consistent background characters are my favorite thing for shows to have

I’m bitter AND sticky so let’s get gooey on topic!

People just? forgot that ton of season 3 episode’s visuals are  actually amazing? I mean it could be just me but this season clearly trowed a ton of budget into some scenes an episodes! 

Super Watermelon Island got an amazing fluid fight scene between two giant women and it was as energetic as it sounds 

Gem drill, even tho it was pretty chilly on animation, had ton of detail on Steven’s faces, I find it like such a sweet detail having in mind the episode was focusing a ton on Steven and his connection with the cluster 

(this is my personal favorite)

Hit the diamond had a TON of characters on-screen at the same time, having in mind 5 of them where new characters and they had to design new clothing for 5 of them 

Even though my favorite part of this episode is the bond between Amethyst and Peridot, I think Too Short To Ride was pretty consistent, I am in love every time they put little lines under the eyes of the characters because it usually helps to remark the emotion they are feeling, is personal. 

Stevonnie’s back for Beach City Drift and the thing I like the most about this episode is the backgrounds and the color choices, they are AMAZING and pretty relaxing to watch on their own. 

Monster reunion was pretty harsh to see for me because painful scenes (aka scenes where the character is clearly in pain) make me feel incredibly bad, but I again shot out how they draw emotions and the subtle lines that make it all even better. 

More than for animation itself, I praise a lot Alone At Sea because of writing and atmosphere, and the last one really works, I felt incredibly… tense, when Jasper showed up, how she acted and the way she expressed herself, and how the colors got dark and the rain around it… just gosh

Even tho it was a pretty okay-o episode in general, I really liked Gem Hunt’s backgrounds, the whites and cold tones made a good mix with Jasper’s colors and really helped her to pop out! 

I’ve talked a lot about Bismuth, so at this point everything would feel redundant, so I’ll just say that the first and last scenes have pretty good colors, one being calm pastel tones and the other reddish dark tones #BRINGHERBACK2K17

And finally, Bubbled, which has some on the most beautiful space backgrounds i’ve seen in an animation product, is the feeling of emptiness that makes the most of the episode personally, how is literally just Steven and Eyeball and Eyeball pretty much tries to kill him, in other situations you can think about something going on, but is the fact that they are in space what makes it feel… well… empty, giving more focus to the characters that contrast the most in a sea of dark cold tones and blacks! 

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(*) so this is a long rants, maybe dont publish it? Up to you, friend. I just need to talk to someone and I always like reading your response to anything so if you wouldn't mind.. I didn't hear the podcast, only from the transcript. And my readings probably not accurate. But, I have kinda similar experience with my job. Where sometime I couldn't help but wonder what the fuck am I doing here?? I get so frustrated, and Im not one to fume inside so I become very vocal with my bosses decision (**)

(**) concerning my job because they didn’t listen/read my report. And I’ll be embarrassed about my outburst but I couldnt stop and it brought me to tears sometime. And my peers cant understand the problem because they didn’t have to compromised professional integrity doing their job, they all have great relationship with our bosses. 1D come from TXF, a reality show in nature, so its gonna be full of fabricated dramatisation. As we know they were encouraged to act as certain character,

(***) although it could be derived from their true personality traits? Idk. Image is everything, even now 6 years later. I think Savan try to share his take on what happened, from a point of view of someone who already form an opinion and deemed they are not credible and consist of some talentless individual. At the end of the day, he come to do his job while the boys pursuing their dream. Louis got the opportunity to be in a vocal band, but got the least singing part. My point is, the boys

(****) My point is, the boys’ experience might be different from each other. They could empathise and I’m sure of it. They showed us they love and support and protect each other. Again, personality play a big roles on how yau handle hurts, disappointment and anger. So while all of the boys experience the exact same situation, it won’t affect them similarly. I feel like louis’s frustration translate into being ‘loud’ or probably argumentative. Savan’s fond memory of working with harry could also

Dear anon,

I might not have gotten last parts of this ask? If you have them, please send them.

First, thank you for understanding the complexity of the Golan/ Kotecha interview, for reading between the lines, and for articulating that in an empathetic way.

Now that we have all had time to digest it, I think it gives a lot of insight into the group dynamic.

Undoubtedly the powers-that-be have always seen One Direction as a manufactured product. Industry has never respected the band because of this background, despite the fact– the FACT not only voiced by fans but now, explicitly, by these two songwriters– that One Direction is not a typical boyband, that the talent is extraordinary, that their ambitions and their ability to learn the music business (from the creative to the business) was outsized.

