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Requested- Seth x Reader- Seth and you share a car, things get heated after he touches your thigh, and you have sex while he is still driving. Smut obv.

Word Count:1695
Warnings: Smut, Language
Author’s Notes: I love this prompt. BUT ALSO DON’T DO THIS OMFG YOU’LL KILL YOURSELVES AND OTHERS. Lmfao. Thank you!

The night was dragging to a end, and you found yourself pacing the narrow, box-filled hallway of the stadium, waiting for Seth to finish his match against Aj. As you waited you fiddled with the hem of your mid-thigh, A-line dress, tugging at a loose red thread.

 You jumped as you phone lit up, the sound of the vibration echoing through the quite hallway startling you. You look down and see Seth’s face on your screen, and slide the green circle, pressing the cool glass to your ear.

 “Hey Babe, where are you?” His voice was husky, his breathing still heavy from the match, and you could hear him packing his bag as he spoke.

“Waiting by the exit, I’m excited to get back to the hotel.” You brave, catching your lower lip in your teeth, a smile forming on your lips as you think about what was to come that night.

“Oh! I-I am almost done packing let me-,” You giggled as you heard a loud thud, and his cursing as he dropped his phone. “Sorry, sorry, 5 minutes!” He growled into the phone before the line went dead.

You stood with your back to the hall, leaning on the door frame as you waited for your boyfriend to finish. You had been dating Seth for a little over 2 months, but it was intense. You spent most of your time together as you traveled and wrestled together, which was fine with you.

Suddenly two large hands gripped your hips hard, making you suck in a gasp of air, yelping a little as he presses his crotch into the back of your legs, pulling your dress up just enough that you could feel his hardening cock press into your throbbing mound through your panties.

 His lips found your earlobe, teeth grazing it as he spoke, “Mmm, you’re ready then?” He asks, his scruff tickling the sensitive skin of your neck, making you smile.

 “To go to the room?” You play along, wiggling your ass against his large cock, feeling the heat of him through his gym shorts. His hands come around to either side of your head, bracing against the metal door.

“Yeah, that’s what I mean.” His voice sends a shiver down you, want and heat flushing to your core.

“Seth, Please?” You breath, pressing your back into his chest, and leaning your head to the side, exposing your neck to his hungry lips, whimpering as his tongue and teeth tease you.

“I love that sound, but it would sound a lot better if you were bent over the hood of the car screaming it, with your hair fisted in my hand, and my cock buried in that tight little pussy of yours Y/N.” He damn near growled, making you moan out.

 “Seth, please, I want you do bad, want your cock buried in me, pounding my tight little cunt over and over, making me scream your name.” You purr, pushing your ass further into his crotch, making him groan, and reach past you, shoving the door open and bending to grab his bag off the ground, ushering you forward towards the rental you shared.

  You quickly climb in the passenger side, but while Seth is shoving his bag in the trunk, you quickly slide your panties down your legs, and off, bending to pick them up quickly, then buckle your seatbelt, hiding the contraband under your right thigh just as he climbs in the driver side.

    As he settles in his seat, backing out and heading for the interstate, you reach over, pressing your palm to the still firm bulge in his pants, making him stiffen in his seat, his grip on the wheel tightening until his knuckles were white.  You let out a sheepish giggle, and slide over further in your seat, leaning your body over the middle console so that you could wiggle his shorts down to his thighs, his huge cock springing free of it’s prison.

   You grip the shaft firmly, squeezing hard for a moment before you start to pump his shaft up and down, swiveling your wrist in a circular motion, earning a low growl from Seth, you look up to see his eyes were wide, focused hard on the road in front of him.

   In a flash of braveness, you lean your head down quickly, your mouth closing around the crown of his huge cock, your tongue darting over the hole, then swirling around the tip, and slowly you sink your mouth to the base, your tongue flat on the underside of his rod, making you gag slightly.

   “Jesus, that’s it baby, choke on my fuckin cock.” He growled, one of his hands coming down to the back of your head, holding you there. You hollow your cheeks, sucking hard. When he finally releases your hair, you come up quickly, taking a moment to catch your breath before going back down, looking up at him, his cock still in your mouth.

