each second better than the last. Peter pushed you down back on the couch so you were laying down, he followed suit, hovering over you, breathing heavily. You smiled, looping your hand up around his neck and bringing him back down to press your lips together again.

“This is great,” Peter whispered, breaking away and settling into a different position so your back was against his chest.

“Agreed” you commented as you nestled into him, intertwining your legs.

After about half an hour, Pete was fast asleep, his steady, even, breaths fanning over your neck. Soft snores drifting past his slightly parted lips.

“Oh, look at them,” you heard a voice coo from the doorway. You glanced up to see Nat and Bucky standing in the entryway.

“I knew this would happen, cough it up,” Bucky whispered, holding out his hand. Nat fished around in her pocket and retrieved a twenty dollar bill, pushing it into Bucky’s outstretched hand.

“Really, you two couldn’t have waited another month?” Nat asked. You shook your head, scoffing quietly.

“What’s happening, why are we all standing around- oh,” Steve muttered, offering you a huge smile and and two thumbs up. You smiled, Peter began to stir, his grip around your waist tightening.

“Good luck!” Bucky whisper-shouted as he and Nat and Steve slipped back into the hall. You rolled over so you were face to face with Peter. You pressed a gentle kiss to his nose. His eyes fluttered open.

“Hey darling, what’s up,” Peter asked, kissing your forehead gently.

“Nothing, just chilling,” You told him, nuzzling your head into his chest, inhaling his scent of laundry detergent and mint gum. You smiled, feeling the most content you had ever been in your whole life, so glad to just be in Peter’s arms.

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