• everyone:you know what would be such a great idea uwu?? story where you see black and white until you meet your soul mate and then u can see in color and everything is perfect, your life is found!!
  • everyone:or how about you are half of a shape until you meet the love of your life and they complete you and now you can be happy!!
  • every movie:person is sad, but now, romantic love,
  • so many people:wow, i'm so glad i've found romantic love; i feel so sorry for everyone who hasn't found it /yet/!
  • so many people:sometimes i hate crushes but my life would be so boring and devoid of anything important without them!
  • so many people:see, true love is like friendship, but better,
  • everyone:we're /just/ friends
  • me:so i'm aromanti-
  • everyone:you'll find love someday, don't u worry,
  • me:constant aro screaming
Im literally scared right now

So there was this bird on our balcony and it was screaming like crazy (even my cat was done after 5 minutes) I tried to scare it away but it came back after 1 minute and now its sitting right in front of the glass door on a chair and just CHIRP CHIRP motherfuckers! And if that wasnt enough, now theres a second one doing the exact same thing they even brought some worms to feast on. My balcony has become a secret black bird meeting spot this has been going on for 3 days now every.single.evening!