Yeah, was I was playing in other bands [with older friends when I was like 17]. My uncle has a recording studio and so I moved to London when I was 16. I didn’t have too many friends at college, and didn’t really gel with most of the people. I mean I got along with them, but they were into different things, so I used to hang out [at my uncle’s studio] a lot.


“It’s a great feeling of power to be naked in front of people. We’re happy to watch actual incredible graphic violence and gore, but as soon as somebody’s naked it seems like the public goes a bit bananas about the whole thing.” - Ewan McGregor

“I auditioned in Chicago for Juilliard and didn’t get in. I was basically living in a back room of my parents’ house, paying rent and not doing anything with my life. I’d like to say it was patriotic to join the Marines, but it was also that I was doing nothing honorable with my life and spending too much time at McDonald’s.” - Adam Driver