   “Fuck, you look so sexy with a mouth full of my cock Y/N.” Seth moaned, his fingers catching your hair once more as you bob up and down on his cock, gagging a little as you try to take it all again.

    You come up finally, grinning as you look over at him, his bottom lip was caught tightly between his teeth, his grip on the wheel so strong you thought he might leave a permanent hand print there. You giggled, and reached under your bare thigh, grabbing your panties, hooking one of the holes around your finger and holding them up triumphantly in front of him, your eyes locked with his.

   You nearly scream as the car veers to the right, your eyes going wide as you whip your attention to the road. Seth had made a last second exit into what seemed to be a rest station, but there wasn’t anyone there, the streetlamps lit the little asphalt square just enough to see a small building, presumably a restroom.

   “Out.” He demanded simply, throwing the car in park and yanking the key out of the ignition and his short up, you couldn’t act quick enough and soon he was out of the car and ripping your door open, gripping your waist hard, pulling your from the car, making you yelp.

    He spins you, pressing your chins against the car, bending you over the passenger seat, your face pressed against the middle console, he shoved your dress up to your waist, his cock pressing into your dripping core.

   “Tell me how much you want my cock filling that little pussy baby.” Seth snarls, pushing just the tip of his cock into your pussy, stretching your opening and sending waves of need through your body, your fingers gripping the leather seat until it groans with protest.

 “Oh fuck, Please Seth, I need your cock, please?” You whimper, pressing your hips back against him, trying to push him in you, but he steps back, pulling you of you agonizingly slowly.

“Mmm, No. Beg me for it.” He says, and you can hear the cocky smirk on his face as he smacks your ass hard, making you yelp once more.

“Seth, please! What if someone sees?” You try to turn, but his hand comes to your neck holding you in place, his cock pushing into you suddenly, making you gasp and moan at the sudden sensation of being filled, his other hand gripping your hip.

   “Let them see, I don’t care.” He rumbles, his voice gravely as he pulls out and hammers back into you, bottoming out, his grip on your throat tightening, his hips meeting yours over and over, sending sharp spikes of pleasure through you, your eyes rolling back slightly as he drills into from behind.

 “FUCK! Fuck Seth, please don’t stop, it feels so fucking g-good!” You moan out, your body shaking under him as your orgasm nears.

 “God, you’re so fucking tight Y/N.” He moans, shifting his grip on your neck so that he pulls you to a standing position, your back pressed to his defined chest, his tongue and teeth finding your ear as you grip his forearm, his hand still gripping your neck tightly.

 “Fu-Fuck!” You hiss, his cock hitting your pleasure centre over and over, his free hand sliding down under your dress, his rough fingers finding your delicate bud, swirling over it rapidly, making your knees weak.

“I’m Going to-I’m-Cum!” You try, your words getting lost in the pleasure as your walls clench around him, your body quaking with the orgasm that rips through you hot and hard.

“Shit! Me too!” He growls, quickly pulling out of you, making you wince, as you spin, dropping to your knees, your mouth closing around his head, tongue rolling over the slick shaft as you take him in your mouth.

“Just like that, fuck baby, I’m close!” He groans, his hands fisting into your hair once more as you bob your head up and down his length, choking on him. His grip tightens on your hair as he thrusts forward suddenly, burying his cock in your mouth as he shoots rope after rope of hot cum into your mouth.

 You look up at him as he empties his load into your mouth, he had his head thrown back, his eyes shut.

“Fuck.” He panted, pulling you up to his chest, his lips finding yours quickly, his taste mixing with yours.

“Did you really not care if people saw us?” You wonder as you climb back into the car, closing your door and adjusting your dress to cover your still-soaked mound.

“Of course I do! You’re mine, and only mine.” He looks over at you, his eyes serious as he reaches for your hand, his fingers lacing into yours as he pulls easily back onto the interstate.


