constant bragging

Let’s be honest: If Obama had five kids by three different mothers, it would have been an issue in the 2008 election.

If Hillary had five children by three different men,  it would have been an issue in the 2016 election.

With Trump, nobody in the Republican party, or GOP voters, cared at all. Nor about his constant bragging about his extramarital affairs.

Gee, I wonder why that is. 


Part one of my series of pop culture dragons reimagined as bastard worms as they would be like in A King of Worms.

Saphira is one of the last dragons spawned from an extensive program in the United States to raise and breed dragons that are not only social, but bonded to humans. The people of the so called “dragon villages” weeped for the loss of a nearly century old practice and veiwed the ceasing of the practice as an affront of dragon/human relations. Everyone else however, did not see these relationships as equal in any way, and questioned the ethics of trying to “domesticate” a race of sapient chaos serpents.

Saphira is heavily bonded with her human Eric Gong, a teenager in the boonies who loves reading and general nerd shit. She could not imagine any other way of life, to the point that she is completely unaware that “wild” dragons are even a thing, believing that she is a dying species

Smaug was said to be the last great dragon of New Zealand. A lazy fuck, Smaug’s lair has been situated in the former New Zealand treasuries for decades, and does nothing but eat mutton and sleep, covering the nation’s former wealth and gold all over his his moist sweaty stomach. People no longer dare to enter his lair, for they are will be faced by Smaugs constant bragging and obnoxious personality. 

Having no competition on the island and no frame of reference of other dragons, he is unaware of the fact that he is incredibly unimpressive and small by dragon standards, so easily could he have his ass kicked i he lived anywhere else. To Smaug’s knowledge he is the best damn thing on the planet.

Elliot was a lonely dragon from a bad cave, running away from his once home and eventually stumbling upon a magical human boy named Pete who helps him. The other worms do not believe Elliot’s tall tale, magical human boys are a fairy tale that dont exist, but Elliot insists Pete is real but turns invisible when others are around. 

Michael’s relationship with you

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•Fluffy Michael time is here folks. He has had a crush on you for like years? Like you’ve been best friends since you meet in the snack area of 7/11 while both of you were stoned. The minute you mentioned that there was nothing better then weed and movie marathons he was like “yeah, you, you I like. When I’m not high as Shit I will try and impress you”

•He totally asked you out in the most adorable and cutest way possible, he made a mix tape. First song was obviously Bob Marley and he even throw in some beatles because he knew you liked them. At the end of the tape he asked you out on a date. You showed up to school the next day after hearing the tape and just kinda flung yourself at him like “YES I WILL DATE YOU HOLY SHIT”

•Your first date Michael is a complete mess cause he doesn’t know what to do?? How can he impress you?? Holy shit he calls Jeramy for help but he gives zero helpful advice so he just shows up at your house super awkwardly like “I spent so much time freaking out I don’t have anything planned… there’s a drive in movie marathon down town playing 80’s movies though” you go there and it’s great, totally make out in his car

•Okay so Michael is the type of person who has a playlist of songs for every occasion. Playlist for driving with you? Yep! Playlist for cuddle time? Hell yeah! Playlist for cute walks through the park? You beat! (He also has a list for sexy times but this is fluff right now)

•Also couple selfies? YES BOY LIVES FOR THEM has a photo of the two of you on your first date as his lock screen, will also constantly spam his social media pages of photos of the two of you with captions like “look at my beautiful girlfriend” “how did I get so luck?” Or he’ll just add some cheesy song lyric. His friends kinda get sick of his constant bragging but at the same time their like “aye it’s cute, let me be cute”

•HE SUNG BOB MARLEY TO YOU ON YOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY FIGHT ME ON THIS someone filmed it and you listen to it whenever you feel down or alone, it cheers you up right away. He’ll just kinda sing to you whenever he wants to woo you (he plays guitar and ukulele you can also fight me on this).

•He wrote his own song for you on one of Valentine’s Day (he purposes to you at the end), it made you cry, he cried a little, everyone in the restaurant cried and everyone who watched the now viral video on YouTube cried EVERYONE CRIED!

•The wedding? Simple, small and at the beach. Just close friends and family. He made his groomsmen wear those teeshirts that look like a suit? You know the ones. You walked down the aisle to a beetles song and your first dance is Bob Marley, it was the same one from the first mixtape he made you. Honeymoon was probably in the pacific like in Tonga of Samoa

The Love Square

So you’re asking for Miraculous, eh? For those who don’t know, The Love Square is the strange ship in ML fandom that has four different faces. This romantic spice is what really adds flair to the show known as Miraculous Ladybug because you can have it in different flavors (and all in canon!)! 

And without further ado, introducing the Four Ships!


LadyNoir The Super Ship

From awkward partners…

To a team … 

This ship would hardly (actually, never) be absent in any of the episodes because they are the Super Team pair that fights akuma that appears in, like, every episode. So it’s hardly surprising that this ship gets the most screen time and shipping moments to enjoy. A relationship between two people hiding behind a mask, never letting one or the other know the identity of they are hiding, really leaves a lot for development opportunities. It’s easier to write about too, because you can develop their relationship with lots of romantic moments but not make them any closer to being a real couple. Ah, how romantic it is to fall in-love with a masked-person? It’s one of those romantic tropes that will never get old. It has all the suspense!

