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Great Sabrecat plush from Dragon Quest 8

This big guy is about 2 foot long NOT including the tail! Made of fleece, felt and fiberfill with hand-painted spots and tail stripes.

I really enjoy making characters from old games and shows that never got merchandise made of them. It feels like you are breathing life back into a forgotten design and its even better when you know it will be a special gift for someone’s loved one <3

It pisses me off when I click the thumbnail to an article about videogames…

And it turns out to be something like this:

What the fuck? When did “every gamer” become “men”?

Female gamers exist.

We are not a stereotype.

We are not models posing with controllers.

We are not a niche market.

We are a demographic. Recognize us.

We don’t want to be pandered to. We don’t need pink controllers.

We just want to be treated with the same respect as the men.