consistently happening to me

Oh by the way. To any followers who aren’t into SnK..... I’m really sorry. You’re going to have to suffer every Saturday until it’s over. My condolences.

its too late at night for me to commit to finishing a full picture, so i just doodled danny and sam for shits and giggles instead

tucker got erased cuz i felt bad condemning him to life as a 3rd wheel, oops

(but yeah, me too, sam… me too


When will they be safe and happy? Probably never.

Still accepting; Ask meme

oh god he looks like a teen. 

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toasty boy with the sparkling peach lemonade ayee

anonymous asked:

Can you discuss what made you positive about Jon and Sansa? I saw the trailer and I honestly didn't see anything and even though I ship them, I have the lowest possible expectations for them because of the show they're in.

The trailer per se didn’t show anything “consistent” to convince me something will happen between them, but I’m one who looks at the hints, tiny details which, I admit, might end up being bullshit or just pure coincidence, but as of now I’d like to think they’re showing them on purpose without being too  obvious. The whole trailer featured lots of Stark footage, it starts with Sansa and ends with Jon, both of them have voiceovers which are the only ones along with LF’s. Now we have Jon/Sansa/LF, anyone who ever read/listened to the cast and producers interviews, would think it’s a way to throw at us the first signs of the starkbowl: Jon vs Sansa, Team Snow vs Team Sansa, Sansa fighting against Jon to get the merits she deserves, Littlecreeper fueling in Sansa the desire to become Queen and betray her brother.

The littlefucker’s voiceover during Sansa’s footage is “don’t fight in the north or the south; fight every battle everywhere. Always in your mind”, it’s cryptic, but I assume it’s one of the usual LF’s teaching to Sansa, a teaching that clearly represents Petyr’s way to operate, certainly not the Stark way. Considering we don’t have the context to analyze this line at its fullest, I’m just going to deduce he’s attempting once again to play with Sansa, just like in the first trailer where he says “your father and brothers are gone, yet here you stand. Last best hope against the coming storm”. Petyr’s words in both trailers are a constant reminder to Sansa that she’s alone in all of this, or better, he tries to manipulate her into thinking that she’s fighting alone. His words do not contemplate any family member by her side, everybody is gone (which I guess it’s foreshadowing Arya returning to Winterfell at some point). Now going into more specifics, the voiceover plays along with Sansa in the Godswood, walking away, she’s tearing up a little bit, she seems shaken, a tad distraught as if something huge just happened and she’s walking away from this. Everyone noticed there’s someone in the back, the three options are: Littlecreeper, Jon or Bran.

Now, to me it looks like the man behind her is standing, so I’d rule out Bran;  it could be the littlecreeper, but I can’t fathom why they’d be discussing AGAIN in the Godswood, when we got a similar scene in 6x10.  Unless, obviously, it’s Sansa that summoned him to privately talk to him and that’s when she starts playing with him, but I don’t see the reason why and how it’d play out; Jon seems like the “reasonable” option for me:

It certainly looks like him. LF should be a bit thinner and less slouchy.
As I wrote before, Sansa appears to be unsettled, shaken. Her red-rimmed eyes reveal she cried or that she’s on the verge to cry, holding back her tears. Why would she cry? WHO would she cry for? Petyr? i don’t think so. Of all people in Winterfell right now, only Jon would be able to have this kind of effect on her.
If it’s Jon, it means they have a scene together, alone in the Godswoods sharing an important moment that will leave Sansa in turmoil. This is certainly my imagination working, but why would two siblings, a brother and a sister share a private moment in a place that only add a romantic atmosphere? Why are they even there?
Besides, who else shared a scene in the Godswood in S1? Cat and Ned. Who knows how the conversation will go between Sansa and Jon, still the parallels keep growing and I refuse to believe it is just coincidence. We already have Jon smashing LF against the wall just like Ned did, Sansa becoming more and more like her mother as the Blackfish pointed out and do we want to leave out Jon looking more like Ned episode after episode? it just cannot be coincidence.
Furthermore, as Sansa walks away she slightly turns her head, as if she wants to look back, but she doesn’t allow herself to do so because it’d hurt too much.  My bet is that something happened. What happened? I have no clue, but it must be something…eventful and important which involves only Jon and Sansa.

So we have LF’s line and we have this Sansa in the footage. Why put this specific quote as she walks away from Jon? the Starkbowl is out of discussion, it’s a storyline both actors and producers have thrown down our throats since the end of S6, which makes it even less believable to be an actual storyline in S7. “Always in your mind”, is this some foreshadowing of Sansa’s inner struggle against rising, unwanted feelings? What could be her fight? I’m like 99% sure her main fight this season will be against Petyr himself, but given how this precise line has been put in a scene with Jon, will her inner fight be against her love for Jon??? they could have taken a random P x S scene with that quote, why this one? why as she’s walking away so distressed and almost in tears??