From 2015:The above graphics are all from the last interview Prince gave to journalists. On August 9, 2015, he invited 10 attendees of the National Association of Black Journalists, who were meeting in Minneapolis, to Paisley Park. The talk ranged from the music industry, #BlackLivesMatter, to streaming services. The interview, as reported by BuzzFeed’s Kelley Carter, includes his strongest statement of support for Jay Z and Tidal that I’ve seen. 


By Kelley L. Carter for BuzzFeedNews 

After arriving at Paisley Park around 11 p.m., I was summoned by our group’s outgoing president, and as we lined up to go deeper into the famous location, I assumed it was for a quick meet and greet. Far from it. His team — which included twins Maya and Nandy McClean — led 10 of us down a long hall, through what looked like a photography studio, to Studio A, where Prince was seated behind the console, dressed in a sparkly gold lamé pantsuit, his natural hair picked out Afro style. After shaking my hand, he looked behind me to see that perhaps the studio wasn’t big enough to hold us all, and requested that we move to another location on the property, a conference room on another floor.

After we assembled in the new room, the singer came in minutes later and sat at the head of the table. No question was off-limits in the private chat. We talked with Prince for nearly an hour about a myriad of topics — his religion, #BlackLivesMatter, and institutionalized racism. I don’t think anyone in the room was exactly prepared for an interview, and Prince seemed to like that lack of formality. We were not allowed to bring cell phones or cameras to the party, and we weren’t allowed to take notes — this is a long-standing caveat for his rare encounters with journalists. The singer said he much preferred having organic conversations like this one, and talked about how he wasn’t aware of the event happening until fairly recently.

Instead, it was a back-and-forth conversation — sometimes he asked the questions and we answered — about a litany of things. He talked about why he recorded a Baltimore protest song — it was organic and he detests police brutality, he said; why he will never push his personal religion on anyone else — he’s a Jehovah’s Witness, something musician Larry Graham got him into, he noted, but he believes that everyone should subscribe to some sort of religion; and his love of the black community — it pains him to see the social discourse taking place right now. He asked about the history of the NABJ. Then he launched into what concerns him most: the current battle musicians are waging with streaming services — largely Spotify, Apple, and even YouTube.

The money doesn’t make sense, he said. He noted that The Beatles were paid some $400 million for their catalog, and that although he has as many albums, he wasn’t offered nearly as much. A journalist asked if he thought it was because of the differences in race; Prince shot him a look and asked what he thought in a knowing voice.

Prince hinted that as huge an album as Purple Rain was, he didn’t get a fair share of the pie — the label gets money, but not the people who created the music. (According to Billboard, the 2014 deal to return to Warner Bros. was a landmark one, even though financial terms were not disclosed.)

I asked if he’d be open to doing a proper sit-down interview to detail all of his concerns, and he said that he’d rather speak with his actions. The action we should pay attention to next: He’s releasing his new album HitNRun Sept. 7 on Jay Z’s much-maligned streaming service Tidal, saying that he has given Jay Z the master and it will live on the streaming site for a few years exclusively.

He said that Jay Z sank $100 million into his new service, and that even if they only have 1 million subscribers, that is major. He thought the comparisons to networks like Spotify is unfair — he argued that just because Tidal has a smaller audience now, the deal for musicians is far better than other services, which is why he trusts it. Prince currently has a song on Spotify now and he says he’s testing it out to see how well it does.

“Once we have our own resources, we can provide what we need for ourselves,” he said of Tidal. “We have to show support for artists who are trying to own things for themselves.”

Prince mentioned that he’d met with Jay Z several times about the issue of streaming systems not giving a fair payout to musicians, and said that they believe the artists are getting the short end of the deal when it comes to the new ways to listen to music. He also hinted that the two may be documenting their meetings but wouldn’t elaborate.

About an hour into talking, he said we should wrap our chat up and actually enjoy our Saturday night; I replied, “I’m actually fine with how I’m spending my Saturday night right now.” (He laughed.) We all talked some more about bad deals and noncompete stipulations — for broadcast journalists and musicians alike. Prince also talked about the change in commercial radio, specifically pointing out Clear Channel and criticizing their dominance. 

