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The arrangements were made quietly and in the very observatory in Embertree he’d conducted a restoration nearly a year before, a pair of gifts were left with the help of the estate’s steward. Enchanted with astral magic, a tiny swath of the heavens above swirled along the surface of the hookah’s glass. Beside it was a tome pieced together by the willowy sorcerer’s hands himself; a catalogue of the night skies over the Broken Isles, with constellar lore from each of the regions. Tethered to it was a bookmark woven with twine and two rose-golden feathers. A letter was attached and scrawled with neat midnight ink.

“Spectre Sunshard & Dawnward Bael’Nar,

We wish happiness, health, and strength in your union, wherever centuries may take you. I shan’t become sappy writing this, but as our day was one to cherish, our hope is that it shall be wonderful for you as well. May these gifts come into your leisure together; for we find it- and perhaps you as well- that the hour most anticipated in our day is one quietly spent with one another.

The skies and their tales of the Broken Isles are at your fingertips with this book, Spectre. The aesthetic of the cosmos makes for a relaxing smoke, Dawnward. Who knew that stardust was actually a flavor?

Enjoy and our blessings, from one couple to another,

Dawnwards Felo’thore & Adrianal Novastorm

[Beneath the men’s signatures was a tiny inky hand print on the parchment.]

…. & Cassiopeia

Noblegarden: Hawkstrider Eggs

  Intricately painted eggs arrived in an assortment of mailboxes, yet some had to be delivered personally.  Accompanying each individual egg was a letter:

 Greetings and happy Noblegarden from Mystic Grace!

  I have had a myriad of different well wishers and trouble-makers, even some merchants wanting to promote their own wares, showcase their artistic talent by painting these hollowed Hawkstrider eggs and provide items to help you celebrate. Unfortunately not every participant has been screened adequately, so Mystic Grace cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may happen. Inside each egg you’ll find a special surprise. 

  Go ahead, crack one open.

The eggs may contain one of the following (of your choosing): 

Itching Powder: Someone is seriously just a dick.

Stardust: Taken from one Constellar, side-effects when coming into contact with humanoids unknown. Released into the air various constellations and planets hover and follow, like a portable star map!

Glitter: Explodes and covers everyone in a 5 yd radius in golden flecks.

Chocolate: Crafted by a pesky mage who kept insisting on practicing his polymorph abilities. In observance of the holiday many of the treats are in the shapes of rabbits. But some other, more unfavorable, creatures were thrown into the mix.

Fireworks: Detonates on impact, hundreds of loud whirring and cracking pyrotechnics launched into the air. 

((No Hawkstriders were harmed in the making of this product.))

Wondering about the lore of Shaddolls?

Look no further. The complete and fully fleshed out story is right here, folks, written and explained by me.

This storyline comes from what information I’ve gathered on the individual cards and on my knowledge of previous duel terminal history. If you find that a portion of the story is unlikely to have occurred or have additional information to give, I’m more than willing to add or fix the data I’m writing.

Now on to their story:

As you all know, Diamond is the combination of all the Gem-Knights minus Lazuli. But did you consider that the rank of the mutated version of the Gem-Knights, Cairngorgon, is rank 4? This is quite easy to explain actually. Everyone knows that Crystal is in fact Diamond after having absorbed the energy of the other ones, right? Then everyone should also be aware that Alexandrite looks too much like Crystal to be a coincidence. He even has an ability that easily let’s you summon Crystal.

Alexandrite } Crystal } Diamond

Now consider Zirconia: a fake diamond could be that Crystal tried to gain powers before he was ready in anger of the death of a friend (Emerald) triggering Fragment Fusion and turning him temporarily into Zirconia. Why Emerald? Because we know he is dead and revived by the Ilswarm virus into Heliotrope.

Alexandrite } Crystal } Zirconia } Crystal } Diamond

So what’s the point of explaining this? What lv4 monster could potentially combine with the corpse of Alexandrite and force him to mutate between his three most powerful forms? The answer is Evilswarm Heliotrope who used to be a Gem-Knight and is therefore compatible with him fusion-wise.

And so Heliotrope + Alexandrite corpse = Cairngorgon

So what happened when they fused? The virus absorbed the rogue energy within the corpse, Sophia’s, and along with the output of dimensional energy that Sophia, Kerykeion and Sombre released in their battle, allowed the virus to evolve into a new being within Cairgorgons head, the root of the new evil, Shadoll.

What could happen after this? Simple: Cairngorgon makes his way towards Sombre, who recognizes him as a Gem-Knight. Now think about Lazuli. She is a young girl who just beat the final enemy and now she sees one of her older brothers seemingly alive after all. Will she react negatively? Cautiously? Or will she neglect thinking at all and simply think that he did all he could in order to survive? I’m inclined to believe the latter. I’m also inclined to believe that as she flew towards him, the Shadolls Roots latched onto her and transformed her into the first puppet, a puppet who has the powers of the Constellars and half the power of Sophia, El Shadoll Nephilim.

