constance's fourth child


Does any of you believe in the theory that this is a real scene and that Constance fourth child was an albino ?
I don’t know what to think about it , this looks so real …

By the way the doll bodies ( I don’t know why they hang there ) they are so cool and creepy . I love it !💀❤

whenimdeadandburied  asked:

Hey I'm not sure if I missed it or I've just forgotten or if we didn't actually find out but who was Constance's fourth child?

It wasn’t established in the show, so you didn’t miss it that way. Ryan confirmed in the DVD commentary that the fourth Langdon child was an albino male. They had filmed scenes with him in the pilot (specifically when Tate runs into him in the nursery after Ben tells Tate to leave Violet’s room) but at the last minute they cut him out of the story.