Okay now with all the consorts! I added Iguana and turtle. Their names are Liz (because lizards dah) and Tyler (8

Liz and Naki are very good friends they treat each other as bros.

 Tyler is very shy and is always intimidated by Roseturtle (as it is known that the turtles in the comic seem to have fear Rose and they start to sweat in her presence) 

Well some people asked if this would be an AU so yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, this is “Consortees”.

Consortees: A short story

Tyler is a very shy boy, but always tries to overcome that shyness and tell Casey what he feels for her.

but there is someone who always interrupts

Oh it’s the naknakboy again! Tyler considers him a friend.

But sometimes he just wants him to go away..

then he leaves. but it always goes along with Casey..

Another failed attempt! but don’t worry Tyler

 there will be many more opportunities!

((I hope you liked this kawaii story.))

shalrath  asked:

Are the consortees' surnames the same as their I would say patrons? Like is Tyler's surname Lalonde or what?

Well as the consorts and children are not family their surnames should be different. but at first it was an option!

together with Sophie (AU’s co-creator) we only have confirmed Naki's surname: Naki Kadile.

suggestions for the rest of the consortees surnames are welcome :)