constant decay

The human species we are. In constant decay both physically, mentally. We try this, and we also try that. Look at where we have brought ourselves, or has this been home all this time? - Promethean Dread 🥀

Mum: I am going to have to go grate some cheese for this

Me: you don’t have to do anything.
You don’t have to grate cheese.
You don’t have to eat tonight.
You don’t HAVE to breathe.
You don’t HAVE to keep fighting the ever marching beat of time.
You dont’ HAVE to struggle against the constant but steady decay of your body

Mum: are…. you ok…?

Me: i have got to slow down on the night vale podcasts

On the Contradictions of Capitalism

Anyone and everyone that wants to improve the lives of people should understand a few things about the world we currently live in, and that is the contradictions of capitalism.

Capitalism as a system is in a constant fluctuation of decay and renewal, and to the casual observer that doesn’t look into the actual mechanics and background of capitalism it can seem like it works perfectly and is the best system. This kind of thinking though is verify ably false, and in actuality it has only been through manipulation that it exists in a form that we can perceive as being “good” today. What I mean by this is that the actual core ideas, systems, and mechanics of capitalism are inherently “bad” for people.

For example the classic idea of increasing productivity means an increased profit. The problem with this is that in the capitalist system because of the focus on exploitation of labor to extract profits,and so as productivity increases, employment decreases, and in turn profits are reduced. This is a very small idea overall, but the consequences of it are far reaching, and going by this understanding then its easy to see how eventually a situation can arise where only a small minority is employed, while the vast majority is unemployed.

Another one can be seen when it comes to housing. According to the idea that the entire reason for providing anything at all is to produce a profit of some kind, then there will always be people who will not be able to afford the goods produced because of the added value that must be extracted. A perfect example comes in the form of housing, there are massive amounts of empty homes, yet there is somehow a housing problem. The problem we are seeing isn’t a housing one, it’s a problem with profit and capitalism.

The greatest and most damming of the examples I could use though, is world hunger. Whenever world hunger is brought up as a problem its framed in exactly one manner “we need more money to end it,” but never as “we need more food.” The reason for this is that there IS enough food on the world to feed everyone, but because profit cannot be made, nobody will end it. From this we can see that the root cause of world hunger isn’t failing crops or bad luck, it’s that capitalism creates a system where there is no reason to help people.

In conclusion Capitalism is full of contradictions that will lead to not only it’s own inevitable destruction, but also worsen the life of many people. Now I will admit that there is an argument about how living standards and such have been improving for a while under capitalism, but I hold that this is not capitalism itself, but instead some of the many methods that it uses to appear healthier and better than it actually is. These things will be elaborated on in a later post though.

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Rotten Vale

The Rotten Vale is a deadly valley filled with the corpses and bones of countless monsters. This area is always in a constant state of decay, making inhospitable for most creatures. Despite this, some monsters do live in the Rotten Vale. The monsters in this area are extremely hostile and won’t hesitate to attack any intruders in the Rotten Vale.

A toxic gas leaks from the Rotten Vale, making the area more hazardous for hunters. This gas can endanger a hunter’s life. This gas also makes the monsters that live in the area more aggressive than usual, even timid ones.

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  • 3 dayz off
  • i’m gonna ENJOY myself motherfucker before going back to the state of constant decay and lethargy
How Doomfist is kind of right, and why that's really cool and exciting for overwatch

Wow, something that isn’t Steven Universe. Crazy, I know.

So, in case you guys don’t know, I LOVE OVERWATCH (even though I suck. Take one look at my competitive points and you’ll see what I mean).

And like everyone on PC, I’ve been spending every second of the day on the PTR testing the man, the myth, the legend, Doomfist himself.

Aside from his fun as hell gameplay (which already got nerfed lol), what really caught my attention was his philosophy.

His philosophy is told through his in game dialogue and his dialogue in his animation (watch it here:

His main line says it all, really:
“Those who fall will be forgotten. Those who rise up shall be remembered”

Mainly, his philosophy revolves entirely around humanity getting stronger through conflict. Which, when he’s a member of Talon, makes him seem like a war hungry asshat like my boy Ares over at DC comics.

