constant traveler

How the heck are idols able to survive having only 2-3 hours of sleep on a regular basis plus having hectic schedules, constant travel and excessive pressure to overwork themselves? Not only that, they also have to pretend that everything’s perfect and put on a happy face 24/7 just to make their fans and company happy. How????

The Greatest Creation

You had been acting quite strange, lately. It was beginning to worry Newt immensely. At first he had shrugged off your slight change in attitude and frequent headaches, chalking it up to the constant traveling around which caused your head to hurt. It wasn’t until your constant nauseated state that he began to become concerned. You hardly ever got sick unless you were on a boat for far too long and even then, you’d ventured into the case to settle your stomach. It became a bigger problem when you could hardly lift the Mooncalf feed that you were used to lifting on a daily basis. 

He had sent you out of the case for fear that you were about to hurl all over the Occamy’s nest over the smell of their dinner. Newt had, had enough. He knew you were a stubborn thing and if he had to physically drag you to the Hospital, he would. Newt had just about finished, deciding that doing his typical walk through wasn’t entirely necessary. He had a wife who was strangely ill that needed his attention more. 

Quietly climbing out of his case, he tread light in case you had dozed off. You had seemed to be doing that relatively often which was another thing he had added to list of your strange behavior he was going to chart off to the doctors. Gently pushing the door open, he saw you standing in front of the mirror, caressing your stomach. Leaning against the door slightly, he watched as you lifted up your nightgown to reveal a slightly swollen belly. 

Newt watched in awe, it was now making sense. You hadn’t contracted a deathly illness or going through symptoms of a rare form of sickness. You were pregnant. Still watching as you trailed your fingers over your stomach, he smiled as you smiled. Feeling slightly offended that you had failed to tell him, he cleared his throat, causing you to jump and drop your nightgown. 

“Newt!” You gasped as you placed a hand on your head and another under your breasts. “You gave me such a fright.”

Smiling, he walked towards you. He always looked so graceful whenever he was coming to you. Any other time, he was stumbling over his own two feet. When he had finally reached you, he pressed his lips against yours, tipping you back slightly before standing you upright and pressing his nose against yours. “Is there something you’ve been failing to mention, [y/n]?”

Chewing on your lip, you frowned. “I didn’t know how to tell you.” 

“Merlin’s Beard, love!” He pulled away, running a hand through his ginger colored hair. “You’ve been driving me mad, I thought I was going to have to drag you to the hospital. You’ve been worrying me for quite some time now.” 

You looked down at your feet, feeling relatively guilty that you had kept it from him. “I’m so sorry, Newt. I was scared to tell you, I wasn’t sure how you’d react and then I’ve been so awful to you,” looking up at him, you wrapped your arms around his neck, “I honestly didn’t know how to tell you.” 

Newt gave you a look, a slightly narrowed look but still soft. He could never be mad at you, not in any kind of way. “Perhaps, a ‘I’m pregnant, Newt,” would have sufficed.” 

“I’m pregnant, Newt.” You giggled.

Dipping you again, he mumbled against your lips. “I think I figured out that much on my own, love.” Placing you upright, he took a step back and placed a hand on his chin as he admired you. “I honestly have no idea how I haven’t noticed. You even look like you’re growing a baby.” 

“I believe you pay more attention to your beasts than you do me, Mr. Scamander.” You playfully countered. “I also believe I could place a lit up sign on top my head that even announced I was pregnant and you’d still be oblivious to it.” 

He played a ‘ha ha’ face and gave a dramatic eye roll. “You are something else, Mrs. Scamander.” Taking one big step forward, he grabbed your waist and gently pulled up your satin nightgown. His hands felt warm on your belly as you shifted in your stance, you weren’t sure how long it was going to take you to tell him you were carrying his child but you never imagined him reacting this way. “Hi there,” clearing his throat, he gently stroked your inflated stomach. “you don’t know me yet,” glancing up at you, he smirked and then back towards your stomach. “you’ll have thank your mum about that one. She kept you a secret from me.” 

You twitched as you felt a thump in your abdomen. Your eyes lit up as you squealed. “That’s the first time she moved!” 

Newt’s eyes widened, looking up at you in awe and incredulously. “She?” Newt murmured before returning back to talking to your stomach “I see you’re not entirely fond of that information either. But, listen, little one. When you come, I will love and cherish you for the rest of my life and make up for the time I had no idea you were growing in mum’s belly.” Newt pressed a light but firm kiss against the spot where the baby had kicked. Standing up, he stared into your eyes. “Promise me the next time you figure out that you’ll be carrying another one of these, let me in on it so I don’t worry and think you’re possibly dying.” 

Your finger circled where he had kissed, looking at him sideways. “She hasn’t even filled her tiny lungs with this world’s air and you’re already talking about another?” It made your heart swell with happiness, you had been terrified of the reaction Newt would have. He saw his creatures and beasts as his children and there was practically nothing that could draw his attention away from them. Even you found yourself invisible at times when you were accompanying him in the case. It was even a wonder that he had noticed you acting strangely. 

Pressing his lips to your forehead, he breathed. “Of course, love. They’ll be our greatest creations.” 

I’m half tempted to do continue this like when the baby is born, and then maybe when the baby is old enough to go into the case, and then maybe, possibly a second baby? Yay? Nay? 

