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So yesterday, YouTube dude @cr1tikal posted a video called Finger Family Mystery. In it, he details a strange. sprawling assortment of videos littered all over YouTube, each with millions of hits, almost zero comments, and always featuring a benign children’s nursery rhyme.

As it turns out, he’s right; a quick search of “Finger Family” nets you nothing but hundreds of these videos. Why do they exist? I decided to probe. Watching one of the videos didn’t enlighten me, but then I had the radical idea of watching the videos on Internet Explorer, where I don’t have AdBlock.

Shock and terror: all of the videos are monetized. Suddenly, the sky opens up and the truth is clear. These videos aren’t being made to be watched. They’re being made to generate money.

Remember how YouTube’s copyright and monetization system works? It’s a combination of the ads and the total minutes watched. The Finger Family videos vary; the smaller ones are only about a minute and a half long, the longer ones are up to 90 minutes, and in the middle they range from 15-30 minutes.

Now, copyright. The nursery rhyme “The Finger Family” is public domain, so anyone’s free to stick in a book of nursery rhymes and sell it. There are copyright characters all over these videos, sure, but none of the original material is being used; it’s all half-baked animations cobbled together using familiar faces. It’s pissing on the face of copyright law. And assuming these videos are being churned out by some Chinese company (where copyright laws are FAR more lenient), this could very well not have any copyright hurdles to start with.

But who’s watching the videos? No human being. Most likely, it’s a bunch of computers set up to watch these videos, click an ad, reload the page, and so on. Who’s making the videos? Again, not a person. The content’s being generated by automated systems that grab premade assets and familiar characters and automatically generate a video.

This is all speculation, of course. I could be entirely wrong. There could be a Finger Family Cult hidden beneath the crust of the Earth, and watching these videos is part of a daily ritual. But as that seems unlikely…

TL;DR: These videos are being automatically generated and watched so that whoever owns the videos can make a ton of money off of ad clicks and views.



Short for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has long been the center of wild speculation that the program is designed to control the weather and has been used as a military weapon. HAARP was an ionospheric reasearch program designed by funded ($300 million) by the U.S Airforce, U.S Navy, University of Alaska and DARPA. The HAARP facility was located in Gakona, Alaska but has been closed down. 

The goal of the program is to understand the physics of the ionosphere.  HAARP sends radio beams into the ionosphere to study the responses from it–one of the few ways to accurately measure this inaccessible part of the atmosphere.

Conspiracy theorist believe that this technology has the ability to cause storms, change jet-streams, cause earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. Some of the biggest natural disasters since 2007 have been contributed to HAARP by these theoriest. Some also believe that HAARP can control your mind and alter reality. It also uses technology based on its own patents which adds to the mystery of the whole project.

Some people protest the project because they are worried about the ionosphere reacting to such powerful energy rays being fired at it.

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is ted cruz the zodiac killer

first of all, yes. 

now you may be asking why, and i can tell you why. 

First: Ted Cruz was born on December 22, 1970. Supposedly. Now, this might point to Ted Cruz not being the zodiac killer since the serial murders occurred as early as 1968. I wouldn’t put it past him to lie about his birthday, though. Since his actual date of birth cannot be completely without-a-doubt confirmed, his status as the zodiac killer is still up for debate. 

December 22, 1970, also known as 12/22/1970. If you add 12, 22, and 1970 together, you get 2004. 2004, also known as the release year of the terrible movie titled, you guessed it, Zodiac Killer. Now, why would Ted Cruz leave a clue to his identity as the zodiac killer within his fake date of birth? Why did the zodiac killer (AKA Ted Cruz) leave behind letters and puzzles? This is all a game to him. Every chance he gets, Ted Cruz (AKA the Zodiac Killer) leaves behind clues that are all a part of his twisted game. 

Second: Recall that Ted Cruz’s “date of birth” is December 22, 1970. The first definite zodiac killing took place on December 20, 1968. Now, do the math. Two days and two years after the first killing is Ted Cruz’s “date of birth”. Why 2 and 2? Let’s bring into play the amount of confirmed victims of Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer. Seven victims, 5 deceased. A difference of two (2). The Zodiac Killer struck in pairs. 

Three pairs except for that odd one out. Paul Lee Stine was murdered in Presidio Heights, a neighborhood in San Francisco with a zip code of 94118. If you add together the digits of 94118, you get 23. Stine was 29 when he was murdered by Ted Cruz. 29-23=6. 6 is divisible by 2. It is also the amount of people total that were murdered in pairs (groups of 2). 