However, from an IN UNIVERSE STANDPOINT, he’s kind of absolutely right. And there’s nowhere better to look than three places:
The Shambali omnic monks
Overwatch (the team) itself.

Let’s start with Numbani. After the omnic crisis, Numbani became a place of peace among omnics and humans. It’s a pretty much speculation, but hear me out. Doomfist grew up near the area of Numbani, if not directly in it. He was there to witness firsthand how Numbani began treating omnics in order to avoid the discrimination omnics were facing in places like King’s Row. In his eyes, it was BECAUSE of the omnic crisis that Numbani started to accept omnics as their own beings. And in many ways, that’s pretty much right.

The shambali monks have shown to be VERY influential in forwarding omnic rights. Mondatta has spoken in places like King’s Row to advocate for omnic rights, and has even made many efforts to work with humans. The Shambali were a symbol of peace from the omnics that were DESPERATELY needed for the omnics to be accepted. Now, have you ever considered WHY talon assassinated Mondatta? It had to be for more of a reason than just “they hate omnics”. Overwatch is way more complex than that. No, I say this assassination was inspired by if not directly caused by Doomfist. Assassinating the biggest symbol of peace could strengthen bonds between omnic-supporting humans and omnics even further, much like how tragedies like 9/11 brought together America in a lot of ways.

The biggest example is Overwatch itself, though. Doomfist has never shown that he hates overwatch, really. In fact, really the only member I can say he for sure straight up HATES is Winston for putting him in prison. But enough about who doomfist likes and doesn’t like. Let me just ask you something.
Why did overwatch get formed in the first place? If the answer relates in any way to the Omnic crisis, then I bet you can see my point from here. Major conflict brought up overwatch in the first place, the strongest team of soldiers and combatants the world has ever known coming together to fight the attacking omnics.

What’s my point? Well, overwatch loves to have their Talon be redeemable in some way. Reaper is a former member of overwatch, really just bitter about the whole “constant state of decay and pain” thing. Widowmaker was brainwashed, giving her a bit of a pass, and they even let her visit Gerard’s grave in the reflections comic. And Sombra is basically Robin Hood, but with hacking. I’ll make a whole post about each of them later, but the point is, the overwatch writers have taken points from a select few of famous villains in history and noticed that having your villain be understandable and even relatable can make them an even more effective character in the Narrative.

Doomfist is really the first overwatch villain that we can understand and relate to on a philosophical standpoint rather than an emotional one like the other Talon members.

Villains that we can understand from a philosophical standpoint are so exciting because it gives an AMAZING relationship between character and audience. Having a character that we agree with and think like is good enough. Having a VILLAIN that we agree with? That makes the audience create a love-hate/hate-love relationship because we don’t WANT to agree with the bad guy, but we do, and we hate that. So we want to see this bad guy taken down even more than before, so we can (to put it bluntly) feel better about ourselves and feel like the good guys.

I’m really excited with how they’ll use his philosophy and put it at odds with people who use pretty much the same train of thinking, like Zenyatta.

Thanks for listening to me rant about a video game. I’m excited as hell for doomfist. Tell me what you guys think they’ll do with his philosophy later in the game!

Think Again

The air too full of sorrow
A constant sense, these days decay

A flurry of locust words of hate
We shut the doors, stamping our feet
To brush the crawling fear from legs

The sky seems dark with winged power
Clouding views of anything else
Think again, we say, of simple days
- As if they ever were! -
Huddle in minds for fantasies stored

The Luther Kings, the Tubmans
The B. Anthonys, the Steinems
The rebels who signed their name
They stood in storms, refused to turn
And we rose from their love, we stand,
We have, because of them

Our story not hate, division
Our lives not cut into perfect lines
We are still one! if they forgot that
It’s time to stand again, remind them
Who we really are and what we’ve done
Whine to British about playing fair
We have rebel cores, let who falls fall


Okay, so, Gabriel/Reaper’s body is in a constant state of decay and regeneration. Is it just me, or does that sound horribly painful? Like, no wonder he’s so vengeful and angry all the time. He’s probably in constant pain and discomfort every minute of his existence. He can never die, and he knows this, so he knows there will never be an end to his suffering. Add to this the fact that, whatever he looks like under that mask, he considers himself to be an atrocity, not even human anymore, to the point where he called himself a thing. I just feel so sorry for him…

Gentle reminder that Mercy resurrecting or attempting to resurrect Reaper and causing his constant decay/regeneration state is 100% fanon that isn’t based on anything in the actual lore or even the non-canon game interactions to this date in time. This non-canon theory is fairly prevalent, and it’s okay to like it. But insisting that it is canon and getting upset at somebody because they don’t ascribe to it is utter bullshit.

