NHL illuminati be like yo bad weather? sick this is the perfect time to create an allusion that will trick the American and Canadian people into thinking other teams have a chance at being first in the league other than the Capitals. 

Step 1: cancel all games for a week and blame it on that bad weather. Simple and effective in order for it to APPEAR as though other teams are catching up to the Caps in points by continuing to have games while the Capitals have none HOWEVER the teams that appear to be catching up aren’t actually because NOW the Caps will have games in hand but the average citizen isn’t gonna check games in hand that often they’ll just see the points and how other teams are finally kind of not really sort of moderatley catching up and thus making the nhl more interesting thus people will buy tickets to more games and the NHL’s revenue will go up boom nhl illuminati 

Step 2: The NHL illuminati thinks that cancelling the games will have an affect on the Caps. Post Winter break the capitals lost their first game in a v long time. That being said the NHL illuminati sees this and is like perfect, lets give them a nice ass long ugly break and blame it on weather before going back to play the Flyers and hopefully perhaps they will lose!!!! Ya no NHL illuminati we see u

X-Files Live Tweet

Mulder is watching conspiricy theorists that took place after the show wwrapped.

Pity they haven’t mentioned the Lone Gunmen conspiracy theory about the X-File s predicting 9/11

Mulder and Scully UST is still on point.

I want to punch the conspiracy theory guy. But he’s a great wayto show how conspiracy has grown and changed since the show.