What fuels this ship is mostly our adorable cinnamon roll (trying to act like a “sinnamon roll”) working hard to “get” the girl. 

This first meeting is not a “love at first sight”. Actually, far from it. Their first meeting was only awkward and only alleviated a bit by Chat’s humor and niceness. 

In fact, he is actually more upbeat and much more aggressive than Ladybug (probably due to excitement of exploring a bigger world and a new adventure). 

Then they fought together.

And he has fallen for her.

And now he tries his best to woo her, protect her, and be by her side against all adversity.

Too bad, she like the “other” him and cannot take him seriously. She trusts him as her partner anyway, and had good deal of faith in him as demonstrated in “Copy Cat” episode where she knew he was framed up immediately. And she also admitted in one of the webisodes that she would have fallen for him if she did not love “Adrien”. 

The only thing I find negative in this ship is the fact that Chat Noir’s potential is being suppressed because of this “love”. There are complaints of Chat Noir was toned down into a sidekick/side role just to get LB in the spotlight. Others think this is poor/lazy writing to move up the heroine but the thing is, this is intentional. 

Aside from his role in this story, Chat Noir is more prone to messing up and becomes more submissive (Yin trait) because of the fact that his “infatuation” is getting in his head. Chat Noir becoming “conceited” and constant bragging is proof of this. He is trying to boost his ego up because he lacks confidence. And this is why when others say we show out true selves behind the mask, I say this is not the case with CN. The wild and whimsy side of him is just a different side he doesn’t get much opportunity to show off due to circumstances. If anything, this cinnamon roll’s strengths is actually being suppressed as CN because of the said “love”. But since this is an intentional part of the writer, it’s safe to assume that they are going to make him overcome this (as shown in Reflekta episode).

 I guess this is Marinette’s counterpart when it comes to love (see Adrienette). However, Marinette’s handling it better than him as you’ll see below.

AdrienetteThe “Normal” Ship

You know that typical shoujo trope where a “normal” girl is in-love with Mr. Popular? Well, the difference here is that Adrien is not the “typical” Mr. Popular. Typical ones in this trope are those who are like first concept of Chat Noir/Felix, and I’m glad to see Adrien take the role instead of him. He’s as normal as any other boy, if not sweeter and better. Okay, well, he’s not that normal either (and I’m not talking about him being an “Agreste” and rich kid!). I mean it’s rare to find a kid as good natured as he is! The point is, he’s as “normal” as our little heroine could get. 

What I like about this ships are the parallels. They look different, but they are pretty much the same when it comes down to it. And I guess, this is the reason why they are such a perfect match. :)

Both are cinnamon rolls who are experiencing the tribulations of life and stumble upon the item that’ll change their fates. Both became superheroes, fell in love with the person who loves their other side. Both kept chasing each other turning the wheels of  fortune (or Yin-Yang if you will) creating a nice balance that suit your pallet. 

The only problem is that everyone else holds Adrien in a pedestal which makes him look pretty distant from the others (okay, he isn’t), in the same way LB is on the pedestal in the LN ship (the Heroine is out of his league, not). 

When it comes to development, this ship is on par with Ladynoir (if not better). This is why I said, Marinette fairs better than Chat Noir. At least she can make Adrien appreciate and look at her (not that Ladybug doesn’t appreciate Chat but we all know she’s constantly ignoring his advances sharply). They shared a lot of moments (which I’m not gonna elaborate anymore since it’s too much time) which are both cute, fluffy, and progressive (just look at The Gamer episode for example). It’s to the point I actually suspect that Adrien may unknowingly falling in-love with Marinette base on how he acts differently in front of her (in the same way he treats LB)! Then the Christmas episode, where he unhesitatingly gave away the present she sent him! Like, you don’t do that to a present from your “special someone”. :( 

This ship is the parallel of Ladynoir where it’s a normal and peaceful sailing ship compared to the battle-oriented and supernatural flair LN had.

What I like about this ship is Marinette’s constant effort to being closer with Adrien, and Adrien’s open-mindedness when it comes to dealing with her. I mean, her nervous attitude would have make anyone think she’s being a weirdo (especially if that’s the side you always see) but he only tilts his head every time like a curious cat! This is a really cute and fluffy ship if you ask me. And a dose of it is a nice break after the action-packed adventure with the LadyNoir tandem.

MariChatThe Pure Ship

Haha, the irony!

Everyone’s aware that Marichat is actually regarded as the most sinful in the fandom. Though in reality, this ship is actually farthest from sinning. Why? For obvious reasons, they do not like each other! Of course, in fanfiction, it’s different.

In FF, we got the sensible Marinette  suddenly having a night visit from the casanova who is in need of “care” and Chat Noir dropping on her rooftop for one reason or the other (probably drama from his father/heartbroken by LB). Marinette comforts him and the two falling in-love which also leads to “sin”. Well, that’s pretty much what I saw from fanarts though I’m not sure about those written ones.

Meanwhile, in canon, their interactions are pretty much …

Marinette (still being spunky) act “normal” and pretends to “fan girl” over him but laughs behind his back

And …

Chat Noir unknowingly saving the “love of his life” 

… Also, unwittingly leaving the wrong impression to her too.

Of course, both are none the wiser from knowing that they are talking to their significant other, which is funny and ironic at the same time.

I think the reason why this ship is the most “sinful” in fandom despite their not-so-honest and pure interactions is that Adrien is a cinnamon roll as Adrien but sexy as Chat Noir, meanwhile, Marinette is more endearing as Marinette and less spunky compared to Ladybug. And what do we need when it comes to sins? Of course, a “sexy” evildoer and an “endearing” heroine!

LadrienThe Underestimated

Why “The Underestimated”? Well, when it comes to fans and the show, they unarguably get the least amount of work or screen time. The reason being, well, they are pretty much in-love with each other and leaves less room for development and interesting scenarios compared to the other three ships. Not to mention, their interactions were usually filled with awkwardness and holding back (but that’s pretty much normal if you are talking in front of your crush ne?). Though I must say, they actually have pretty powerful moments. Though I think the reason they are not as much touched upon by fans compared to other ships is also because of their lack of screen time.

The show creators have much more justifiable reason which is that they cannot make these two interact too much without making them realize that the other actually likes them back (these two dorks just doesn’t know how to hide their feelings for too long, ya know?), and they cannot become a couple without knowing each other’s identity. It will be too hard for Marinette to think that Adrien is only in-love with her because she’s “Ladybug” and not see her for her “real” self. This is especially highlighted in the Christmas episode.

Which is why, the other three ships need to be developed first before this one. If these two became a couple immediately, Marinette will have her personality suppressed as LB while Adrien will constantly frustrate over LB’s real identity. It won’t feel cleanly cut or finished (It’s like you cheated into it or something).

Anyways, this ship, despite little screen time, actually has wonderful moments.

Such as the “love struck” look when they accidentally met in the street … when Ladybug showed ready to give up her powers for Adrien …

Or this moment when he casually pushed his bestfriend aside to greet Ladybug.

But my favorite moment of all is this

When Adrien talked about his mom with her …

Aren’t they such a sweet couple? The fact that he talked about his mother with her is already a pretty powerful and tender moment. Also, Adrien writing a love letter for her also counts as their “Ladrien” moment more than an “Adrienette” one. Plus, the classic “Jealousy” trope in the Volpina and The Bubbler episode. 

Oh, there’s also the “Shower Scene” you won’t get with the other ships xD

In Ladrien’s moments, Ladybug tries to act hard and becomes more stiff at trying to act as “the Hero”. I think it comes from pressure that she must separate her feelings from duty too (and she’s obviously having a hard time, if not failing at that). It’s already impressive enough that she’s not  using LB to woo Adrien, though. But I think that’s also because she fears he won’t fall for the “real” her if she did (in which case, wise decision). Although I’m pretty positive Adrien would fall for her as Marinette.

On the other hand though, Adrien acts better in this ship. He’s more mature and less comical which really accentuates him from his CN self. And although LB still tries to dominate, it’s not as bad as when he’s CN (probably due to LB having major infatuation for him too).

Conclusion? Despite them being the closest to “canon” because of “mutual love” (complete opposite of MariChat), they are also the farthest from it to not hinder the progress of the other ships.


Four Ships in Summary:

LadyNoir – Angst, Comedy, Action

Adrienette – Fluff, Fluff, FLUFF!

MariChat – Comedy, (For fandoms: Sin?), PLATONIC

Ladrien – Closest and furthest of Canon (yeah, the irony), few yet significant

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How do the mercs react the first time their SO says I love you?


Chances are he won’t believe it at first.  He’ll laugh and shrug it off, honestly not expecting much out of the statement beyond it being friendly banter.  But once he has a chance to think about it, he’ll seriously overthink it.  Were you being serious?  There was no way you were being serious.  No way.  Seriously?  But wait, had he totally ruined it?  He’d shrugged it off and now you thought he was an asshole, right?  Shit.  He’d messed it up he’d messed it up he’d messed it up why did he shrug it off shit shit shit shit shit shit.

Of course when he goes to ask about it, he’ll say it very jokingly since he doesn’t expect you to answer in the positive again.  After that, he’s head-over-heels happy for at least the next few weeks; constant bragging comments few months.


He doesn’t understand the gravity of the statement at first.  He laughs, slaps a hand on your shoulder and thanks you for the compliment.  He would, however, tell you entirely honestly that he loves you as well, then proudly stride off while entirely content with his belief that, since you were clearly only meaning it to be platonic, he got to admit his feelings without his secret being known!  The perfect ruse!!  You’d have to say it a few more times for the message to sink in, and after that he’ll probably turn a bit red in the face and say that he had been honest too.


Absolutely filled with glee.  They are all giggles and sunshine whenever they’re around you, showering you with flowers and sweets and little drawings of the both of you together.  Of course, they’ll also invite you to watch the giant bonfire made from the corpses the opposing team, but look at the pretty sparks that come off of their glasses and watches!  Isn’t it pretty~?!


It may take a few tries for him to remember and realize that you’ve said it at all (late nights with drinks made it very difficult to remember anything at all), but once he does he sees it as the go-ahead to finally get romantic.  He’s a bit more gentle for a while whenever you’re alone, soft-spoken and kind.  But once he feels comfortable enough in the relationship, he’ll get back to being his loud and rather brash self; even moreso now that he’s got you by his side.  He’ll undoubtedly watch your back, just so long as you always have his.


