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Andy is just so good and so pure and I wish I could meet him and hug him, and as a musician I would love to work with him (so long as my longing gaze doesn't get in the way of the creativity, lol)

Same same same, I wish I could meet him and hug him too.
Hmm… Longing gaze, you say… Ahh, about that…

Hahaha just kidding. Good luck with your musical career, man!

(Thanks @constable-connor, this was an amazing ramble and I hope you like the gif. We’re rambling about Andy. Wanna join us? Click here and start rambling!)

I was tagged by @mar-from-darktown12 to shuffle & list the first 10 songs off a playlist. Thanks! ^_^.
Since all my playlists are done by theme or style, for more diversity I compiled four of my playlists into one.  

Spellbound - Siouxsie&TB
Coloured Rain - Traffic
Standing In The Shadows of Love - The Four Tops
What a Bring Down - Cream
King’s Lead Hat - Brian Eno
La Rossa - Van Der Graaf Generator 
Superfly - Curtis Mayfield 
Dead End Street - The Kinks
Lively Arts - The Damned
Do Yourself a Favor - Stevie Wonder

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Many thanks.


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