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The ache of her son’s death cuts deeper than usual

Three years since 18-year-old Ramarley Graham was shot and killed by police in their Bronx apartment, his mother’s fight for justice has been cold and elusive.

Constance Malcolm, Ramarley’s mother: 

“I will never be at peace until they are held accountable for Ramarley’s death.” 

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Who am I kidding, Aramis is always nice in adaptations AND I ALWAYS LOVE IT, I CAN’T HELP MYSELF! I do still harbor quiet dreams of a canon-compliant television series, but the prospect of betrayal and conspiracy and the Fronde debacle and Belle-Ile and oh god Belle-Ile, I mean, all that misery is bad for the heart, you know. If the series proper is determined to make me hate myself and mistrust friendship and scream ARAMIS WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS with every other page, maybe hijinks are all I can really handle in my adaptations– well, I hope I’m wrong about that, but we’ll never know until someone decides to adapt that hilarious unofficial sequel where ARAMIS GETS MURDERED BY PORTHOS’ SON.

I’m only on the first episode so far, but it’s really difficult for me to be critical about this series. There are exciting string instruments! I have residual fond feelings for Santiago Cabrera ever since Heroes that show which must not be named! Cardinal Capaldi giving Louis a proper BOLLOCKING (“Treville, COME THE FUCK IN OR FUCK THE FUCK OFF”) and the most charming Constance, oh gosh I am a sucker for her comic timing too.

Right now literally the only complaint I can muster up is that we won’t get 1. the intensely erotic swishy musketeer uniforms, and 2. a scene where Aramis locks himself inside his closet with a plate of spinach and refuses to leave until he’s finished his poem of one syllables (I just conflated like three different scenes there, but please excuse me, I have this… chronic Aramis problem. You know how it is.)