constant conquest

summrsolstice  asked:

omg can you pls do "It’s pouring with rain and there’s space under your umbrella au" with sterek???

The rain is coming down in droves. Stiles is late to the stakeout, something about getting all the supplies they needed. He’s still magic training with Deaton, so Derek presumes there’s some sort of thing Stiles wants to practice while they’re making sure the brownies aren’t up to anything nefarious. 

The pack is alternating a watch, a buddy system that Scott came up with, and Derek isn’t sure he should be appreciative or frustrated that he’s paired up with Stiles. Ever since Stiles got back from his first year at college he holds himself a little differently, a little more confident in his step, body filling out a little more, smirk a little more self-evident in the way he described his multitudes of dates with guys and girls and just– many times, many positions, making Derek grit his teeth and wait for the subject to change.

It’s fine. It’s summer, it’s raining, a bit of humid soggy wet just coming down and down and a thunderstorm in the distance, crackling in the forest and Derek just wants this night to be over. 

He smells Stiles before he sees him, all bright cinnamon and excitement, and then hears him, loudly stomping through muddy puddles as he makes his way to the hideout spot.

“Hey, sorry I’m late,” Stiles says.

He’s holding a luridly bright umbrella that’s yellow and has cartoon clouds on it, and no sort of emissary materials in sight. The rain makes gentle plop plop noises as it slides off the umbrella, and Stiles looks delightfully warm and dry underneath.

“Dude, have you just been sitting here in the rain?” 

“No,” Derek says. “I’m keeping watch in the rain, there’s a difference.”

Stiles snorts. “Whatever you say. Here. There’s enough room for the both of us.” 

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