Astronomy Photo of the Day: 4/27/15 — NGC 371

Meet NGC 371, a celestial region that lurks approximately 200,000 light-years from Earth in the Small Magellanic Cloud (toward the constellation of Tucana).

Based on its appearance, one might come to the conclusion that NGC 371 is the byproduct of supernovae—explosive events that see high-mass stars get obliterated from the inside out—when it is actually in the process of forming new stars. These stars, which remain young and incredibly energetic, have affected their surroundings in a big way… Mostly with the gas.

You see, as these stars come to fruition, they shed a significant amount of mass via solar winds, the infrared radiation contained therein is known to cause ionization in hydrogen gas clouds—the mechanism that allows them to glow spectacularly.

With NGC 371 specifically, the nebula has plenty of ionization fuel, as it is powered by an open cluster of stars (pictured in the center), But ultimately, star formation activity will be staunched altogether, when the last of the hydrogen is consumed, leaving the nebula a shell of its former self (in a figurative and literal sense).

Additionally, the region is somewhat unusual in the fact that it harbors a large number of variable stars (or objects that periodically dim and brighten over time). According to the ESO, “A particularly interesting type of variable star, known as slowly pulsating B stars, can also be used to study the interior of stars through asteroseismology, and several of these have been confirmed in this cluster. Variable stars play a pivotal role in astronomy: some types are invaluable for determining distances to far-off galaxies and the age of the Universe.”

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Image Credit: ESO/Manu Mejias

You were the sunset I’ll never get tired looking at. You were the brightest star in my favorite constellation. You were the blood that ran through my veins.
—  11:32 // you kept me alive

judahmcqueen asked:

I feel like Gemini are the sign most ganged up on. Last night at the pub the bartender looks at my ID and says "Gemini...oh you trouble". On the flip side I've heard that Gemini are one of the most quintessentially "human" signs. What's your take on the Twins? (My moon sign is Capricorn btw like wtf haha)

lmao wtf the astrology plague is spreading to normal people

All of the air signs represent humanity; notice how they are the only signs that do not have animal symbols. The constellation Gemini is actually made up of two stars Castor and Pollux, which were two twins in Greek mythology. When Castor died, his brother Pollux begged Zeus to turn them both into stars so they would remain together in immortality. So Gemini represents the two sides of people, together as one.

Child of Neptune, I’m the daughter of the sun. Keep showing me new constellations.

there is sort of a constellation of bad feminist content production and in a less-dangerous zone I guess there is the sad stupid unpaid planned parenthood intern but in another region there is the production of feminism (of content about feminism and therefore of feminism) whose function is to generate not only your paycheck* but revenue for a corporation; making decisions to reproduce for example racist anti-woman mythologies in service of a tight argument toward this end is never feminist and is always unethical and evil.

*I begrudge you a paycheck and my personal philosophy might be get your $$$$ but this only extends so far and probably the least acceptable blabbering I witness daily in my mediated life is “I have to work, we all have to put a roof over our heads, I personally have to work as a writer and I need that validated by all workers globally every second of my sad life”

Guys I want a Practical Magic AU.

I love Practical Magic you guys and here is why it would make a beautiful AU.

Picture baby Hermann casting the spell to find this perfect person that he is sure can’t exist. He makes up someone who can talk to lizards and has eyes a very specific shade of greenish greyish bluish (with a bit of gold too). He has thirteen different constellations hidden in his freckles and can sing both backwards and forwards. He has hair that never behaves, is very kind and when he shouts he never really means it. (unlike the rest of the people Hermann knows)

So he casts his little spell and knows hes safe from true love forever because this person he made up doesn’t really exist.

Then years and years pass and hes long forgotten he cast the finding spell when out of nowhere NEWT SHOWS UP.

anonymous asked:

I read a fic awhile ago and I can't for the life of me remember the name so here's a description: it's right after Clare's dad gets floated and she goes to a party and gets wasted but hooks up with a guy she can't remember (only that he has constellation of freckles). Then she is confined and sees the constellations every night and thinks of him. And when they go to the ground she sees him(Bellamy) but still doesn't remember until she is patching him up and sees the constellations of freckles.

This should be it :)