The lore we do have points to the fact that it will not become canon either.

1. The “This isn’t what I intended for you” interaction was never in the game. Even people who stored copies of the game files all the way back in the beta cannot find evidence that it existed. Chu confirmed that it didn’t exist.

2. The interaction of “What happened to you?” (which is non-canon itself) actually indicates that Mercy has no idea what happened to him. Given that she’s a brilliant scientist, she’d probably be able to draw the line between a botched res and Reaper’s issues.

3. Resurrection is not a thing in the actual lore. It is a game mechanic. It is never mentioned in the actual canon lore sources (shorts, comics, character biographies, blog posts, Chu’s twitter.) What is confirmed is that the game isn’t canon. Abilities are put into the game for gameplay purposes. And Genji was still alive when Overwatch found him, so he wasn’t resurrected.

4. It was confirmed that Reaper has been active for decades. How or in what capacity hasn’t been made clear by Blizzard (because they love trickling information out.) But if it is Gabriel in his smoke form, that definitely predates his failed assassination attempt on Jack Morrison.

5. Reaper’s biography states that it is speculated his state is the result of failed genetic engineering. That indicates more that it was something that happened to him in the SEP as Mercy’s field is nanotechnology, not genetic engineering so far as we know. (Hell, maybe Harold Winston did it to him. He was a genetic engineer.)

6. The supposition that Reaper is made up of nanomachines is another fanon idea that isn’t based in the canon we currently have. (It likely came out of the theory that Mercy “resurrected” him.) So it isn’t a canon source to support the resurrection theory.

TL;DR: Mercy “resurrecting” Reaper is not canon.

thinking about it tho…..“out of the loop” seems to suggest that contrary to the fears raised by the tiamat, the aliens don’t want to go to earth. if the ultimate goal of the time loop was to make lovelace break the computer and strand them, then the dear listeners don’t want them to leave. the contact event is coming and when it happens, the aliens want them orbiting wolf 359. that plus the constant decaying orbit toward the star, and the insistence that they are being pulled in “to communicate”……y'all that star is a portal and the aliens need them to enter it to make contact. like it or not they’re 210% gonna end up inside that star lmao

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yes a yandere overwatch blog >:)) lemme think... do u mind telling us how reaper, solider 76, and mcree fell in love with their soon to be s/o??

Reaper’s existence was in a constant state of decay. This, of course, included his heart and soul. He had no desire for anyone or anything be it sexually or romantically- at least before he met you. You weren’t anybody particularly worth mentioning when he had first encountered you. You had somehow gotten caught up in an ex-Overwatch’s agents life, whether you knew they were or not was of no concern to him. You had come home just as he had finished dealing with the rat. The blood of the dead agent splattered against the white walls along with bits and pieces of their brain and fragments of their skull. Hearing the door unlock Reaper gave one last look at the butchered corpse before letting out a low, guttural grunt as he vanished from the home. Even is his wraith form he could still hear your horrified screams and for the first time since he had become…this thing, he had felt a vague but familiar feeling stir deep within him. Unbeknownst to him there was a third party watching the events unfold. You didn’t even realize it at the time but the computer at the desk on the opposite of the room that wasn’t splashed in blood had been turned on. Its white dot near the camera  had been on the past hour, witnessing the events that took place, ultimately before the light glitched to purple it suddenly turned off. 

When Reaper returned to Talon headquarters he ran into Sombra who wore a knowing smirk, “What?” He growled. 

“Don’t be so grumpy Gabe I’m just hear to greet you after your mission, aren’t I so nice?” She titters with her arms folded across her chest.

“Sombra.” He presses again, knowing the woman all too well to know she certainly had ulterior motives. 