When we finally wrapped, we were led out — I said a silent goodbye to the doves near the conference room — and matriculated back into the rest of the group. My friends wanted to know every detail but they would get their own peek at him shortly soon enough.

At around 12:45 a.m., Prince briefly addressed the rest of the guests, who took a break from dancing. (Those who thought their $20 was going towards a private Prince show they could someday brag about to their kids went home disappointed.)  He used the moment to also ask the NABJ conference attendees to support Jay Z’s efforts: “He could really use your help and appreciation because he is trying to do something big.”

Then, after a minute or two, he was gone. But his guests remained for hours, dancing the night away….

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  • At the Seventh Year’s Dance, everybody wants to dance with Sirius
  • There are girls and boys lingering around where the Marauders are sitting, trying desperately to catch his eye
  • It’s mostly girls coming up to them, thrusting their chests out in an attempt to push their boobs out of their dresses, and twirling they’re stay-in-place charmed hair around their painted fingernails
  • Sirius refuses the majority of them, but sometimes he feels guilty and sends Remus a sorry look before accepting.
  • Every time this happens, Remus’ grip on the table cloth gets tighter and tighter.
  • “He doesn’t really want to dance with them, mate. You know that.” James leans in, momentarily taking his eyes off Lily in her deep green dress to console his friend.
  • “Yes. Thank you, James.” Remus says flatly, not taking his eyes from Sirius and Allison Bowstiff, who he’s stiffly twirling around while she giggles at every little thing he says, tossing her hair back so much Remus is sure she’ll have a sore neck in the morning
  • Peter and James exchange nervous glances
  • She laughs particularly loudly at sometime he says and, after tossing her hair, leans down and giggles right into his neck
  • And Remus can see her lipstick mark against Sirius’ tan skin - Sirius’ tan skin that is his
  • Remus gives a jolt that sends the glasses on the table wobbling dangerously
  • “Remus!” Lily scolds.
  • Remus just sulked, his fingernails digging into his palms
  • And then, Jack Starcrick tapped Allison on the shoulder
  • And Remus sat bolt upright.
  • Because Jack Starcrick was definitely a boy and definitely the last straw, the last string cut on Remus’ control
  • Jack was placing his hand on Sirius’ lower back, the girls around them staring in awe because no, could the two most handsome boys in school really not be attracted to them? How absurd!
  • Jack was doing his best to dance chest to chest with Sirius, who seemed to be doing his best to keep themselves a respectable distance apart
  • He leaned in, whispering in Sirius’ ear, white teeth flashing
  • And Remus was done
  • He was up and taking long strides across the dance floor before either James nor Lily could get a grip on his dress robes and pull him back to his seat
  • Excuse me, mind if I cut in?”
  • “Oh. Well, we kind of just started mate. Think you could wait your turn?” Jack smirked.
  • But Remus can now see a slightly pink mark near Sirius’ ear, a small bruise that could only have been caused by teeth
  • “No, I don’t think so.” Remus snipped.
  • He yanked Sirius from Jack’s grasp, taking Sirius by the hand waist, and steers him away from the glaring boy in two graceful spins
  • “Re-”
  • But Remus wasn’t listening, “Fucking arse. And practically fucking kissing your neck I mean who the fuck does he think he is?”
  • “Remus-”
  • Remus is glaring around, fucking double daring anyone to try and cut in, “They’ve been fucking all over you all night. All touching you and looking at you and-” Remus looks down at the mark on Sirius’ neck, and a growl rips its way out of his throat, “kissing and breathing all over you-” His darkened eyes look straight at Sirius, “I can’t fucking stand it.”
  • Sirius feels like his knees are going to buckle under the weight of Remus’ stare, “I- I didn’t want to, Moons. You know th-”
  • “Yes, of course I know that.” Remus tugged Sirius closer. His eyes flickered to something behind Sirius and Sirius heard a squeak and quickly retreating footsteps.
  • “C’mere.”
  • Sirius just let himself be pulled by Remus, away from the lights and the crowd and the people, into a deserted corridor, around a corner, until he’s pressed into the wall
  • Behind a tapestry, they’re concealed by shadows
  • Sirius can just make out Remus’ eyes- they’re almost seeming to glow, the warm amber color shining through the dark. Remus’ face his half bathed in shadows, half in the moonlight coming through the window.
  • He feels frozen as Remus presses on the small bruise he had felt Jack make.
  • Remus presses his body flush against Sirius’, “I hate it.. I can’t watch other people- touch you. Especially not him.” His nose crinkles a little, and it would be cute if it weren’t for the almost snarl that accompanies his sentence.
  • Sirius feels weak, and his voice cracks, “Remus…”
  • “You’re mine.” Remus presses his forehead against Sirius’, “You’re mine. You’re mine.” He repeats over and over like he’s trying to convince himself. Like he’s trying to make sure even though he’s not saying it as a question.
  • “Yes.” Sirius gasps out. His fingers knot in Remus’ hair and he kisses him hard on the mouth because yes yes yes i’m yours i’m yours
  • He feels Remus shutter and his hands press against the wall on either side of Sirius’ head
  • Sirius grasps tightly at Remus’ dress robes, trying to keep him as close as he can
  • When they break apart to breath Sirius’ eyes flash to Remus’ because he’s breathing so hard - hard like he does before a transformation, and he’s shuttering and his fingers are clutching the wall like it’s the only thing that’s keeping him standing
  • “Remus. Remus, hey…” Sirius cups his face in his hands, bringing his eyes to his, “I’m yours, okay? I’m yours. It’s okay, it’s okay…”
  • And his breathing slows, his eyes seem to glow less, his hand moves to trace Sirius’ jaw. He looks almost… scared. Maybe a little ashamed,
  • “I just get- I like to make sure- I- I don’t mean to get like that- I- I’m sorry-”
  • Sirius just gives him a soft kiss, his teeth catching Remus’ lower lip gently, “Don’t be scared. I’ll always be yours. I’m not going anywhere. And I love you. I love you so much.”