And if Industry bothered to listen to pop podcasts, it would know that One Direction songs are actually, within the frame of their pop genre, quite good, considered by critics to be surprisingly good for a “manufactured product.”

I think Kotecha expressed his regret that 1. he underestimated them, 2. he let the psychological “mind fuck” –the antagonism he had with Louis– get in the way of helping them develop as artists, 3. he missed out on the biggest portion of their success, 4. he burned some bridges with them.

Kotecha is an incredible songwriter. I’m really glad he found his success with other big-name artists. He wrote my favorite AG song on Dangerous Woman, “Into You.”

The interview also revealed a lot about the band members’ state of mind through the first three albums. Kotecha states that none of the boys liked the music on Up All Night : it’s not music they are proud of, he says. If they disliked UAN, they would have recognized in the making of Take Me Home that Syco expected them to stay in this traditional boyband mode for all five albums– and perhaps they were already sensing the impetus to find a breakout solo act (Harry) so that the band wouldn’t finish their contract. They sensed it because that was the natural boyband trajectory, and had been for the last 30 years.

We talk about The Beatles being the first boyband, but of course, The Beatles were not put together on a reality talent show. No one expected the talent show band to last. No one expected them to have any creative or business talents. No one expected them to form any deep bonds with each other. No one expected them to do anything except bleat out tunes, look pretty, sell merch. No one expected these things because there was just no precedent. And now Kotecha’s interview basically confirmed all of this.

And imagine being in the boys’ shoes. Obviously they were going to sing whatever they were given in UAN: they were unknowns. They relied on industry experience to get to world-wide success. They would do whatever they were asked to do.

It was only after TMH, when their success became ever more apparent, that they had the courage to demand more. Even then, they were risking a lot to raise their voices. They could easily have been shouted down. And you’re right, anon, I think at some point, Kotecha felt like he was being attacked for doing exactly what he was hired to do. He felt an ownership for the creation of the 1D sound, and there was bloody mutiny from the bleating pretty faces– and not even from the talented one, or the singer.

And if Louis hadn’t been in the band, who knows who would have stepped into his place? Louis took a big risk (never play poker with him– his bluffs are deadly)– he could have been the one asked to leave. He was the loudest voice, but Kotecha sort of made it clear that it wasn’t only Louis who felt this way. Louis was simply the one willing to stick his neck out, to take the brunt of bad feelings. He risked his own career to make sure One Direction was in it for the long haul.

I wrote about “Strong” as a romantic song, but it could also be a song about camaraderie. “Waves try to break it”: it’s as poignant as any other reading.

Not only that, but Harry’s refusing to leave the band to be The Breakout Star also strengthened the band’s argument against management. They needed to be a united front, to argue for their creative independence. Perhaps Zayn’s willingness to give up on this united front is why bitter feelings ran so deeply during OTRA promo.

To Kotecha’s point about Harry’s songwriting chops, I think he is sincere. I think the songwriting community in pop music is a small one, and they don’t blow hot air around just for promo– the public doesn’t care if pop stars write their own songs, tbh. Indeed, it’s not the first time, second time, or even the tenth time we’ve heard from other songwriters that Harry is a pretty fucking good songwriter. I also think he and Harry are no longer in contact, at least not in any meaningful way, by the way Kotecha says “Harry probably would” [contact him]– at least, as of February 2016.

It’s weird, for me, to have this detailed, intimate snapshot of the band members circa 2011-2012. It adds to the complexity of the 1D boys as human beings, and I must say I love them more for this, for recognizing their mutual talents, for refusing to be ground down by the inevitable boyband gristmill, for having the vision to see their unknown futures and for wanting to be taken seriously as artists– risking their fame and celebrity in the process. They are a very special band.

An H.R. Study: What Do You Do With a Non-Logical Character in an Otherwise Logical World?

Who’s your favorite Flash character? Mine is Harrison Wells and yes, I mean every Harrison Wells. From Star Trek’s evil Mirror Universe counterparts to the Fringe division learning to embrace their alternate selves, the doppelgänger has long been a beloved trope in Science Fiction, capable of drawing out both conflict and nuance of character — and Tom Cavanagh’s work is no exception. It means that I was (and remain) thrilled to get another iteration of Harrison Well on the show: the quirky and enigmatic H.R.  

Now this meta could have easily been a ranty defense of H.R., considering that the other members of Team Flash mostly seem to hate him and, from what I’ve seen, the fandom does too. Which honestly surprises me. I personally find him to be lovable, entertaining, and a breath of fresh air within the story…but hell, no one needs to like the characters I like. This isn’t a ‘my fave is the best!!’ pissing contest.

No, I’m more interested in the question that H.R. represents: What the hell do you do with a non-logical character in a predominantly logical environment?

As a sort of disclaimer, I’m using ‘logical’ here as a nebulous catch-all for the hard sciences/pseudo-science/things that do not fall into the realm of the Humanities. AKA, most of the stuff you find in superhero stories. Because that’s what The Flash gives us: a world where science rules, unquestioningly. It is the source of the protagonists’ power, the means to the antagonists’ defeat, and even when something ethereal like magic is introduced (“Legends of Today”) it’s quickly shuffled out of the narrative because it’s too much of a threat. This results in a set of characters with a (heh) logical, but rather limited skill-set:

  • Harrison/Harry/Eobard Thawne - All genius scientists with backgrounds in, frankly, whatever the story needs. 
  • Cisco - Mechanical engineer who, as Harry says, “can do anything.” 
  • Caitlin - Bio-engineer capable of solving any medical emergency under the sun. 
  • Barry - Our protagonist, who could have easily been a part of this group purely because of his powers. However, he’s also a forensic scientist and easily keeps up with all the technical aspects of their work. 
  • Wally - A student, but one with incredible mechanical and technical talent. 
  • Jesse - Also a student, though said to have a “genius IQ” and clearly takes after her father in terms of worshiping science. 
  • Julian - Another astoundingly talented forensic scientist. 
  • Hartley - Physicist who was once the “favorite” of Dr. Wells’. 
  • Martin Stein/Ronnie/Jefferson Jackson - Brilliant physicist, structural engineer, and mechanic, respectively.

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A shade too dark - implied reader x decepticons TFP

The life of an online artist was slow. Painfully slow some might say, and with the constant war that was going on people were too focused elsewhere to be looking around for an artist to hire. The transformers ever since they had come into the public eye had been gaining a lot of attention and people weren’t sure it was a good thing, mixed opinions surfacing all over the web space you had made your home. Personally? you welcomed them- even the less than noble ones. Any picture you could find was another reference image for the hundreds of folders you already had because after all it wasn’t every day aliens appeared from the sky and announced their presence for the whole world to see.

Your constant drawings and doodles had gained notice in the community, fawning over the sketches and doodles and downright fangirling over any finished paintings you did- though some were less than happy when they noticed there were a lot more of the Decepticon artwork than there were Autobot. Anon hate was swiftly sent to the trash, where it belonged. You could appreciate problematic characters without genuinely liking them and no grey face would tell you otherwise. It was a few days after you had posted a speedpaint video of a transformer allegedly known as Shockwave when a commission came in at last, effectively ending the dry period of no funds.

The person had no avatar, no content on their blog and their username was beyond generic but their request was incredibly precise with the addition of reference images that were downright incredible. No blur, good lighting- and the pay was genuinely good. The commission was negotiated in less than half an hour, a full body painting of this mech she hadn’t seen before in red and yellow. Happy to be of service, the commission was completed and the client was more than happy to pay for your services- multiple times actually. This one person seemed to have an excessive amount of love of your art and funds to keep commissioning work. It became common place for at least a sketch a day to be done to the delight and smug satisfaction of this mysterious customer.

After a month of this back and forth, another joined in. Similar profile, this anonymous source requested a jetfighter looking mech in a fully rendered background, all angular and intimidating with crimson eyes that pierced through any shadows that lingered around his face. This particular buyer seemed more picky with certain things, wanting to get it absolutely perfect but ultimately was impressed with the finished result, becoming another regular. It wasn’t as frequent as the other, but the commissions this particular client requested were always grand, and quite expensive.

At this point you had become the go to artist online for all transformer commissions for a particular set of people, no longer drawing any of the Autobots. Everytime someone complained about that though, another person seemed to start paying to see another Decepticon drawn. Shockwave and soundwave were next, asking for more technical drawings than the others.

At this point you didn’t question the buyers and their anonymous natures, communication between each one being unique in its own way. It was when you started livestreaming the drawing process that little semblances of jokes and friendships began to form. The stream consisted mainly of 2 people under their known commission aliases. Knockout, and Starscream. The two would bicker back and forth between who was better, others occasionally popping in to silently watch the show and observe how the art was made. You had become rather fond of them all after 4 months of knowing each and every one, on talking terms with seemingly all of them.

