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Why is no one talking about this—

Yes, I’m here to talk about the GDA thingy, I’m sorry—only that no, I’m not sorry.

I shall not give a damn pickle, however, about whoever won or not because, really, THERE’S A MOST PRESSING ISSUE.



Do you see what I see?

Do you grasp even the most minimum idea of whatever the heck I’m talking about?

No? Well I’m here to gladly explain, child.

The thing is—they’ve got it all wrong.

And by they I mean Jongdae and Sehun.

See, there’s a pattern to follow.

Wine-thingy-color with wine-thingy-color, gold-pee-color with gold-pee-color, white with white, and maroon-color-like-crap with maroon-color-like-crap thingy.

But they’re off.

Then I thought—Jongdae and Sehun could’ve just switched up places… But NO, cause Sehun and Chanyeol are always at the and cause, you know, tol, so that would’ve ruined another pattern.

So they could’ve just switched up their coats with each other but why didn’t they??? Did they not have it in their size???? Did they purposely destroy the perfect symmetry between the members of a boy group so coordinated they might suddenly at any moment squat when another member is taken a dump on the bathroom???

Seriously, what is nobody talking about this…

If you ever encounter a wild, unbelievable claim; a clearly, farcically fictitious notion; a cliché or stereotype that persists despite lacking a hint of verisimilitude; if you think that nobody could ever seriously believe it, then take amoment to consider that people seriously believe the following.

That the Earth is flat.
That the universe is six thousand years old.
That the Moon is a hologram.
That the Apollo astronauts conducted negotiations with the people of Venus.

And remember that these aren’t even the most outlandish examples.

Wes Weston, Star, & 'The Obituary'

Okay, so a few days ago a bunch of us were chatting in the Skype chatroom and were talking about Wes… specifically how his obsession with exposing Danny is standard for your typical journalist. So there’s a good chance he’d fit right in with the school’s journalism club, assuming he wasn’t already a member.

Keeping with the show’s ghost puns and such we thought that “The Obituary” would be a fitting name for Casper High’s newspaper.

But wait! If Wes on the school newspaper, then what’s to keep him from filling every square in of every page with Fenton Phantom conspiracy nonsense? Not that he likely wouldn’t try to do it anyways, but someone’s gotta keep the school news on the important topics.

Someone who’s smart…

Someone who’s bossy…

Someone you wouldn’t dare cross.

I’m quite sure that Star would make an outstanding newspaper head/editor. Plus with her ‘orbital’ status with the A-Lister’s means she’s always on top of the current gossip, even if her slant on the stories isn’t really unbiased.

(Not to mention it gives a little depth to one of Danny Phantom’s least utilized side characters, in cannon or fannon)

(Animations courtesy of DannyPhantomStuff)

So I’m bored at work, and elected to watch this video that’s proving how there are no forests on Earth; all our forests are just tiny bushes compared to the monolithic sized trees that we now only see the trunks of and call mesas. The main reason I wanted to watch it is because this is my favorite conspiracy nonsense theory, but I always wanted to know what happened to the super trees in this theory.

Apparently there was a world wide fire in 1816 that destroyed 99% of the Earth’s biosphere. That’s the answer. I was really hoping for something more like confoundingly substantial, like aliens with memory guns. But a giant fire that destroyed 99% of the biosphere from 200 years ago that we’ve just never been taught about? Man, I’m disappointed.

to be honest, the fact that these tankies are calling Chelesa a psyop is just a symptom of how threadbare their analysis is generally, and goes to show how little point there is in actually engaging with their arguments. Like I will never enter into a genuine discussion over whether or not she’s a psyop, it’s an argument that doesn’t even deserve the attention required to debunk it. If we’re going to spend time attacking nonsense conspiracy theories we may as well take on some Alex Jones shit or something - at least there are large numbers of working class people who actually buy that pish. 

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With news of the IDW Sonic comics coming up tomorrow, what are your hopes and wishes for it?

The license and it’s characters to be treated with respect

You know, IDW not pulling an Archie, not incorporating half-baked, disingenuous bullshit such as hooky “character development” (Read; Character derialment for agenda’s), stuff that has no place in a Sonic work i.e Political commentary/Conspiracies, grimdark nonsense and generally the comic to be loyal to the feeling of the games.

Some actual quality standards for storytelling and characterization without writer biases or questionable ideas showing their face

No creator’s pets please. No spotlight stealers either. Or flagrantly annoying and/or badly designed canon foreigners. Had enough of that in Archie thank you very much. And for the love of God, I expect the SEGA characters to be recognizable i.e No jerkass Sonic a ‘la Flynn!Sonic, complete dumbass Knuckles a ‘la Boom!Knuckles or psycho Amy a ‘la X!Amy.

I also expect logical and absorbing storytelling without plotholes, idiot plots or bad “humor” a ‘la Pontaff.

Good artists to be hired.

I for one wouldn’t mind at all and would in fact be very happy if Diana Skelly, Tyson Hesse, Ben Bates, Steven Butler and Evan Stanley to say a few were hired to draw art for the comic. I rather liked their art in Archie.

Faithful game adapts would be pretty swish.

If IDW for instance used the Adventure games as the basis of story arcs, adapting their storylines in a faithful and whatsmore interesting way and perhaps even adding more of value to what is there to work with, you won’t see me complain at all.

Sidelined characters being given focus.


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i feel like rick has a lot of nonsense conspiracy theories- what's the weirdest thing he's rambled on about?

H-how they d-discontinued Oreo Os just t-to spite him.

Today was the first day of the course I’m taking on Old Church Slavonic. I’m only taking this class because it’s a requirement for the PhD, but you know, it’s actually pretty fascinating stuff. So far, the thing that’s really caught my interest is the Glagolitic Alphabet, the first writing system developed for Slavic language. It was created by missionaries specifically to bring Byzantine Christianity to the pagan Slavs, and there is religious symbolism coded write into the letters themselves.

Take, for instance…

This is one of the most symbolically-loaded letters in the whole alphabet and it’s a goddamn triangle.

It’s also the letter “s,” known as “slovo” (the way A is called “alpha” in Greek). “Slovo” also means word, or The Word. Pretty big deal. Could be the most powerful letter in the alphabet in symbolic terms.

It’s also the second letter in the special pair:

These corresponding letters stand for I. S., which is the Greek abbreviation for Jesus. The triangle stands for the holy trinity and the circle symbolizes eternity. A sacred triangle in an eternal circle. It’s not hard to read that as just an inside-out eye of Providence, really.


Some Good Old Fashioned Antisemitism

Some old-style antisemitism from Glenn Greenwald! This is a trope I would expect to hear from Richard Nixon or some McCarthyist of yore.

Make no mistake, this is a clear dogwhistle with a long and ugly history. “Unregistered Israeli plants” within the US Government means “spies”. He’s saying Jewish spies control the US government and manipulate it for their own ends. 

This statement is no different than a coo-coo crazy right wing or Islamist talking points about a Zionist Occupied Government or a Jewish conspiracy controlling the world. How is this “left-wing”? How is this “anti-racist”? This is exactly what David Duke would say. Yet Glenn Greenwald is an intellectual and a journalist?

Second of all, it’s completely bonkers. Israeli agents control the US government….so they got Trump to move the embassy? They didn’t get him to take care of Iran for them? That would seem like the logical goal of these all-powerful Israeli spies. But even if it wasn’t, all they wanted was for Trump to move the embassy? If they’re so powerful, why didn’t they make him give them all of Jerusalem? Or disrupt the status quo at the Temple Mount? Or let the US government print “Jersualem, Israel” on passports? Or even name a date for the embassy move? 

Glenn Greenwald and Trump exploit the same assumption: facts don’t really matter when it comes to Israel/Palestine. Trump made this statement as a Hail Mary distraction move, on the same day that the women who accused him of assault were being honored by Time magazine. When you listen to the actual content of his speech, there isn’t much. He basically acknowledges that the move is purely symbolic, gives no dates, and reaffirms that he will not change the US government’s position of support for two states and a divided Jerusalem. But he knew that that wouldn’t be the story. The story would be that Trump “gave” Jerusalem to Israel. His supporters would cheer his lack of political correctness and willingness to snub Muslims. His detractors wring their hands about how horrible he is, but, in doing so, would be affirming the exact narrative he wants. In talking about how irresponsible and evil he supposedly is, they would still be giving credence to the talking point that Trump has the power to give Jerusalem away. And because he’s so cynical and nihilistic, the idea that it could cause unrest, confusion, or pain doesn’t bother him.

Likewise, Glenn Greenwald can’t possibly think this is the Israeli government’s deepest, darkest desire. But he hates Israel and his fanbase hates Israel and, when you hate something, you don’t have to think. Left-wingers who would rightfully be shocked and horrified by a respectable right-wing thinker ranting about “creeping Sharia law” will unproblematically accept a nonsense conspiracy theory that belongs in the mouth of a braindead bigot, not a left-wing intellectual. That’s just the name of the game!

Studios Don’t “Own” Their Actors’ Personal Lives and They Would Probably Be Sued If They Tried

I’m seeing the ES now talking about how TPTB/ PR “narrative” is draining Sam. They seem to think TPTB can order him to hang out with MacKenzie during his time off and “hide” his “relationship” with Cait from the public. I thought I would pull up an “ask” a retired law professor wrote a long time ago to remind folks what she had to say about this: 

TPTB aren’t controlling Sam and Cait’s personal lives. There is no conspiracy. This isn’t 1950′s Hollywood. Studios don’t have that power. There are unions now.