  • Those words would echo in Remus’ mind, years from that night, as he sat alone in their flat, staring at the picture on the front of the morning Prophet
  • “Don’t be scared, I’m not going anywhere.”

sometimes i just get really carried away i guess

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What are the boys favorite nintendo games? Also what game systems are their favorite? Thanks! ❤️


Noctis: He’s a hand held kind of guy so his favorite system is the 3DS. His favorite games are Animal Crossing New Leaf and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (but he has high keyed played them all). Just saying he likes Animal Crossing is an under statement, his town is so decked out and he feels guilty if he misses a day.

Ignis: Strictly Nintendo speaking (I feel like he’s more of a play station kind of guy.) he likes the 3ds as well. Fire Emblem Awakening is his pride and joy, he’s gotten everyone S ranked and just about all the kids. He’s put so much work into this game that he’s hardly made a dent into Fire Emblem Conquest. (he married Miriel)

Gladio: Prefers the WiiU but regardless of the system he will crush you at Super Smash Bros. Gladio has unlocked every character, done the story mode. That game is his bitch. (He likes to play as Bowser)

Prompto: The Wii is his favorite. He enjoys the Zelda series just as much as Noct but prefers playing it on the console. (He dressed up as Link for Halloween one year.) Prompto likes Skyward Sword the best.

~Mod Lightning

Thoughts during an exam
  • Aries: Stupid teacher never taught me none of this!
  • Taurus: Okay... I revised this.... I know it... *starts writing but is leaning back on their chair like the couldn't care less*
  • Gemini: I'm going to run out of time! Omg! Omg! Oh wait... Who wrote this on the table? *starts reading something written on the desk*
  • Cancer: Okay... So miss said something to do with this, and my friend said this you know what? *closes their eyes and puts finger on the page, where it landed is their answer*
  • Leo: I got to Ace this exam so I can get the gaming console/designer dress my parents promised me.
  • Virgo: Okay I know that's *names the topic* so it must be... *figures it out*
  • Libra: *just remembering the notes they wrote because their teachers shit and they were daydreaming in lessons anyways*
  • Scorpio: omg shit shit I don't know this I'm going to die and fail and - oh wait *remembers the answer*
  • Sagittarius: okay... So I don't know the answer to this but I'm going to bullshit and make it sound smart. I'll defo get a least one mark.
  • Capricorn: *writing throughout the whole exam* *pauses to look at the time* okay so I got 10 minutes to do this question, go!
  • Aquarius: Okay I remember it was Alien's Eat Broccoli that my mum makes. Yes! (It was the first letters, its how the remember stuff okay)
  • Pisces: Okay okay I taught Tommy this before I came in... (Tommy is Pisces' pet fish)
  • *applies to Mercury as well*