Sombre = Nephilim

So what is Kerykeion to do now? Naturally run away and gather as many monsters and heroes as he can in an attempt to stop the new menace. He brings to the world, with his half of Sophia’s powers the Tellarknights, and creates a new power, Pendulum, in order to oppose the Shadolls. Unfortunately, the Shadolls are not quite so easy to defeat as many of his new champions fall prey all too easily to their control because of Nephilims powers.

Kerykeion must’ve then taken the fight directly to the origin of this whole mess, Cairngorgon and the Shadolls Roots. He used the Yang Zing, who were originally created by Sombre before she turned into Nephilim, in the fight, alas they were killed or assimilated. In particular, Suanni, Fire of the Yang Zing was killed and its energy absorbed by Cairngorgon, transforming him into a full fledged El Shadoll Egrystal. Then, he took put his now useless Gem, as he now uses the powers of Shadolls and not the gem, and embued it with much power and forced it into Wynda, followed by forcefully fusing her with her mount Pulao, Wind of the Yang Zing, creating the third El Shadoll Midrash.

What’s worse is that now since the Shadolls have control over the Yang Zing, they can corrupt Chiwen without puppefying him, thus summoning Yazi, the wickedness of yang zing, instead of the one Kerykeion wanted to summon Braxia, the brightness of Yang Zing.

[Additional Notes]:

  • The Shadolls have the power to either create puppet versions of their enemies (not turn them into puppets as was previously believed) OR corrupt someone by forcibly pushing the darkness of the Shadoll into them. The only exception is if the target is composed of physical matter and spiritual matter, such as the Tellarknights, who upon being subjected to the Shadoll, seemingly deteriorate into formless shadows wearing their physical gear, as is the case of Shadoll Lizard.
  • The Yang Zing Pulau and Bixi are corrupted in this method. While the one who corrupted Pulao into Taotie is currently unknown, it is known that Shadoll Lizard was the one to corrupt Bixi into Jiaotu. Taotie and Jiaotu are the synchro materials for Yazi, so it can be indicated that Yazi still works for the Shadolls.
  • It is VERY LIKELY that the Shadoll will be having a large scale war against the Qliphoth, as shown in the text of the card Qliphoth Tool which implies a relationship between this new archetype and Sophia, who no longer exists.

[Now for a little theory that I came up with while writing this]

Anything in italics is theory. Everything else is fact.

After the events of Duel Terminal, Sombre took the power that she acquired from Sophia and transformed into a being that is similar to God.

Having been originally a god-like figure before being subjected to the Shaddoll Roots, it could be possible that Nephilim represents God in the Arc V lore.

In Egrystal’s artwork, Egrystal is shown to be in a barren wasteland, with fire surrounding him. Given his attribute and his appearance (horns, wings, etc.), Egrystal, accompanied by Nephilim, could represent Satan or the Devil in the Arc V lore.

Midrash appears in the background of both artworks of Nephilim and Egrystal. If Nephilim and Egrystal are both God and the Devil, then it would only make sense that Midrash represents the Grim Reaper or Death since she can freely traverse between the realms in which these two reside in.

A Wise Moonkin’s Task:  Temple of Elune

A writing collaboration with @ocarina-of-what. Previous ‘A Wise Moonkin’s Task’ stories can be found HERE in my story archive.

The constellar horse’s hooves clapped the ancient stone ground with its magus master above and his paladin right behind him. No flight was very long from the Violet City, and arriving at the temple in Val’Sharah Elder Raventhorn had spoke of, Felo'thore’s silver eyes gazed upon the building’s facade with some ounce of wariness. He’d been here before having protected the place druids venerated as sacred, but never had the man dared himself to enter its walls. Books taught magic. Study and practice refined magical skill. The astromancer had once known faith in the sun in his childhood, but Dalaran had groomed his perspective of a sorcerer, and one who saw little logic in consulting a deity for magical understanding. Felo’thore was still a bit haughty about it, despite his intrigue.

“Well… here we are,”  Felo’thore chirped to Adrianal with hesitance in his voice, unable to set the undercurrent of knowing how loyal his husband was to the teachings of the eternal sun aside. Adrianal gently squeezed Felo'thore’s sides as they landed, trying hard not to look at the place…these ‘hallowed’ grounds with disapproval, instead slipping gracefully from the saddle to help the mage down.

“Indeed,” the paladin smiled reassuringly, “Here we are, hmn? It’s not as…well full of Moonkin as I thought it would be.” Adrianal smiled, trying to be supportive of his husband, though he didn’t quite know how. He hoped his presence alone was enough to bolster Felo'thore’s faith in himself. “It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Last I was here I fought with Velianor to kill the monsters attacking and Velianor lost her elder wolf Huttser.”