These hints could be all and could be nothing. Most probably many would tell me that I’m a delusional shipper who is seeing things that are just not there, which I can take it, I’m ready to admit I was wrong and I was a fucking delusional Jonsa shipper. No problem for me.

I just got this feeling they are endgame and these trailers are giving me hope. I know certain shippers have decided to keep expectations really low and I get it, I don’t blame you, I’ve done it so many times with many ships of other shows. I just chose that with Jon and Sansa I simply don’t want to keep my expectations low :)

Keeping up with 1D s5finale Cast List & Review

Main Characters:

  • Harry Styles as Himself
  • Louis Tomlinson as Daddy Cool
  • Niall Horan as Himself (4episodes so far)
  • Liam Payne as A Shell of Himself

Co Starring:

  • Eleanor Calder as Fashion Blogger/Jilted Ex 1
  • Sophia Smith as Shade Queen/Jilted Ex 2
  • Zayn Malik as The Prodigal Child
  • Cheryl Cole as Herself
  • Danielle Campbell as Winter Girlfriend 3.0
  • Ashley Jessica as The Desperate One
  • Briana Jungwirth as Super Mom
  • Gigi Hadid as The Prodigal’s New Girl

Cameos by:

  • Caroline Flack as Herself
  • Mellisa Whitelaw as The One That Got Away
  • Perrie Edwards as Jilted Ex 3
  • Leigh Anne Pinnock (1ep)
  • Nick Grimshaw

Guest Starring:

  • Jeff Azoff

Written & Produced by:

  • Simon Cowell
  • Dan Wootton
  • Irving Azoff

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 27%

Critics are calling this the “worst season ever” with “too many repetitive storylines” and not enough “character consistency”. The show, having been taken over by Irving Azoff, is set to continue in 2017. [Seasoned Critics] are expecting the show to pick up consistently in ratings when that happens.


Kent Davison being a respected member of a motorcycle club that consists mainly of Hispanics, and also being able to speak Spanish.
“I find that my involvement in the club keeps the internecine skirmishes of Washington in perspective.”

i wanted to write a thing for the maybe-fake-maybe-not kyousei leaks :’’) here’s your daily dose of pain (theres also an accompanying art piece down there because i have no self control)

this is mostly just a load of unbeta’ed self-indulgence but @thisisthee-n-d​ i also had you in mind when writing it so ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


“Stop pretending that you care,” It wasn’t a demand. More of a statement.

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(Felt like doodling today. About the Tikki and Plagg ones, I suppose I felt like drawing them like grumpy little fairies..)

i’ve been taking the socionics test once a week to see the fluctuations. Week two, I’ve gotten the exact same result. The only difference is the number by the function listed and the second most likely type.

Please help me sleep

This is really awkward to ask because I try to keep this little detail in my life private, mostly because I know some people are super uncomfortable with it and others wholly misunderstand it but I’m at the end of my rope here and I just want to get some godamn sleep.

Also, because I have bi-polar, the lack of sleep actually puts me at high risk of going manic again and I absolutely don’t want that to happen.

The only two things that have consistently helped me with my insomnia is alcohol and marijuana. And I really don’t want to rely on alcohol, it conks me out sure but it also makes me feel like shit after a while.

Marijuana is legal here in Oregon and they have strains specifically designed to help things like PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, and bi-polar depression, all thing that I have.

I ran out a little while ago and I currently don’t have the money to get more, and at this point I just desperately need something to help me sleep.

So if anyone would be kind enough to send a donation my way it would be INCREDIBLY appreciated.

My donate button is on Lovestruck Derpy’s page:

Thank you

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I guess when ur poor or have very little unscheduled time or prospects in general fandom is one of the only chances to connect people with your work that you Get, so losing the ability to relate and contribute when something dives right into one of your hard nos feels pretty ow. & that’s been happening to me consistently over uhhhh nine years now and i’m a sad bitch.

  • Me in 2012: *Sees Jeff Davis and the entire cast of Teen Wolf make positive acknowledgement that Sterek is a very real possibility* I can't believe it. Sterek is actually happening. Things are turning around :')
  • Teen Wolf: *consistently lets me down, everyone goes back on their word*
  • Me in 2016: Never again will I be fooled.
  • McG: Saphael! Climon! Sizzy! PANSEXUALITY here we go
  • Me: I can't believe it. Saphael is actually happening. Things are turning around :')

brain: *passing by the couch nonchalantly* hey there. just reminding you that everyone you know hates you

me: what

brain: i said, youre an unlovable monster

me: what the hell was that for?? nothing even happened today

brain: i know :) just keepin things consistent

me: thanks??? asshole

brain: ur welcome :):):)