Arp 240: A Bridge between Spiral Galaxies from Hubble : Why is there a bridge between these two spiral galaxies? Made of gas and stars, the bridge provides strong evidence that these two immense star systems have passed close to each other and experienced violent tides induced by mutual gravity. Known together as Arp 240 but individually as NGC 5257 and NGC 5258, computer modelling and the ages of star clusters indicate that the two galaxies completed a first passage near each other only about 250 million years ago. Gravitational tides not only pulled away matter, they compress gas and so caused star formation in both galaxies and the unusual bridge. Galactic mergers are thought to be common, with Arp 240 representing a snapshot of a brief stage in this inevitable process. The Arp 240 pair are about 300 million light-years distant and can be seen with a small telescope toward the constellation of Virgo. Repeated close passages should ultimately result in a merger and with the emergence of a single combined galaxy. via NASA


The Ambassadors - A Constellation-verse fic.

(Remember when I wanted to send Ben and Mary to France? Here’s part one.)

Boats had never bothered Mary. She’d never had the slightest problem with the ferry between Long Island and New York, or the longer mail packet from New York to Fairfield.

But this was beginning to verge on the absurd. Two months was far too long to remain on one boat, and two months was what it took to go from New York to Le Havre.

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For the anons that asked for Kaito relationship headcanons:
Thank you very much for your requests! Kaito’s adorable! This is my first official post, so I’m definitely trying to improve in the future. (EDIT: Ah! This is Mod Korekiyo, by the way!)

♦    ♦    ♦

- Kaito loves going out on any sort of date, but his favorites are definitely the ones where the two of you are alone together, under endless stars.
- If you let him, he’ll happily point up at the sky and name every constellation there. He’ll go on for hours on end!
- “You see that moon? Someday, that’s gonna be us up there!”
- When it gets too cold, he’ll gladly wrap you up in his jacket. Bonus points: it’s just a little bit too big!

- Kaito gets excited when the two of you talk about your dreams in life - he believes wholeheartedly in the fact that you’ll succeed.
- He’s protective of his S/O, and quick to defend them!
- Movie dates? Movie dates! Anything space-themed is an instant win in his book, but he has a surprising soft spot towards rom-coms and the like!
- He’s big on holding hands, and can be a hopeless romantic. Sometimes, he’ll suggest Italian restaurants simply because it feels like the most date-y place to go!
- His texts to you most likely involve a few too many emojis, mostly hearts and aliens.
- If you sleep in the same bed, he’s absolutely big spoon!
- On your anniversary, he’ll be more cheerful than usual - he’d wait until midnight, hands conspicuously behind his back, before showing you his gift. It’s a beautiful ring, flecked with white stones that sparkle like space itself.


A/N: It was a good idea that I ruined omg I am so sorry. I hope you like this anon! Thank you ♥

I named this constellations because moles are tiny constellations okay? Bye ♥

31. “But your laugh is too cute” - AkuAtsu (shin soukoku)

Words: 995 (under the cut)

But your laugh is too cute!

“I’m telling you to stohohop!”

Akutagawa isn’t sure how he ended up like this. He just asked Atsushi, very kindly, to take a look on his back to see if there was a bruise after a hard day at one mission two nights ago.

Atsushi said yes, obviously, and got 10 times more even worried than Akutagawa as he lifted his shirt, exposing his pale skin and making Akutagawa shiver slightly, goosebumps raising on his skin.

His tiny boyfriend traveled his eyes all over Akutagawa’s back: the nape of his neck, the protruding bones of his shoulders blades, the soft path of his ribs embrassing his torso, the curve of his waist, the knots of his column and finally, those very shy dimples at the bottom of the spine.

Everything seemed good, except for this purple bruise near those three moles followed one after the other, close to the curve of his waist. Atsushi pouted.

“Does it hurt here?”, he lightly touched the skin with the tip of his fingers, Akutagawa hissed and flinched away of the touch, nodding his head slightly. “There’s a bruise there”, he pouted even more. “And its too close to your moles”, my favorite moles, he wanted to say, but he kept quite and just stroke down the three tiny dots.

They were in a diagonal. Starting at the back of Akutagawa’s lowest set of his right ribs, and wrapping around the beginning of his waist, one of them daring to deep in down the curve. They were tiny, like the dot a pen leaves after just touching the paper’s surface, and the separation between them was wide. One centimeter away from each other.

Atsushi wasn’t sure why he was so in love with them. Probably because they were just there, choosing that exact place from all of Akutagawa’s pale back flawless skin. Free of imperfections except for the scars made by the passage of life; except for the shadows of Atsushi’s lips kissing to replace the pain of those scars with love and acceptance.

He kept on poking and stroking his favorite moles until he felt another harsh flinch and Akutagawa’s breath hitching in his throat.

“Oh, sorry. Did I hurt you?”, he hovered his palm over the bruise, barely touching it, Akutagawa shivered, relishing the warmth emanating from Atsushi’s hand.

He shook his head. “You didn’t, but you can stop touching there”, Atsushi hummed, but didn’t moved to put down Akutagawa’s shirt, instead, he leaned down, pressing his soft lips right above the moles. Kissing them softly and lovingly. Akutagawa whined.