Heavy never had the chance to grow up somewhere where love and romance were common things.  In his childhood, having people outside of family that you cared about was a dangerous thing, and things could only end badly for you both.  That’s why when you first told him that you loved him, the entire world felt cold.  It was too dangerous.  Too risky.  He wants to care for you, but he’s scared of what it entails.  It will take a long while for him to feel safe enough to start showing emotion around you; although you’ll definitely be able to tell how fiercely protective he’ll be of you right off the bat.


Engie will be beyond delighted that you’ve finally admitted your feelings for him; because it finally gives him the go ahead to do what he likes.  Every time you’re together he’s got his eyes and hands all over you, making sure your attention is on him and only him.  Even if you’re both out on the field, he’ll find a way to get to you and make sure you remember to whom you belong.  Heaven help the poor soul that happens to glance at you; enemy team or not they’ll be seeing the reset before the end of the day.  You’re his, after all; and no one else is allowed near you.  No one.  Ever.


Sniper can feel his heart stop beating the moment after you say it.  The man can’t believe his own ears, and has to take about three full minutes to process what you said.  At that point he can practically feel his blood pounding throughout his body, turning his cheeks and ears a bright red.  He is still silent as ever, excited and anxious if a bit stiff and stuck in a daze.  He wants to believe it, and yet he simply can’t.  Did you really just say that?  Naw, you couldn’t have.  But you did.  But you didn’t mean it.  But what if you did?  There’s no way you did.  But he could have sworn you said it!  Maybe it was a mistake.  Oh, but that look on your face…  That couldn’t be a mistake.

Eventually he finally processes the statement and grins widely, hefting you up to spin you around, keeping you safely secured in his tight bear hug.  He’s laughing heartily and his heart is practically leaping out of his chest.  This has got to be the best day of his life.


Medic isn’t exactly one for serious romance.  He’s the type for a “friends with benefits” sort of relationship, and any mention of emotions is sure to get little more than a laugh and a dismissive wave.  However, when you happened to be the one to say that dreaded phrase, the man genuinely had to pause and take in what you’d said.  He eventually laughs and waves a hand to shoo the idea away, but it is far more halfhearted than what it would normally be.  Lots of people had said that to him before, but few have genuinely meant it.  Chances are he’ll be thinking about that moment for a long time, and only if you said it again will he think it’s genuine.

He might be afraid to speak to you for a while, just because he’s unused to that feeling being genuine.  He doesn’t know what to think of you, himself, or these feelings; so he’s afraid to get involved with anything.  After a while, he’d probably warm up to the idea of trying something serious, although he’ll probably go about it all wrong at first.


(admin undercover’s spin on his reaction below. everything above is all admin headshot’s! :D)

Unlike his other teammates, his reaction doesn’t lead to a happy ending. Spy is a walking shadow - meaning he must sever any connections to him as discreetly as he can. True, maybe his heart yearns for settling down…giving up espionage…making another life for himself. But in the end, he knows he’ll always choose the thrill of spying over the routine that comes from loved ones.

So hearing a lover of his say, “i love you” for the first time, he knows it’s time to leave. There are two generalized ways he’d react: A) he can’t find himself loving this person back/doesn’t return the same intensity this person feels for him. or, B) he has a dawning realization, “oh merde, i’m in love, oh god, i can’t do this.” (the B route is rare in comparison to the A route). Either way, it doesn’t matter what Spy feels. 

He’s going to do what he does best, and what he’s done for all of his life - flee and melt into the shadows. He’ll make himself obscure from his own lover, and would most likely never return to them again.

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I love your writing & I loved the soulmate au!! could you maybe write one for connor x evan x jared, please?



Being a kid and discovering your soulmark is crazy. But imagine being a kid and discovering you had two soul marks. Both boy names. That’s scary. Evan Hansen was terrified the day he discovered those two names.


He had two soulmates? What if they were his soulmates but he wasn’t their’s? All these what if situations…Evan was truly terrified of love. Of these marks. He never told a soul. He wouldn’t tell a soul. He made that promise to himself.


The day Jared discovered he had two soulmarks his mom told him he was a special boy. She said that some people didn’t even have soulmates. So Jared prided himself on having two names. 

People never believed him but he would always insist he had two. For some reason that made his friend Evan Hansen squeamish. It was kind of strange though, as Jared did have name ‘Evan’ on his left shoulder. As well as the name ‘Connor’ just below it but that couldn’t be his classmates? Could it?


Connor wasn’t fond of love. His parents were apparently soulmates and look at how their love story turned out. Nothing but a strained marriage and two kids. So whenever the topic of soulmates came along, Connor refused to even acknowledge it. 

Of course he had a soulmark, in fact he had two. He knew who they were as well. Evan Hansen and Jared Kleinman. The names ‘Evan’ and ‘Jared’ rested on his inner thigh. It was weird to see these names every time he took off his pants.

Neither Evan nor Jared even brought up the topic of soulmates, or maybe Connor just ignored them too much. But either way he wasn’t sure if he was even their soulmates. Sometimes the people who were your soulmate never ended up having you as a soulmate.

