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In case any of my followers hasn’t seen this

There’s a petition, “Make Hartswood Films, BBC, Gatiss and Moffat Answer for the Queerbaiting of Sherlock.”

I think this is very important. Will you all sign it too? (We need at least 333 more people to sign!)

Here’s the link:

Honestly Keith and Pidge would get along so well because they’re both crazy conspiracy theorists.
-Pidge built a machine and sat on the roof of the garrison for countless nights listening to alien radio chatter.
-Keith dropped out of the garrison just to hunt for aliens
-in their time period humans are more evolved with space travel, but still seem to know as little about aliens as we know today
-therefore, everyone would have thought they were insane
-Conspiracy club. TINFOIL HATS. Case closed.

So I’ve done a bit of digging about Apple Tree Yard (the book and the drama that supposedly airs this Sunday). You know, pulling some (all the) threads, see where they lead.

Problem is, with what I’ve found, and what that leads me to believe, either I am a delusional and paranoid conspiracy nutter (in which case I’ll change my URL accordingly), or I’ve fallen so deep down the rabbit hole that it would be criminal of me to climb out.

I just- I don’t want to be blinded by hope, but something’s fucky. Something really is fucky.

I figure that more than one heads is better than just one, so, if you still believe tjlc is gonna be confirmed and have the barest minimum of internet skills, look it up  and/or pm me.

Also, if you have actually read the book, please pm me.

I feel like I’m losing my mind.

My thoughts on TFP

I didn’t really like this episode because it didn’t feel like the Sherlock I came to know and love. My mind wasn’t thinking of the ten different ways the case could’ve gone, because there was no case. There wasn’t that mind-numbing case or conspiracy that would’ve driven me insane like TRF did in series 2. I missed having to think. I missed the giant smart-ass Sherlock was in previous seasons. I didn’t like that they threw in every possible horror movie trope that they could. I didn’t like how the only thing that helped Euros was a hug from her big brother. I didn’t like how they basically made the only reason she killed Sherlock’s best friend (and almost killed John) was because she didn’t have a best friend. And the queer-bating???? What the hell was that Mofftis. They could’ve written it so much better.

Honestly, the only parts of this episode that I liked were Sherlock’s fake accent, Mycroft’s costume, and Johnlock with Rosie at the end.

Okay guys but...

What if the Catacombs was Abbie’s inheritance from her father’s line and it was stolen from them by THO and Pandora and THAT’S why Abbie and Crane are the destroyers; because Crane was her husband in that lineage and when THO stole their home/Abbie’s inheritance , Ichabbie destroyed THO and Pandora’s reign of terror and separated them?!

That would explain - at least in part - why Abbie was chosen to be a Witness. It came down from both her mother and her father. It would also explain why Pandora has had such a hard on for Abbie in particular. The ONLY reason she’s ever gone after Crane was to purposely hurt Abbie.

Pandora has called them other half and soulmates from the moment she came on the scene. She’s broughtAbbie’s fate and lineage into play multiple times. She’s taunted Abbie at every turn but never went after Crane. Why? Because Abbie was truly the reason for their downfall. Because Abbie avenged her stolen inheritance and therefore banished Pandora and trapped THO.


Okay, in the original story of the Little Mermaid, it’s super tragic and like she doesn’t get the guy and ends up dissolving into sea foam instead?

ALSO in the story, when she dies, she goes from being a mermaid to a “daughter of the air.”


GF Theory

Okay guys but. Hear me out for a second.

I don’t have any screencaps or quotes to back up this theory but just go with me on this.

What if the person Dipper ends up having to use the mind-wipe gun on…

is Ford?

I think it would make a lot of sense. If we assume Bill is going to intentionally take advantage of the Stanley-Stanford confusion to twist Gideon’s deal around so that Ford is the one Bill goes after,which, let’s be honest, is probably what’s going to happen, then it would make sense for Ford to ask Dipper to erase his memory.

His memory of what? Probably Gravity Falls as a whole. Ford knows too much and Bill knows it too. He’s been trying to get his claws into Ford for a while, as evidenced by Ford’s paranoia about him coming after him before he went into the portal, and we can also infer a lot from Bill’s first interaction with Gideon, when he started muttering to himself about ‘Stan Pines’ and we saw the flashes of the past reflected inside him. 

Bill is a dream demon who can casually take a stroll through people’s minds; through their memories, more specifically. I won’t pretend to know what it is Bill expects to find in Ford’s memories that’s so all-fired important, but I’ll bet Ford’ll know what it is he’s after. And I’ll also bet he’d rather forget, essentially, the last forty years of his life (since going through the portal is directly linked with Gravity Falls, he would probably forget everything that happened in the multiverse as well), all his research, everything’s he’s striven for in that time. 

He’s already proven he’s willing and able to personally destroy ‘[his] life’s work’ if it means protecting the greater good, and he’s said himself more than once that he would rather have been trapped beyond the portal forever rather than risk Stan starting it up again and possibly destroying the world. So choosing between total global annihilation and getting the last forty years of his life wiped clean? Yeah. I’m pretty sure we can guess which one he’d pick.

March 23, 1931: Baghat Singh, national liberation fighter and revolutionary communist, executed by British colonial authorities in India-Pakistan.

Telegram to Moscow

On January 21, 1930, the accused in the Lahore Conspiracy Case appeared in the court wearing red scarves. As soon as the magistrate took his chair they raised slogans:
“Long Live Socialist Revolution”,
“ Long Live Communist International ”,
“ Long Live People ”,
“ Lenin’s Name Will Never Die”,
“Down with Imperialism”,
…. Bhagat Singh then read the text of this telegram in the court and asked the magistrate to send it to the Third International. 

who are doing something for carrying forward the ideas of the Great Lenin. We wish success to the great experiment Russia is carrying out. We join our voice to that of the international working class movement. The proletariat will win. Capitalism will be defeated. Death to Imperialism.

Via Raghunath Bagul