Lilith polarities

Lilith in Aries:

Active: You are an aggressive person with an extreme energy flow and the desire to do. You can be blunt, rude and impatient. You enjoy obsitcles in the forms of other peoples opposition. Bending the will of others and forcing others to do what you want brings you enjoyment.

Passive: You are an easy target to manipulate. It is easy to lie to you and to force you to succumb to others opinions, You become lazy and lose initiative, it is easier for you to push your responsibilites onto others. 

Lilith in Taurus:

Waste: You are unable to use your money responsibly. You buy a lot of things you dont need and throw your money around. Because you are unable to retain you energy, you will often be drained of it by others.

Greed: You become a greedy person with a hunger almost nothing can sate. You always desire more and want to be bathed in luxury and material comforts. The desire to own the entire world will make a you a jealous and envious person.

Lilith in Gemini:

Talkative: You waste all your energy on connecting with others. You obtain a lot of meaningless human connections, become superficial and shallow. You are not careful with your words and often say the first thing that comes to your mind.

Reserved: You are obsessed with gaining new information.You spend your days constantly reading something, watching television and surfing the internet for the hunt for new information, which is meaningless most of the time. When trying to express your thoughts you find you are unable to put them into words.

Lilith in Cancer:

Power lust: You are entirely focused on your family and use it as a means of exercising your ambitions of becoming the leader. You want to be the head of the family, a person who controls others and gains pleasure from being the tyrant. Conservative, traditional, you fight for your opinions to the death, never admitting that you are wrong.

Evades power: You never want to be in charge of anything and try your hardest to stay behind the scenes. You become lazy and easily manipulated. The thought of family is unacceptable to you, you dislike children and either dont want to have them or are unable to.

Lilith in Leo:

Vanity: You think of yourself as the center of the universe, the most important person. You have a lust for power and manipulation. You indulge in your vanity and seek flattery from others. You impose your ideas and ideology on others and punish those who dont agree.

Insecurtiy: You become an extremely insecure person with a very low self esteem who only wants to disappear in the crowd. You lack individuality and are influenced and manipulated by those around you. You take on the mask of other more successfull people and spend your life playing roles.

Lilith in Virgo:

Control: You are obsessed with being pracitcal and keeping things under control. You analyze and overanalyze every single situation in your life, often blowing things out of proportion. Often you become unbearingly critical, criticising every single little thing.

Chaos: You almost completely lose the ability to analyze, do not notice any little details. You live in a dirty and chaotic environment and cannot bring yourself to straightening things out. You become unresponsible and undisciplined, neglecting your own hygiene and health.

Lilith in Libra:

Coveted: You see imperfection in everything. Your expectations of others are unrealistically high and often unfair. When choosing a mate you only rely on their physcial attractiveness and social status. You think of yourself as a member of an elite socity. judging others through a prism of prestige and success. You easily win the favour of others to then use them for your own benefit.

Dependent: You are unable to make a decision.When you are in a relationship you fully depend on your partner and cannot exist on your own. You easily agree with everything anyone tells you and try to push your responsibilities on others. You seek to improve your material life through your partner and exist on their funds.

Lilith in Scorpio:

Tyrant: You have a desire to bend the world to your will. You like risk and interesting experiences. You lie and decieve others. You are a person of a hypersexual nature, perverse, this sometimes also leeds you into becoming abusive.

Victim: You are weak-willed and easily tricked. Often you become the victim of lies, manipulation, psychological and sexual abuse.Feelings of jealousy become obsessive and you become mailicious. There is a loss of interest in sex.

Lilith in Sagittarius:

Megalomania: You have a desire to constantly patronize others and teach them the “right way” to do things. You are constanly giving out advice and opinions, especially when not asked for. More often than not your self esteem is incredibly high, you think of yourself as a god or a prophet. 

Suggestibility: All of your views are dictated by the society you live in. You fully trust all ideologies and ideas that others present to you, you become part of the flock. You have low self esteem, dont develop your own opinions and only follow a teacher that you idolize. 

Lilith in Capricorn:

Responsibility: You pride yourself on being responsible and in charge.Being in control of others, bending their will to yours and imposing your beliefs and opinions becomes your life goal. If you are unable to exercise you ambitions in society, you become a tyrant at home, gaining pleasure from controlling your family.

Unresponsible: You are unable to reach your goals, any slightest obsticle throws you off.You easily say no to any kind of power and career growth. You only want to follow orders from others, and are panically afraid of being given even the slightes responsibility.

Lilith in Aquarius:

Eccentric: You strongly oppose any kind of limiations and supressions.You experience strong mood swings and have a violent and unstable personality.You often do strange things just to gain the attention of others and show them how much you despise the norm. You try your best to avoid having any responsibilites in life.

Conservative: You block any ability to expand your consciousness. Instead, you devote your time to setting boundaries and certain standarts that limit you from going further. You develop emotional blocks. 

Lilith in Pisces:

Meddling: You are always seeking to help those in need, but your help mostly resembles meddling in other peoples affairs. You have poor judgement and often end up feeling bad for the wrong people and offering help to those that dont deserve it, while ignoring the ones that actually need it. 

Manipulated: You lose your sense of self and are easily tricked and subconsciously manipulated by others. You are unable to look deep withing yourself and find your true meaning. If you are asked to offer empathy , you enter a psychological crisis. You are emotionally unstable and prone to different kind of addictions, specifically substance abuse.

i know that victor is seen as the extra one/the one to go big or go home when it comes to romantic gestures but let it be reminded that yuuri not only bought matching wedding rings but also went to exchange said wedding rings on the top steps of a cathedral with a choir singing in the background as a ~thank you on their very FIRST DATE so give my boy more credit pleathe

Being a muggleborn at Hogwarts would include...
  • Being completely surprised when you get your letter, especially since you have always loved books about magic and have always dreamed about having some sort of magical powers.
  • Your parents not being sure whether they should let you go or not, but they agree it is for the best to let you go after you’ve set several things on fire by accident.
  • Being shocked when you find out that electronics don’t work in Hogwarts.
  • ‘‘But how do I hae to keep up with Doctor Who now?’‘
  • Writing to your muggle friends to ask them to keep you updated on your favourite shows and youtubers.
  • Them keeping their promises, but sending Howlers instead. So every now and then a Howler screams through the Great Hall about how ‘Sam and Dean died again and how Sherlock jumped of a building but lived, oh and the Doctor has a new companion.’
  • Purebloods being very concerned about these ‘Sam and Dean’ and asking if they were close to you and if you are okay.
  • You telling them that ‘it’s okay, they have died so often anyways, they’ll probably be alive again next week.’
  • Using pen’s instead of quills.
  • ‘‘What kind of magical quill are you using?’‘ ‘‘…You mean this pen?’‘
  • ‘‘Constanly making muggle references, all of the time, causing muggleborns to laugh and purebloods to look at you weirdly.
  • Standing up for every muggleborn witch or wizard who get’s bullied for being a muggleborn.
  • Teaming up with other muggleborn’s to figure out how to make electronics work at Hogwarts.
  • Eventually you find out they work in the Chamber of Requirement, so every weekend you and the other muggleborns go and catch up with the news of the muggleworld.
  • Trying to explain gifs to non-muggleborns.
  • Making dubsmashes in the Room of Requirement.
  • Showing horrorfilms to the few purebloods who have never seen a film before, and scaring the living daylights out of them.
  • ‘‘Is this what muggle’s do in their spare time?! HOLY FUCK muggle’s are dangerous!’‘
  • Introducing your wizard friends to muggle music, and them loving it.
  • Figuring out how to make paintings and pictures alive so that you can chat with your favourite characters.
  • Your patrones being one of your favourite characters, like from a tv show becaue you love them so much.
  • Asking if Camp Halfblood and Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters are real too.
  • Being really happy that instead of Math or English you get classes such as Defends Against The Dark Arts and Potions.
  • Your parents insisting that you keep up with your muggleclasses anyways, or at least during the holidays.
  • Magic amazing you every day again.
  • Just being an amazing witch or wizard who is a wonderful addition to the wizarding world.

Giggly Drunk!Alec

 Alec is normally fairly stoic and in public he doesnt seem to shake that soldier like stance. But imagine Alec in Pandemonium surrounded by downworlders who only see him as this skin deep persona. But as the night goes on however, they realise just how wrong they were because here is Alec Lightwood, lounging on a black leather sofa with the High Warlock of Brooklyn. 