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What would you recommend putting in your tech week bag ?

Water, a phone charger, snacks, and Advil. I get migraines.

And if you die in your show like I did, then definitely bring a video game console for your dressing room for when they’re teching the part of the show you’re dead in. :)

Siren Dress (Alice: Madness Returns) Inspired Outfit

This outfit is all kinds of fun. I wanted to capture the bright, vibrant colors of the dress so I chose a teal lace pencil skirt and patterned crop top. I also brought pops of color with the pink necklace (the bubble-looking beads are another underwater nod) and rose bracelet. With all this color, the outfit needed some balance - so I found nude heels and a clutch. Lastly, I found a bracelet with a horseshoe which is similar to Alice’s iconic symbol. 

Get the look! / Get the game!
(Requested) Video Game Convention with Michael: Warning: Smut

“I really don’t think this is appropriate,” I grumbled to my best friend, pointing at my white-and-blue floral spring dress, “I mean, c’mon, it’s a video game convention.”

“Jesus, Y/N!” she exclaimed, dramatically slapping her hands down at her sides, “I let you wear your converse with it, only because you showed me that picture of Kristen Stewart doing it and it looked super hot. But you’re not taking the dress off. Now, go find some hot n’ nerdy boys.” She shoved me along through the entrance of the convention. I quickly spun around, watching as she waved to me and walked off.

I stood around for awhile, looking for something to eat or do. I eventually found the new version of my favorite game being displayed to visitors to try a trial of the game, so I trudged over to the console miserably in my dress, and picked up a controller, the sleek black plastic-and-rubber combination feeling smooth among my palms. I clicked “play” and listened to the intro of the deep commander’s voice, instructing me as a soldier how I must walk about, defeating demons and aliens and whatnot.

Just I hit “begin,” a tall, sexy, messy-haired boy grabbed the second controller and began playing with me.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I said briskly, my eyes glued to the screen.

“You looked like you needed help, so, I did,” he said in a husky Australian accent and shrugged as he tilted the controller, it vibrating as he blew up an army of creatures.

“Is it because I’m wearing a dress? That’s awful sexist of you,” I teased.

“I am not sexist,” he said simply.

“Well, just so you know, my friend suggested the dress thing. She thinks nerdy guys can be sexy at the same time, or at least she hopes,” I countered.

“So you think I’m sexy?” he raised an eyebrow.

“I never said so,” I chuckled incredulously at his flattery.

He paused the game.

“Hey!” I yelped, “I was about to shoot that guy!”

“I’ll make you a deal,” he smirked, and I crossed my arms, waiting for his proposal. “The person that wins gets to take the other into the bathroom and do whatever they want to them,” he continued.

I shook my head furiously, “I’m not that kind of girl, y’know.”

“Oh, I can tell by your lack of swooning over me. I just have been dying to touch you,” he shot me a lazy half-smile.

“Well what’s in it for me?” I scoffed, “Either way you get to “feel me up,” so, how does this benefit me?”

“I can see how you’re looking at me,” he said confidently.

I shook my head, looking away and snorting at his ridiculousness. After a moment of consideration, I looked back at him and said, “What’s your name?”

“Michael,” he said.

“I’m Y/N,” I replied, “And you’re on, Michael.” I stuck my hand out, and he grabbed it, pulling me into him, “Where I’m from,” he smirked, “we seal deals with a kiss.” He kissed me lightly, so controversial from his seemingly usual attitude.

