Atunci când o relaţie nu merge o scurtă perioadă de timp, doar cei care nu iubesc pleacă, iar când nu merge cu anii, doar cei care nu gândesc rămân.
—  Radu F. Constantinescu
Ca să poți trăi mult cu un bărbat, trebuie să-l înțelegi mult și să-l iubești puțin, ca să trăiești cu o femeie, trebuie să o iubești mult și să nu încerci s-o înțelegi deloc.
—  “Filosofia sexului” de Radu F. Constantinescu

Geologists for world leadership …

A few Earth Scientists who have risen to high office in governments across the globe. The usual career path for such folk seems to start with a background in law, the military or business, but there are some prime examples of rock-bashers who have put away their hammer for other challenges. Thomas Jefferson had a keen interest in Earth Sciences, and took his fossil collection to the White House when elected president, but Herbert Hoover, 31st president of the United States, was the first card-carrying geologist elected into office in USA. He had graduated from Stanford with a degree in geology and lectured on mining there and at Columbia as well as working as geologist in the Western Australian goldfields.

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