This is a map of the zodiac killings

Four murders form a trapezoid. Now, here is a picture of Ted Cruz:

It might be difficult to see, but I have the shape of his eyes outlined. Familiar, huh? TRAPEZOIDS. The pattern of murders and Ted Cruz’s eyes are both shaped like trapezoids. Coincidence? Only a fool would call this a coincidence. The eyes are often referred to as the windows to the soul. A window to the soul formed on a map using locations of murders as pinpoints… That could be seen as a metaphor. A clever metaphor made by a clever man. A man known as Ted Cruz. A man known as the Zodiac Killer. 


The Ice Box Murders - On 23 June, 1965, authorities in Houston were asked to check up on 81-year-old Fred Rogers and his 79-year-old wife, Edwina Rogers, at the request of their nephew who had become worried when the elderly couple would not answer their phone. The two patrol men found the house seemingly empty. They began to search each room to see if they could find any clues as to where they could have disappeared to. Before leaving the kitchen, for some reason, they decided to look in the fridge: “We didn’t know it was a body until we got ready to close the refrigerator and we could see the head down in the bottom of the vegetable bin.” The immediate, and only, suspect was their 43-year-old reclusive unemployed son, Charles Rogers, who had lived with his parents; he was nowhere to be found. An investigation revealed that the elderly couple had been murdered on Father’s Day. Edwina had been brutally beaten before being shot in the head, execution style. Fred had been bludgeoned with a claw hammer; his eyes had been gouged out and his genitals removed. The couple were then dismembered and their organs were flushed down the toilet. Charles Rogers was never found or heard from again but his life was documented in the 1992 book, The Man on the Grassy Knoll, in which the author claimed that Rogers was a CIA agent who was involved in the assassination of President JFK. He theorised that his parents had discovered his true identity and responded by killing them and then fleeing to Guatemala.

13 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be Real

Here’s the recipe for a conspiracy theory: You need an event or supposed “fraud” of some kind, a group of people or alliance that caused this event of fraud, they need to have coordinated ahead of time and to have kept it secret, and you need a motive. There are a numerous times in modern history that this happened. Perhaps the two biggest political conspiracies were the President Nixon’s Watergate Scandal and President Reagan’s Iran Contra Affair. A lesser-known U.S. political conspiracy was Operation Paperclip, where President Truman recruited Nazi scientists to work on the U.S. space program after World War II ended.

There have been a bunch of conspiracies related to U.S. Intelligence gathering: MK ULTRA, exposed by The Rockefeller Commission, were a series of government-sponsored LSD experiments (which we discussed in-depth in this episode of TestTubePlus). Operation Mockingbird was the CIA’s campaign to influence the media: the CIA recruited leading American journalists into a network to help present the CIA’s views to the American Public.

And it hasn’t just been government agencies. There’s been business conspiracies like big cigarette companies actively hiding links between smoking and cancer. Asbestos manufacturers tried their hardest to prevent the public from knowing the link between asbestos and respiratory diseases in order to avoid prosecution and payouts on massive class action lawsuits. So, with all these things, you can see why conspiracy theories are so prevalent online and why so many people believe them.

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Is that a time traveler at this 1995 Mike Tyson fight?

A “camera phone” has been spotted in the audience during this August 19, 1995 boxing match before camera phones existed. It’s blurry, but it’s enough to drive the web into scientific denial. If it looks like a camera phone and acts like a camera phone, it must be a camera phone from the future, right? Nope, it’s most likely a common device from 1995.

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Ok so the triangle at the top of yongguks looks like the a in the stylized B.A.P

Then Jongups was an i

Youngjaes is an x

I’m assuming the other letters will be m t and r and the main song on the album will be MATRIX which was found in the word search

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There have been several accounts from c-ent insiders warning that there will be multiple planned attacks (spreading rumors that cld cause harm to their careers) regarding Kris and Luhan. The first was Luhan being married with a kid (immediately proven false) and now this Kris rumor (also proven false by multiple ppl and he's taking legal action) some c-EXO fans are getting worried bc the same ppl targeting Kris and Luhan want to go after certain EXO members for even being associated with them.

Now that you say something I remember hearing about potential attempts to ruin Luhan and Kris but I thought that in and of itself was purely rumor / speculation / paranoia. But since Luhan and Kris both have had these strange dramatic incidents and we did hear about this being a future possibility before then !!!! they were right ?? 

That would explain why Kris’s company came out swiftly and threw down the lawsuit gauntlet practically immediately. No doubt they also were wary and expected something like this to happen. If fans are wary you know these companies are already looking out like hawks.