(Fantastic Beasts) Imagine Dougal being cute when he senses your pregnancy

You were sitting on the bed in the bedroom you shared with your husband, Newt. You were married for over a year now and you also talked about having children, but with your constant travelling to get to know different kind of creatures, you decided to wait with that one for a while. But life seemingly had other had other plans when you started to feel sick in the mornings and your doctor told you that you were 2 months pregnant at the time. Now you were already a little bit showing, with a very small bump and you couldn’t be happier.

You were reading through your husband’s unfinished manuscript when the suitcase opened from inside and Newt climbed out of it, with an excited Dougal on his arm. “He wouldn’t calm down, maybe he needs some time outside” Newt told you and you stood up. “His not sick or anything, is he?” Newt shook his head. “No. I don’t think so. I’ve never seen him like this before”

Suddenly Dougal struggled free and jumped on the bed, so his head was right at the height of your stomach. He made a happy sound, which pretty much sounded like the cooing of a pigeon before he smiled lightly and gently stroked the belly. You smiled down at the little demiguise. “Yes, Dougal, there’s a baby in there” You said softly and Dougal’s cooing became louder and even happier. He hugged your middle and carefully snuggled his head against your bump. You looked over at your husband who was standing there with tears in his eyes from the touching sight. “Well, looks like our little baby girl or boy has a big brother.

When people meet love with hatred, when they spew fear, vitriol and ugliness in the face of joy, I try to take a deep breath and remember that it comes from fear. Fear causes hatred of anything that anyone can deem “the other.” I have found, through a life of curiously, travel, and constant question-asking, that the “others” I have encountered have only ever brought me joy, enriched my life, and filled my soul. The next time you start to squash someone else’s happiness, freedoms, or lives, take a breath. Ask a question. Learn about them. Remember that under the colors of our skin, our sexual orientations, our first languages, or our countries of origin, we are all human beings with DNA, beating hearts, wishes and dreams. Stop. Ask. Learn. Love. It’s the only real answer. It’s all that matters. Only love. Equality matters. Love is love.”

#90 [Finn Balor]

#90: “You’ve been replaced.” - “Alright, we’ll see how you feel when you need me to kill a spider in the shower.” from the list here.

Finn’s injury had been an entirely unexpected event in your lives. It felt like one minute he was the first ever champion, the next he was cut open on an operating table. The ensuing weeks post-surgery were tough on him, having gone from practically only knowing a life of constant travel, to being forced in to being stationary.

He made sure you knew he loved having the extra time with you, but you understood it wasn’t the life he had planned. It wasn’t one you had planned either. It was strange, that despite being together for almost two years, there was still so many things you realized you had to learn about him, that only came from being together daily. There had been some bumps, some adjustments, but you had worked them out. You both eventually fell in to a routine; you continuing to work, he attending rehab.

The time home allowed you to convince him to do one thing you had wanted to for years though; adopt a dog. He hadn’t actually taken a lot of convincing, with him rationalizing that it would also give him something to do and someone to hang out with at home. So after some disagreement, some research, and some sheer luck, you became proud owners a little black lab/pit mix puppy from a nearby shelter.

To no one’s surprise, a debate had broken out over what to name the animal. Finn had lobbied for names inspired by different comic books and sci-fi entities. You had only pushed for non-people names, hating the times you had met a dog that could have just as easily been on a kindergarten roster.

Somehow, the dog had ended up named Bespin, for one of the planets in Star Wars. You called him Bezzy for short.

Today you found yourself on the couch in the back living room, underneath a blanket with yours legs curled to your side. The TV was on some rerun on Food Network, which you were only half-invested in. Your legs were nice and extra warm, with the sleeping head of your puppy placed there

Finn entered the room, having returned from the Performance Center about an hour ago and taken a shower since. His hair was still a little wet, as he had obviously only attempted to towel dry it briefly. Life was easier since he had been given the OK to have the sling off sometimes, meaning he didn’t need your constant assistance with things. Though you hadn’t exactly minded helping him shower.

“What are ya watchin’?” He questioned, approaching the couch.

“Don’t you dare disturb the sleeping baby,” you hissed at him, causing him to stop immediately, mere moments from sitting down.

“…are ya serious?”

“Do I look like I’m joking? You can go sit on the other couch, or the chair,” you pointed to the other furniture in the room. He just stared at you, and you stared back unwavering.

“You’re serious,” he stated, realizing you meant what you said.

“You’re been replaced,” you said, shrugging one shoulder, not looking at all apologetic about the situation.

“Alright…we’ll see how ya feel when ya need me ta kill a spider in the shower,” he grumbled, turning and plopping down into the chair perpendicular to the couch. “He won’t be able ta help ya then.”

“I dunno, he’s pretty smart, bet I could train him to be a spider killing machine,” you mused, grinning brightly over at your pouting boyfriend.

“Whatever,” he muttered.

“LOOK AT HIS FACE, FINN,” you demanded, gesturing to your still asleep fur-child. “You cannot, with good conscience, disturb something so adorable.”

I’m adorable,” he argued, which made you roll your eyes.

“You are,” you agreed. “But right now, our child wants time with me. You just have to wait.”

Turning back to the TV, you were almost positive you saw Finn stick his tongue out at the dog from the corner of your eye.

Old Love.

- Bobby x Reader

- Angst, fluff

- An exhausted Bobby learns the hard way to be careful with what he wishes for. 

- Random drabble I forgot to post.

