conspiracy bs

“if kylo isn’t the only skywalker then there’s no reason for rey and kylo to be romantically involved because let’s be real those ugly re*ylos only ship it for the carrying on the skywalker legacy part”

“if kylo isn’t the only skywalker, he CAN DIE UNREDEEMED (he totally HAS TO because he MURDERED HAN!) and the skywalker family can continue bringing joy and happiness to the galaxy thanks to rey being the other skywalker heir!!!”

sure jan let’s hope the sequel trilogy is about rey gleefully extirpating the badwrong rotten apple from the skywalker family, because that’s EXACTLY how families work and no one is ever going to feel miserable or guilty again about the fate of ben solo because hey, WE HAVE A SPARE SKYWALKER HEIR! we can forget about that failed experiment altogether! HA, THAT’S A GOOD MESSAGE TO SEND ABOUT FAMILY AM I RIGHT

(who’s the one obsessed with /carrying out royal lines/ again?)

New concept:

When promo is about MUSIC then fans are hyped and people are willing to buy songs, everyone is happy and excited, an engaged fandom who can attract new fans.