I’m probably not the first person to notice this, but check out the resemblance between Stan’s mindscape and the Mystery Shack when the portal is activated.

This is both some excellent foreshadowing AND possibly a big clue about how things went down the first time the portal opened. Stan was definitely around when it happened- but I don’t think he was inside the Shack.

Mindscape aside, there’s another potential piece of evidence for this. Stan’s (former) fear of heights, mentioned in Fight Fighters.

Sehun is the next member to appear in teasers!

Not only is the current passcode–35AN–Sehun’s code from the Overdose album, but 5:12 Barcelona time is 4:12 London time and Sehun’s birthday is 4/12 (April 12th). Furthermore, Sehun follows both Kai and Tao in debut teaser order. Expect Sehun’s teaser at 4:12 pm or am London time/5:12 Barcelona time.

the signs favorite conspiracies

aries: jet fuel cant melt steel beams

taurus: jet fuel cant melt steel beams

gemini: jet fuel cant melt steel beams

cancer: jet fuel cant melt steel beams

leo: jet fuel cant melt steel beams

virgo: jet fuel cant melt steel beams

libra: jet fuel cant melt steel beams

scorpio: jet fuel cant melt steel beams

sagittarius: dick cheney made money off the iraq war 

capricorn: jet fuel cant melt steel beams

aquarius: jet fuel cant melt steel beams

pisces: jet fuel cant melt steel beams

Photographs of the gaping hole in the South Tower taken on 9/11 show a woman, identified as Edna Cintron, at the edge of the hole waving for help. How Cintron managed to survive the initial impact of the plane into the building has never been explained.

Why I don’t believe the Columbine conspiracies.

Okay, I have gotten a few messages wondering why I believe the Sandy Hook/Boston Bombing/Aurora Shooting conspiracies but not the Columbine ones.

1) There is SO much documented proof of Dylan and Eric. They really existed. They really were bullied and they really acted out violently towards everyone in their school.

2) I do not believe that anyone else acted with them that day, however, I do believe that certain people knew what was going to happen and didn’t say anything.

3) It is absolutely possible for their bodies to end up the way they did. First, with Eric, He sat back against the bookshelf, put the shotgun between his knees, and put the barrel of the gun in his mouth. Once he pulled the trigger, it rocked his body backwards and his body slid down and his head slumped over to the side.

4) With Dylan, I absolutely believe that he watched Eric kill himself ( This bothers me more then you will know) I think after Eric pulled the trigger, Dylan got down onto his knees facing Eric, put the tech-9 to his temple and fired. He fell face first onto Eric’s leg. The reason you see Dylan on his back is either because of his own movement since he did not die instantly like Eric ( This bothers me immensely as well) or its because the dumbass cops moved his body to check for explosives BEFORE taking pictures.

Eric and Dylans lives were well documented thanks to their journals and all the videos they made. Columbine was a REAL event, committed by REAL teenagers. 

Any other questions, haters?