He let go and I backed up, retreating to the game.


About an hour later, my character was trekking through a sketchy tunnel, chasing a demon and struggling to exorcise it. Michael’s character snuck up behind mine, and before I built up the stealth to spin around and kill his character first, he raised his virtual gun and shot my character in the heart, the life leaving her eyes, my last hear blinking and then fading, Michael’s character filling the screen and happily jumping up and down, a blinking “You Won!” sign floating above his head.

He snatched my controller out of my head and he set them both down on the desk that the console was sitting upon, so they became a set again. He then turned back to me and grabbed my hand, dragging me towards the bathroom and kicking the door open, quickly checking the stalls to see if anyone was present.

No one was, so he locked the door and pressed me up against a wall and kissed me roughly, his hands sliding up my shirt and unclasping my bra, it falling to the floor as he tugged on my shirt, one hand massaging my breasts. I quickly lifted it up as Michael undressed, his pants pooling on the cool tile, my clothes following his.

“You little whore,” he muttered, his eyes darkening as he kissed down my stomach, “Hooking up with strangers.”

My stomach fluttered as he reached down and felt my wetness. “Who made you this wet, hm?” he teased, his finger rubbing against my folds.

“Y-you did,” I stuttered, aching to feel his fingers inside of me.

“What’s my name?” he barked, hissing my earlobe.

“You did, Michael,” I said, slightly more confident. He grinned, “Good girl,” as he stuck two fingers inside of me, pumping in and out thoroughly, curling his fingers.

“S-shit, Michael, I’m gonna—,” I struggled to speak as my first orgasm rolled through me.

He smiled, licking up my clit and allowing me to calm down.

He then stood, his dick hard. “Suck it,” he commanded.

I nodded, taking his length in my hand, and eventually in my mouth.

He threw his head back as my tongue swirled around his tip, a loud moan escaping his lips. “Babe,” he moaned.

I kept going until he said, “Fuck, fuck, I’m going to come. No—I want to be inside of you.”

He removed himself and laid me back down on the ground, lining himself with me. He rubbed himself around my folds again until I was begging, pleading for him inside of me. “Please, Michael,” I said, my voice cracking.

He nodded, and without warning, thrusted inside of me. A lump formed in my throat, the pain only slightly stinging, as he pumped inside of my walls. “Jesus Christ!” I screamed.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he admitted, causing my cheeks to sting.

“Fuck, Michael,” I yelled as I came.

He came soon after, collapsing against me.

“T-that was amazing,” he murmured in my ear, his chest rising at a frantic pace.

I agreed as he kissed me one more time. “Can we do this again sometime?” he laughed.

“Of course,” I smiled shakily, my body already beginning to ache.


                { ♚ } For weeks, Hux behaved as though Kylo Ren simply did not exist. When Ren entered a room, Hux left. They passed each other in the hallways without so much as a cursory glance. Even the Knight’s reckless behavior went unnoticed, with nary a murmur or complaint regarding broken protocol or ruined computer consoles.

                “You’re always dressing in layers,” whispered that pitiful, omegan part of his subconscious, “You should have shown more skin for Alpha. You’re always nagging him; no wonder he replaced you. You should have kept your head down and done what he wanted.” It went on, and on, and on —

                “The sex wasn’t good enough.”

                “You should have grown out your hair.”

                “You should have quit your job and serviced him full-time like a good omega.”

                It was a dangerous train of thought, and one that threatened to unravel the very fabric of his mind. Regardless of the outcome, Hux could no longer delay the inevitable confrontation with his alpha when doing nothing at all would so clearly be the death of him. 

                Gathering his courage, he cornered Ren in the hallway, though he couldn’t bring himself to speak at first. Instead, he stood there in uncomfortable silence, biting the inside of his cheek until it bled, all to distract himself from the fact that he wanted to break down and weep, like the weak, pathetic little omega that everyone now knew he was.

                ❝ H-Have I… Have I done something to displease you, Ren? ❞ he choked out, finally managing, after a long pause, to regain his composure and force himself to stand tall,  ❝ If so, I would know it. ❞