Then for awhile, all went silent. Commissions hit a pause and communication went blank, not a single message shared between them even between knockout and yourself who was always online the most. Days went by…

A single email surfaced, containing a very specific request. A single portrait of the Decepticon leader, Megatron, full colour and effects with a dark background. The reference images attached to the document were haunting in the most curious sense. The payment had already been sent by the time you even pulled up a blank canvas on your computer, deciding that tonight was not a streaming night. Whoever this was had an overwhelming air of importance to them, and deserved full attention.

It was done after 3 days of none stop work, dedicating every spare moment to assuring it was just right- and the image was sent off into the void, anxiously anticipating a reply. The reply came less than an hour later, with a simple sentence that made your whole body shiver.

How would you like to become the official Decepticon artist?

OMG thank you thank you! This wonderful and I love it to death! Gosh reader inserts are my favorite things to read I just. I love everything about this. Thank you so much.

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how have the trends in art style in the warriors/cat animator community changed over the years? i only joined near the end of the reign of spottedfire25, so i'm not really sure.

disclaimer: i’ve only been in this fandom since 2008, so i’m going to start from there! any earlier and i’m out of my depth. i’m going to begin with allikatnya and end in the present.

in 2008, allikatnya uploaded her iconic “bones shatter” amv. this amv introduced two incredibly important things to the then-tiny warriors fandom: frame by frame animation and the anime art style. allikatnya’s work mimicked the style of kimba the lion (the japanese predecessor to the lion king), and her style gained a lot of traction for a couple big reasons: it had anime influence (which was exciting to a lot of middle school weaboos i.e. the entire fandom at the time), it was well-suited to frame by frame animation, and it was accessible. allikat’s art style was easy to mimic, and it gave a ton of kids who otherwise had no artistic ability a chance to participate in the fandom. many more artists entered the amv scene around this time and the fandom became a sort of anime art style arms race…

darkkokiri generated interest in the fandom with their famous “frontlines” amv…

and flightfootwarrior’s art brought darkness/graphic violence to the fandom that hadn’t really been there before, which excited a lot of fans because it was “edgy” and “portrayed the dark subject matter of the books accurately.” i know their art sure excited ten year old me for both of these reasons… more importantly, flightfootwarrior’s exclusive use of paint and windows movie maker encouraged an entire generation of kids, who had previously been discouraged by a lack of access to “proper” art programs, to draw. if they could make videos using only default programs, so could everyone else.

ssswarriorcats rocked everyone’s world with the highest quality project to date: a mock opening they’d made in a style reminiscent of a lot of classic 90′s anime.

since all of the fandom’s best work was being done in an anime style, that style took over for the next six years. almost every big animator in that time period (i like to call 2009-2012 the “golden age” of warriors fandom in my head, but that’s just me) had an anime-influenced art style: sitavara, chrissietheeevee, spottedfire25 (as you mentioned, anon), duckfeatherz, ryulovestsute, silverwolfnyght, myself… i could go on for hours but this post is already long enough, haha.

there are two animators that are “anomalies” to the anime art style popularity rule, though: tribbleofdoom and bluekyokitty, whose art had more of a classic cartoon feel to it. both boasted fantastic animation and influenced the fandom in really huge ways.

blue’s mastery of ms paint was incredibly inspiring to beginner artists trying to master the program themselves, and unlike a majority of popular warriors artists, he spent time drawing elaborate backgrounds and scenery. he also had distinct, consistent designs for every cat and was experimental with markings, which pushed the fandom to new levels design-wise. his tigerstar design in particular gained a lot of traction… you’d be hard pressed to find one in the fandom even now that escaped his influence.

tribbleofdoom’s videos, on the other hand, were inspiring because of their length. they were the longest in the fandom by far and are still pretty substantial, even now; every video of theirs averages six minutes and has thousands upon thousands of frames. their style of airbrush shading was popular for a while, and their lip syncing animations were the most advanced the fandom had to offer for years.

but then something happened in the warriors fandom in 2012: the animators got older. most of us had spent our middle school years in the fandom and had gotten tired of the constant bickering and emo rock, and high school/college were fast approaching… so we left. i like to call this period the “mass warriors artist exodus.” i honestly have no idea what happened in the fandom from 2012-2014 because i wandered away, so if anyone wants to fill me in, that’d be awesome! what i do know, though, is that when i came back, things had changed significantly.

ginjaninjaowo’s work had become a fandom favorite, and for good reason! i remember being blown away by how exquisitely animated, sharp, and professional her work was when i returned to the fandom last year.