- Random S/O: @masual , @muujum thanks for the kind comments 😍😍😘

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The thunderous slam of the front door this late at night could only means one thing, an overworked boyfriend fed up with the limitless list of things that’s wrong in his life. You understand his frustration of course, being worked to the bone without having a comeback in months would do that to even a saint. Adding the constant travel for show and lack of sleep had turned the boy with stars in his eyes into an insufferable grump. You never minded being his therapist, being the only person he could complain to without any filter. He’d often laid with his head on your lap, gritting his teeth angrily at one thing or another. You’d just let him talk with a hand smoothing comforting circles over his firm chest, melting his rage back into its cage. Some days he’d ask for your advice knowing just how unreasonable he could get, others, he simply needed a pair of ears. Although rare, sometimes the limitless list of things that’s wrong in his life includes you. 

You hadn’t expect him tonight honestly, not after the blow out last night. Curl up in the cold king size bed that might as well have been two twin beds for the past week, you stay quiet, listening intently to any little sound coming from the living room. Jiwon loves skin-ship despite that tough macho image on SMTM and explosive stages of Ikon. He continuously expresses his displeasure in Hanbin lovey dovey gestures but you know for a fact he loves it. He just couldn’t get himself to let the poor boy knows he secretly revels in every moment because Hanbin being the cheeky monkey would never let him live it down. With you in the privacy of your shared apartment, there was not a second spent here that he didn’t have some sort of contact with your skin. You don’t even know what was the point in him buying a bigger bed when he cuddles up to you at night so close, you both use a mere 25% of the spacious bed. Lately however, he’d come home late at night when you’re already asleep and fall into slumber as far away from your body as possible. 

An exasperated groan follows by heavy footsteps yank you out of your reverie of happier time. He was searching for something and for the sake of your peaceful sleep tonight, you hope he finds it soon. Sure enough, a mere second later, the bedroom door swing open with a bang resembles much of the one earlier made by the front door. In burst Jiwon, eyebrows furrow and that sharp jawline clenches under what must be a raging storm. You wanted so bad to just run up to him as always when he gets home and envelop him in a big hug, telling him everything will be okay. Tonight, you don’t dare with the fury that’s flashing bright red on that handsome face. 

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Imagine Jared is your ex and you see him with his new girlfriend

Feel free to leave comments and give me some feedback so I could write even better posts.
Also, if you have any ideas about the next Imagine, but don’t know how to write an entire story, feel free to message me, and I’ll be more than happy to try to write as better story as possible, and mention you as the source of inspiration of course. :)

Much love, Rhina

Imagine you’ve dated Jared for two years, but because of his constant travelling, and all the distance that you had to deal with you started to fight a lot, and you decided to leave him. Six months later you meet him in the city with his new girlfriend and suddenly all the feelings come rushing back. 

It’s a beautiful spring day. You’re in your office ready to head out and have lunch in your favorite cafe restaurant. It was actually the place where you and your ex, Jared Leto, always had coffee to go and sometimes you liked to have lunch there. Fortunately you haven’t seen him coming to this place ever since the break up happened, so you continued coming to that place.

It’s been six months since you’ve ended the two years long relationship. You’ve never loved anyone the way you loved Jared. No one has ever made you feel the way you felt with him. It was a special bond and such an intense relationship. Never in your life have you imagined you’d have something like that. Nevertheless, you felt lucky you had the chance to experience such a strong love, even if it wasn’t meant to last forever. 

 After your break up with Jared you were crushed. Both of you were. Jared even tried to make it work again, and convince you to give your relationship another chance, but you were determined to break it off. He used to come to your door every day, left you flowers and begged you to talk to him, but it was all in vain. You just needed your life to be normal. Without any pressure. 

The break up was a true agony. You couldn’t get out of your bed for two weeks. You loved him so much, but you couldn’t handle all the gossip about him and other girls, and him being away most of the time. 

Now, you’ve started seeing someone new, and with every day you’re more sure that you’ve gotten over Jared. You and Chad have been on a couple of dates and he seems like a really nice guy who could actually make you happy. Chad is tall, dark, charming, extremely handsome and he knows how to make you laugh. He’s a PR manager for various celebrities and he’s very well situated. He was even supposed to join you for lunch today but he had an urgent meeting and had to call for a rain check. 

You came to the restaurant, sat outside to enjoy the spring air and ordered lunch. Once you started eating you heard your phone ringing. It’s Chad. He just sent you a photo of his messed up shirt and loosen up tie and the caption says 

 ***Sooo tired. Wish I was with you instead. XO. *** 

You smile and send him your selfie, with puckered lips sending him a kiss. Your phone rings and it’s your BFF. 

 “Hey girl, what’s up? Where have you been these days? I can’t seem to find you anywhere?”, she asks 

“Hey honey, I’m having lunch at The Pinot . I know, we have to meet up. It’s been so hectic these few weeks. You know the fashion week’s coming up and we’re completely swamped with work. How are you? Anything new?”

“Pinot? Really?”, she asks with a strange tone in her voice. She knows that was yours and Jared’s favorite place so she’s a bit worried. 

“Of course. You know I’ve been coming here forever.”, you answer. 

“Have you seen anyone familiar?”, she asks insinuating you’re waiting for Jared to pop up from somewhere. 

“Very funny. No, I haven’t seen anyone. I told you he’s not coming here anymore, otherwise I would’ve bumped into him eventually. ”, you answer. 

“OK, just checking. So, when are the two of us having coffee, or dinner, or something? I really miss you.” , she says. 

“How about tomorrow night? Right here at The Pinot.”, you suggest. 

“Wow, you really love that place. Sure, it’s a date. See you then”, she says and you both hang up. 

