conspiracy nonsense

If you ever encounter a wild, unbelievable claim; a clearly, farcically fictitious notion; a cliché or stereotype that persists despite lacking a hint of verisimilitude; if you think that nobody could ever seriously believe it, then take amoment to consider that people seriously believe the following.

That the Earth is flat.
That the universe is six thousand years old.
That the Moon is a hologram.
That the Apollo astronauts conducted negotiations with the people of Venus.

And remember that these aren’t even the most outlandish examples.

Wes Weston, Star, & 'The Obituary'

Okay, so a few days ago a bunch of us were chatting in the Skype chatroom and were talking about Wes… specifically how his obsession with exposing Danny is standard for your typical journalist. So there’s a good chance he’d fit right in with the school’s journalism club, assuming he wasn’t already a member.

Keeping with the show’s ghost puns and such we thought that “The Obituary” would be a fitting name for Casper High’s newspaper.

But wait! If Wes on the school newspaper, then what’s to keep him from filling every square in of every page with Fenton Phantom conspiracy nonsense? Not that he likely wouldn’t try to do it anyways, but someone’s gotta keep the school news on the important topics.

Someone who’s smart…

Someone who’s bossy…

Someone you wouldn’t dare cross.

I’m quite sure that Star would make an outstanding newspaper head/editor. Plus with her ‘orbital’ status with the A-Lister’s means she’s always on top of the current gossip, even if her slant on the stories isn’t really unbiased.

(Not to mention it gives a little depth to one of Danny Phantom’s least utilized side characters, in cannon or fannon)

(Animations courtesy of DannyPhantomStuff)

Fandom Friendships

After yesterday’s events, I’ve been trying to figure out what I could contribute to the discussions. The concept that I’ve struggled with for a while now is how so many women continue to embrace the idea that it was Sam and Cait who lied to them and not the ES leadership with their ridiculous conspiracy theories. This and some of the stories shared by some former shippers got me thinking about the nature of friendship , especially those that develop amongs fans.

When Cait posted the birthday picture, this woman declared herself a FIERCE friend to Sam, someone willing to stand up and say “I got this” knowing full well the blow back she was going to receive. And you know that she didn’t give a rat’s ass. She knew what she was doing was the right thing to do. She didn’t attack anyone, she simply posted a picture that said “Sam and Mackenzie’s relationship is real. And I support it.”

How many of the ES leaders are willing to do the same? Especially the ones who claim Cait as their Queen and know the SAM/Cait ship is just a fantasy but continue to lie to their followers…especially when the shit hits the fan like it did yesterday. How many are willing to stand up like Cait and do the right thing? How many are willing to risk their own social standing by telling the truth?

So here are a handful of my own thoughts about how you can tell who is a true friend. Maybe it will help some who are struggling with the inevitable loss that occurs when they step off the ship and find that people they thought were friends turn their back on them. 

·  A true friend is the one who honestly tells you when the object of your affection is “just not that into you”

· A true friend encourages the better angels of your nature, not hatred and anger.

·  A true friend does not encourage you to emotionally invest in nonsensical conspiracy theories.

·  A  true friend does not try to isolate you from other people or other ideas.

Please feel free to add your own ideas of what makes a true friend.


For the last painting I didn’t lay down any paint until I had drawn the face in various sizes at least 10 times. This time I went straight to paint and this is what came of it. Not my favorite, but still kind of fun. I call this “Fictional Conspiracy based on Jaoquin” and its basically just a bunch of nonsense, hope you like it!

Today was the first day of the course I’m taking on Old Church Slavonic. I’m only taking this class because it’s a requirement for the PhD, but you know, it’s actually pretty fascinating stuff. So far, the thing that’s really caught my interest is the Glagolitic Alphabet, the first writing system developed for Slavic language. It was created by missionaries specifically to bring Byzantine Christianity to the pagan Slavs, and there is religious symbolism coded write into the letters themselves.

Take, for instance…

This is one of the most symbolically-loaded letters in the whole alphabet and it’s a goddamn triangle.

It’s also the letter “s,” known as “slovo” (the way A is called “alpha” in Greek). “Slovo” also means word, or The Word. Pretty big deal. Could be the most powerful letter in the alphabet in symbolic terms.

It’s also the second letter in the special pair:

These corresponding letters stand for I. S., which is the Greek abbreviation for Jesus. The triangle stands for the holy trinity and the circle symbolizes eternity. A sacred triangle in an eternal circle. It’s not hard to read that as just an inside-out eye of Providence, really.


anonymous asked:

hi! i was scrolling through your blog and was confused about the ahsoka not being the wolf thing. do you mind explaining what that's about?

No problem!

In the trailer for s4 of Rebels, there’s shots of Ezra and Kanan bonding with a Loth-wolf, and Ezra and Sabine riding it. 

People were HYSTERICAL because for some reason they were completely fucking convinced that Dave Filoni suddenly became a hack and it was going to turn out that Ahsoka was reincarnated as this random Loth-wolf despite the fact that she’s not even dead and that there is literally no reason for anyone to think that, ever. It was the height of fandom conspiracy theory nonsense.

