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echelia  asked:

Do u have any advice for me to get over kim jonghyun's final rank? I seriously need strength right now. My other biases made it but I just don't feel as happy.

I know….it’s been more than 72 hours but I’m still reeling. To be honest, I’m still a little lost. I’ve mostly been trying to think about the pros of him not making the final 11. 

Jonghyun arguably amassed the largest following out of all the Nu’est members on the show, despite his final rank. After his angel edit, he consistently ranked higher than the rest of the Nu’est members and even beat out voting powerhouses Kang Daniel and, most notably, Park Jihoon (how tf does a person who ranked number 1 not make it, mnet, what the fuck??????? he beat winkboy?????). He probably has the largest fanbase now. If he had made it, then the most famous 2 of Nu’est would be unavailable for a year and a half. If Nu’est still chose to promote then with only 3 members, and 3 members that weren’t extraordinarily popular, then Nu’est’s comeback wouldn’t be nearly as successful.

This might sound a little bit gimmicky or a bit of a reach, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Pledis and MNET organized for Jonghyun not to make it, for a multitude of reasons. If JR himself knew, I don’t know, but I think he VERY POSSIBLY could’ve.

1. Wanna One might’ve possibly received extra backlash if half of the Nu’est members who participated made it into the final 11. People love to point fingers and shout unfair, and Wanna One most likely doesn’t want controversy before they even debut (hence the rules prohibiting promoting in separate groups). So just 1 making it would be optimal for MNET.

2. Jonghyun’s number 1 priority has always been to keep Nu’est alive and prevent its disbandment. If he were to make top 11 with Minhyun, he, the member with the largest fanbase, wouldn’t be able to promote with Nu’est for 1.5 years. By then, Nu’est would likely have lost their momentum (knetz and netz in general have short attention spans , 1.5 years is simply too long a time). Even if they were to make comebacks in subunits, their success wouldn’t be guaranteed with the loss of their two most popular members.

3. Unsurprisingly, the internet erupted with anger and betrayal when they found out that nation’s leader hadn’t made it, which pushed people to adamantly and forcibly declare that they would support Nu’est’s comeback with all they had and also push their peers to do so as well. Anger fuels a lot. People’s anger that Jonghyun didn’t make it causes them to bombard Nu’est with support to give their most popular member “justice,” and many will feel as if they are helping to reverse a great wrong by giving Nu’est that extra support.

Nu’est has officially announced a comeback “by the second half of this year”.

I personally think that Jonghyun is such a selfless leader that he would’ve sacrificed his place in the final 11 for the sake of Nu’est. He wants to use his newfound fanbase on the wellbeing of his group, his brothers, so don’t let him down and support Nu’est with all of your might when it comes to it. That’s how I will cope. 


I’m selfish and I’m really sad that I won’t be able to see him performing in the top 11 where he belongs. We can be sad together, echelia, but make sure to come back here when Nu’est makes its comeback and we can freak out together and celebrate JR, ok? we have that to look forward too. WE GOT THIS OK! MOST OF YOUR FAVES MADE IT! LIFE IS GOOD FOR THEM! nU’EST IS COMING BACK! WEEWOO


In case your life needed tiny Lee Aigoo—I mean, Lee Junwoo!

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