Connor didn’t care, or that’s what he told people who asked. But something deep within him had a sliver of hope that maybe just maybe he was these guys soulmate too.


The first time the soulmate topic had come up. Jared had confessed to Evan about having two soulmates. Evan was shocked, because he had two as well. Both boys were stunned when they showed each other.

They had the same marks.

“So you-you are my soulmate?” Evan whispered. He’d known his soulmate his whole life, and had been oblivious. Or maybe he always knew but was too afraid to say anything.

“Yeah, I guess I am.” Jared smiled. He leaned in and kissed Evan’s cheek, not wanting to push the boy past his boundaries. He knew how Evan was with touching or affection.

Evan blushed. “Do-do you think Co-Connor Murphy is our other soulmate?” Evan asked. He was afraid to bring the topic up but it had to be addressed. If Connor was their other soulmate then Evan wanted to get to know him too.


“Yeah no shit.” Was Connor’s reply.

After willing Evan up for weeks, Jared had finally convinced the more timid teen to confront Connor.

“Wait you knew?” Jared asked.

“I’m not an idiot, unlike you Kleinman.” Connor rolled his eyes. He’d known for years that these two were his soulmates. It wasn’t hard to tell with Jared’s constant bragging when they were kids. 

“So um…Are you okay with that?” Evan questioned.

“I don’t mind it.” Connor admitted. Something within him seemed to swell up when Evan and Jared approached him. Maybe this was what love felt like, or maybe it was just gratitude. 

“So let’s figure this out together then?” Jared asked.

“Sounds like a plan Kleinman.”


I hope I did okay!

Being married to Chanyeol would include:
  • Constant bragging to the others about your wedding
  • Him being more excited about getting married than you are
  • Him kissing you awake in the morning and after naps
  • Learning how to cook you fancy meals 
  • Asking you to set your single friends up with the boys 
  • Him asking you if you want to start a family with him 
  • Him being overly excited when you say you want to 
  • Him waiting for you to say you’re ready to have a baby and not rushing into it
  • Him telling you he doesn’t need help building things around the house
  • On nights when one of you work late you go on late night dinner runs
  • Picking out his outfits and him wearing them with no problem
  • Him doing your make up but telling you that you don’t need it
  • “I think you don’t need the lipstick, chapstick makes your lips more kissable 
  • Him getting you food on the way home from work 
Being Betty Cooper’s Twin Would Include:

• Constantly being together to back each other up, especially at school where Reggie and Chuck were

• Being in the same friend group as her, with Archie, Veronica, and Kevin just as attached to you as they are to Betty

• Constant bragging about you being three minutes older than Betty

• “Best three minutes of my whole life”

• Betty ranting to you about Archie constantly over the summer

• Trying to convince her to talk to him about all of it

• “I don’t know- what if he doesn’t even want to be friends anymore?”

• “He will, I know he will. I promise”

• Disobeying your parents all the time with Betty

• Trying out for the cheerleading team with Betty and Veronica after a lot of convincing they did

• “(Y/N) you’ll do great! Besides, I need my twin for moral support”

• “Yeah, (Y/N). Your twin needs you and, you totally have the cheerleading skills, it would be a shame to waste all that talent.”

• Comforting Betty the whole night after Archie rejected her and went into the closet with Veronica

• “Your’e gonna be okay… it’s going to be fine Betts… We can work it all out tomorrow with him.. I promise I will help you through this shit.”

• “I can’t look at him now. When I’m happy I think of me and- and him together. How am I supposed to act as if this weekend didn’t even happen? I don’t know what to do..”

• Confronting Archie and Veronica about going into the closet together at Cheryl’s party

• “Archie what the hell? She fucking told you how she felt. What did you guys do in that closet? Tell me. Now

• Getting mad at them when they confessed that they kissed

• Them both begging you not to be upset with them and admitting that it was a mistake 

• “Andrews I am so infuriated with you. I’m pissed with you too, Veronica. I’m going to say this now. Pull any more shit like this again. Hurt Betty again, ever, and you will fucking regret it. Nobody hurts my twin.”

• Spending the next few days ignoring Archie and Veronica despite Betty quickly forgiving them

• “I need time to get over how much they hurt you that night, I don’t know how you forgive people so quickly.”

• Knowing just as little about Polly as Betty does and always talking about how much you hated it with her

• “Mom and dad are beginning to annoy me even more, first they talk bad about Jason dying and now this? They’re keeping secrets about our own sister, Betty. That’s fucked up.”

• Helping Jughead and Betty investigate Jasons’ murder

• “This is going to be such a pain in the ass isn’t it? Researching a dead guy’s murder was definitely not how I planned to spend my time after school.”

• Scolding Archie after finding out about him continueing his relationship with Ms.Grundy

• “Archie she had a fake ID and a fucking gun. I don’t care what sob story she tells you, me, Betty, and Veronica got proof from her car! It’s fucked up and it isn’t safe!”

• Going with Betty and Jughead upstairs during Jasons’ memorial

• Having Jughead hide behind both you and Betty dramatically when the old lady appears

• “Oh.My.God. are you five Juggie?” being whispered by both of you at the same time

• “What? She’d probably prefer twins over me anyways, she gets you both, while I run. Besides, that was really creepy, please never do that ‘talking at the same time’ thing again, okay?”