The two  men wrapped around each other. Alec is sitting with his legs crossed, body twisted around and his head tilted inwards towards Magnus’s neck and he’s giggling. A bright smile lighting up his face and he whispers into Magnus’ ear. One of Magnus’ legs is drapped across Alec and the other planted firmly on the floor, anchoring the two, because despite the position Alec cant stop wriggling, constanly trying to plant soft kisses across Magnus’ face, which considering all the giggling he’s doing it’s a rather difficult task for his drunken mind to complete. And his hands roaming the exposed skin of Magnus’ chest, at first it starts of soft and innocent, but through the haze Alec’s movements grow more intense and sensual, although the moment does not last long because Alexander Lightwood is a light weight and cant for the love of all that is holy, stop giggling.

And Magnus is loving it, seeing Alec being so carefree warms his heart, finally unlocking himself and letting others see him for the loving kind man that he is.

***I don’t care if this doesnt become canon, nobody can take drunk giggling alec away from me***

anonymous asked:

could you write some headcanons on sana/yousef expecting their first baby and the balloon squad just being a bunch of protective future uncles™ because it's yousef's and elias' sister's baby so there's no child that could be more theirs, that's pure balloon squad blood

  • okay so elias found out first OKAY sana completely freaked out and yousef left early that day for work and sana called elias crying and he rushed over she was like ‘elias you are going to be uncle’ and he was like ‘no, are you serious’ and he starts tearing up ‘does yousef know’ ‘no, he left early today’ ‘he is going to be so happy, you guys are going to be so happy’ and there is just lots of tears and hugging
  • the boys can’t comprehend it ?????? like sana is pregnant ?????? yousef is going to be a dad ????? our yousef ???? *cue the tears* “HE IS GOING TO BE A FATHER”
  • all the boys worked on the baby room and they were like what colour should we paint since we don’t know whether it is a boy or a girl let’s go with yellow it is a neutral colour right ???? is it ??? should we look it up ??? that is how the balloon squad spent a whole afternoon looking for the perfect colour and they give sana these long explenation why she should go with their colour and sana is like “blue seems nice”
  •  *sana goes down the stairs* SANA BE CAREFUL *picks something up from the ground**sana does literally anything* “SANA PLEASE SIT DOWN AND REST” I’M PREGNANT STOP ACTING LIKE ILL BREAK”
  • all the boys read parenting books with yousef !!!!! and they are learning so much but then they act cocky thinking they understand how parenting works until the mama bakkoush shuts them down
  • everybody looks to elias for guidance for the being a good uncle ™ because all of jamilla’s kids love him and he is just great with kids
  • adam : if something ever happens to you i’ll take care of sana and the kid for you yousef : why would something happen to me ???? wait what ??? 
  • “man, i hope the kid looks like sana because let’s be real she is prettier one of the both of them’ ‘……..true’
  • the boys went ahead and bought a bunch of things for the baby sana didn’t have the heart to tell them that most of the things were either useless or for toddlers
  • sana has so many weird pregnancy cravings and yousef and elias constanly have to go out to buy her fried chicken and kiwi and she seriously needs to have turkish desserts
  • she can’t stand carrots during her pregnancy yousef cried when he found out
  • “sana we are not naming our kid tupac” “no stephen curry acar” doesn’t sound good either sana
  • okay but sana is the type who gets super emotional when she is pregnant and like everything makes her cry and yousef and the boys always freak out ‘sana what is wrong is everything alright’ ‘we are out kiwi and i really wanted some’
Dating Vernon would be like:

-boys having to literally push him so he bumps into you since he still refuses to ask you out saying that he’s not mentally prepared

-laughing awkwardly when you smile at him and acting like he has a complete control over the situation…and no, the boys didn’t just push him in your direction…and hell no, they’re didn’t hide behind that door trying to listen to your conversation

-really shy, awkward skinship at first

-later getting more comfortable with it but still not doing anything more than holding hands in front of the boys…i mean really, they wouldn’t let him live

-playing with his hair constantly, like combing it with your fingers, even braiding it  him silently judging you because of the braids but still letting you do your work

-randomly giving him back hugs and kiss on the cheek and then just running away leaving him standing with a completely red face and a big confused grin

-him playing guitar for you and even trying to sing something but it all somehow ends with you two having random rap battle

-which you obviously lose- ‘’But you know how to lose with a style, jagi!’’-’’ How can that even apply to this situation, Hansol?’’

-boys teasing him because he literally can’t stop smiling whenever he’s near you

-entertaining the boys by imitating the face he made when the girl slapped him in Mansae

-going to his family house a lot because you kind of get along with his mom pretty well and she shows you his baby photos which is a plus

-playing with Sofia also and she willingly tells you all the embarrassing stories from when they were younger  you making sure to remember it all so you can make use of it later

-late night talks about how many puppies and kittens you’re going to have in the future…AND YES YOU EVEN HAVE NAME FOR THEM ALREADY 

-chasing him around the house trying to tickle him

-yes, that usually ends up with big serious tickle fights that leave you both panting and red in the faces from laughing 

-and boys entering the room and being like: ‘’Woah, did we interrupt something?’’

-showing each other new songs you found

-whispered ‘’I love you’s’’ when he thinks you won’t hear him

-trying to make a chocolate cake together and he somehow manages to eat the whole chocolate you prepared before you even have the chance to use it

-having movie night every week and going from rom coms to horror movies

-and you’re not even sure who’s more scared after watching horror and you’re seriously thinking about leaving the lights on while you’re sleeping

-catching him admiring your legs while he thinks you’re busy doing something else- ‘’You like what you see?’’-’’-No! I mean YES but…you’re doing this purpose, aren’t you?’’

-acting like drama characters and having super dramatic dialogues because you’re bored…and yeah, you’re both lowkey obsessed with that new drama you watched together

-you kind of getting jealous when he acts cute around girl groups-’’So, aegyo only in front of you! Got it!’’

-talking on Konglish constanly and confusing other boys like that  hell confusing even yourselfs

-giving you his hats to wear and than fanboying on the inside over how cute you look

-standing in the middle of the room with his mouth open when he sees you coming out of bedroom wearing only his shirt and shorts and he’s like…it’s just a simple shirt but why does she look so good in it?!

-slipping chocolates and short encouraging notes in his practice bag and him calling you in the middle of the practice to thank you for making his day and you know he’s smiling from ear to ear

-he really likes nose kisses 

-being really confident and smooth sometimes but most of the time he’s a fluff ball

-telling each other really lame jokes and laughing hysterically while other members are discussing whether they should be worried or not

-him talking to Seungkwan about you and Seungkwan calling you later to tell you everything in detail

-him constantly worrying if you will enjoy the date he planned

-trying to be romantic at most random times and then later trying to figure out why it went wrong  but he has to admit it’s still worth it since you ended up kissing him 

-he’s still young and he’ll probably need time to figure out how to show you his feelings but he’s so precious so it would definitely be worth waiting

Conor Maynard Imagine - Practicing (SMUT)

You had thought that, when that day came, you would be on seventh heaven. When you first told your parents that you wanted to pursue the acting career in London, they had tried to convince you to do otherwise. Trying to make a living out of acting in such a talented city like London was a long shot. But you were determined.

And in fact, after a little less than a year of failed auditions and poorly-paid advertisement roles, your all time longed dream finally knocked at your door.

You thought that getting the leading role in a film that would be translated into too many languages for you to remember was going to have you balling on cloud nine, and to make you happy. But you weren’t so sure about the last part.

“Y/N, calm down little one, it’s gonna be alright” Conor assured you as he stood up in the middle of your living room, watching you pace back and forth “You’re an actress, you know what you’re doing, you can do this”

You sighed “The truth is, Conor, that I really don’t fucking know”

You had met Conor on set a few months after moving to London. You had just finished filming some crappy, awkward TV advert, when you accidentally invaded his dressing room. He saw your disgusted face, and your relationship started from there.

At first, it had just been faint attraction. You met up a couple of times after that day, and he turned out to be quite the funny, nice lad you had always doubted you would meet in such an intimidating city. You saw nothing special about him, nothing hot, nothing to fall for.

Until that one day. Conor was one of your very few friends at that time, your only guy friend for that matter. All your other friends were far too pretty and love-successful for you to go and wine about your last failed Tinder date. And so you magically appeared on Conor’s doorstep one night, asking for a friend you could vent to. He happily let you in, held you for the rest of the night, and made sure your heart recovered.

Little did he know that your heart had recovered because it started beating again. But this time it was for him.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never hooked up with anybody” he said, making you stop on your tracks. This was definetly a conversation you didn’t want to have with him.

You gave him a look, and no more words were needed “I didn’t know you were…” he started, visibly too embarrassed to finish.

“Shrug it off” you said “It’s not really a big deal for me. It’s just that I didn’t want my first time to be with someone I don’t know, let alone him” you complained.

It turned out that your first big movie role happened to involve sexual intercourse. You weren’t sure if acting out the scene really meant doing it, or just faking it. But you had signed up a contract. The director had insisted many times, and you constanly told him that you were okay with doing whatever was needed for the scene. It was your very first oportunity to be someone out there, and you weren’t going to waste it because of a 2 minute scene in bed.

Conor raised an eyebrow “What’s the matter with him?”

“I’ve been doing some reseach on this co-star of mine and…” you sighed again, running a hand through your hair “Let’s say he’s quite big headed”

Conor nodded “I get it” he said, getting closer to you as he opened his arms for you to give him a hug. And so you did, burrying your face on the crook of his neck, inhaling his strong yet mangneting scent “Is there anything I can do?” he asked softly.

You shook your head gently. You had to face the music, and there was no going back. You had gotten yourself into that situation. At least you hoped it would turn out to be worthy.

“I have an idea” Conor suddenly spoke “I’ve got a friend, Ryan, who used to be an actor here in London” you popped your head up to look at him, an eyebrow raised. Where was he going with this? “I once accompained him to shoot some scenes, and one of them happened to be a sex scene, right?” you nodded, not really sure what he was implying.

“I know how they’re filmed, and I know what each person does because I heard the director giving instructions and tips” he said, and it instantly clicked on your mind “I don’t think it’ll be much different from what you have to do. So, only if you want, we can practice a little”

Your heart suddenly started racing. Practicing a sex scene? With Conor? Was this one of your all time wet dreams or something?

You gulped “You don’t have to do this” you said, scared to even look at him in the eye.

You felt his hands on your upper waist, feeling firmer each second that passed. Were you going mad? “Hey, I want to” he said, looking you in the eye in a way you had never seen before. He looked much more…mysterious. 

“Okay, fine” you gave in as your right hand went to rub your eye “We can do it now if you want to”

You led him to your bedroom, a place where he had been too many times, but not like that. It felt weird and exciting at the same time. Once you opened the bed, Conor started taking his shirt off. You didn’t realize you had been staring. 

“I think we should keep our underwear, though” he laughed as he unbuckled his pants. You gave him a small smile as you started unbottoning your shirt, not really sure what in the world you were doing.

Once you both had stripped down to your underwear, you got inside the covers as Conor sat slowly next to you. You could tell he was flustered “Did…did the script say what position you were in?” he asked, visibly uncomfortable. You didn’t blame him. 

“Yeah…um…the guy would be on top” you said awkwardly “It’s an average looking sex scene, nothing too luxurious”

Conor let out a small chuckle “Right” he said as he slowly got under the covers beisdes you “You sure you want to do this?” he asked once again “I’m not going to hurt you, if you want me to stop just say it”

You nodded, unexpectidly feeling more relaxed. The thought of Conor being on top of you was too irresistible for your mind to handle. But you should act normally. He only saw you as a friend, he had no interest in you at all. And your role for the day was to pretend you didn’t feel the slightlest tingle when he touched you, either.

He slowly positioned himself on top you, resting his body weight on his hands, which were pressed down on the bed right at your sides. You felt so exposed, so vulnerable to have him right above you, both of you half naked.

“You alright?” he asked you as he sensed the tension.

“Yeah, I just…feel quite weird in this…situation” you lauged nervously. Conor smiled softly at you as one of his hands went to your cheek. You froze. What-what was he doing?

“Relax, it’s just me” he said softly, looking at you in the kindest way you had ever seen him “Okay, tell me how the scene goes”

You nodded, trying to mentally go back to the script “Right so, we enter the room making out heavily and stuff, and he pulls me down the bed…in this position, more or less” he nodded, so you continued “Um…then we keep kissing and he starts undressing me and I start undressing him”

“We’ve already reached that part” he laughed.

You smiled up at him “After that he whispers something in my ear - I don’t really remember what - and he starts kissing my neck slowly until…well, you know what comes next” you laughed nervously again.

“Seems quite easy” he said “What exactly are you most nervous about?”

“I guess I just don’t feel comfortable enough with the idea of someone I don’t know kissing me and touching me in those ways” you said, and suddenly Conor’s mind flooded with images of you being touched by another man, and he started boiling. What the hell was wrong with him? Since when did he get so protective of anyone? “Plus, I’ve never slept with anyone, so I wouldn’t know what to do”

“And you think you would be more comfortable if you knew how it felt beforehand” he stated. You nodded. That was exactly what you needed “Okay, let’s do it then”

He adjusted himself again, and so did you “Remember to stop me whenever you want”

“Okay” you whispered as you felt Conor’s breath on your neck already.

He rubbed his nose against your skin for a few seconds, and you immediately closed your eyes. He was so gentle, your back was already almost arched. Then, he slowly started to plant a few kissed behind your ear, as one of his hands steadily held your waist.

Your hand instinctively went to the back of his neck, massaging swiftly the hair on his lower head. His lips suddenly parted aways, and he wasn’t giving you small kisses anymore. Slowly, he started making out with your neck in such a passionate way that you felt a sudden ache between your legs. What was going on with you?

Your other hand found Conor’s arm gripping at your waist, and you held it for support. His make-out session eventually stopped, and he lifted himself up again a little to look at you “Did you like that?” he asked, and you nodded. It wasn’t weird anymore. Now, you just wanted more.

He then planted a sweet, unexpected kiss on your lips before leaning in again, repeating his past actions on your mouth. You felt so damn good. You didn’t even suspect he was such a good kisser, the way his lips moved on yours making you hungry for more. 

You tangled both of your arms around his neck as he placed his hands at the back of your now arched back, making sure he wouldn’t crush you. His tongue slipped in inside your mouth, exploring every inch slowly. You felt his hands on your lower waist, and his impressive bulge on your stomach, and you couldn’t supress a low moan. 

It wasn’t until that little cry left your mouth than you realized you weren’t practicing anymore. You wanted him, all of him, and you didn’t want that moment to end. Your body had never felt so damn good, and it was all because of him. 

Suddenly, you felt his hand reach the hook of your bra, and you instinctively held your breath. He noticed, stopping abruptly “Shit, I’m…” he mumbled, the hot, passionate bubble that you had created now being long gone “I don’t know what to say” he said, visibly embarrassed. 

But you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him “Con” you whispered softly, your hand suddenly travelling to his cheek. You caressed it caringly as he leaned in into your touch.

He looked at you again, the same loving smile than before plastered on his face. You guided his head lower until your lips met again, more sweetly this time. He held you again as you felt smaller and smaller under his touch, so protected and loved.

“Are you sure you want this, Y/N?” he whispered, his lips barely leaving yours.

You nodded softly, drawing his lips back to yours again. His hand then went again to your back and slowly unclasped your bra. He trailed a few kisses down your neck, removing your bra slowly as he cupped your breast on his mouth. Your hands went to the back of his head, pulling him closer.

“Conor” you breathed out steamily “What…what am I to you?” you managed to ask, not sure at all what you were after that moment. 

He kept on sucking at your nipples for a few seconds before he released his lips from your skin. He kissed you “I…I like you a lot, Y/N” he said, and you could tell he was flustered “I care a lot about you, you…you are my little one”

You smiled up at him, recalling how cute he looked when he called you by your nickname. You felt so special, so loved, so close to him “I like you a lot too” you chuckled slightly. 

He kissed you, smiling as he did so. Your hands slowly travelled to the waistband of his boxers, eager to finally pull them down. You were scared, but at the same time, it was Conor the one taking care of you. You knew you were going to be alright, safe.