As you check your phone to see if you’ve got any messages, and finish the last bite of your lunch you look up and can’t believe your eyes. It’s Jared. Crossing the street and coming right towards the restaurant, holding some girl’s hand. They start smiling and she hugs him, but he’s not that happy as she is. He feels a bit forced to a hug. 

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Wonder - Newt Scamander imagine (request) 

based off a request: Could you write a newt x reader where the reader is a Metamorphmagus and wears a wig to hide her bright coloured hair, but newt finds out xx

a/n: soooo idk what wizard teens/young people do on a daily basis but uh, this is just a regular imagine :D idk i hope you like dis :)

being different was hard for a young wizard. not only were they different because they were a wizard or witch. being an animagus or metamorphmagus was much more to deal with. it was a thing rarely the specials could hide on a daily basis. and to hide it from their friends in embarrassment was heart wrenching.

when you know you’re hiding something - from someone who cares about you - for some anxiety-ish reason, is a horrible feeling. 

y/n had known newt scamander for a long while now, about a year or so - it was hard keeping up with him because of his constant travels around the world, but they managed with letters. newt had promised y/n to take her with him to travel sometime later, he only needed to finish something he had started. newt never told her what he was doing while travelling, but it wasn’t actually that big of a concern to her.

y/n hadn’t even mentioned anything about any metamorphmagus, nor herself being one to newt. she wanted to tell him, but was so afraid to. he would not like her anymore, he would be ashamed of having a friend like y/n. would he want to capture her and use her? metamorphmags were very rare and sometimes even used for experiments. but newt would never do such a thing to y/n, would he?

the girl wore a wig every time she were to meet newt. that was the only way she could hide her colourful hair from her friend. those few times when a piglet’s nose or a duck’s beak appeared in the place of y/n’s own nose, she turned away or pretended to be coughing. of course, those situations left newt feeling very puzzled and in a dilemma of what to do - help her or wait. 

anywho, newt was coming back from his travelling today and meeting y/n, of course. they settled to spend some time at y/n’s countryside which nobody except for herself had used for decades. her grandparents left the house and the greens territory as legacy for y/n. so, as her parents got killed when the girl was very young, she was the one to use it. y/n lived off selling garden gnomes and wizardly greens, and she liked it. that’s how she met newt - in a huge market of wizardly greens. he needed some for his beasts and y/n gladly sold him some. their first meeting - that’s another story.

so now, newt was regularly going to y/n’s gardens to get his greens and sometimes he even helped her sell them (well, he tried to). and on this day, y/n and newt would spend a day together in her garden full of beautiful and some useful plants. newt’s beasts (some of them) could come outside of the case and enjoy some sunlight. y/n had seen most of them already, and she was very impressed by what wonderful creatures newt had saved and gathered. perhaps he would bring new ones with him today? hmm, that’d be nice.

y/n was sitting at the garden table with her own bowtruckle chilling (:D lol wot) around her hand. newt had gave her one of his bowtruckles for her birthday and it was the best gift she had ever got. her fake brown hair was still shining in the warm sunlight, y/n did everything to make it look natural and regular, like other people’s hair. newt should be with her any minute now. 

just as y/n thought about him being here, the chair across the table from her swung back and newt appeared in it. his appearance caused the teapot to shake horribly and almost spill the tea if newt himself hadn’t prevented it from doing so. his hair was going in every direction, messy, he had his blue coat on and of course, his case. y/n was a little puzzled at this sudden appearance so she just sat there, looking at newt for a few seconds. 

newt’s warm brown eyes kept flickering between y/n and the teapot he was moving back onto the table. when y/n had regained conscience and connection to reality, newt’s face broke out into a warm smile. “hello.” he said. 

“good day, sir.” y/n replied, smiling back. “splendid to see you after a long time.” 

“you too.” newt said. 

“so, tell me, mister,” y/n said, leaning on the table with her hand under her chin, looking at newt, “where were you and what did you find?” she smiled at him, and he responded with the same gesture. then newt’s head bent down and he brought his case on the table between him and his friend. he hesitantly looked y/n in the eyes and looked down at his case again, opening the locks of it afterwards.

y/n heard muffled talking and beast-y sounds coming from newt’s direction, she waited. then, a few moments later, newt closed his case with something in his hand. he brought the creature between him and y/n and the girl gasped. it was as blue as her natural hair. it looked like a snake, but with the skin of a dragon and the head of an eagle or a phoenix. it was so beautiful.

she reached her hand out to pet it, but newt moved the creature away from her. she looked up at him in question and it was newt’s time to gasp. “y/n…” he whispered. the girl scrunched her nose up in confusion and newt gasped again. 

oh, no. did it show? oh, no, no, not now… y/n reached her hand up to touch her nose, but instead she felt a small nose that felt like a cat’s nose in her petite hands. she put her hands over her face to hide herself. newt noticed that and sighed, moving his hand to get y/n’s hands away to reveal her face. 

“you’re a m-metamorphmagus.” newt said quietly. y/n’s face was uncovered fully by then, she was avoiding newt’s gaze on her. now he knows. and he also knows i have been keeping this from him. why did this show? some sort of sudden emotion change, must be.

y/n slowly nodded. “but what about your hair?” newt wondered. y/n rolled her eyes playfully and whisked her wand around her head. the brown hair she had slowly disappeared in a way that fire dies down (in quick motion) and in its place stood her blue hair. newt gasped once again, his eyes full of wonder, and then he smiled slightly.

“w-why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, leaning back a little. y/n sighed.

