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TimKon Week Day 1: [currently untitled]

It’s TimKon week, guys! And I’m gonna try and participate this year; I made a plan! Mind you, I’m really terrible at plans, so fingers crossed that I even make it to the end.

Today’s theme is “Young Just Us” and I don’t know how well I stuck to it, or even how readable this is since I only managed one editing pass before posting. Like I said, I’m awful at plans xP

Confusing a time vortex and a Boom Tube can lead to some interesting destinations. (1,004 wc)

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“Is there something wrong with your ice cream, Princess?”

“Yours just tastes better.”

I was hoping to have this finished before the end of Femslash February, but I’m ridiculously slow so I’ll just put it up as a WIP for now xP

(Also, happy 600 posts!)



  1. Take a drink of WATER whenever BUTTS (and don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean, this is tumblr)
  2. Take a SIP of your alcoholic beverage whenever someone says “TESSERACT” (for Utlimate Metal Mode also drink for “cube”)
  3. Take a GULP of your alcholic beverage whenever someone says “AVENGER(S)
  4. Take a SHOT whenever an AESIR is INTERRUPTED (if you want to count when Loki’s smug face gets interrupted by Hawkeye’s exploding arrow, I won’t stop you)

Have fun, play safe, and remember to salute the Bodacious Booty Brigade (they will be the ones saving your ass. Trust me)

Project: Sketch-a-Lot 8 of 11: Piggyback

I’m not sure what to say about this one. I have this irrational love for Namine and Axel, despite their apparent personality overhauls from one game to the next (I’m old enough and far enough away from the games to realize that all of the plot’s hand-waving and retconning was not mysterious and interesting, it was just bad story planning). I also have bizarre and extremely complex feelings about the two of them as a romantic couple that I will never subject anyone to, ever.

But I think this sketch was really just me missing them. As much as I favoured Sora and Roxas, these two are probably the ones I feel the most about. (Actually I probably have more feelings about a decent number of the supporting cast than I do about Sora and Roxas, but THEY’RE STILL MY FAVOURITES, somehow) Axel and Namine were the two I was most disappointed to see die, and are actually the two I most look forward to reading about in fics (that consistently stars either Sora or Roxas. It’s a sickness, okay?). I find them, as separate characters, to be nearly as interesting as their relationship. It’s convoluted, and inexplicable, and strangely endearing.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get back into the Kingdom Hearts fandom properly, but I can say with absolute certainty that these guys have wormed their way so far into my heart that I don’t think they’re ever coming out.