• Betty giving you both a scolding look ( constantly ) to pay attention more instead of make jokes

• Being completely infuriated with your family after finding out that they’re suspects and have been lying to you about Polly and what they know

• “I cannot fucking believe that they have been keeping all of this shit from us! I don’t even know them anymore!”

• Betty trying to calm you down to her best abilities, and being absolutely destroyed seeing you like this

• “We will figure this out, (Y/N).. you gotta stay with us here though..”

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A/N: Hey, to the anon that requested this, I really hope this lived up to your expectations? I don’t really know if I did well on this but you guys should feel free to request more anytime! :)

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Hi! New here, how ya doin?? I'd like to request a headcanon about Izuku, Kaminari, and Momo getting a s/o who makes them super into Pokémon? Is that too much?

This request is a blessing, I’m such a Pokémon gamer (well, Nintendo in general <3). It’s never too much, so I hope you like these!

Word count: 650.

Midoriya Izuku:

  • He used to play Pokémon when he was younger, but now that he finds out about his s/o’s love towards the games, he is totally getting hooked up again!
  • Totally the type to spoil his Pokémon and train them until they are at ONE HP from the yellow bar and takes them back to the Pokémon Center, he’s so sweet.
  • He draws silly little things in the Union Room for his s/o if the Generation allows it. Some things like ‘I love you’ with little hearts, or even a small, easy Pokémon (such as Luvdisc).
  • Has suggested making Poffins with his s/o and they didn’t turn out half as bad as they had jokingly expected. His Poffins are always perfect on Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.
  • Sucker for Pokémon OST’s, and will totally listen to them with his s/o while cuddling. He loves the retro 8-bit battle/rival battle songs from the first games.
  • Kind of dude that will be like: “Oh, you’re playing Pokémon Y, right? Here you go, have my Xerneas so you can complete the Pokédex.” His s/o tries to give him their Yveltal to be even, but he refuses.

Kaminari Denki:

  • He is such a Pokémon nerd, I’m 100%. Has probably cleared most of the games, so his s/o is in for a challenge here.
  • So competitive. Oh, he bought Pokémon Ultra Sun, well, he is going to rub the game cover all over their face before inviting them to his house and naming his starter after them.
  • Totally and constantly asks them to battle him, and they are so equal in skill it hurts seeing their draws. Sometimes his s/o might let him win because his little victory dance is the cutest thing ever; his constant bragging, however, is not.
  • His s/o call him “my Pikachu” and you can’t tell me he doesn’t love it. He will, in return, call his s/o by their favorite Pokémon’s name; it’d be pretty hilarious if he were to call them “my Groudon” but he will if he must.
  • Invites his s/o over to watch Pokémon: Indigo League on Netflix and it’s actually the first time you’ll see him relatively quiet. He is both a Pokémon games and anime lover, and knows Team Rocket’s lines by heart.
  • Dared his s/o to sing the Gotta Cath ‘Em All opening at 2 A.M. and his neighbors weren’t happy. Neither was his diaphragm, for he spent the next week laughing his ass off.

Yaoyorozu Momo:

  • She wasn’t interested in Pokémon in the slightest, and won’t be for the most part of their relationships. She is, however, not annoyed by the fact that her s/o likes the games so much, so it’s good at the moment.
  • She asks them about it one day when there was nothing to do and they looked incredibly immersed in a battle. And she kept watching them play, and play more, and she surely didn’t expect to feel so sad when they turned off the console.
  • Will get the idea of the game real quick, such as weaknesses and effectiveness for the types. She later denies having memorized that “useless” information because she was interested, but the blush on her face screams that she is lying.
  • Maybe she got a secret crush on Falkner when she first saw him, and also thinks Whitney is really cute. She doesn’t usually have fictional crushes, so she will madly deny it and blame her s/o if they tease her about it.
  • I think she has a soft spot for the cutest Pokémon, and would internally squeal if his s/o where to take care of the cuter Pokémon in games such as X/Y or Sun/Moon by petting them.
  • Ends up starting a game and is very careful about battles. Has a very balanced team with as many types as possible and is always armed with Max Revives, Full Restores, etc. to her teeth when they become available. The five-steps-ahead-the-game trainer™.
Why Lance isn’t anymore selfish than the other paladins

So, just yesterday I had a friend asking me whether their portrayal of Lance was totally off because they weren’t writing him as selfish. I said no, because in my personal opinion Lance is not anymore selfish than the other paladins (with the exception of Shiro). This post is not intended to be an attack towards anyone, I’m just explaining my personal interpretation of Lance’s behavoir to my friend and anyone else that’s interested. :P

Okay, let’s begin. While there are multiple instances where Lance acts childish and without regard for the others, I believe that selfish is the wrong word to use to describe him as a person. It implies that he is focused on his personal gain, while he is most of the time just looking for validation. And this is probably where people disagree with each other - while I personally believe that you can be looking for validation without being selfish, others might interpret it differently. 

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Confessions of a Teenage Sugar Queen: Soulmates

Zuko retrieves his laptop bag from his room and heads for the kitchen table. I linger in the hallway, trying to focus long enough to make sense of his mom’s article, but the words are blurring together.

