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Fire Over Ploesti by Roy Grinnell

Badly damaged, Lieutenant Colonel Addison E. Baker and Major John L. Jerstad keep “Hell’s Wench” steady, leading their formation for the bombing run over the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania. Both were posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for their efforts.

(National Guard)

Some of the 150 American B-24s and B-17s that ended the war in Swiss, stored at Dübendorf, where most interned aircraft were stored.

The aircraft were kept in working order by a small maintenance crew who would preflight the engines from time to time, and a team from the US 8th Air Force was allowed to visit in mid-1944 to provide advice on proper care even. A number of the aircraft would be repainted in Swiss colors for their ferry flights to designated storage fields, although several were pressed into service as training aircraft as well. At the end of the war, those planes in working order were returned (those damaged beyond salvage had been scrapped), and the Swiss provided the US government with a bill for maintenance, and the room & board of the crews, eventually settled by the US at the cost of just over $100,000.00.