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weirdest show conspiracy theories: 1. They cast a guy who played in soap operas, angsty teenage tv shows and played a bisexual man for *reasons* as the 'dudebro with a heart of gold who definitely isn't hiding anything underneath' Dean Winchester. 2. Misha is getting buff because he's coming back naked OR the alternative: Cas is coming back naked because Misha got so buff and they couldn't pass up that opportunity :D

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NICE!  I dunno about the first one though…wouldn’t everyone be able to put 2 and 2 together on that?  Why, the character would need a male love interest.  Who would that be?  And he’d need to check out guys, season on season.  And flirt with them, maybe lie professionally.   It would be so obvious

Send me your weirdest show conspiracy theories

BREAKING NEWS: Local man points out that a lot of people wear black clothes. Is this a harmless coincidence, or sinister conspiracy led by retailers looking to maximize profit margins and INFECT THE NATION WITH A DISEASE?

(with many thanks to chainstay1 over on Twitter for sending this one in!)