I think that, if this is true, they will be trying to take advantage of fans’ sympathies. As you can already see, many fans on Tumblr especially are automatically taking the girl’s side and assuming she’s in the right and he’s in the wrong + a bad person (which I don’t agree with but folks got their own philosophies on life so let ‘em be). Even if they manage to totally prove the allegations false those fans will still view Kris negatively, even unwillingly so, because they believed he did this right off the bat. So his image is already harmed even if this is false.

If these same people want to go after certain EXO members for association then that means . Well you know what that means. It means they’re likely going to be coming after Lay next and if some huge accusation comes out against Yixing, we’ll know this big conspiracy theory thing was right (and we shouldn’t believe whatever it is people say thereafter). 

Again this all rests entirely on whether this is actually a big mess to try to come after and ruin these idols or not. Other exo members may be sought highly after to “ruin” as well, but Lay seems the most likely considering he blatantly said he and Luhan still keep in touch and Luhan confirmed it. If this is all true then I have so much fear for these men in the future because Yixing has already been on a veritable chopping block in the past in fans’ eyes … Fans would turn on him so hard you wouldn’t think he was an ~EXO~ member in the first place. 

Evidence That The Use Of Thermite In The Controlled Demolition Of WTC7 Is No Longer A Hypothesis, It Is In Fact A Tested And Proven Theory:

Peer-reviewed, scientific research confirmed the presence of extremely high temperatures at the WTC (1). The high temperatures were evidenced by metallic and other microspheres, along with evaporated metals and silicates. These findings were confirmed by 9/11 investigators and by scientists at an independent company and at the United States Geologic Survey (2).

A Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publication has identified the presence of nano-thermite in the WTC dust (3). One of the critical aspects of that paper has been confirmed by an independent scientist, chemical engineer, Mark Basile.

For more information about this peer reviewed scientific article:

  • Thermitic Pyrotechnics in the WTC Made Simple (4): Three Points of Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe that Anyone Can Understand - A concise non-technical summary of three key points about recently documented unexploded pyrotechnics from the Twin Towers

  • Explosives Found in World Trade Center Dust (5): Scientists Discover Both Residues And Unignited Fragments Of High-Tech Metal Incendiaries In Debris From the Twin Towers - A non-technical guide to the newly published paper explaining the identification of nano-engineered explosive materials in dust from the Twin Towers

Environmental Anomalies at the World Trade Center: Evidence for Energetic Materials (6) is a Peer-reviewed scientific analysis of the environmental data collected at Ground Zero in the months following 9/11, that indicated that violent incendiary fires were occurring, that could not be put out, despite millions of gallons of water being poured over the site and the use of chemical fire suppressants

Investigators monitoring air quality at the World Trade Center, after the September 11th attacks, found extremely high levels of volatile organic chemicals as well as unusual species that had never been seen before in structure fires. Data collected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency indicate striking spikes in levels of benzene, styrene, and several other products of combustion

Only thermite, which contains its own oxidant and therefore cannot be extinguished by smothering it, can explain this evidence.

Government Agents Are Killing The World’s Top UFO Researchers, Conspiracy Fans Claim

Two recent deaths of UFO researchers have reignited a conspiracy theory that government agents - or Men in Black - are killing UFO and paranormal researchers.

The conspiracy theory has continued for decades, with some believers claiming that hundreds of researchers have been assassinated over the decades.

Some even believe that JFK was killed by government agents - to stop him revealing the truth about aliens.

The two latest victims are UFO researcher Gaurav Tiwari, found dead in India under supposedly ‘mysterious circumstances’ - although authorities are treating it as suicide.

Max Spiers, a paranormal researcher who claimed to have been part of a secret government ‘supersoldier’ programme, died in Poland this month.

The cause of death has not been confirmed - but YouTube commenters are already convinced it’s murder.

Many conspiracy fans are convinced that world governments systematically kill off UFO researchers - to hide the truth.

Expolotics blog said, ‘I have never met Max, I have met other courageous whistleblowers, one man who was connected with the elite rulers, he told me the ultimate compliment from the Illuminati is when you are killed, it shows you are doing good work and are a great threat to them and their agenda.’

Nigel Watson author of the UFO Investigations Manual says:As long ago as1971, researcher Otto Binder claimed that at least 137 UFO investigators had died under mysterious circumstances during the 1960s.

‘According to UFO conspiracy theory, the CIA killed President Kennedy because he wanted to share UFO secrets with the Soviet Union. In addition, Marilyn Monroe was allegedly murdered because she was speaking too freely about UFOs. The night before her death she had spoken to the TV celebrity columnist Dorothy Kilgallen about the Roswell saucer crash of 1947. Kilgallen subsequently died under mysterious circumstances on 8 November 1965.

‘This shows how these various deaths can be woven together to support the idea that the truth about UFOs and alien visitations is being suppressed and discredited.