“i was afraid…” she spoke after a few moments of silence, “you’d react differently. i’m in a rare species’ group and some people like to use me for their own good. like somebody used my parents.”

“why do you think i’d do that?” newt asked with a serious tone in his voice. “i don’t know.” y/n said and shot newt a small, apologetic smile. “i trust you, don’t worry, newt.”

“i k-know.” newt replied. “yeah, quite dangerous times we live in now. but i trust you, too.”

“thank you.” y/n said. 

“your nose is regular again.” newt stated. 

“oh.” y/n touched her finger to her nose and found her actual nose, not a cat’s nose. “thank god.”

“y/n,” newt said, “you’re not ashamed of this.” y/n hung her head low. “are you?”

“it’s not a normal thing. it’s easily noticeable in public places, and it’s not the most… prettiest thing between people.”

“but that’s wonderful!” newt said. “you’re a metamorphmagus, do you know how many people wish to be like you?”

“can you guess how much i wish to be like you and other people?” y/n spoke in a saddened tone, her hair changing to a deeper tone of blue. “i’ve been wanting to be normal since i knew i was a metamorphmagus. and that would be my whole life.”

“s-sorry.” newt said with his head low. “i didn’t want to upset you.”

“i know you didn’t. but it’s okay, thank you, newt.” y/n said and shook her head to free her mind from negative thoughts. anyways, what is that creature in your hand?” she asked. newt’s head turned to her again and he brought the small beast towards her again. 

“that’s an occamy.” newt said. “very good at self-defence from their birth, so petting is not recommended.”

“and what does an occamy do?”

“they can shrink to any size possible, they fit anywhere.” 

“that sounds fascinating.” y/n smiled and newt grinned a little. 

“the occamy matches your hair.” he stated.

“oh, thank you.” y/n giggled.

the two young wizards were silent for the while that they used to admire the small beast in newt’s hands. 

“you know what i think, miss y/l/n?” 

“yes, mister scamander?” 

“i think you could be one of the most fascinating creatures i have ever come across.” newt said with a small smile.

“thank you.” y/n said. “that’s one of the nicest things i’ve heard someone say to me.” 

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Only Cause I Care (Jooheon)

Warnings: Finally the Jooheon smut has arrived!! Very rough, jealous Jooheon. smut so like… prepare yourself. Smutty stuff does occur. There’s also a bit of spanking. Multiple orgasms but no over-stimulation.


Jooheon always loves to add a sense of normalcy to your relationship. He could only imagine how hard it is dating an idol. Busy schedules and constant traveling made seeing one another a rare occasion. Not being able to tell the public about your relationship also seemed to put a strain on things. But any free time he gets permitted is spent by your side, and while dates where his face is covered by a mask and his eyes are almost completely shielded by a low brim hat aren’t your exact idea of romantic… he somehow makes them fun.

You both knew the sub-par disguise wouldn’t work for long. And on your impromptu date to the mall Jooheon had been caught by a few monbebes while you had went to the restroom.

Knowing that a situation you would rather avoid would happen if you made your way over, you discreetly made eye contact with your boyfriend before signaling that you’d be in the coffee shop near by. He nods in understanding before politely shushing the screeching girls, trying to keep the group of 5 at 5 and only 5.

You smiled as you watched from the window of the coffee shop. Seeing Jooheon be so warm and compassionate to other women would make any other girl jealous, but honestly it was what attracted you to him in the first place. You always did have a thing for the sweethearts

“Is this seat taken?” A stranger asks, and sits down before you have the chance to reply.

You look around and see the coffee shop has become quite packed, so you write it off as someone just looking to sit down while the wait for their order. You turn to see a man, who seems to be around your age. Your eyes meet so you give a polite smile of acknowledgment before turning to watch your boyfriend once again.

“Is that an idol?” The same voice asks.

You answer yes, not bothering to turn around.

“You must be a fan.” He says.

You chuckle, “Oh yeah. Probably the biggest fan of all.”

“So why aren’t you over there flirting? I’m sure a pretty girl like yourself would catch his attention.” The man compliments.

You finally turn to face him. “Uhm… thanks. I don’t really need it though. I’m fine just watching.”

“Ahh that’s rare. Most girls go cray over the attention of idols.”

You shrug and turn to see that both Jooheon and the crowd are gone. Weird. It was 2 minutes tops since you’d even turned your head. Just then you phone dings. Jooheon’s name lights up your phone, along with a message preview.

Joo-honey: “Heading to your place. Meet me there once you’re done flirting.”


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Hold My Hand *Requested”

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Words: 400

After the farm fell the group was on the road constantly. You were lucky if you were able to stay in a house for more than two days. This constant traveling was taking its toll on everyone. The group was able to find a warehouse that looked safe enough, but it wasn’t somewhere you could really settle down. Hopefully you would be able to find something permanent soon. Once the warehouse was cleared, Rick said that we should go on a quick run for some food. You were so tired and the last thing you wanted to do was go on a run, but you knew it needed to get done.


You and Daryl were at the front of the group, chuckling at each other. It was rare to see Daryl smiling, let alone laughing and the fact that you were able to do that filled you with happiness. To your surprise Daryl took hold of your hand, making you look up at him and smirk a bit. He gave you a quick wink and squeezed your hand a little. You rested your head against his shoulder for a little while as you kept walking.