Please stop TPTB/ PR conspiracy nonsense. Sam and Cait are not a couple. Sam is dating MacKenzie. Cait is dating Tony. That’s just the way it is.

why do antisocialists always say weird nonsensical ahistorical conspiracy bullshit and then expect people to argue with them instead of laugh at them

I went as far as disabling adblock on tumblr and yet I’ve never seen a single ad that wasn’t perfectly coherent, so I just assume there’s a great conspiracy and everyone posting nonsensical ads are making them up to fuck with me

Fandom Friendships

After yesterday’s events, I’ve been trying to figure out what I could contribute to the discussions. The concept that I’ve struggled with for a while now is how so many women continue to embrace the idea that it was Sam and Cait who lied to them and not the ES leadership with their ridiculous conspiracy theories. This and some of the stories shared by some former shippers got me thinking about the nature of friendship , especially those that develop amongs fans.

When Cait posted the birthday picture, this woman declared herself a FIERCE friend to Sam, someone willing to stand up and say “I got this” knowing full well the blow back she was going to receive. And you know that she didn’t give a rat’s ass. She knew what she was doing was the right thing to do. She didn’t attack anyone, she simply posted a picture that said “Sam and Mackenzie’s relationship is real. And I support it.”

How many of the ES leaders are willing to do the same? Especially the ones who claim Cait as their Queen and know the SAM/Cait ship is just a fantasy but continue to lie to their followers…especially when the shit hits the fan like it did yesterday. How many are willing to stand up like Cait and do the right thing? How many are willing to risk their own social standing by telling the truth?

So here are a handful of my own thoughts about how you can tell who is a true friend. Maybe it will help some who are struggling with the inevitable loss that occurs when they step off the ship and find that people they thought were friends turn their back on them. 

·  A true friend is the one who honestly tells you when the object of your affection is “just not that into you”

· A true friend encourages the better angels of your nature, not hatred and anger.

·  A true friend does not encourage you to emotionally invest in nonsensical conspiracy theories.

·  A  true friend does not try to isolate you from other people or other ideas.

Please feel free to add your own ideas of what makes a true friend.

on that note, i also just finished the main story titan trial and *quietly lays down* so many feelings about the garlean assault on the waking sands holy fuck

almost all of the scions. just, dead. and only urianger, papalymo, and yda were the ones who were captured. y’shtola and thancred are markedly missing from that scene. (unless i’m misremembering and it was y’shtola who was captured and not yda.) y’shtola is probably still in la noscea gathering information on the ascians. but where is thancred in all of this?

and minfilia’s reaction to the assault was… interesting. (at least from the english localization.) she didn’t panic like i thought she would—rather, it felt like she knew what was happening right at that moment and reacted as if this wasn’t her first rodeo. her surrender made sense! she knew she didn’t have the force to fight back—after all, the garleans had caught the scions off guard and was, you know, killing off a good number of them at the moment.

but what bothers me is that she appeared as though the dying screams of the scions weren’t affecting her. maybe it was the heat of the moment and that she needed to focus on surviving the assault first but. damn, i’d be at least shaken to hear my allies dying right outside my door if i were her. maybe i’m overanalyzing this scene too much but something about it just… seemed off to me.

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I’m assuming the cute boyfriendy pic that is on insta was leaked and that’s why no ones posting it on tumblr? He looked so happy 😊 Do you think the paps pics were released to distract from it?

not leaked, stolen, as per, and i highly doubt the pap who got harry today even knew about it, what kind of conspiracy larrie nonsense is this

Another PR/ TPTB Conspiracy “Expert”

Someone just shared some screencaps from a blogger called wishesandswitches, who can give a certain woman who likes horses a run for her money in the PR/ TPTB conspiracy nonsense category. Sadly, the Irish lass was foolish enough to reblog her. OMG are ES so desperate that they believe this rubbish?

Besides the fact that Starz/ Sony is not a mid-twentieth century film studio, Sam and Cait are B-/ C+ celebrities. No PR department is going to spend time and money flying “fake SOs” all over the world to promote fake romances for B-/ C+ celebrities. The only romance that would sell the show is Sam and Cait. Starz PR knows that, which is why they encouraged Sam and Cait’s playful flirting at PR events, especially the first year of the show. (Untill the “monster” they helped create in Shipperville started crossing boundaries and getting abusive.)

Sam dating Mackenzie has nothing to do with trying to get young folks to watch the show. We have Sophie, Cesar, Lauren, Rik and John to attract that audience.

This PR “expert” also apparently doesn’t understand that real life adult long-term couples rarely make public heart eyes at each other or show much PDA. You can tell Sam and Cait are a fake couple who are acting it out by how much PDA and heart eyes they have given each other at PR events (especially in the first year when that was encouraged).

Shippers please read up on tinhatting. Don’t fall for this PR/ TPTB conspiracy nonsense unless you want to stay on the emotional roller coaster that is tinhatting.

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