He helped you out, pulling his underwear down as he watched your face turn more and more scared. He almost felt bad, but he knew he’d take good care of you. Not long afterwards, your panties also flew to the other side of the room. You were completely naked. 

“Are you on the pill?” he asked you softly.

You nodded as you felt the time coming. You felt so wet already, a burning pain tingling between your legs. He kissed you one last time before you felt the tip of his member teasing you at your entrance. You unconsciously opened your legs wider.

He locked your lips with his as he slowly entered you, making you flinch at the sudden sensation. His hand went to your face as he whispered calming things into your ear “It’s fine, Y/N” he breathed out “You’re fine”

When he was finally inside you, you found it hard to breath normally. He was huge, and you were so tight, little moans repeatedly escaped your mouth “Conor…” you whimpered.

He started moving up and down slowly in such swift moves, you immediately felt the pain stopping. Instead, it was replaced by a weird sensation. It was pleasing, it was filling you in but not completely, and you suddenly felt the urge to reach the top. 

He moved faster every time, and before you knew it, you were a moaning mess. He kept groaning into your neck as he rapidly slid in and out of you, holding you tight as he did so. You had never felt so good, and it was driving you crazy.

“Oh god, Conor” you whimpered, digging your fingernails on his back “I feel so close…” 

“Fuck, Y/N” he groaned, and you thought it was the sexiest thing you had ever  heard from him. Just a few moments later, you screamed in pleasure as he filled you in, riding you out of climax, as you dug your nails on his back even deeper. 

Eventually, he moaned loudly just like you had done ealier, and you couldn’t believe that you, of all the people, had made him feel such things. Maybe it was time you stopped understimating yourself.

He pulled out of you, leaving an empty sensation. He lied down next to you, still holding you at your waist, as he planted a few kisses on your forehead “That was amazing, Y/N” he said, and you felt yourself blushing.

You kissed his forehead “Stop being so cute” you said as you felt his thumb rubbing your side softly. 

He planted a small kiss on your jaw “Thanks for caring for me so much” you mumbled softly, almost without thinking.

He kissed you again as he cupped your cheek with his big hand, and you felt like you would get used to it. Used to waking up next to him everyday, taking care of him forever “Thank you for being the best thing I’ve ever had, little one”

Imagine you and Ivar love to raid and battle together (part 4)

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Part II:
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Summary: A month further, Ivar is all overprotective now and suddenly wants to marry you. But your head is somewhere else … you have more pain than usual, your son kicks less than normal. You have still a month to go and just as you want to visit Helga there are thos contractions. Your son lies in the wrong direction and you just lose to much blood, will you survive?
Words: 2714

You wore a gown for a change, it was a lot more comfortable than the typical warrior clothes you wore before, certainly with your oversized belly. There were two things changed since the attack from last month. Ivar was more around … constanly watching you like you could drop any moment to the ground. And your son kicked not that hard anymore, you hardly felt him move at all. “We should marry.” Ivar said. You turned on the chair and looked how he get his shirt on.
“Why, Ivar? Because I’m pregnant of your son?”
“Yes.” He nodded. You looked at him and bited your lip, a little dreamy. “You don’t want to?” He asked. You pulled yourself out of your own thoughts and looked at him.
“Your changing, growing all soft.” You spotted. He frowned his eyebrows and stared at the door.
“You said I would be a good father.” He looked at you, a little unsteady maybe. You pushed yourself from the chair and walked over to the bed. He supported you as soon as you were in range.
“I will not break.” You smiled because of his over protection.
“You maybe not but he,” he pressed his lips against your belly and looked up at you for a moment. “you can’t be carefull enough.” He wispered.
“You kiss him already a lot more than me.” You observed. He chuckles and pulled his head back.
“You jealous?” He asked with that seductive smile you loved. How could you be jealous, he treated you like a goddess past month. And even he was a cripple, he crawled half the village if you needed something. But you never told him that there was something changed with your son. You never told him about the pain you sometimes had. It was to early, it wasn’t possible. “I wish I could know what you are thinking of.”
“Hmm.” You looked at him and shook your head. “Nothing really. Shouldn’t you be with your brothers?” You asked to switch the subject. He narrowed his eyes and nodded slowly.
“You never aswered my question, we should marry.”
 “Get me through childbird and maybe I will.” You gave in. He smiled, as if he completed something that took a lot of work. You watched him getting of the bed and crawling to the door, without kissing you goodbye, see …

As soon as he was away you stroke over your belly, trying to control the little pain you were already feeling again. “Maybe we should go visit Helga.” You said softly against yourself. You stood up, walked the house out to Helga. It was a long walk, to long and you needed to rest more than once. You where almost by the house when you felt a cramp coming up. “Not now, please.” You wispered to your belly, holding your body up to a tree.
“Y/n?” You looked up to Floki who stood with an axe besides a fallen tree. He came towards you, confused looking from your belly to your face.
“I think somethings wrong?” You said afraid.
“Helga is with Torvi, you need to go back.”
“I gonna loose him.” You wispered. It was a month to early, you son couldn’t come now.
“You’re not believing in the gods Y/n, they have great plans for you and your son.” You watched to Floki who maked some weird movements with his hand above his head. You felt the pain again and Floki supported you back to the village, the whole way he was mumbling to himself, praying to the gods. He got you home, back on the bed before he rushed out to get Helga and some other woman. Helga told you over her childbirth, over the pain, the yelling. But you mostly felt fear now you were there all by yourself, trying to control your breathing while Floki get the others. It felt like hours but when she got through the door she immidiatly began to look for symptoms.
“He will come y/n.”
“It’s to soon.” You said in panic. Margrethe followed with some other woman you hardly knew.
“How long is this going on?” Helga asked while she started preparing. Margrethe was warming water by the fire, the other woman folded fabrics for the baby, or for you, who knows.
“Since the attack, he didn’t moved liked before and sometimes I felt a light pain. I was coming to see you Helga.” Their was a new contraction and you already felt the sweat coming up.
“Does Ivar know?”
“Does Ivar know what?” He asked in the doorway. His confused gaze said enough. He needed some time to put it all together but when he finally looked at you, you saw a little anger underneath concern. “y/n?” He asked, still in the doorway. You sucked in a deep breath and looked then towards him.
“I’m sorry.” You wispered. He crawled to the bed and both of you looked to Helga who was puching your belly.
“He doesn’t lie with his head in the good direction.” She confirmed. You closed your eyes, tears rolling down your cheeks.
“It’s my fault, I should have stopped training, riding, I should have stayed home with the attack, because of me you never gonna see your son alive.” A new contraction hits you and you tried to just bite away the pain. Ivar laid his hand on your forehead, his thumb stroking your skin.
“You will get through this, the gods are not that cruel y/n.” But you hardly couldn’t listen to him.
“You should go Ivar.” You wispered through your tears. When you looked at him he shook his head. “Please, for once don’t be so stubborn.” You said further. He laid his arm around your head and you took a hold at it with both hands.
“You can do battle, you can do this to. I know you only one way Y/n and that is strong.” He wispered, pressing a short kiss on your forehead. The more contractions there came, the more pain you got.
“He has to get out Y/n, you have to start pressing.” Helga said. The fear in your eyes overcame all your power to fight. Margrethe watched in concern while you pushed for the first time, and the second … and the third. Helga exchanged looks with the other woman and you closed your eyes, hiding your head against Ivar’s arm.
“What is it?” He asked. You knew you were bleeding already a lot and it shouldn’t supposed to go like that.
“If the baby don’t come out soon he will kill Y/n. She is already loosing to much blood and losing all strenght.” Helga answered him before she turned to the two other women and start to explain things to them.
“Y/n, you have to do this.” Ivar softly said against your ear. You turned your head and shook your head.
“Promise me you will take care of him. If I die, please, Ivar, take care of him. Make him fierce and famous just like you are. Promise me?” Your fingertips stroked his cheekbone while you looked at him. He nodded, you saw a tear from the corner of his eye getting towards his cheek. “Your the most amazing man I ever met Ivar and I’m glad that I always could fight beside you through all those times, that I can carry your son now.”
“Don’t make this a goodbye.” He wispered. You looked away from him, back to Helga who nodded slowly.
“The faster he is out, the more change you have Y/n.” She said with a strong voice. She gave you some courage. You took a deep breath, clenched yourself on to Ivar his arm en closed your eyes. How hard could it be? You start pushing, yelling all the pain into Kattegat. After ten times there was hardly any progress and your head felt back in the bed, your eyes half shut.
“Can’t you cut it out?” Ivar asked impatient, restless, angry almost.
“Cut it out? Are you mad. She will loose more blood!” Helga defensed your situation immidiatly.
“She is dying Helga!” He yelled at here. “And he isn’t coming.” He pointed at your belly. You wanted to comfort him but all of your energy slowly dripped away.
“I’m not gonna cut into Y/n.” Helga shook her head.
“Do it or I will the one cutting into you.” He was totaly panicking, that was for sure.
“What if I cut into him?”
“Get him out Helga, we are losing her.” Ivar threatened.
“I will do it.” Someone said with a steady tone. You opended your eyes a little only to see Lagertha walking in, confident and practical. Ivar looked at her, not sure what he had to do. “If I don’t she will die.” Lagertha asked him for permission, he nodded before he turned to you again. He laid his hands against your cheeks, looking for eye contact.
“You can’t give up now Y/n, please, don’t leave, don’t leave me.” He begged with tears in his eyes you never saw before. You wanted to respond but their was nothing left for you. Lagertha started to cut and the pain and bloodloss of that maked you lose consciousness.

Did you go to Valhalla if you failed to deliver your child? The seer saw you dying loneliness but this was not that. You constanly heard prayers, people talking to you, stroking their fingers over your forehead, thought your hair.  You couldn’t move, your body slowly took his final ride, you hoped to Valhalla … you were sure you earned it. You fought many battles, this one was your last. You wished you just could open your eye one last time, to see the people you loved. You said it not enough, you were always so distant and hard, hardly showing any emotions and now … it was to late. You would die and you wouldn’t see you own son. If you had a last wish it would be that, see him, hold him, touch him. You heard the sounds of a sacrifice in your head, you weren’t even sure if it was real. But it was like the gods heard your last prayer to let you see your son. Only it was in a dream, the kind of dream you always wanted to have. You saw your son, he stood beside the chariot of Ivar with that same strongheaded look. Black hair, just like his father cut it. He was so young, full in battlegear, a sword in his belt. There was a full army on both sides of him. He looked up in the chariot, towards his father. “You ready?” Ivar asked his son amused. The boy nodded, looking towards the enemy while he tightened his grip on his shield. “Give the commando.” Ivar followed, proudly looking towards his son. The boy pulled his sword, ready for his first battle besides his father.
“SHIELD WALL!” He yelled and the full army put their shields in front. That was the dream the gods gave you before they pulled you back in that dark unsure world between dying and living.

When you forced you eyes open you couldn’t see much exept for a ceiling. Their was some wet fabric on you head and you felled some tinglings in your fingers and toes. You felt heavy, heavy and tired. For a moment you didn’t knew where you were, was this Valhalla? It had a lot in comment with the house you had in Kattegat. To your suprice your head turned, looking for some grip on the reality. Their was a bowl with water, some herbs and dried fabrics with blood, your blood. You turned your head slowly to the left only to see Ivar, sleeping in a chair. His legs bound in front of him. He looked so peacefull, so not full of anger like usual. But it wasn’t seeing him again that started tears rolling down your face, it was what rested on his chest, a small little baby. You always tried to imagine Ivar with a child, a baby even but the image was never completly right but this … He had his hand supportive under the little guy, both sleeping and both so peacefull. “Ivar.” Your voice was weak, sore and barly to hear. He didn’t react. You tried to move but it didn’t worked, you were still to weak. Your son maked a little noice, turning his head against his father before sleeping further. Ivar moved a little to, moving his head to the same direction in his sleep. The tears rolled over your cheeks, you were alive, the gods gave you a second change, they found it worty for you to see your son grow up.

You stared for a least what felt like hours before someone came in. It was Helga and when she saw your wet face and open eyes she immidiatly came to the bed. “It’s so good to finally see you awake.” You said tenderly.
“You lost a lot of blood during childbirth, it almost killed you. Lagertha had to cut him out. Afterwards you had a fever, what is under control now.” She explained while feeling your head and cheeks. “Do you want me to wake them?” She asked with a look towards Ivar and your son, you nodded slowly. Helga stood up and turned towards Ivar. “Ivar.” She shook his shoulder carefully.
“It’s not because I’m holding a baby that I’m not be able to kill.” He murmured. You wanted to laugh because of what he said but you couldn’t, you were still crying over the fact that you were alive.
“Y/n is awake.” Helga smiled. You saw Ivar his eyes fly open, his gaze directly towards you.
“Take over.” He wispered without even looking toward Helga. She took the baby from his chest and he let his body fall to the ground before crawling to the bed. He pushed his body up and carefull laid a hand against you cheek. You closed your eyes, finding his hand with yours. “I never believed the gods would take you away from this world.” He wispered. His free hand stroked your hair and you almost felt asleep again. “Y/n?” You opened your eyes and looked back at him. “I love you, I never said it enough.” He followed.
“How do you feel Y/n?” Helga asked while she was rocking your son back to sleep.
“Tired.” You honestly answered.
“Then go back to sleep my love.”
“Don’t get all emotional over me Ivar.” You hardly had the strenght to speak but it brought you a smile for him.
“You gave uss a couple days to overthink our lives and get emotional over it.” He replied. You looked back to Helga and your son, Ivar took it as a sign and pulled his body on the bed, wraping his arms carefully around you to pull you a little up.
“Carefull Ivar.” Helga said. Your body rested against Ivar chest but despite the pain you didn’t protest.
“Give him back.” He demanded Helga with a tone you never heard him talking with. You frowned your eyebrows but fast loose the interest in that because of what was heading your way … your son. Helga laid him back in Ivar’s arms, he was so tender with his movements that the tears came back. You looked down at the baby, dark, almost black hair, soft skin, tiny fingers and those ocean blue eyes like his father. He was staring at you, concentrated almost. “Meet y/n, she is the strongest and fiercest woman of Kattegat and the world. Lucky for you son she’s also your mother.” Ivar introduced his son to you. The baby stared at you before his gaze felt on Ivar, you turned you head and met the loving smile on Ivar his lips.
“Already in love?” You asked with a small painfull grin.
“He is healthy Y/n, not a cripple like me and as beautifull as you.” Ivar said softly, both of you looking how your son his eyes felt shut. You laid a finger on his small hand and looked how he wrapped his little fingers around it. You head rested against Ivar’s chest as you felt asleep as well.

The end?

pretty sure i’m not the only one on this but it just really throws me off i see people or read fics that portrait victor as this playboy/heartbreaker because to me it always felt as if that was how the media projected him rather than how he actually is? another thing is describing him as constanly being flirty w/ people when in fact literally the only person we saw him flirting/being touchy feely with was yuuri and we know the whole story behind that so. idk it just doesn’t feel like him


A/N: I just want to say that you guys should never have sexual interaction unless you have full consent, are not underage and you are well aware of the risks. Don’t forget to protect and brace yourselves cause sometimes it hurts like hell. Also, hopefully your first time won’t be as disastrous as mine was.

How would your first time with Hwang Minhyun be like; Mature content below, don’t read if you are underage:

  • first of all if you were to have sex with Minhyun, I feel like you guys would be 6 or 7 months in your relationship 
  • and also it would be a serious one because I can’t imagine him doing it with just someone he is just casually seeing
  • i, personally, highly doubt he is a virgin, but if you were to tell him he was your first 
  • he would be very protective and keep pestering you with questions
  • “are you sure you want to do this?” 
  • “i won’t force you if you aren’t ready, ok?”
  • “if you change your mind tell me” 
  • would probably try to create an atmosphere, like something romantic but cozy at the same time just to make you feel a bit more relaxed 
  • he would constanly check with you in case you might change your mind 
  • very soft and sweet 
  • lots of kisses and tight hugging 
  • it won’t really be sex; more like love-making 
  • would maintain eye contact with you and give you reassuring smiles 
  • worships your body and takes his time with every little inch of it, kissing and telling you how beautiful you are 
  • foreplay will take a lot more time than the actual sex because he wants to make sure you are fully ready 
  • if you tell him it hurts (cause ye it does irl) he would probably pause for a minute and just kiss you while holding you close 
  • “are you sure you want to continue?”
  • when you say yes he will kiss you one more time and smile kindly at you
  • then he will continue and just thrust really slowly into you as he holds your hand and often squeezes it just to assure you he is there and he is taking care of you 
  • would be a bit unsure of how fast he should go; but mostly it will be just long and slow strokes
  • would kiss you a lot, mostly on your lips and collarbones 
  • if you were afraid to let your moans free and he saw you biting your lips, he would encourage you to do it 
  • and when you do and moan out his name softly, Minhyun would have the biggest smile on his face 
  • the whole act would be very tame and romantic
  • he just wants to do anything in his power to make you feel pleasured and happy 
  • would probably tell you he loves you before finishing as he looks in your eyes and smiles
  • when it will be over he will help you clean up and kiss your forehead while saying “I love you” again and then cuddle you for the rest of the night

conspacelien  asked:

Send a ship thingy...? Shizaya....👀👀

who is more likely to hurt the other? Shizuo, physically. Izaya, emotionally. Those two are two ticking bombs full of hurt, ready to explode, whenever.

who is emotionally stronger? This one is interesting. Shizuo is probably more emotionally stable (take of that what you will, since Shizuo is not the textbook example of emotionally stable at all). 

But I think Izaya is rather emotionally … resistent? I think he can take blows better than Shizuo, when it  comes to insults and hurted feelings. He has a much rather thick skin about it.

who is physically stronger? Shizuo, and you all know it.

who is more likely to break a bone? Shizuo was breaking his bones like, all the time when he was a child, but he got stronger, so at this point, Izaya.

who knows best what to say to upset the other? Izaya has a MASTERS DEGREE when it comes to what could possibly be said to hurt anyone’s feelings, including and most especially, Shizuo’s

who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? You know what…? Shizuo. Especially if it involves him going too far on what he says, being too rough, or hurting Izaya deeply in any way. I see Shizuo as someone who would be very devoted to the person he’s in love with, and also somone who would swear to himself to never hurt the one he’s decided to be in a relationship with. If it happens, he would be the first to regret it. And also the first to try and make amends.

who treats who’s wounds more often? It makes more sense for Izaya to treat Shizuo’s wounds since he used to have a lot of them/ get into a lot of fights, but nowadays, in canon, the person who constanly puts himself in danger is Izaya.

So basically, during Raijin Times, Izaya treats Shizuo’s wounds/they treat each others, but when they’re adults, I can see Shizuo doing that to Izaya way more, tbh.  

who is in constant need of comfort? Izaya, I think. But 1)- He doesnt realize it. 2) - He would never outright say anything about it. 

Shizuo would pick it up right away, though. He could be able to read Izaya’s moods, sometimes faster than Izaya himself.

who gets more jealous? Shizuo does. Izaya gets jealous too, but I think he falls more on the “I’ll just let him go if he’s happier with someone else” kind of side of it. He would look for excuses to abandon Shizuo (before Shizuo abandons him), way faster than Shizuo; who’s, on the other hand, trying to salvage the relationship and willing to fight for Izaya, at all costs.

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? hahaha, my last answer also applies! I think Izaya, even while being in love, would look for excuses to leave at all times. But ya know, this is a complicated question, so here’s my thoughts on it.

I think Shizuo could easily walk out of Izaya when he’s like, d o n e with it. But he would regret it. And he would come back. And he would be more willing to try harder. Izaya, on the other hand is like, super scared all the time of emotional compromise. This is why I think Shizuo would try harder to be the stable one.

who will propose? Shizuo will. An spontaneous “I wanna marry you” or “marry me” will come out of his mouth before he knows it. While he’s watching Izaya sleep or reading at their bed, or reading the news while Shizuo makes breakfast. May or may not following a “Fuck, you’re so pretty”. It wouldnt be dramatic, but it would totally catch Izaya by surprise. And Shizuo too.

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Summary: You never felt like this before, so free, so loved, so accepted. In the past days Hvitserk showed you another side of life you never saw before. But that comes with a cost, you’re a slave and who doesn’t obay got punished for it. Lucky for your is Hvitserk their that night and gives you the night to never forget.
Words: 2062
Tag: @filippazm (promised to tag you)

In the days that past you felt like a little butterfly, constanly flying from the one beauty to the other. You were dreamy all the time, causing you to be not that fast in your work and getting more complaiment from your boss. But how hard the days could be, it didn’t matter. Every morning you stood up with the idea that you were dreaming, that the last couple of days even didn’t happen. But then he showed up as a little reminder. You walked out of the smith to pick up something with some trader when he pulled you behind a shed, kissing you a good day. Your hand rested against his ribs while your other wrapped around his wrist. His fingers cupped your face, tenderly while his kiss maked you soft inside. When he pulled back you still had your eyes closed, getting the longing for more through your body. ‘How is your day?’ He asked you gentle. You opened your eyes and smiled, still that insecure smile of yours.
'Better now, thank you.’ You whispered, looking up to his charmant smile. He caressed your cheek while you kept your eyes resting in his. 'I need to go Hvitserk, he is already so angry for me being so dreamy all the time, I don’t want to get late to.’ You broke the gazing to each other.
'Can I see you tonight?’ He asked. You looked down on his chest, your hand moving a little against the side of his body.
'I’m always on the same place so you will find me.’ You answered him without looking up. He pulled you a little closer, you rested your head against his chest, taking in the nice smell of his body.
'I see you tonight.’ He said while pressing a kiss on your hair. You smiled against his chest and pulled slowly back. He stroke your cheek one last time before he left you with that warming feeling on the inside, like your heart wanted to jump out. You pushed your body away from the wood and walked back to the smith, with that little smile playing around your lips. When you arrived your boss was bussy with the fire.
'Do you have it?’ He asked when he saw you walking in empty handed. And than you realized you didn’t go to the trader to pick up his stuff. All of the sudden that shy insecurity came back in your body, trying to get anything over your lips that could sound as a explanation. 'You stupid girl!’ He hitted you with the palm of his hand. The slap wasn’t that big but while pulling away you hitted your head against some wood, causing a headwound that started bleeding. The tears where filling up you eyes when you touthed i tand looked at the blood on your fingers. 'Get out of my sight!’ He yelled at you. You turned around and ran out, straight to that little cabin in the woods where nobody really cared about you.

You laid curled up on your bed in the loneliness you were so just to. Douthing the two worlds you were drifting between. A world you knew, where you were a slave and worked all day long to walk back to your lonely life afterwards. And then you had that new world where Hvitserk pulled you in, you loved that new world but it brought your old one in danger. Your fingers stroke the headwound again, it wasn’t that big but your head pounded a little. You embraced your sheets again, looking through the small little room you had here in the cabin, slowly embracing the darkness that fell over the woods. The short knock on the door turned you attention elsewhere. You came from the bed and walked over to the door, looking up to Hvitserk who gave you his most loving smile, but it faddeded as soon as he saw the wound on your head. 'What happened?’ He asked concerned. You left him in the door and walked back inside, he followed you in an instant.
'Nothing really.’ You tried to push away his concern.
'Y/n.’ He grabbed your hand, turning you gentle around back to him. You didn’t look up to him and that was enough for him to realize it wasn’t an accident.
'Who did this?’
'Nobody, I kicked my head thats all.’ You reacted softly. He supported your chin, turning your head a little to the left so he could see the wound from closer by.
'Did your boss did this?’ He asked, more demanding.
'Hvitserk please, let it go.’
'No I won’t.’ He protested. You looked up to him and slowly shook your head.
'I forgot something after seeing you. He was mad, and,’ your words drifted away and Hvitserk stroke a strain of your hair after your ear. You closed your eyes enjoying the soft touth of his fingers.
'I will punish him.’
'Don’t, it was my own fault.’ You whispered, pulling yourself in his embrace a little further. He wrapped his arms around you, tightened his grip and you smiled comforted.
'How can I make you feel better?’
'You already do.’ You pulled back and looked up to him, that insecurity already showing up again.
'I would never harm you.’ He whispered, stroking your face again, letting you feeling appreciated.
'I still don’t understand why you doing this Hvitserk.’ You still looked to him, to the charming smile causing your cheeks to turn red.
'Because you are worth it.’ He answered, placing his lips against yours. Your fingers took softly more fabrics of his clothes into a fist. He cupped your face, bringing you even closer while he depth his kiss even more. You felt your cheek burn all kind of red colors, a heat pulling throught your body. When he pulled back his lips stroke your skin, caressed your neck while he took in your smell. You just stood there, tightening his clothes in your fist while you closed your eyes and took everything in that he did. His lips got on the egde of your dress, resting on your colorbone and his fingers slowly pulled it aside over your shouder. You felt a short shiver getting throught your body when you shoulder was naked for his touch.
'Hvitserk I,’ you began insecure by all of it. He pulled back, lifted your chin and your hands relaxed against his stomach.
'Do you trust me?’ He asked, looking intensly in your eyes. You want to look away but he held on to your chin so you hadn’t a change. So you nodded. 'I’m not gonna hurt you.’ He promised, picking you in that kind of kiss again, the insensity of it brought you closer to him, pushing up on your toes. Your one hand traveled up to his face while you other stayed flat on his chest. He started exploring your body, his fingers roamed your naked shoulder before he slowly started to work downwards over your dress. Without you knowing you started to do the same thing, your hand traveled over his chest and you frooze a little by your own actions. 'Go on.’ He ecouraged you with a whispering in your ear, his lips leaving that warmth again. You softly folded your fingers around the egdes of his shirt and he helped you by pulling it out over his head. Your eyes rested on his bare chest before you looked up again, shy. He smiled down on you tenderly and you pushed back up, asking for his lips again. When your hands came in contact with his skin you hessitated a moment. Not that he gave you much time, his fingers stroke your other shoulder, pushing the dress from it causing your dress to slip lower on your body. You pulled your one arm out and wrapped it around his neck. He pulled you against his body completly and walked you backwards to the bed. You opened your eyes and looked up to him, eyes telling you trusted him and a sencere smile comforted you right back. You fingers moved softly over his chest, rested against his chin before you kissed him again and he laid you on the bed you earlier laid on in your own loneliness. But it was different now, you felt different. Never had anybody touched you like Hvitserk did. His lips followed your skin while your finger strangled themself through his hair, his braids. Your body started to accept his touch, moving away the shy uncertainty you felt. Your eyes felt shut, your body arched a little when his lips reached the sensitive skin of your breasts. The heat building up in your body waited on some kind of a release but until that it kept giving you more to handle … or not. You moaned underneath him and you felt a smile gainst your heated skin. You imagined your first time in so many ways but not like this, not with him. He was so soft, tender, so slowly and patient with you that you couldn’t think on something else than adjusting yourself to him.

When you waked up your body felt soar a little but under the feeling of him snuggling his nose in your hair the feeling fadded and maked place for that happy feeling. You turned slowly around in his embrace and looked at him. 'How was your night?’ He asked you with that boyish grinn of accomplishment.
'Amazing, thanks for asking. Yours?’ You asked with a tiny dmile back.
'The best.’ He answered, placing a kiss on your lips. You smiled in it, terrible in love with all of this. 'I promised my brothers that I would train with them so I have to go.’ He went further, resting his lips on your shoulder. You stroke his braid over his shoulder and petted his chest.
'Go.’ You insisted, not wanting to get his brothers behind you because they were angry on you for keeping him here. You curled up in the bed and looked how he got up and got dressed, admiring the vieuw with slithly red cheeks.
'Tell me if he does that again.’ He pointed to your headwound.
'I will, I promise.’ You reassured him. He gave you a last look, something with concern, charm, a hint of love before he left, leaving you again in the loneliness, althrought that got filled up by the memories from last night. Not far after he was gone you maked ready to, not eager to get back to the smith. But you had no choise, you were a simple slavegirl. On the way their you past the great hall, you stopped before you got around the corner when you saw the four sons of Ragnar standing. You didn’t want Hvitserk to notice you and kiss you in public so you stayed around the corner, overhearing their conversation.
'Told you I could pull it off.’ You recognized his voice immidiatly, causing that smile to spread over your face again.
'I don’t understand, you kissed her on day one and you got her into bed on day six,’ Ivar pauzed a moment. 'I thought you said she was the shy type?’ He reacted his anger of against Sigurd.
'She was.’ Sigurd defensed himself but all you could do was repeat those words again in your head, they were talking about you.
'Admit it, I won.’
'You won the bet brother, I’m proud of you.’ Ubbe smacked Hvitserk on the shoulder and the both of them started laughing. A bet? This was all a game to him?
'No reason to stay around her now, maybe your brother find a better target to bet on.’ Sigurd reacted. A bet … you were just a bet in their boyish fantasies. You swallowed the tears away, felt how your body cracked open by all of what you just heared. He never gave about you, why would he, you were a slavegirl to begin with. You pushed away and walked over the little square before the great hall, right to the smith.
'Y/n!’ Hvitserk called after you. You ignored him and took a right into a little shed, sliding down against the wooden wall while you cried out all the love you felt last days. But it wasn’t love for him, this was just all a game.

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Could you do a morgana x reader wizard : imagine where gwen is trying to hook up arthur and merlin together so , she asked (y/n) if she could borrow their love potion. ( (y/n) is skilled at brewing potions. And their love potion will amplify a person's romantic feelings towards the one they love most and will constanly kiss that person non-stop for hours.) Which they did but gwen accidentally added the love potion into morgana's drink instead and morgana runs to (y/n) and starts kissing them

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You mean you’re asking me to write Merthur? Heck yeah! - Admin Lily

She loves Merthur, guys. They’re her OTP - Admin Cam

You are working on a hair growth potion requested by some lord when Gwen steps into your shop.

“Gwen,” you say, stopping what you’re doing and turning around, “It’s so nice to see you!”

Gwen smiles at you before saying, “Likewise, (Y/N).”

You and Gwen have been friends for years. When Gwen used to live in Sir Leon’s family house, you used to play together. It was an age where having magic wouldn’t matter as long as it was fun, and that’s what you used it for. When Gwen left, you and her remained pen pals and wrote letters to each other. You never mentioned your magic in the letters and neither did Gwen.

You were reunited once again when Gwen sent you a letter with the proclamation that Uther had removed the ban on magic since discovering his ward was a seer. You left for Camelot at once. When you arrived, Gwen invited you to meet the ward that had freed your kind, and you were pleased to see it was a smart, pretty, and talented woman such as Morgana.

You became friends with her and learned about her visions causing nightmares. You, as a skilled potion maker, have remedy which will allow her to still have her visions without causing such vivid nightmares. You opened your own potion shop in Camelot, and have been here for a number of years.

“How is Lady Morgana doing?” you ask.

“I heard a rumor Uther tried to marry her off again.”

Gwen gives you a knowing look.

“Well, the lady would never have that. Let me tell you,” she says smiling.

“So, what brings you to my fine establishment today?” you ask the girl.

Gwen immediately gets an excited spark in her eyes.

“It’s about Arthur and Merlin. Everyone in the castle knows they’re in love with each other, even Uther! But, heaven knows if Arthur would ever admit his feelings. I need a love potion that would show their love to each other!” Gwen explains.

“Well,” you say with a smirk, “I do have one which will… make their feelings very apparent.”

You go back into the shelves of potions and find the one. You head back to Gwen at the counter and put the bottle down.

“What will it do?” Gwen questions.

“It makes the recipient long for the one they love most, romantically that is, with an undeniable urge. It will cause those two lovebirds to kiss for hours. It’s one of my best sellers.”

Gwen looks interested, probably more than she should be.

“How much for the bottle?” she asks, jiggling the coins in her purse.

“Oh, it only takes a few drops. Just take the bottle and return it to me later. Bring Morgana if you will. I would love to catch up.”

Gwen bids you goodbye before you remember something.

“Oh, and Gwen, the potion will only accomplish it’s complete effect once the taker sees the one they love, otherwise they remain unaffected. But that won’t be a problem, right?”

Gwen laughs at that.

“Please. Like they’re ever apart. Thanks (Y/N), goodbye!”

Gwen leaves and you are a little happier going to back to your hair growth potion. It’s always nice to see Gwen, and she’s bringing Morgana over tomorrow! You couldn’t wait.

Gwen had a plan. She would offer to get Arthur’s breakfast for Merlin, who would take her up on the offer since he was always late, and pour the potion into Arthur’s water jug insuring at least one, if not both, men would take the potion.

And it worked brilliantly if she did say so herself. She got both Arthur and Morgana’s breakfast carried to the outside of Arthur’s chambers, and put everything down on a table in the corridor. She quickly added around twenty drops to the water jug before filling up Arthur’s goblet. In her rush, Gwen didn’t notice the droplets splashing out of Arthur’s goblet into the one next to it. Morgana’s.

She delivered the food, and stood besides the door listening. Soon enough, she heard a growl and Arthur say, “Merlin, come here,” before loud kissing noises echoed through the chambers. Gwen briefly felt triumphant and then sorry for the next servant to find them before heading to Morgana’s chambers.

As she entered, Morgana looked up and asked, “Did it work?”

Gwen smiled, “Like a charm, or rather potion.”

Morgana clapped her hands. “Excellent! Now, come on Gwen. We’ll eat, inform Uther that Arthur is… preoccupied, so he would be able to prefer his duties for the day, and then go visit (Y/N)!”

Gwen nodded in agreement as she filled Morgana goblet with water.

You hum as you clean up the shop. The man requesting the hair potion had paid you a healthy amount this morning, and you were in a good mood. Suddenly, you hear a thud of a door and hear, “(Y/N)! We’re here!” come from the front of the shop.

“Oh,” you say, recognizing the voice.

“Morgana I am so happy to see you- ah!” you’re interrupted by Morgana running up to you and kissing you. You’re still for a moment before kissing her back.

You hear Gwen gasp from behind the two of you and pull away.

“Uh, Morgana why-” you start before she shushes you.

“Shh, just kiss me.”

‘Who am I to argue with a woman as lovely as her? I have been wanting to do this for a long time…,’ you think before pulling Morgana closer.

Morgana smiles and kisses you like she had before, but it still takes your breath away.

“I-I’m just going to go…” Gwen says trailing off before backing out of your shop.

As she exits, she hears a thud and Morgana exclaim a few things that make her blush. You and Morgana stay lip locked for hours.

“I don’t know what came over me,” she says looking down blushing.

You gently lift her chin so she’s looking you in the eyes.

“Do you regret it?” You ask gently.

“No, not at all. I’ve thought about doing this for so long, but I could never gather the courage to. Do you regret it?”

“I could never regret something as amazing as that,” you causing the brunette to smile.

“What do we do now then?”

“Now, I shall ask you,” you take her hands in yours, “Morgana Pendragon, will you go on a date with me?”

She smiles brightly.

“Yes, (Y/N), I would love too.”

Red Velvet Reaction To You Being Short

Irene: She would find it so cute that you were smaller than her. She would help you pick up things that were too high for you and would find it soo cute the way you had to get on your tip toes to kiss her sometimes.

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Seulgi: She would try to carry you aroud like, all the time. She would love that you’re so short that she could easily pick you up.

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Wendy: She would be really cute with you. She would treat you with so much caution, like if you would break or something. It would be nice but sometimes you would have to constantly tell her that it’s okay if she wanted to be a little more rude and stop treating you like a baby.

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Joy: She would find it really cute and would tease you a lot about it, specially when you were wearing heels and you’re still looks really short when you’re next to her. She would tease you so much about you having to be on your tip toes to grab something too high.

“Want some help jagiya?”

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Yeri: She would love it. Usually she’s the shorter one. She would constanly rest her chin on the top of you head and would definitely tease you about it. Since she found it really cute the way you stretched out to reach things she would put things in really high places so you could try to do it and would love if you asked her to pick it up for you even if she can’t do it herself.

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Hello! If it's not too much of a bother could you further explain the significance of the quotations in the recent post you made involving the two Ciel's, referring to themselves as the head of the Phantomhive House / Family? Thank you!! ❤️

Hi there!

Mmm, there’s actually not much to explain! xD The right panel (ch129) is probably supposed to contrast with the left panel (ch2), and as you can see, one of them, our Ciel, puts his name in quotation marks (most probably because he isn’t “Ciel Phantomhive” but took on that name), while the other one, real Ciel, doesn’t, because he truly is Ciel Phantomhive. 

Judging from this scene in ch63,

I think that our Ciel regards the name “Earl Ciel Phantomhive” more like a title or a mission, i.e. something that constanly reminds him of his dead brother as well as his determination for revenge, rather than just a name (hence the quotation marks in ch2), while to real Ciel, it’s just his name he was given and called by everyone since his birth, so there’s no need for him to put it in quotation marks :)

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hihi, i noticed there's quite an uproar about akaashi, so can you give me reasons to love akaashi keiji? thanks


I, jujubee, am the certified president of the Love and Protect Akaashi Keiji Squad and I am more than happy to provide you with reasons about why you should love this precious child.

First of all, he’s somewhat passive aggressive and lowkey shady af. It’s always pretty funny when he casually insults Bokuto tbh. When Kuroo mentiones the fact that Bokuto is one of the top 5 spikers, Akaashi’s reply is pretty funny. Bokuto gets pretty riled up about it too, lmao.

When Hinata successfully pulls off the feint against Bokuto, Akaashi points it out and Bokuto gets pretty embarrassed, haha. It’s funny to me idk man

According to chapter 194, he has a list of Bokuto’s weaknesses memorized. I don’t know about y’all, but that’s pretty funny to me.

Every team has the mom friend, and if you love mom friends the way I do, you’ll love Akaashi. He constanly keeps Bokuto in check, and who knows where Bokuto would be without him? A spiker needs a setter, of course. Plus, I’m pretty sure someone as energetic and wild as Bokuto would be lost without someone as level-headed as Akaashi by his side. Akaashi definitely keeps him grounded. Look at how done he looks with those wild children omg somebody save this boy

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He’s very quiet and chill, and he balances out Bokuto’s energy nicely. It’s such a great contrast, and I think deep down, we all have affections for the silent type.

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He’s a very strong setter, too, and he has great strategy.

Just look at those stats??? Damn.

Not to mention?? He’s super adorable?? Just look at him omg I would totally kiss his face ok

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His grin is going to cure cancer just you wait and see ok

In summary, Akaashi Keiji is super cute, a strong setter and player, an official mom friend, and the boy who keeps Bokuto grounded. I hope we see more of him tbh that would be wonderful

vent //

Something that really bothers me is when ppl start to talk shit about Hide, because he’s doing his own thing and does not Kaneki tell he is alive.

Because let’s go back to Tokyo Ghoul for a second, who again left Hide abdoned and alone, unsure if Kaneki was even alive and completly disappeared without giving Hide any note of consolation? Right.

No one blamed Kaneki for throwing Hide away like that, because REASONS. Kaneki thought of that as protecting Hide, he thought he was better without knowing. Have you ever considered Hide is the same? Don’t you think Hide deserved to know that Kaneki is alive? That Kaneki never planned on returning to Hide for Hides sake? That he could have went his entire life without him ever knowing?

Additionally you always have to remember Hide is the person that knows Kaneki best, he was the person who hasnt spoken to Kaneki in months, knew barely anything about what happened to Kaneki until the point of post Aogiri Raid - yet he exactly knew why Kaneki was acting like that, and was not holding it against him, despite being upset and lonely because of it.

Hmm, and what did Kaneki state when he was proposed a scenario in which he would know?

Kaneki would be frightened.

And really what he says is true what if he were aware Hide is alive?
They are at war, Hide is possibly even leading the human resistence and puts himself into danger 24/7 which Kaneki would not be happy about - we know how he is.
Hide cannot to any extend promise Kaneki that he wont die for real in this war. What is he supposed to do? Revealing himself and possibly putting Kaneki through loosing him again sooner or later? Hide has never been shown having anything but Kanekis best on his mind, I think people should at least try to trust him and understand that Hide also has his own choices to make and right now letting Kaneki believe he’s already dead seems like the better option because otherwise? Kaneki wouldnt be able to concentrate on his course, he would be constanly frightened to loose Hide again because life has it out for Kaneki to take the people from him that matter the most to him, especially considering how important Hide is to him in particular.

Now of course Kaneki does not know Hide is alive and there is a possibility he would benefit from it knowing but … neither of the boys believes it. Both think the negative would outweitght the positive about it.

If both are either wrong or right about it … that has yet to be found out.