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“One by one…The infestation spread across the regions. claiming both living and dead as the Evilswarm terrorized those who were their former comrades and family. I fought for my life from the shadows as the other tribes would wish me ill. Even with the arrival with the Ones from the Stars, or Constellar as they called themselves, the battles were intense and fierce. Eventually those who took no part in the direct confrontation migrated to the towering Shrine of the Goddess held within the center of the once-peaceful Mist Valley. There, many prayed for relief and salvation from the darkness that crept from all corners. Even I offered a prayer or two myself. And then…When the greatest titans of each side clashed high above the temple - a brilliant light illuminated the entire valley. I was blinded for a bit before my eyes could gaze upon a majestic yet terrifying sight - The Goddess herself whose size outdid that of the titans. All now stood before Sophia, the Creator…”

Academic Difficulties


And another one down~

Hokuto was shining like an undying star, coming down upon any opponent like a meteor. Today again, he had completely torn his opponent apart with his Constellars. No one existed that could rival him at this school.

His skill was such that he would win against the top of the Fusion an Synchro course students, who also happened to be his friends.
It was not because they were friends that they gave each other victories, however. On the Action Field, there was no bond. The three may be walking the hall side by side, but frienship had no reach when their decks were going against each other.

“You completely destroyed me earlier, man.” Yaiba huffed.
“Like I was going to let take even one life point.”
“Hokuto is greedy.” Masumi shook her head.

There was a light snicker. “Kuhuhu.. Greedy? You have it all wrong. My goal is to be in the top team and I won’t let that slip between my fingers for any reason.
“Didn’t you want to be a pro?”
“My dear Yaiba, who ever said I couldn’t be both at the same time, hmm?” Oh he was purring.

The other teen let out a laugh. “Ahah~ You’re right! If it’s you, you can do it!” He had tried time and again to adapt his X Sabers’ deck to Hokuto’s Constellars and never was able to successfully stop their relentless assault. The way Hokuto handled his deck was almost legendary. He couldn’t think of anyone else in the school with a record like his.

“But before that, there’s the Maiami Championship, which I’ll most certainly be winning.” The taller teen would likely earn the first place indeed. He had the skill and the confidence. “Even before that though? Bathroom break.”
“That coffee you keep drinking finally got down there?”
“Masumi!” Well, he knew she took small jabs at him whenever she could, and… more violent jabs any time she even saw an opening. “Anyway, I’ll catch you two later.”

“…are you really stopping by the coffee shop after?” Yaiba blinked incredulously, before shaking his head. “Wait, why am I asking? You sure will.” he couldn’t stop the light chuckle making its way out.
“Why wouldn’t he? He’ll need to refuel after evacuating.”

Hokuto rolled his eyes when he was out of sight. Masumi… really. She didn’t ever lose one single occasion.

When he reached the bathroom, however, he found an ‘out of order’ sign on the men’s bathroom. Because apparently people are unable to keep public bathrooms clean. They either clog toilets with things that shouldn’t be flushed, or have odd fun and make a mess…
Well, he won’t be that guy. He kept it in long enough, and he doesn’t want to find another bathroom when there is one right there.

So he borrows the sign, sticks it on the women’s bathroom door and goes in. 

His plan is flawless. It will only take a minutes.
…so they sell condoms and tampons in women’s bathrooms. He’s going to have learned something new today. 

But yes. Just one minute. He is only borrowing one of your stalls, ladies! 

[Reaching For The Stars] w/chazzberrypie

This was all about skill, but it was also about  rivaling with your opponent’s own guts. Timing was crucial, even more so on fields such as these. Hokuto was used to this, however. The Action Field was where intense battles were waged, and more often than not, his opponents were not ready for the brilliant, hot, all-consuming supernova.

“Going for an Action Card, are you? HA! This is all still within my expectations!” His opponent getting a means to defend themselves was nothing he would let happen. “Go, Messier 7! Attack Black Stego!” There was laughter as the dinosaur was vanquished  sending his opponent flying and rolling to the ground. “You should have chosen something that runs quicker, or flies!”

Such as, say, his Constellars, as he rides upon the dragon’s back across the field, touching down and swiping the card right in front of his opponent’s nose.

“Thank you very much for such mediocrity. Allow me to use this! Action Magic: Pinpoint Quake! That is 400 damage for you!” More laughter as he leaps back up towards his monster as a localized earthquake rages where the opponent is standing.

“I hope you hadn’t forgotten… this is my turn.”

“…and I also had Constellar Kaus on my field!”
Indeed, the Centaur-like Constellar stood further away, taking aim at its opponent.

“No matter where you are, the Sagittarius'  arrow will find its mark! Go, Constellar Kaus! Direct attack!”
And thus, his opponent’s life points reached zero.

And this was how he won the tournament in LDS’ name, gaining the price that consisted of a very rare, single-printed card. It could be certainly auctioned for many thousands of yen, but no money was of any interest to Hokuto.

This card was perfect. It was made for him.
The Blazing Mars…

It was barely an hour later that he sent an e-mail to Jun.

“The results of the tournament should be out since a few minutes. Finally eating something. How busy were you this last hour?”