“I know, I know,” She grins before pulling up a holographic screen of you crying and cradling the dead body of the ex-agent he had just killed, “Looks like you made a mess this time, though. Well, not like you usually don’t.”

Reaper studied you from the screen in thought. He had seen others, mostly those he had slaughtered, as attractive if not more so then you but something more drew him to you. Oddly enough he found your shuddering body and tear stained cheeks to be rather…arousing. Something he hadn’t felt in years. He was more than enthralled and Sombra could tell by the cocky expression she wore and the raise of her brows. 

“Well Boss?” She inquired, knowing fully well what he wanted. 

“Submit me a report of all you can get on them.” Reaper orders, striding past her with his thoughts full of you. 

“And then?” Sombra tried to hide her snicker to no avail. 

“Then we’ll have a new subordinate to the ranks.”

You hadn’t done anything particularly interesting to catch his attention but now that you had it you wouldn’t ever be able to rid of it. You were just a victim of circumstance.

It had been shortly after Jack Morrison’s funeral when he had begun wandering around the world in search of nothing in particular aside from dispensing justice whenever needed. Soldier: 76 had been traveling through a rural town when he had met you. He first saw you in the backstreets of a dimly lit alley way giving several loaves of bread to homeless children. Even if just by a mere fraction, he felt  faith for humanity had been restored. At least, before a woman across the street from a grocery starting screaming profusely that you had yet again stolen from her store. You snapped your head to face her only to give a faint smirk before dashing down the alley. The children whom you had stolen for scattered in different directions as well. 

He furrowed his brows at this and without much thought he decided to chase you down. Despite what little lighting the alleyway had to offer he could still keep you tracked down as he ran after you. It may have been his age starting to wear down on him but you seemed rather fast for a mere civilian. Regardless he was a highly trained soldier and you were nothing but someone ordinary in comparison. You turned to look behind you to see if he was following you and yet he still was without even so much as loosing you. You grew irritated at this, 

“What’re you chasing me for?” You shouted, picking up your pace. You had to admit he was fast- but not faster than you. You knew this entire town like the back of your hand and spent your entire life racing through it. There was no way some stranger would catch up to you so easily. 

“Why’re you running?” He retorted, not even slowing down to catch his breath.

“Anyone would run when being chased by a stranger!” You laughed as you pivoted quickly around a corner those even familiar to the area would miss. To your surprise he kept up to you with ease. 

“Breaking the law warrants chases.” The man proclaims and you can’t help but laugh again. You would admit you were having a bit of fun, the thrill of being chased down by someone able to keep up with you. But you had grown weary of this game of cat and mouse and decided to put an end to it all. 

Taking another sharp turn you kicked several trash bins over to the side to derail him even just for a moment as you climbed a rather high wall. Just as you had expected it didn’t take long for him to catch up and he slowed down in his tracks as he looked up at you- well you assumed he was since his visor was covering his eyes. 

“And being chased warrants getaways, right?” You teased with a smirk. Soldier hadn’t felt this way in so long he forgot the feeling existed. The excitement and thrill of the chase, quite literally, made his stomach flip but he kept his composure. 

Just as you turn to hop off of the other side of the wall the man quickly grabs your ankle and yanks your body back down to the ground. You let out a shocked squeak as he pinned you to the brick wall. 

“This isn’t a game,” He hisses, his hands pinned on both sides of your head so you wouldn’t escape, “Think about your actions.”

There’s a long silence between the two of you as you stare up at him in shock. You hadn’t expected this in the slightest though granted you only knew him for however long he had been chasing you for. After a few more moments he sighs and backs away. If he didn’t have any self control he wasn’t sure he would be able to restrain himself from kissing you right then and there. Your cocky and playful expressions tugged at his heart strings but your look of uncertainty and a bit of fear mixed in with your expression went straight to his groin. Without wasting any time you scrambled back over the wall and ran down the streets. The man stood still in his place as he engraved the rhythmic tap-tap-tapping of your feet padding against the street into his mind ultimately until the sound faded. It was then that he had decided to stay in the town for a bit longer than he had planned and he didn’t intend to leave without you.