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Warmbier was "quite likely a spy" or "being used by a US imperialist agency" how delusional do you have to be to type that. What must you tell yourself so that those words make any sense at all. That's some next level conspiracy theory nonsense, this person is somehow channeling both Alex Jones and Kim Jong Un which must be a wild ride

It’s disgusting.

explaining racism to and discussing race issues with white people is such a painful and exhausting process. it’s like you have to be someone with 3 degrees and with high credentials and be 100% articulate in english whilst providing several sources of information to back it up while all simulatenously appearing as calmly and intellectually and non-aggressive and non-threatening as possible just to be able to be seen as someone worth listening to. if I don’t have any of these, everything I say just sounds like nonsense or conspiracy theories to them. white people though? they do nothing and everything they say is just, apparently, facts. and I wanna scream.

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How do we know CS is the biggest draw, though? I know that's easy for us to say since we ship them, but is it actually something we can quantify? The official accounts haven't exactly been promoting CS as much as normal this season.

How do we know? It’s really not that hard to see the writing on the wall. When entertainment journalists write about the show they use a promo pic of CS more often than not. the most liked pictures on the official accounts all have CS (or Jen or Colin) on them. There is CS merchandise out there. The OUAT official conventions are selling better for the Saturday panels than the Sunday panels. A&E have referred to it as a fan favorite. Canadagraphs has said that the traffic to his website is way higher when he posts CS news vs. any other character or pairing. The ship is in the Top 20 most reblogged ships on Tumblr.

As for the official accounts … I assume you mean the OUAT twitter and facebook accounts? Their promotion has been pretty on par with every other season. Last year one of our shipmates did a social media post comparison and the official accounts have always distributed their posts pretty evenly.

Can it be quantified? I’m sure the network has some data that shows some fancy numbers that we will never see. But I think you would have to be blind to ignore that CS is the biggest draw.

But you would also have to be blind to ignore that Regina is also a fan favorite. I admit that as a standalone character she is more popular than Emma (which is fine, not everyone can have great taste like me LOL) but because Hook is also insanely popular that makes Emma’s romance with him top the charts.

People who hate CS have tried to come up with all sorts of nonsense conspiracy theories to prove that the love for this ship is somehow being faked but their “data” was debunked with a simple click.

When I say that CS is the biggest draw it’a not me trying to brag about my OTP, it’s just me commenting on the writing that is clearly on the wall. Can the show go on without them? They could certainly try but I think they would see very quickly what the ratings impact would be in that scenario.

Can we talk about the real implications of crying queer-baiting ?

I think people who genuinely cry queerbaiting about a relationship which is clearly to most a friendship, are bordering on dangerous.
What an utterly POISONOUS mentality to have, to suggest that two men can’t love each other without fucking?
What an AWFUL message to be spreading that strong, masculine men aren’t allowed to express affection to one another, be open about their feelings, support each other and respect each other without being perceived as ‘in a sexual relationship.’
How fucked up is it that in our fandom, portraying a strong emotional bond between two attractive men who are not immediate relatives, can not possibly be interpreted as ANYTHING but QUEER BAITING- a conspiracy suggesting that no implied homosexual love story should come to fruition because the media is pushing a homophobic agenda.

The reason Dean reaffirms his straightness is because he IS straight. There is nothing wrong with being gay or bisexual, Dean ‘don’t judge’ -but Dean is straight.
You’re AS BAD as man haters that call themselves feminists. You’re as bad as anyone who says they want equality while exercising inverted bigotry.
Guess what. I’m bi, and I support straight people. Guess what, straight people are a big part of this world. They are not all out to get you, but by the looks of it, you are out to get them.
Ask yourself what kind of message you are pushing yourself before you drape yourself in the flag of liberal mindedness.
Stop being disgusting. Stop hindering a wonderful story that is trying to accommodate our community in its own way, while sticking to the fundamentals of its message, which have NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!

If literally ALL you can do is look for ways to ‘queer bait’ yourselves and get legitimately offended by that not becoming a reality then I honestly don’t know how to help you. You probably can’t see the good in anything! You must feel the need to put everything under a microscope until you can find something that is perceived as politically incorrect. You certainly can’t enjoy something for what it is.

Let me put it to you this way, if Dean were canonically gay, and Cas was a girl, would it be considered straight baiting?

This internet conspiracy theory nonsense is getting very old for me. Do you really expect that all creativity should bow to your whim? Do you really think that making writers walk on eggshells is going to give you a good story? Back in the days when puerile Tumblr politics didn’t exist, people could relate to a character as a human being. It didn’t matter about 'representation’. It shouldn’t matter what colour you are, what gender you are, what sexuality you are when the story is about a HUMAN experience.
Fuck off and leave supernatural alone.
Some of us want the show to go on and we are so beyond done with this absolute nonsense.

nothing is staged!!! fans are rightfully blamed!!! everything is organic!!! and fans ‘conspiracy theories’ are just nonsense!!!!!