Damn you, tears.

I take a minute to collect myself before joining Zuko in the kitchen. He fishes something out of his pocket and places it on the table while he types in his login password. It’s a tube of chapstick, and I would be lying if I said I haven’t noticed that slight bulge in his pants before. He must carry it with him all the time.

I’m so wrecked. If I don’t kiss Zuko soon, I might die of thirst. I don’t like the taste of his particular brand of chapstick, though.

I figure this moment is yet another lost opportunity when he snaps the cap off, but it isn’t chapstick at all.

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One push

If there were a power button on life

I would end my strife

One push away?

Please take me today

I tire of the nagging

Or the constant bragging

That is this world

On which I was hurled

A romantic at heart

Simple pushed around at the start

So if I could reset I would

It doesn’t matter if I should

I care not for this life

If all I find is strife

To be picked on all my days

To be cast out in many ways

But I have a good home

Though I’m not the king of Rome

I walk through my halls with a smile

As I stare blankly for awhile

I give all to my home

Though it is not chrome

And I shall walk upon the floor alone

To this power button I hone

I sharpen my skill of pushing it once

So that I may end this life of a dunce

But alas I sit and i bide

For my death is not in the tide

Stay at home dad V would include:
  • Constant bragging to others about his family
  • Him packing lunches for his children 
  • Having more than one child hanging on him while he’s cooking
  • Him calling you in the middle of the day and when he tries talking your babies end up hogging the phone all of your break
  • Having a life proof phone and case so your children don’t break it
  • Having to clean sticky stuff off of surfaces constantly 
  • “Get your butt down from there little man or I will come up there and bring you down myself”
  • Having makeup on his face more often than he would like
  • Face painting 
  • Running around the yard playing soccer with them
  • You coming home to him and your children napping in the middle of the living room
  • Him being extremely protective of your children

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he there! could I request Germany, Prussia, America and Spain having a s/o who is an artist and she does weird art things all the time like asking them to pose for something or they come home and their kitchen table is covered in decoupage stuff or like she accidentally drinks her paint water instead of her coffee etc? I'm like that and idk how my family tolerates it haha

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt

Not an art hoe. 

He’s the type of guy that will not find it funny, but rather concerning. He’ll definitely try to keep you from drinking your paint water and stuff (because you know that sounds kind of unhealthy), but he won’t really mind the mess as long as you clean it up. As far as posing goes, he’d be a bit hesitant to do so (he’ll do it but he’s not going to like it). He will be involved in your art stuff if you want him to be. 

Spain/Antonio Fernandez Carriedo 


Toni will be 100% okay with your messes, and will gladly help you clean up (he doesn’t really mind cleaning to much). Cute ass baby would probably do something nice like get mugs that say “Paint Water” and “Not Paint Water” to help you out. He will love posing for you, and will just in general be all up in your art stuff.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt 

Low key art hoe. 

Tbh Gilbert is a little like Ludwig as far as messes go: just clean it up whenever your finished. He’ll laugh at you for drinking your paint water, but other wise won’t be that concerned about it. After all, you probably won’t die from drinking it. He won’t really mind posing either, as long as he doesn’t have to hold his pose for a ridiculously long time. Will be semi involved in your art stuff. 

America/Alfred F. Jones

High key art hoe, but he still isn’t exactly an art hoe??

Alfred doesn’t mind messes and won’t be bothered by it, so tbh just clean up whenever you have the time (will help you if you want him to). He’ll definitely find it funny that you sometimes drink your paint water instead of your actual drink, and will try to find a solution to that. Kind like Gilbert when it comes to posing. Although he doesn’t act like it, he actually is really interested in your art and stuff. He’s not really interested in the process as much as he is in the finished project. You can definitely expect constant bragging and praises. 

-Admin K. 

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     alexander was a – character, to say the least. he flaunted his money every chance that he got, made sure it was known that he was rich. he’d never dare show up to his office in anything short of a designer suit. he was rich and he wanted everyone to know. his new assistant, though, didn’t seem to be so fond of the constant bragging about his several cars and his beach house in the bahamas. he was sat at his desk, deep into a phone call with an investor, growing frustrated as things were not going his way when he heard a knock on the door. with a groan, he slammed the phone down, hanging up. “what?” he snapped, but when the face of a familiar girl peeked around the corner, his features softened. “what do you need?” he questioned, leaning back in his chair. “miss me?” he teased, knowing she wasn’t a fan of his.



Now Mark was quite a struggle for the sorting hat. He contained attributes of both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, but it seemed that he would go far as a Hufflepuff. This boy would be extremely focused in class, unless his friends were in the same subject as him. Because of that, it’d result into him laughing constantly and little hiccups interrupting the professor. His laugh was cute though, but some people would find it annoying during class.  He’d have a soft spot for animals, concluding his favorite class as Care of Magical Creatures. Mark would also be a natural at Quidditch, even at his young age. He would be a chaser. Now you two would meet as you were a new student at Hogwarts. In one of your classes, you’d be trying to focus but would be interrupted by Mark’s giggle. Annoyed, you turned back and met with his face, red and out of breath. Mark would stop as he saw you and blush which then lead to your friendship.


