Pssst Warners/Doug Liman

*Passes them $150*

Colin Farrell for John Constantine

Jim Carrey for Deadman

Monica Belluci for Madame Xanadu

Ron Perlman for Swamp Thing

Elizabeth Gillies or Alexandra Daddario for Zatanna

Cara Delevingne for Enchantress

Ben Mendolsohn or Bill Nighy for Anton Arcane

Review: The Hellblazer #1
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.] Writer: Simon Oliver Artists: Moritat & Andre Szymanowicz Summary Constantine and Swamp Thing team up to find the latter’s missing ex-girlfriend. Positives The cover by Moritat is wonderful. I love the blue with fire underneath. It’s an effective color scheme. The characters are laid out in a cool way as well. I would love to see this cover blown…

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The Arch of Constantine. This amazing piece of architecture was built in memory of Constantine’s victory over the Roman tyrant, Maxentius. It’s the largest triumphal arch and the last great monument if Imperial Rome. This arch presents Constantine as a living continuation of the most successful Roman emperors, renowned for their military victories and good government.