conspiracy nonsense

A tidbit from unexpected source

Okay, so I went to WS twitter last night, cause I am an idiot, but was curious.

Anyway, among all the nonsense conspiracy theories he has come up with, secret blogs, shipper only FB groups where the “core” group secretly plots… Is he for real???? Totally unhinged… LOL LOL

Well, among those ridiculous tweets, the tweet below stood out!!

What makeup artist? Is he referring to the pics from the Saks photoshoot? 

When someone says to me “oops I let that info accidentally slip” to me that means the info was real but you were not supposed to say.

So, is Shatner confirming that makeup man accidentally gave us info? (or that other have accidentally given us info) This would mean the info was actually good??!! LOL LOL Saks makeup man was a great piece of info, I will say!!

Does Shatner realize that he has accidentally confirmed something that goes directly against his narrative???

Things that make you wonder, from a most unexpected source…LOL

nothing is staged!!! fans are rightfully blamed!!! everything is organic!!! and fans ‘conspiracy theories’ are just nonsense!!!!!


Milo Yiannopoulos vs. Julie Bindel at the University of Michigan

Milo Yiannopoulos takes his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” to the University of Michigan to roundly trounce Julie Bindel on the topic of feminism and free speech.

It’s become something of a cliche amongst opponents of feminism to say how appalling at argument feminists are, but it’s still actually startling to see what happens when one of them dares to step on a podium to preach to anyone but the enthusiastically brainwashed choir: they really don’t have ANY kind of evidence-based argument left at all, just a bunch of feelings and believees and a demonstrably bonkers conspiracy theory they call ‘The Patterwacky’. Bindel’s ‘explanation’ for saying she would like to see all men put in concentration camps as a ‘joke’ seems peculiar and disingenuous when everything else that she says here demonstrates just how much she obviously and unapologetically means it.

I don’t go along with Milo’s Tory flag-waving, or his defense of the Catholic church, but in pretty much every other respect he’s right on the money, here and everywhere else.
Neil deGrasse Tyson literally drops the mic on B.o.B.'s flat Earth claims
Good thing B.o.B. didn’t try to defend the science in Disney’s The Black Hole to Neil deGrasse Tyson. On Wednesday night’s episode of The Nightly...

While I wish NDT would address B.o.B.’s anti-semitism and Holocaust denial directly, at least he’s doing a fantastic job of discrediting this conspiracy theory nonsense to a wide and appreciative audience. Keep up the good work, Neil.