conspiracy worlwide radio
BBC4 Radio - Dry? I think not! It is kinda cool sometimes:)

I have completely abandoned LBC radio, it’s turned into some right-wing, voice of the government bullshit.  I’m back to tuning into Radio 4 again.   Their news reports can be indepth, today they were talking to some Egyptians who are concerned about the USA manufactured teargas that has taken quite a few lives during this weeks Cairo protests.

Book reviews are pretty good and you learn some funny shit.  Recently a Japanese novel was reviewed.  It was highlighted that Japanese critics had dismissed the book on the basis that the author “Smelt Like Butter” which in Japan apparently means you have become western and or Americanized!  That indeed made me lmao!

Some of the plays are witty as hell.  i caught one yesterday about a pushy stage mum forcing her kids into showbiz.  it was a catalog of disaster and proper funny.  So if like me the only music radio you check for is Conspiracy Worldwide Radio then check out BBC Radio 4 if you want a bit of talk radio once in a while:)