velocira’s work was also noteworthy to me upon my return because of its minimalism and distinct style. the experimentalism present in many of her videos (especially her creative incorporation of text and her skill with lineless art) inspired a lot of artists to think outside the box.

niftyapplestar, on the other hand, had mastered her unique style of both art and animation over the years and set the new standard for just about everything. her work boasted fantastic animation, awesome color theory and very professional concept art/character design, which introduced the fandom to the value of individualistic, distinctive character design. artists set out to destroy “same face syndrome,” something that had been plaguing the fandom for years.

i’m not sure if it’s because young artists these days have easier access to good art, or if it’s because the warriors artists who returned to the fandom have come back older and wiser… but lately the work the fandom has produced has been more experimental and, for lack of a better word, “artsier” than it’s even been. here’s a frame by hullumel from one of allikat’s maps that displays what i’m talking about pretty well…

one theory i have is that since maps (multi animator projects) have taken over the warriors youtube community lately, consistency is no longer as important as it used to be. artists/animators are given a handful of seconds to show everyone what they’re capable of and what their artistic vision is, and since every map has a different theme/set of rules, artists’ work is expected to vary drastically from part to part. this allows for a much broader range of experimentation than before. here are a couple quick examples…

gingajeketsutei’s work plays with texture and color in a lot of fantastic ways!

and artists like xishka and maplespyder are introducing digital painting to the fandom, which is amazing.

overall, the fandom has gotten infinitesimally artsier and more diverse, and i’m really excited to see where it heads next!!!

Animation: Environment Rendering

So say you have an animated show. Spend all that time and energy rendering these awesome characters. Boy they sure look great. Hyper bright and colorful. But what’s this? They don’t seem to fit against the background well. They kind of get lost in the shuffle of colors.

Now if this were a still image this might be okay, but remember things are moving. You do not have time to absorb every detail in a shot before we’re on to the next shot. So the environment has to work with the characters. It’s not the focus, the characters are.

Some shows solve this problem by having a very painterly background. As with Lilo and Stitch (and many other Disney films)

The background contrasts with the characters by being fully rendered with soft lights. There’s no line work. no black even (but characters can have solid black). So the flatly colored characters pop against the rendered background.

Unfortunately this method can be rather pricey as it takes a lot of time to render out backgrounds to this level. TV typically doesn’t have the budget a film has.

Some shows will keep the background very abstract, lacking dark lines still. But there’s far less contrast than on the main characters.

Here’s My Life as a Teenage Robot for example

These characters have colored lines or solid shapes (like the bg), but they’re generally darker than the bg. And the background has large areas of negative space for the characters to stand against. They’re almost always the most detailed thing in the shot.

Sometimes the background has just as strong a contrast as the characters (because it’s night, or spooky, or you’re just into colors like that).

So you keep the background abstract and full of strong shapes still. But maybe you make sure the lines on the characters are bold enough to stand out no matter how much dark might be in a scene. Toss some accent lighting on there too to keep it colorful and make sure big black shapes don’t melt into the background.

Or make the character the only thing of that particular color, and the bgs generally a complimentary, split-compliment or just rarely analogous color. 

Maybe they’re also generally the brightest, most saturated thing in the room too.

The original Ben 10 had a nifty trick. They wanted to keep the bg and character designs consistent to each other (with the exception of occasional, sparingly used, gradients). What do they do to keep the characters the focus of your eye always?

Put some perlin noise back there. It muddles the bgs just enough that your eye will go right to the characters. Handy trick that can keep costs low (the style is easily reproducible).

So that’s some subtle texture. But what if the bg is straight up textures?

We’re back to shape rules now, but now the bg is the most complex thing and the characters are the simplest.

What do all these shows have in common? That contrast. Something to make a character pop out. The ratio of more/less detailed, more/less saturated, darker/brighter always has to skew more one way or the other to make your characters stand out. Different scenes will have different solutions to this problem, but you can count on some style consistencies so it never looks like you suddenly jumped to a different show.

Something to keep in mind for you folks working on comics, animated projects, or “cartoon” styled illustrations. Next time you’re indulging nostalgia or enjoying your favorite animated fare, take note of how they solve issues like this. You can learn a lot and might find it applicable to your own work.

Jumin's Feelings for Rika - Korean vs. English Comparison


ㅎㅎ안녕하세용^^ 저도 생각했을때는 너무 다행인것같아요~^^

Before I start, I want to also thank all the encouraging messages I had received for my decision to continue this blog! I really want to be able to continue posting, and to be able to create interesting, fun, and informative posts in regards to Mystic Messenger~ Thank you all for such kind words! ^^

Okay, so back to the subject at hand. Imma be honest. This made me on edge for a fictional character since Jumin is my favorite. I just ugh, I can’t. Love me instead.