After his Blackwatch days were over, McCree had turned to bounty hunting which he found he was very good at and many requested him in need of his services. He had been hunting you for several weeks now- studying you, learning your schedule, your relationships, ticks, and even your habits. Somehow his heart, such a fickle thing, had disobeyed his business orders and he fell in love with you from afar. The way you smiled, how you tucked your locks of hair behind your ears, and even your habit of biting your lip when you were agitated made his heart race. He had yet to come into contact with you officially but that was all about to change.

He had easily located where you worked, a restaurant just on the edge of town where you used an alias to avoid detection from those in search of you, and he entered the building posing as an unassuming customer. You greeted him with a cheery smile and the gunslinger could feel his heart flutter. He made small talk with you before ordering and he could already feel himself falling deeper into this love he had found himself trapped in. 

Mccree knew where you lived and if he played his cards right you would be his very soon. Though he was a bit disappointed when he would have to leave the town for a few days to dispose of the person who had hired him to capture you and bring you in. If he didn’t do so they would only hire other bounty hunter’s to capture you and he just couldn’t allow such filthy, grimy hands to touch you in the slightest. Only he was allowed to touch you and he would make sure of that.

Northern Virginia Gothic

-Often times on the unlit roads, strange reflections of driver’s headlights shine back at you. Residents know to stop and let it pass, others drive on and pay the grave diggers twice.

-The city bustles around you, with the comforting buzz of traffic and pedestrians. You drive on when the light turns green, crossing the intersection, and the buildings and people are replaced with a lonely wilderness. 

-Concussive thuds like a giant displaying its dominion can be heard at any time. Residents ignore it, visitors grow anxious, and investigators disappear. 

-A wind carries in the aroma of the ocean, a mix of saltwater and crab. But it is only a wind, and soon you are reminded once more of the constant stench of death, decay, and rot.

-Your home is a target. You are a target. No one is sure whose sights are trained upon us. No one is sure when they will strike. But we are sure we are a target. We try our best not to mention it.

-You’re not sure which is scarier: seeing them watch you or not.

-In the summer even the very air will sweat, and it will do you no favors.

-The worst part of the car crash is not being thrown through your windshield and onto the pavement, nor is it having to watch the EMTs drag the passenger’s body away, but rather the cursory glances of thousands of eyes as they try to tell your blood from everyone else’s. 

-It is best to memorize the roads during the day. The night is not so forgiving.

In the Flower Garden - I

It is where flowers of all colours bloom on gently sloping plains. A forest can be clearly seen in the far distance, enveloped by the overlooking sky; the view is evenly divided between the sky and the earth. Here no fence nor house crafted by human beings exist. No walls nor castles - there is no such thing as a country here.

Daytime is filled with spring’s sunshine and the smell of summer; night is wrapped in the autumn air and stars of winter. On earth there are countless flowers and bugs; in the forest there is water and green, and ethereally beautiful fairies lurk in the pond. The paradise people imagine is only an imitation of this place. Here, in this untrodden place, the bounds of a tabooed land* serve as the ends of the island. It is a small world that was called the Land of the Eternal Spring and the Island of Apples in mythology. It is a Utopia that may not be granted to beasts which possess wisdom, one that may never be reached. It is a world cut off from the constant decay and destruction of the surface of the planet and, although it is nestled in human history, has no connection to other lands at all.

The name of this place is Avalon. The star of the inland sea - the soul of the planet called Earth is another name for this shed.

“No, that too may not be a correct expression. Here lies inside as well as outside after all. Located in the exact same coordinates and takes up the same space, certainly, but a phase misaligned with multi-dimensions is what it ought to be called.”

In the flower garden there is one whose form resembles that of humans. A man wearing a robe woven with the finest fabrics, though he still looks modest, his long hair appearing in colours of the rainbow under sunlight. His eyes are uneager along with his attitude, and they gaze into far off distances.

The man is walking through the flower garden while talking to flowers as if they are his friends, and humming. Without confusion, without hesitation, without hurting the flowers that fill the earth.

The man is the very image of a wandering sage who’d stumbled into a foreign land. Even if he doesn’t know his way back, he has no destination to go in any case. If he were to be told that this is the world after death, indeed, he may even agree. He does not harbour a sense of danger despite that, as he is in essence a thing of a foreign land himself. Living humans may be barred from entering paradise, but in that he didn’t mean that all humans look like humans anyway.

