The Angry Gamer: Gary Oak

Most of us have heard of Gary’s Ratticate; On his team on the S.S. Anne, yet gone in Lavender Town. Others have lingered on the concept of naming Gary, often taking advantage of this for their own amusement. Besides, Gary’s a jerk, he deserves the ridicule, right?

But as I played my way through Red, I noticed something. The first couple of battles and dialogue with Gary aren’t what some make them out to be. In the beginning, he’s simply annoyed with his senile and unfair grandfather, who allowed you, a neighbor, not even family, to choose your Pokemon before him. But he held little resentment, merely choosing a Pokemon with a type advantage because it was the smart thing. You would do the same, admit it. He challenges you to a friendly battle, gives you a playful challenge (I’ll fill out my Pokedex before you!), and leaves.

The next time, he spots you on his way back from Bill’s. Upon his defeat, he gives you his advice, to go see Bill and get more in your Pokedex, like he just did. Even on the S.S. Anne, he tries to compare his Pokedex with yours, and tells you to help the captain to receive Cut.

This is where Gary’s friendly rivalry ends.

The next time you see him is Lavender town. Having failed to get his injured Ratticate to a PC in time, he’s come to mourn for his friend’s death when, lo and behold, you appear. The last person poor Gary wants to see. He makes a comment about not being able to kill your Pokemon, but how he’ll sure as heck try. I haven’t read a Nuzlocke who hadn’t lost a teammate to Gary here. An eye for an eye, right? He leaves as soon as he loses, unable to bear the humiliation of failing to avenge his Ratticate.

Gary becomes obsessed. He grinds his team, then lying in wait for you to come through… You came, of course, drawn by the Rockets and Silph Co. Gary’s grudge was so deep, his desire to defeat you overpowered the importance of stopping the Rockets.

Another loss, and Gary becomes borderline insane. He camps on Victory Road, savagely defeating any trainers who try to pass to get to the Elite four, grinding his team to the max. Each day he waited for you, waited to win the defeat he deserved, he needed… But still you defeated him. Gary had only one option, to beat you at your own game. He level-grinded his Pokemon for the last time and blazed through the Elite Four, claiming his rightful title of Champion. But he had just barely gotten to the top when you came right behind him…

And, being the hero, you defeated him for the last time.

Professor Oak rushed to the scene at the tale of your success, but where was he when his own grandson was champion? Oak never cared about Gary, Gary was merely a nuisance whose name wasn’t even important enough to remember. Gary was replaced by the stranger next door, be it Red or Ash or whatever your name is.

So, lets recap.

You stole Gary’s name, replacing it with with something for your own amusement. You stole his choice of Pokemon, for he was forced to choose the advantage over whatever you chose. You stole his advice, leaving him nothing in return. You stole his Ratticate, and squashed Gary’s try for redemption. You stole away his reason, his sanity, his life. You stole his title, and you stole his grandfather’s love. In the end, Gary is left, broken, insane, grieving… the one person he tried to befriend had crushed him.

And we wonder why he was such a prick.

But maybe he’s not the bad guy here.

-credit for the above discovery goes to Nick Blake-I just really wanted to share this

What if?

Doctor Who is actually a false reality. A man called John Smith was injured and put into a coma and everyone in DW is based on something in his real life. For example, Susan is his grandaughter, all the monsters are things from his kids drawings, his earliest memory is being locked inside a police box, he works for a big company called Galifrey with a rival buisness called Trenzalore, his boss likes to be referred to as the Master, all his co workers are his companions and the company he works for is trying to perfect new technology and move the Earth forward and the projects he is working on is designing a sonic screwdriver and all the different models are all the different designs he has done. A friend of his from work is trying to make a robot dog called K9. At home he lives by the Song River. On Tardis Avenue.

What Time Is It Anyway?

What Time Is It Anyway?

I set my watch and my clocks forward, but some of my electronics don’t automatically set themselves forward.  The computer did, thank God, but my cell phone didn’t.  So, question of the year, do I spend the next six months giving myself an ulcer trying to set it forward, or do I wait until the time changes again and it is again correct?  I’ve always tried to leave at least one thing set on…

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