“Check it out.” T-dog said to the rest of the group, pointing to you and Daryl. “Hey Maggie do you remember when-” You were about to ask something, but you turned around and saw everyone laughing at you. “What?” You asked, confused. Maggie put her hand up to her mouth to try and hide her smile, then nodded towards your and Daryl’s hands laced together. “(Y/N) and Daryl sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” Carl sang, with a wide smile on his face. Daryl turned around and narrowed his eyes at Carl, who stopped singing when he noticed the pissed off look on his face. “Aww, that’s so sweet.” Carol said. “What a bunch of fuckin’ infants.” Daryl mumbled under his breath and dropped your hand, walking a little faster ahead of you.

“You guys are the worst.” You said shaking your head at them, but couldn’t help the laugh that escaped. “Oh come on, that was so cute.” Maggie said. Maybe there was a mushy side to your big bad hunter.

Hi guys! Sorry this is so short, I didn’t really know how to finish it. Hope you liked it though!

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Me, featuring a coffee face mask/scrub and an adjacent cup of actual coffee…a morning routine so inherently Jaimee, so inherently meta, that it’s basically essential to me functioning normally. Or something like that.

ANYWAYS, thought I’d say hello and talk a little bit about life since getting home on Thursday morning.

I’ve been sleeping, like, a lot. One, because I am PMSing and extreme lethargy is a symptom I get every so often; two, because of jet lag and the fact that my body still doesn’t know if I’m on Hawaiian, pacific, or east coast time; and three, because my brain is coming down off of a month straight of travel, constant stimulation, social interaction and experience, to…well, work and self care. It’s a very different pace, and I think my brain is trying to sort through the feelings of “is this depression or anxiety or just recovering from travel?” I’m still not positive on that front. 

But anyways, speaking of work, yesterday was my first day back, and it was just…strange? I thought it might be relieving, like maybe the comfort I derived from work might just pop back up after some time off, but it’s pretty much nonexistent. And again, I’m PMSing so my view of how the day actually went might be totally inaccurate, but it just felt very negative. It felt weird. I didn’t get the same happiness I got from being on my own on the other side of the country, the same sense of self-dependence and pure gratitude. That could also have to do with the fact that I came home to several letters announcing that I’ve been kicked off of my parents psychiatric insurance, meaning that I can’t see a therapist…but, uh, ha ha, whatever, right? 

And speaking of adult-ing, I also hear back from the schools I applied to next week. Then I make a decision, put a deposit down, start moving on to the next chapter, and I’m just…wow. I am terrified (because of money) but excited and wow, a lot of emotion. I still haven’t even begun to work through everything I’m feeling because I’m in a weird in-between space. 

But yeah, that’s essentially my life post-travel, back home, back to the grind. I think I’m going to start looking for a second job just to keep things interesting, and I am planning to see some friends I haven’t seen in a month+ next week, so I’m really excited about that. Life is crazy, just a different kind of crazy!!! It’s so important for me to put a lot of energy into self care right now, which I am doing. 

Hope you’re all well.



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What about Bilbo Baggins, who came back to the Shire after a year of constant travel and danger, who can't sleep without sting in arms reach and has the words of a dying king echoing in his ears?

Bilbo, who said ‘there and back again’ like that was something you could do— like when you came home the lilac tree in the backyard wouldn’t have withered, like the children wouldn’t have learned new games, like you wouldn’t feel like a stranger in the carved halls of your home. 

Bilbo’s father had built this little hobbit hole for Bilbo’s mother and it had been an act of love. Bilbo came home and it was an act of surrender and victory all at once. The next time he went to market, he forgot a pocket handkerchief and the whole pub murmured shock when he admitted it. Bilbo looked at them—round faces, apple-cheeked and accusatory, curious. Then he wiped his nose on his sleeve, grabbed his tomatoes, and walked away. 

Bilbo had been unconscious through so much of that last battle, and now he couldn’t sleep at all. He was glad to be home, with his soft bed and his stocked pantry. “Happy to be back,” he told the neighbors, shaking hands with jolly cheer, and went on long, solitary walks but could never get quite far enough for his legs to ache properly. He tangled into in his soft blankets, smothering, and then threw all the shutters open and slept curled up on the window seat with his old once-green cloak, pretending he wasn’t alone on this cold night. 

Yes, let’s talk about Bilbo, who titled his red book ‘there and back again’ because he knew you couldn’t ever come back, not really. Writing is sometimes like wishing. When he pressed his book in Frodo’s hands, decades later, Bilbo was giving him the heart of a foolish, stuffy young hobbit. He was giving him Fili, and Kili, and Thorin, and he trusted their story to be safe in Frodo’s small hands. But that was years from now, from this little bachelor who woke from dreams where he could hear spiders coming for him. 

Death comes everywhere, even the sweet walks of the Shire. Bilbo had forgotten. Over scones and jam, sun dropping through lace curtains, Old Gaffer told Bilbo that according to Loretia Proudfoot according to Gammy Took according to Jeremiah Brandybuck, Bilbo’s silly fool cousins Drogo and Primula had gotten themselves drowned. Bilbo had not realized that death would shake him quite this hard, when his hands were sticky with this season’s strawberry jam and not rich Laketown mud. 

“They had a son,” said Gaffer, but Bilbo was barely listening, swimming in older years. Tea, untasted, was scalding his tongue. Kili had been quite terrible at making tea, and Fili might have been worse. “Freddy, I think,” said Old Gaffer. “Frolo. Something like that.”

