constant princess

living with Calum
  • constant cuddles
  • him being naked 98% of the time
  • midnight car rides when neither of you can sleep 
  • pet names like ‘baby girl’ and ‘princess’
  • constant butt touching from both of you
  • lazy sex
  • rough sex
  • kinky sex
  • shower sex
  • basically any type of sex
  • lots of kisses
  • showering together bc “baby girl lets save water”
  • stealing his clothes
  • “baby girl when can we get a dog?”
  • him making spaghetti all the time
  • listening to him sing and play guitar
  • having jam sessions with him 
  • “babe listen to this new song I found, it’d be great to have sex to”
  • lots of lazy days where you two just lay in bed all day 
  • him coming home from the studio and telling you excitedly about new music they’re making
  • “I love you so much baby girl”
perks of dating ashton

• a shit ton of giggles
• he has good fashion so you will always look fucking fierce with him
• hella big shirts for you to sleep in
• you can braid his hair
• hugs from behind
• stuffed animals beyond counting
• he has the best fucking taste in music so he will always show you good artists
• he likes to be big spoon so you would get to feel his junk
• he would treat you like a god damn princess
• constant smiles

A Kingdom’s Princess

It’d felt like years since the last time the male had seen the beautiful woman, even if it had only been two weeks. The night they last saw each other had been magic, a night he’d never forget. However, their time had been cut short due to the male having to take care of his own duties, duties he was unable to push aside.

That night, the male had jumped onto his horse, being escourted through the night to the neighboring country to meet Princess Constant. It was a long ride, leaving the male tired. But his counsil had spoken of the princess highly - his head of council suggesting he meet with her for a possible marriage proposal. They had been trying to find the perfect princess for the male, someone to rule by his side. And so far, the best option was to marry a princess from an un-treaty country, to join forces for any upcoming wars.

The male had spent two weeks with the princess in her castle. Getting to know her people, their own customs, getting to know her and her family. In the end, to be kind, he invited the woman to his own kingdom. To learn of his own people, their ways, the way he ran things in his own country. So far, the male’s mind had not been changed. He still wished to rule alone until he found the perfect woman to be by his side.

And so, the two had arrived. The woman ridding beside his horse on her own as the gates into town bashed open and a celebration began in honor of greeting the beautiful woman. Her long blonde hair dancing along her back and into the wind as she offered each and every citizen a soft smile. Their conversation over their opinions on ocean trading continued as they made their way towards the castle, Emmett’s strong laugh filing the air as he continued to greet his own people before replying to her own words.


Something that really annoys me about Phillipa Gregory’s Constant Princess, (Haven’t read the others) is how she changes the gender of babies. Elizabeth of York did not die birthing a son (Her last son Edmund was born prior to, and died before this), but several days after birthing a daughter, Katherine who also later died eight days later, just one day before Elizabeth.

Katharine of Aragon’s first miscarriage was with a daughter, not a son. Yes she did have a son after that. Then two more sons. Then Mary, and then a stillborn daughter.

Phillipa Gregory stop it. I get it, Historical Fiction and all, take your liberties, but good God woman get the genders right.