constable noakes

But you are a woman, Chummy, and constable Noakes is a man, so I imagine that the natural progression of this relationship will eventually entail some sort of flirtatious behaviour outside of the realms of what is considered gentlemanly conduct

Sister Bernadette, Call the Midwife S01x04

Also me, who has about the same experience in the realm of romance as Sister B at this point, trying to give relationship advice


This is my favorite, this one I like even better than Sister Bernadette, and Patrick :) I’m a Chummy fan- diehard Miranda Hart Fanatic. What do you expect? 

And then, I wonder what the stage direction for this was?

“Miranda, look absolutely adorable.” -Director

Miranda : *puts head on Cliff’s shoulder, goes all Miranda on them* 

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Chummy & Noakes

I know his name is Peter, but I always think of him as Noakes lol.