It was not Fili and Kili who Frodo reminded him of, when Bilbo finally met the boy out in the Brandybuck clan’s rambling home. It was not the young ones who jumped to mind when Bilbo saw little Frodo, but the older dwarves, tired, the ones who had once seen their whole world burned at their heels. They had been left standing, but it was a still, shattered sort of standing, steady on exhausted feet. There was a way Thorin had had, of staring into the campfire and not seeing the campfire. 

There was a boy, big-footed with a messy mop of hair, sitting in Brandy Hall and not seeing the hearth fire flickering cheerily in front of him. Bilbo reached out, like he almost couldn’t help it, and tapped his shoulder. 

“That’s always such a long story,” said Bilbo when Frodo asked him who he was. “But they say I’m mad." 

Frodo surveyed the madman in front of him and told him gravely, “It’s my birthday tomorrow.” The boy was twelve by hobbit years, younger by man’s, an ancient exhaustion in his bones that Bilbo had only seen in old dwarves’ stone ones.

"Oh dear,” said Bilbo. “That’s my birthday, too." 

Even on the sweet walks of the Shire, things come along that sweep you off your feet—adventures, wizards, children. Bilbo came down, a month after he’d adopted this strange, quiet boy on a whim and a wonder, and found his whole (second) living room scattered with some unholy combination of paint, jam, and mud. Frodo sat in the middle of the mess, with dirty hands and innocence plastered all over his face. 

Bilbo leaned on the door because something in that bright grin had taken his balance from him. He went for a mop. He had not felt so at home since thirteen dwarves had tumbled through his round green door. He felt like Frodo had stolen something from him and then given it back better than it had left.

Thievery, perhaps, ran in the family.

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Sexual Frustration - Calum Hood Smut

You had been on tour with your four best friends for the past 3 months. Life on the road was great. You got on well with the rest of the crew and the boys provided constant entertainment, you enjoyed travelling and seeing new places so it was great that you could do so with your best friends. Now that’s all well and good, but as a woman you had certain needs that are difficult to fulfil when you are constantly moving from one place to the other. You were not one for clubs so when the boys went out after shows you would stay in the hotel with t some of the crew and read a book or mindlessly troll the internet. So as far as human interaction goes you were stuck with the same people all the time. Now this wouldn’t normally bother you but the fact that you were constantly stuck with four impossibly good looking guys was definitely not helping your sexual frustration.

The boys were in the middle of playing another show, and you were watching from the side of the stage. You loved to watch them perform, it made you happy to see your four best friends doing what they loved, and doing it so well. You couldn’t take your eyes off Calum as he moved around the stage. He had worn a sleeveless tee so you could see the definition of his shoulders and the way his muscles would tense and relax as he played. Your gaze shifted to his fingers, the way they would skilfully pluck at his bass as he played. It made you think of how they would feel against your skin, or the way they would move inside you. You snapped yourself back to reality as the boys came running off stage after their final song.

They came hurtling towards you, determined to engulf you into the biggest group hug as they did every night. You noticed that Calum had removed his shirt revealing his toned chest; you could see his V line just above his jeans. You were too busy thinking about Calum to realise that the boys were still running towards you. Normally you would manage to run away fast enough before they covered you in sweat. But not this time, you had been too busy daydreaming about Calum to start your escape. Just as you turned to run away, you were grabbed by muscular arms, pulling you into a tight embrace. Normally you didn’t like being covered in the boys sweat, but with Calum’s toned chest pressed up against yours, his sweat was the last thing on your mind. You were too busy imagining his arms holding you up against a wall as he pounded into you to care about his sweat. You were snapped away from your not so innocent thoughts as he hugged you tightly, picking you up and swirling you around.

“Calum put me down” You shout through laughter

“No” he stated continuing to spin you around starting to laugh as well

“Yes, now before we fall over” You managed to say before you came hurtling to the ground. Calum had slipped and you had landed on the floor, him on top of you, pinning you to the ground. His hips were perfectly aligned with yours, applying slight pressure on your core. You tried to suppress the dirty thoughts now filling your mind. His dark eyes were looking into yours with both worry and amusement.  Ashton came and helped you both to your feet; you thanked him as you stood up. The boys went off to shower and you returned to the tour bus.

Your frustration had multiplied and it was beginning to overcome you, you decided you would have to do something to help your now aching core. You laid in you bunk, there was no one else on the bus but you pulled the curtain back anyway. You took off your skinny jeans and climbed under the covers. You ran your hand down your stomach before reaching into your panties. You slowly ran a finger through your folds, rubbing up and down a few times before slipping it inside you. You let out a small moan as it went in, finally allowing you to release some of the pent up frustration you had been feeling all day. You pulled out slightly and added another finger; you thrust them in and out increasing your speed. You imagined Calum doing this to you, his skilled fingers providing you with pleasure rather than your own. “Fuck Calum” you moan out unable to hold your moans in as you thrust  your fingers in and out, bringing you closer to your high. You start to imagine the way his length would feel inside you, stretching you. Your breathing became uneven, and you could feel yourself beginning to clench around your fingers. You were about to hit your climax when you heard someone clear their throat on the other side of the curtain. Well what you thought was the other side of the curtain. While you had been preoccupied, you failed to notice that the curtain was now halfway open, revealing a grinning Calum. “Fuck Calum” you say, a look of shock washes over your face as you quickly remove your hand from your underwear.

“Yeah you said that already” He replies the cheeky smirk growing as he said it.

You feel your cheeks turn red as you try to sink under the covers to escape his gaze, your once shocked expression gone, replaced by pure embarrassment. Wanting the covers to swallow you up and escape this situation. You were looking around the bunk, constantly trying to avoid his eyes. “Do you need a hand?” he asked “or better yet a tongue” He continued the cocky smirk still adorning his face. Your shocked expression returned before you could say anything he was climbing into the bunk with you, lying on top of you. He pushes the covers out of the way and his smirk widens when he sees you are not wearing your jeans.

He leans down, his lips meet yours, your embarrassment now completely gone, taken over by lust for the boy who was now starting to grind his hips into your core as he kissed you passionately. His lips fitted perfectly with yours, moving in sync with each other. He ran his tongue along your lower lip, teasing the entrance to your mouth. Even though your body was aching for him at this point, you kept your mouth shut, determined not to make it that easy for him to control you. He sensed your stubbornness and ground his hips into yours increasingly hard, making you gasp. He took advantage of the situation and slipped his tongue inside exploring your mouth, his tongue dancing with yours.

He reached down to the hem of your shirt pulling it over your head to expose your chest, His shirt soon followed, revealing his toned stomach once again. He started to kiss your neck, his hands reached to grab your breasts, he massaged them, squeezing gently as he trailed his kisses down towards them. He kissed down the valley of your breasts, continuing his descent towards your panties. Once he reached them he hooked his fingers around the hem and pulled them down your legs, stroking your thighs as he removed them. He spreads your legs and pushes your body up the bunk slightly so he can fit between your legs. He places your legs over his shoulders and leans down towards your core.

He places a kiss on your clit before circling his tongue around it at a frustratingly slow place.

“Stop teasing Calum” you groan and you could feel his smirk on you. He increased his pace licking between your folds as he rubbed circles on your clit. He moved his tongue back up to your clit as he thrust two fingers inside of you. You moaned loudly. He started to curl his fingers up to reach your g-spot and you could feel yourself getting close. You ran your hands through his hair grabbing onto it as you felt your orgasm building. Starting to clench around his fingers you moaned, ready to let go, but then he stopped. He looked up at you, that smirk back on his face. You knew that smirk would be the death of you one day.

“Baby you’re not going to come until I am inside you” He whispered seductively as he crawled up your body.  

He reached down unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down to his knees along with his boxers. He took hold of his hard length in his hand, gave it a few pumps before lining it up with your entrance. He inhaled sharply as he pushed into you easing himself in slowly. He gave you a second to adjust to his size, which you were grateful for as you had never had someone as big as Calum inside you before. The pain soon subsided and turned to pleasure.

“Fuck Y/N you’re so tight” He growled as he started to move thrusting slowly at first before building a steady rhythm. You moaned his name loudly as he hit that special spot inside you. He adjusted constantly hitting that spot with every thrust.

You could feel your orgasm building and your hands reach to grasp Calum’s shoulders determined to make sure he did not deny your orgasm again. His thrusts started to become sloppy and you could tell he was close. Calum let out series of grunts and reached his hand down to rub circles on your clit. It sent you over the edge, you clenched tightly around Calum’s cock making him moan out loudly. You came, hard around him. He quickly followed, hitting his high letting out a sequence of strained moans. He pulled out, collapsing on top of you, resting his forehead on yours as he takes your hair in his hands.

“I don’t want this to just be a onetime thing” he whispers to you. “Be mine” he says looking into your eyes to find your response.

“I’d like that” You say before leaning up to kiss him.

“Finally” You hear Michael’s voice; you pull back the curtain to find the three boys stood there grinning at you, you can tell they heard more than you would have liked them to. You try to hide yourself under Calum’s body he smirks at you again as he sees you turn red in embarrassment. He pulls the curtain again and you fall asleep with him beside you, cuddling you to his chest, that stupid smirk still on his face.


“What is considered the "normal” way to live life;
to go to school and to graduate.
to then spend money.
to go to more school
and to graduate again
to get a “real” job.
and get promoted.
to get a higher job.
to make more money.
to buy more things.
and pay more bills.
and buy a bigger house.
and nicer cars.
and the newest phone.
and nicest clothes.
and have a family.
and pay for their school.
so they can repeat the cycle.
and once this cycle runs it’s course.
…we still end up in a grave one day
While this cycle could still be filled with amazing memories, laughs, smiles and fun…it’s not the cycle that I plan to follow.
I would prefer to fill my life with constant traveling, meeting new people, trying new things, seeing the world, experiencing unique cultures and adventures. I want to live a life apart from the norm. Break away from the cycle of expected everyday living. Buy a ticket to someplace new without a plan. To surround myself in the culture of the area.
In this life, there are only two things that are promised:
Birth & Death.
What we do in between the the two is completely up to us.The rules that society has created are not meant to be followed, only to be used as a guide. However, I’m not one to follow a plan…and I don’t plan to.“

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In TFA Han Solo says that Luke felt responsible for whatever happened in his Jedi academy. Why do you think he said that?

It’s impossible to know what happened between Luke and Ben Solo at the ‘academy’, but the fact that Ben is the missing child of the Skywalkers is constantly ignored. Ben was Luke’s nephew and they spent a lot of time together. Leia and Han sent their kid to train with Luke at young age, and it’s possible that Luke and Ben had a bond due to their shared living and the constant travels. For me, it’s highly possible that Luke was a father figure for Ben and when he turned to the Dark side, Luke was devastated. People also forget that, in this situation, Ben was Luke’s responsibility. He was taking care of his sister’s son and something went wrong, and this is serious enough for someone to feel responsible or guilty.