constant conversations passion pit

bottle it up // a landon addison playlist

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♫track list:

grouplove - ways to go // peter bjorn and john - young folks // phoenix - trying to be cool // grouplove - shark attack // televisions - new flesh // fun. - be calm // passion pit - constant conversations // tame impala - yes i’m changing


my garsako fanmix(es) that ive had under wraps for a while but 8tracks sucks now so there’s no point in trying to make playlists there. i dont wanna try anything else so ill just link yt vids and let ppl listen as they please

SIDE A (lord garmadon)

1. Passion Pit - Constant Conversations // 2. Ke$ha - Supernatural // 3. Rise Against - Savior // 4. Hall and Oates - She’s Gone // 5. Seven Lions - Worlds Apart // 6. Ellie Goulding - Bittersweet // 7. The Bird And The Bee - I Can’t Go For That // 8. Dessa - The Man I Knew

SIDE B (sensei garmadon)

1. Passion Pit - Cuddle Fuddle // 2. Tegan and Sara - Love They Say // 3. Adam Sandler - Grow Old With You // 4. Blake Lewis - She Gives Me Her Love // 5. Ludo - Anything For You // 6. Major Lazer - Be Together // 7. Gregory and the Hawk - Leaves // 8. Lenka - Nothing

Constant Conversations

“I never wanna hurt you baby, I’m just a mess with a name and a price” : Scorpio, Aquarius, Aries, Capricorn   

“they’re singing through the bright spring leaves” : Libra, Pisces, Cancer, Leo 

“If there’s a bump in the road yeah you’d fix it,
But for me I’ll just run off the road” :
Sagittarius, Gemini, Taurus, Virgo

inspired by this playlist and this post

A playlist of (mostly indie) songs that have a certain line that really hits home


Riptide Vance Joy // Work Song Hozier // First Day Of My Life Bright Eyes // This is Gospel (Piano) Panic! At The Disco // Sea of Air Portugal. The Man // When We’re Fire Lo Fang // Ride Twenty One Pilots // Ghost Halsey // Georgia Vance Joy // To Be Alone Hozier // Modern Jesus Portugal. The Man // Constant Conversations Passion Pit // Dissolve Me Alt-J

Constant Conversations
Passion Pit
Constant Conversations

Song of the Day 7/16/12:

Constant Conversations - Passion Pit

You never know where some people will go
Yeah some people been hurtin’ me
You can tell by a look, by the slightest crook
In their neck or the blink of an eye

Well then they’ll say what they say and they’ll do what they do
But that doesn’t mean a goddamn thing
You can listen if you want, you can listen if you don’t
Yeah they’ll talk, maybe even sing