conspiract theories

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richie and bev (friendly) hc for their first high school party. maybe drinking too?

- Richie and Bev would like meet at Bills house (bc both thier home lives are trash) and try on outfits so they can “match”

- Bev would end up wearing like a floral dress and some doc martens 

- Richie would wear a hawaiin shirt with the same pattern as Bevs dress and he’d defo be the guy to wear sunglasses indoors

- They wouldn’t be shy like the rest of the guy, they’d straight up go to the drinks table and start playing 21 shots and see who could finish first

- They’d dominate beer pong don’t fight me on this

- Deep conversations about boys, the universe and conspiract theories with their feet in the pool and cigarettes in their mouths

- Richie would push Bev in the pool 

- They’d both end up walking home at 3am and fall asleep on park bench or under a tree somewhere and Bill will have to come and pick them up in the morning

Virtually every conspiracy narrative turns on a particular moment in which the central character, through investigative skill or by sheer luck, uncovers convincing evidence of a conspiracy. This discovery and the realization that comes with it transform how the character perceives the world, and tend equally to affect the pace and tone of the narrative… The uncovering of this evidence initiates nothing less than a totalizing conversion, affecting the character’s engagement in the social world and his private life. He becomes alienated from an increasingly defamiliarized political and social order, and his everyday life is suddenly vulnerable to extreme danger and violence. Information has forced on the character a cognitive crisis, and every current and past event becomes subject to reinterpretation in light of a changed world. The character must recognize what had been secret to him/her and what remains secret to most of the world: the “truth” of the social world in which he lives. Having glimpsed this essential truth, the protagonist begins the long and arduous task of successfully effecting change on the increasingly vulnerable political and social structures that finally are visible to him.
—  Mark FensterConspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture