console wars


Brian De Vitis took an R2-D2-shaped cooler and transformed it into an incredibly awesome multi-console gaming system. It contains eight consoles (we can identify controllers for the X-Box, Sega Genesis, PlayStation, NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, and Atari systems), a sound system, and a projector.

Brian began by simply modifying the cooler to make it look more like the droid we all know and love. Then came the process of gutting his consoles and arranging their motherboards inside the droid body so that all of the controllers could plug into their corresponding inputs from the front. The projector is mounted inside of R2’s dome, just like the droid’s actual projector.

We wouldn’t be surprised if R2-D2 wishes he could play games from all of these classic systems in addition to, you know, repairing starships, other droids and conveying secret messages and plans and so on.

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New Sega vs Nintendo anime!

Check this out! There’s a new anime comming out in Japan that’s supossed to be based on the early 90’s console war between Nintendo and Sega!

It looks really interesting, too. Here’s some of the characters.

External image

Gia I believe is supposed to be Sonic? Neru I think is NIGHTS. Marcse speaks for itself.~ Greege is supposed to be the Once-ler Luigi. Carvai is Kirby, YAYZ! Saroid is Samus, and Pirika is Pikachu.

  • <p> <b>Lucio:</b> Do any of us actually play Olympic sports? Other than Zarya?<p/><b>All:</b> Nope.<p/><b>Widowmaker (staring at Tracer in track outfit):</b> I enjoy the view though.<p/><b>Tracer:</b> What view?<p/><b>Widowmaker:</b> Oh, just the whales.<p/><b>Lucio:</b> What whales? There are no whales around here.<p/><b>Widowmaker:</b> Oh sorry. Right now you can only see the whales tail.<p/><b>All:</b> ...?<p/><b>Tracer (realizes):</b> S-stop staring at my ass!<p/><b></b> (But seriously, Tracers whales tail is both ridiculous an mesmerizing. Also, super looking forward to the new skins, shame on me and my console allegiance!) [If you don't know what I mean, look it up!]<p/></p>