To the man paradise and the material world have no difference - “other people’s home”, as it goes. Neither is his dwelling place, and he does not fit into only one or the other.

In the first place, the man’s values don’t depend on humans or the paradise, and neither adheres to his.

Anyway - and so, thinking “that cold-mannered woman has been trying to murder me, better go hide in the Other Side of the World for a bit”, he’d crossed the boundary and stumbled into a foreign land.

“But this is quite cruel. The density of magic here is too strong. This place is pretty much the same as a vacuum; simply breathing is enough to end up dead. In one breath a human of the current age would burst from inside out. This shouldn’t be called a paradise - isn’t it better utilized as a weapon instead?”

The man voiced his suggestion as he continued his walk through the garden.
He has come from the current era, that is, from the outside world. He alone has found himself in paradise, leaving behind an island of a certain people that would soon fall, in the fifth century. He is a non-human - though also the magician of a certain King - who has left the King before the last battle and to extremely private women problems, and has taken refuge in paradise.

“Ah, I figured as much. Mordred’s uprising was with the agreement of the lords who had admonished the King, demanding liability for the days of relentless winter, and so began the treachery against the King who embodied the Stone’s ideals.”

The man continued his walk at a steady pace. As he went further, the flowers that seemed to have no care of whether they would be trampled upon began to diminish in number.

Though the island has no end, it seems to change like any other land. Further into the island the land turns barren, similar to Britain.

The man continued to walk through the barren land, holding a staff and humming to himself. Without the use of Magecraft or a mystery, wherever he walked, flowers that would never bloom in that barren soil began to bloom.

He was not particularly bothered by the fact that the land was barren even in paradise, although he did think it was a good reason to decorate it with flowers.

This living thing scatters flowers as he breathes.

A flower in soil. A dream to people. The future to history - are all the very essence of this man.

The name of the Magician of Flowers is Merlin.

He has become the summit of countless myths and of the great mages who appeared in legends.

A half-blood born from the union of a human and an incubus, he possesses the proof of the Highest Mage - the Eyes Which See through the World.

“Well, although one may call me the most supreme, about all I can do is to sow seeds. My sight certainly makes a better story than most, but even that is unsatisfactory when compared to others.”

Clairvoyance. Eyes able to see beyond while the person stands in place. From time immemorial, it is the power entrusted to lands by the gods and the power shamans needed to guard lives.

However profound and capable of performing the strongest forms of Magecraft one’s magic circuits may be, a mage who does not possess these "Eyes” shall not be given the title of the most supreme.

This man…The clairvoyance Merlin possesses is “the Eyes Which See through the World”.

whenever anyone talks about advance developing AI to me in a serious capacity I can only think of them in terms of. more bodies men are going to want to fuck. and more competition for me. now i have to be prettier than the robots who already have an upper hand because they are built by men and not just sociologically but literally built by men and i start thinking about divorces in 2050 where husbands leave their families for a younger model but she’s metal and will never age and someday we’ll talk about how ok so now it’s not even ok for women to be stuck in a constant state of decay confined by flesh now she has to be bionic. 

Overwatch Reader-Insert: Your s/o feeling self-conscious about their body

And another one with the reader as the comforter rather than the comfortee. 
Note: Requests are open and I will happily do any and all characters from the game. If you request more than three characters at once, though, each individual snippet might be on the shorter side.

Featuring Reaper, Lúcio, and Genji

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We are born into a realm of constant change. Everything is decaying. We are continually losing all that we come in contact with. Our tendency to get attached to impermanent experiences causes sorrow, lamentation and grief, because eventually we are separated from everything and everyone we love. Our lack of acceptance and understanding of this fact makes life unsatisfactory.
—  Noah Levine, Against the Stream: A Buddhist Manual for Spiritual Revolutionaries
  • me: i hate mondays
  • also me: listen, fool, time doesn't exist. mondays are an arrogant and desperate attempt of mankind to recreate the concept of passing time as cyclical and reoccurring in order to subvert mortality and mechanize inevitable progression that is our decay and constant present.