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John and Sherlock are in love but also they are sooooooooo thirsty for each other, and have been since the moment they met.

John literally asked Sherlock out in the first episode of the show and Sherlock literally asked John out in the second episode of the show and heteronormative people have got their eyes shut and their fingers in their ears screaming, “BROMANCE BROMANCE BROMANCE BROMANCE.”

Like. Why are people so fucking married to the idea that John and Sherlock are straight anyway? I am physically incapable of understanding that.


Gianluca Tamburini

Vivienne (first) and Biotech (second) by Italian shoe designer, Gianluca Tamburini.

If I were to save for a pair of wedding shoes, it would be for the second Biotech heels. Gianluca Tamburini is the extra special in luxury past the Louboutins and you can buy his footwear online from Flooly.

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