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A loira não tinha conseguido largar sua câmera o dia inteiro. Não tinha nem se quer tocado na sua mala ou se dado ao trabalho de arrumar as coisas,  tinha apenas passado o dia todo explorando o lugar, conversando com conhecidos e principalmente, tirando fotos. Mesmo agora, aonde a maioria conversava e brincava, Mesmo depois de dois drinks, Blue ainda estava um pouco afastada, com um copo na mão  e sua câmera pendura em seu pescoço, fotografando as pessoas e a fogueira ali com um sorriso no rosto.

Hey guys! Here is my very first art-post or aka Maddoodles (Thank you @materassassino for the name,) for the Voltron Fandom! This was for Voltron Week Day 3 Home/Family, but it was late. Oh well, better late than never, right??? 

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It was roughly 3 am and I was not prepared, to see your name light up on my phone with a message reading “Hey are you still awake?” and I swear for the tiniest moment my heart stopped. I’m well aware that people that are awake at this hour are either in love or heartbroken. I prayed for the prior and messaging me was just a way to contact your love but it quickly occurred to me that you had messaged me because there was no one else around. But for the tiniest moment when your name first flashed up on my phone, it all wasn’t true. They say you’re either in love or heart broken at this hour, well I pulled the short straw for I am in love with a girl that’s heartbroken.
—  conversations with constellations #1
the girl with stars in her hair

she was a constellation.

she was distant, but beautiful,

she hid her face when the lights came on

and let few people–

the ones who were awake 

at three am,

the ones who were

missing someone,

the broken ones–

see her face

yes, it was then 

that she would take off her mask

and breathe in the cool night air

and tangle in the stars.

and when she woke up

they all wondered why she was

kissed with the evening due

why stars were caught in her 




why there was a trace of moonlight

trapped in her eyes. 

and she tried telling them her story–

just once–

but they all laughed,

proclaimed it a dream.

and so the star-girl dreamt on

of dances with the wind

and songs with the stars.

she let herself be kissed by the evening due,

let stars become caught in her hair,

and let moonlight hide in her eyes.

she was a constellation

and she hid herself when the lights came on

and only let those awake at three am

see her.

Misguided Constellations (Part 3)

Part 1 Part 2

Note: This is a lot more than late than I intended it to be. Sorry about that. Also, shout out to @jurcyte @gmwobsessr55 @katdvs @another-wided-eyed-girl and @floweryisadora your comments on the last chapter made my day. Thank you everyone for liking and reblogging!

Smackle paced anxiously in the Minkus’ living room. She wrung her sweaty hands together as her dark eyes flickered to the corner of the room where a picture of a young Farkle and Riley stood with their parents grinning behind them.

She felt her heart constrict at the sight of it and she quickly glanced away, just in time to see Farkle walking down the steps.

“Smackle it’s six in the morning,” He groaned rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Couldn’t this have waited until we got to school? A genius needs his sleep, you know.”

Smackle’s breath caught in her throat. Even with disheveled hair and droopy eyes, he looked beautiful. His hoarse, sleepy voice sent a shiver down her spine. A shiver only his presence could generate.

“No,” She said trying to sound firm, but she was quivering and scared.

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