Jaemin would be placed into Ravenclaw quickly, for his bright mind and witty personality. He would be pretty popular for his friendly nature. Girls would fawn over him constantly though Jaemin would never care. During his free times he’d decide to duel some of the first-years. Would that be fair? No, not really. He’d be the top of his class in Divination, which would make him extremely proud since it was such a hard class. Jaemin would be close friends with some Hufflepuffs not wanting to be friends with Ravenclaws since he doesn’t like being one-upped in conversations. Jaemin would be pretty good at flying but wouldn’t prefer to play Quidditch since he’d rather cheer for his team instead. For one exam, you realized you had a higher score than Jaemin did in one class. He didn’t really enjoy the constant bragging from you but you two decided to build a friendship from there.


Jeno would be sorted into Gryffindor due to his extreme determination and courage. Now this boy would be pretty quiet during class, probably dozing off in the back with his cloak covering him. Muggle studies would be his favorite class since he’d be fascinated how Muggles would live their everyday life. “Cars? How come they don’t have brooms? Gosh, they’re boring.” “Mobile games? Do they have nothing else to do with their life?” Jeno would be pretty into Quidditch, buying the latest hot new broom as soon as it came out. He’d be placed on the team as a Keeper. You’d be helping him understand that cars come in different variations and that not all muggles are boring. “Muggles don’t have screaming plants. Of course, they’re boring.”


This boy would immediately be put in Slytherin, being startled how loud the hat belted out “Slytherin!” right away. He isn’t exactly like a stereotypical Slytherin though. He gets quite annoyed about those stereotypes though. Donghyuck would have thick square glasses that he would pull down every time someone said something something offensive to him only to be struck by one of his famous comebacks. He’d take a real interest for his potions class. There would be textbooks filled with recipes lying all over his room. Donghyuck would be one of the best in his house at Quidditch, making him as a Seeker. You’d be pretty impressed by one of his witty comments at this stuck-up bully in your house. You’d confront him about it and take in some of his go-to comebacks that he taught you. Both of you soon became best friends.


Jisung would be new to the world of magic since he was a Muggle-born. A lost boy in Hogwarts, he’d be a first-year. He wouldn’t exactly know what “houses” were except the ones you live in back at his world. Not knowing where to go once a magic hat that was on his head screamed “Hufflepuff!”, he’d quickly shuffle to the table that were clapping and cheering as loud as they could. Jisung would quickly get used to the wizarding world though. You would be one of his first friends, helping him getting adjusted. Since Jisung was still new to magic, he’d be amazed at most of his classes and enjoy learning from them lots. He would have have a special liking for Charms though. “Jisung it’s LeviOsa, not LeviosAR!” He’d be pretty bad at Quidditch though. Jisung would stumble constantly trying to even get on the broom. “Don’t worry, you’ll get it one day Jisung!” Both of you would easily consider yourself as best friends since then and till the years come.

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Wasn't Nia the only girl consistently nice to JoJo? Like, didn't the rest slam her on tv for being annoying?

yeah nia was basically the only girl who didn’t shit all over jojo on a consistent basis. the girls (kalani, maddie, kenzie, and kendall) were on tour with abby and they started talking about jojo. they made fun of her speech impediment, they made fun of her supposedly constant bragging about all the stuff she gets for free, they made fun of her energetic personality, etc. they tried to placate it with “oh but we do love her!!!” but like….they spent about two minutes just shitting all over her and then acted shocked and confused when she confronted them over it. nia wasn’t on that tour, so she didn’t partake in that, and she and jojo were pretty close throughout the latter half of season 5. probably because nia knows a thing or two about being excluded from that friend group and also because nia is just a good person.

Dragon Age MMO General Chat

Seems to be in chat 24/7: Varric

Extremely passionate lore debate: Merrill

“Just google it.”: Cassandra

Salty veteran waxing nostalgic: Solas

Anti-SJW tirade in response to a benign remark: Gamlen

“No girls on the internet!”: Every fucking npc that comments on female Grey Wardens

Player informing everyone else that they are too mature for this conversation: Vivienne

“I own a house but you’re all basement dwellers for disagreeing with me”: Meredith

“I hate this game!”/”Then why do you play it?”: Nathaniel/Anders

Outdated memes: Sera

Someone announcing they are ignoring someone else: Dorian

Someone discovering what ERP is for the first time: Alistair

General, constant complaining: Shale

Guy bragging about IRL military experience apropros of nothing: Cailan

Server personality with annoying typing gimmick: Orlais (also Kirkwall)

Wildly misinformed political debate out of nowhere: Sebastian

An extremely successful troll: Zevran

One person typing in non-English: also Zevran; it is the key to his successful trolling

“[Other MMO] is better!”: Velanna

“Did somebody say [item with obscenely long name]?”: FINE DWARVEN CRAFTS, DIRECT FROM ORZAMMAR

WoW hate: Carver

Brings up the show ‘Firefly’: Leliana about the Maker (alternatively, any Fereldan about dogs)

Aggressive refusal to answer newbie questions: Morrigan

Guild advert spam: Duncan

One guy actually trying to find a group: Cole

Inspired by this post  (also thanks to eafiu for the help!)