You know what’s my favorite thing?

Roy Mustang’s stupid badass coat.

He wears it. frigging. all the time. This fucking coat survives longer than most characters in the show. Clearly it’s not part of the uniform since no one else has one. And I really don’t think Central’s that cold all the time. Which leads me to believe Mustang constantly wears this coat strictly because he thinks it makes him look cool. About to go overthrow the government but nope, wait, first gotta get the coat. Badass coat. Overthrow the Fuhrer in style.

That thing Ed did with the whole “transmute red cloth into his flamel coat so he could face the Promised Day in style”? Roy did exactly that too, but we don’t see it, and no one comments on it, because literally everyone working under Mustang has seen way too much of that stupid fucking coat.

I’m going to go through and document every instance of Mustang’s stupid badass coat because it’s pretty much more of a main character than he is