You will never look at your $100 dollar bill the same again.

Benjamin Franklin - In 1998 The Times Of London reported that the bones of six children (4 of them adults) were discovered underneath the floorboards of Franklin’s old home; near Trafalgar Square where he lived when he was ambassador to England. It was during this time that it was said that his participation in The Hell Fire Club occurred amongst other horrible things like drinking the blood of unbaptised infants. The skeletons of the six children showed that their bodies had been cut up whilst some of the skulls had holes drilled into them. The age of the bones meant they may have been buried in the basement around the same time that Franklin was living in the house. Franklin’s face remains on the $100 despite the findings. I wonder why.

The Matrix is a system, Neo… But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system… You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.
—  Morpheus - The Matrix

All of these politicians that are involved in Paedophile rings in which high power people are trying to keep “quiet” about is an absolute joke. I’ve always been convinced that Prince Charles has got something to hide as well. If anyone is interested in human sacrifice (satanic rituals etc) then start researching about royals being involved in drinking the blood of infants, child sacrifices and various other abnormal things.

The Nag Hammadi texts describe how the Demiurge is served by the Archons – entities operating as mind-parasites (possessors of human perception) with a modus operandi encapsulated in a single word: deception. So often the Reptilians and associated forces are described in ancient cultures in similar terms. This is why the entire Control System within human reality is founded on deceit – politicians, bankers, ‘journalists’ and their like are so often professional liars because they are expressions of the Archontic deception which is based on lies and distortions of truth. Gnostics saw the Archons as counterfeit spirits exploiting the technique of ‘counter-mimicry’ in which they copy something that already exists and then give it a twist to make it produce a different consequence or outcome. Gnostic texts refer to this as phantasia. In short, the Demiurge and Archons invert everything and so do Satanists who serve and worship the Demiurge-Archons/Reptilians. Satanists use the inverted five-pointed star, or pentagram, as their prime symbol. They also invert the cross which originated many thousands of years before it was adopted by Christianity. This is not, as portrayed, an attack on Christianity which is just another prison-religion established to serve the Archontic Control System. The cross is inverted because Satanists invert everything just like the Demiurge and the Archon-Reptilians. The Archon-inspired and controlled Nazis took the benign ancient symbol of the swastika (which can be found profusely in Japanese temples) and turned it around to become their symbol for mass murder and mass control. The Archons invert everything.
—  David Icke - The Perception Deception
My Thoughts on The New Barbie Dolls

Cute clothes.

Unnecessary movement.

Clear agenda, possible butt-kissing.

These are the things that stood out to me upon hearing about #watchthedollevolve, the hashtag going to the new Barbie dolls collection.

In recent times, people started calling “Barbie” out for unrealistic body standards. Come on. She’s a doll.

I used to fall for this too, until I really woke up and swallowed the red pill, so to speak. I used to play with Barbies, and never compared myself to her. Not even once. It wasn’t until hardcore leftists started convincing me that traditional femininity was oppressive, evil, and dare I say, unnatural, that I would root for faux body positivity, and demanded Mattel made a plus sized Barbie! Screw staying healthy for my well-being! Thin privilege is a thing, right?

(Spoiler: it’s not, or at least not in the way you think.)

But…goodness me, I’m defending a doll that I don’t even support for different reasons…

Listen. People have different body types. Some people can’t control weight gain if they have thyroid issues. I believe you should love the way God made you, naturally. Some people may have extra abdominal fat (some women with apple shapes can have a pudge, even if they’re anorexic), some may gain weight in their hips. I feel like you’re healthy, cool. But you also shouldn’t expect society to cater to your every whim so you can feel “spehshul”. That’s not how it works. Deal with it. That’s why I have a problem with this.

People want to be special snowflakes that deserve to be noticed. Don’t agree? You’re “judging them.” See, a kid very rarely has a problem playing with their doll. The only thing I’ve heard people speak about was the lack of racially diverse dolls. (People don’t have to make their vision racially diverse if they don’t want to. But I digress. Either way, I’m cool.) But weight? Lol, I never wanted to look just like Barbie. The only affect Barbie probably had on me was becoming confident in the fact that I was a girly girl, something that I learned would be shunned later on in life.

It’s usually the younger parents or younger adults that get mad at this stuff. The kid doesn’t understand, but it’s so reinfornced that they just go along with it. They shift from “I’m just playing with my dolls” to “Come to think of it…Barbie does have smaller hands than me. That’s not fair.”

In recent times, both companies and celebrities are trying to prove that they’re “just like us” by coining terms or supporting things that get popular through word of mouth or certain movements. I can bet you that if femninism wasn’t a popular movement, most celebrities wouldn’t be saying they were feminists. But that’s for another blog post. Regardless, the media affects us. All of these factors are the makings of a successful brainwash.

Listen. I believe in the existence of conspiracies, because I’ve seen plenty of things and read many testimonies of survivors. With that being said, I also notice some kind of doll agenda? I forgot what it’s called, it’s some kind of S.R.A…you know, when celebrities hold dolls that look like them to signify how they’re being used? Is the fact that you can customize the doll to look like you, trying to brush it off (everyone can have a doll made, so it’s nothing), are they trying to normalize abuse subconsciously, or is it something else? Is this just a coincidence?

I’m actually really sickened by this…

So…blatant leftist agenda mixed with subconscious acceptance of ritual abuse.


Oh, and there might be symbolism with the immodest clothes and colors…but I'm not sure. It might just be high fashion or fashion trends we blindly follow.

A Summary of the X Files
  • Mulder:Aliensssss, the paranormallllll, nothing is what it seemsssss, Scullyyyyyy.
  • Scully:*writing case file* Well, strange things have been a-happening and I can't tell you that Mulder is wrong. Although, I can't tell you he's right either. This is some weird shit.