Eighteen hundred years ago on the 27th of February, 272, the Holy Roman Emperor Constantine, the first Christian emperor, was born at Nis in Serbia and stopped the persecutions against Christian Faith. The first among the emperors, you show yourself the support of faith, having received this grace from heaven; For you made manifest the Cross of the Savior and your scope the knowledge of God.His mother Helen, Constantine, has shown the venerable wood of the Cross, a subject of shame to Jews and pagans, the weapon of Christian kings to triumph over the enemy, and which for us is sublime, Dread of the adversaries of Christ.

You know.. Jason died right, so all I’m saying is he can probably see ghosts and other nonhuman entities. The batfam probably all separately catch him staring into dark corners with a horrified expression or occasionally saying fuck off to the empty air somewhere to the right of their heads.. maybe Jason sometimes isn’t acting quite himself due to a malevolent entity attempting possession. They all just sadly use this behavior to further confirm that Jason is just not all there upstairs since he came back, until Constantine shows up in Gotham and the batfam witness Jason helping exorcise a demon only they can see, and Constantine is like holy shit I’ve never seen this many spirits drawn to one person before

'Constantine' Resurrected as Animated Series by CW Seed
Matt Ryan, who starred in the short-lived NBC drama, will voice the character.

Constantine is coming back.

The DC Comics drama, which was most recently adapted for TV by NBC, will return as an animated series on CW Seed, it was announced Sunday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

Matt Ryan, who starred in the short-lived NBC drama, will voice the lead character.

The animated series will consist of five or six 10-minute episodes that will premiere during the 2017-18 TV season. On CW Seed, Constantine joins fellow animated DC Comics series Vixen, which launched its second season in October. Additionally, the 13 episodes of the live-action Constantine drama is available for streaming on CW Seed.