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Title :: Tell me about the stars by PrincessOfMalec (Treasure7)

Word count :: 3,771

Chapters :: 1/1

Rating :: Teen and Up Audiences

Relationships :: Feysand/Rhysand

Characters :: Feyre, Rhysand

Additional Tags :: Stargazing, Constellations, story telling, feysand, feyrhys, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Light Angst, Mates, Canon Compliant

Language :: English

Summary :: It’s been two months since Feyre was forced back to the Spring Court and she decides to finally try opening the connection to Rhys again, after sneaking out in the middle of the night.

I miss you, she let the words flow down the bond and almost instantly the reply came from the other side…”


The one where I was stargazing and needed a fic where Rhys tells Feyre about the stories of the stars, to make her feel like she’s closer to the Night Court.

feujennysroleplay  asked:

Ok so, I have an attic room with these fairylights next to the window, and every night I think they look like some sort of constellation, it's so cosy! Aaannd since I noticed so, I am craving for a fluffy scenario with Midorima and his gf where he is sleeping over at her place (poor boy, he'd be so flustered!) and as they slip under the blanket, she turns the lights on to show him the little constellation she put on for him. So cheesy, sorry XD

This is so adorable and I’m sure Midorin would definitely be flustered! I hope you like this fluff!

It was your suggestion to have him spend the night, but you didn’t think he would agree so easily. Maybe it’s because he missed you as much as you missed him, or maybe it’s because you told him it’d be easier for the two of you to study for the test you had the next day.

But now you could feel his uneasiness, especially when he’d changed into his night clothing.

“_-___…. A…Are you sure you want to share the same bed?”

You looked at him, rolling your eyes, “Of course I do! We’re not going to do anything! Just sleep beside each other… Unless..” you wriggled your eyebrows in a suggestive manner, “You WANT to do more..?”

He flustered, lightly tapping you on the head before sneaking under the covers, trying not to make awkward sounds. Tch..

You laughed, after lightly pouting, and headed to the light switch, quietly closing the door.. 

“I wanna show you something!”

He blinked, looking at you curiously, before watching as you turned off the light, quickly running to the bed and curling beside him. When you reached over, you turned on a different set of lights, revealing constellations on your ceiling.

He lightly gasped, green hues wide and full of wonder.. You could tell he was really into it, considering he still had his glasses on. You pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, before pointing up at the middle star.

“You see that one? I named it after you, Shintarou.. Every night I lay awake, i turn on these lights, and it helps me fall asleep knowing you’re watching over me.”

His cheeks were burning from your words, trying to find the right ones to say.. How could he respond? He didn’t think you’d miss him so much you’d name a star after him.. He really felt touched..

He pulled you closer, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, lightly rubbing your back.

“….T…Thank you _____.”

You grinned, leaning up to take his glasses off, placing them on the table beside your bed. Burying your face in his chest, you snuggled as close as possible, sighing softly.

“Good night… Shin-chan.. Thank you… for watching over me.”

He let out a light snort, but there was a smile on his lips, and he found himself drifting off peacefully, arms tightening around you in response.

Nova over Thailand : A nova in Sagittarius is bright enough to see with binoculars. Detected last month, the stellar explosion even approached the limit of naked-eye visibility last week. A classical nova results from a thermonuclear explosion on the surface of a white dwarf star a dense star having the size of our Earth but the mass of our Sun. In the featured image, the nova was captured last week above ancient Wat Mahathat in Sukhothai, Thailand. To see Nova Sagittarius 2016 yourself, just go out just after sunset and locate near the western horizon the constellation of the Archer , popularly identified with an iconic teapot. Also visible near the nova is the very bright planet Venus. Dont delay, though, because not only is the nova fading, but that part of the sky is setting continually closer to sunset. via NASA

sunshine and moonlight | naruhina au | for yuuba

Based on this gorgeous post and my anon ask by/for the stunningly talented @yuuba. I’m so sorry I never went off anon! I was really nervous because I just adore you art work so much! May your days always be full of good health and happiness! I hope this is okay and that everyone enjoys it!! There is more under the cut btw! <3 

She sees bright lights and cityscapes as she gazes upon the earth shrouded by the night. It’s scattered little man-made stars spread across its vast lands like those of the ones which surround her. Sometimes she likes to push the stars around, creating the constellations the earth creatures seem to have a peculiar interest in. She enjoys seeing the happy faces of the children staring in wonder at the bright glow her friends, the stars, emit - though she grows nervous as they point at her, basking in her moonlight as she glides across their skies with a smile adorning her rose lips. Her porcelain, white skin glows with a shy yet wondrous aura and her pearl-like eyes with a slight lavender tint stare upon the beings upon the Earth with much adoration, despite their many faults. Faults which the stars do not hesitate to mention.

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anonymous asked:

15, 20, 24, 25

15. Do you have a favorite youtuber?

- I really like Dan and Phil! But as of lately I’ve been getting into the Youtube Art Community, and watched lots of LeslieLuMarie!

20. Do you like space or the ocean more?

-Space! But the idea of going to space spooks me ^^;

24. Favorite constellation?

- Ursa mayor!

25. Favorite star!

- The only star I can see clearly from my house is the Star of the North, so I love that one!