But all that aside, I will go ahead and state that if you have not played Jumin’s route yet and do not want even the tiniest spoiler (for Jumin’s deep route and Christmas DLC) to ruin your gameplay, just completely ignore this post! It shouldn’t be too bad since I am just going to analyze the comparison of the Korean version to the English version in terms of how clarified it is that Jumin may or may not have feelings for Rika. Not the actual plot itself.

Please join me under the cut for a full on analysis for this issue!

Please note that although this is an analysis, there may be opinions that may differ or be consistent with mine! While I can give some sort of Korean background, for debatable topics, I do not represent all of the Korean minds for respective topics. Also, please excuse any errors or let me know if clarifications are needed, for English is not my first language! Thank you and enjoy!

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i plan on writing a comic, do you know any tips that could help me with that?

(As an art focused blog I’m going to take it that when you say ‘write’ you mean doing the entire thing and not just writing the plot and dialog.) 

Well, I don’t draw comics that much these days, but I’ll give you what advice I can. I’ll also point out some helpful tutorials those who do draw comics have done.

1. Characters 

You’ll probably have an idea of where you want to go with your comic- but plotting out your story and characters should come first. Have a sheet handy for each character that includes a simple turn around (front, back, and side view) so that you can reference it and keep the character consistent looking. (Especially if the character has a more complex costume.) On this sheet also include a few character basics that you may need to remember like height, talents, or even favorite food. Basically stuff that you might otherwise forget when you’re in the middle of a story.

Other great resources:

2. Thumbnails and Composition

Even in regular art sketching out a small fast composition/layout of your image before you start building on it is good practice. For comics I should think its even more important. Consider that your panels’ shapes can evoke mood just as much as the content you put inside them and play around with the layout and composition of your comic page. 

Other great resources:

3. Backgrounds

I hands down am no good at backgrounds so I’m going to just direct you to some other people. (Sorry!)

4. Creating Mood Through Art

Don’t tell. Show. Perspective, color, and lighting can also evoke emotion to help move the story along. Use these to tell your story more effectively in areas without text. Is your character sad and vulnerable in this frame? Consider a slightly downward looking angle over the character and color the frame with shadows of blue tint. Keep the lighting sparse and broken up or even just from a single light source that barely reaches over the character. The angle makes them small and vulnerable, the blue tint makes their sad feelings more apparent, and the small bit of light highlights the fact that they’re in shadow (sad) instead of in the light (happy). 

Other great resources:

5. Push Action

Perspective helps with this as well, but really push your characters to create a feeling of movement and dynamism. Do this by drawing a line of action before you sketch out your character. An example of someone really good at this would be Nargyle:

And here are some other great resources for action lines:

Anyway, that’s all the advice I have, so here’s some from a few other people and feel free to look around in this blog’s archives for other resources and tuts you may need. :)

I hope this helped and good luck with your comic!


PS: Don’t forget to take care of your wrists as well!

Dan x Reader - I Like Your Drawings of Me

Dan x Reader - I Like Your Drawings Of Me

REQUEST / PROMPT : Reader x dan. Where reader is a huge fan or art and draws dan all the time. Them dan and Phil have been friends forever. Reader had always had a huge thing for dan but didn’t want to mess up their relationship as friends. So they just stare from a distance and draw their heart out. And all the pictures these days seemed to have something in common.. him. One day they weren’t paying attention and dan came over and saw their art. “I-.. I-.. I can explain Dan!” “Can I just kiss you already?”(anon)

I finished another one of my paintings today, this one was for a client and I was to send it over tomorrow. I’m an artist and I’ve been one for long as I could remember, luckily I was able to make a somewhat high sustaining career out of it. But I always distinguished the passion of art and my job, such never stressing out over my work and I was basically your definition of a “chill artist”. After wrapping the canvas up I went to my “personal” drawing drawer and took out an unfinished work of Dan. Dan Howell, him and Phil have been my friends since a long time. I didn’t really think anything of Dan other than a friend, until I asked to draw him and Phil once. He happily agreed and it was just a little sketch that I gave him and he liked it. But little did he know after that I thought that his face was literally a work of art. He was so different and eccentric from the other faces of the world. He had a contrasting face with the dark odd fringe hairstyle along with his long height and his eyes, the vivid chocolate eyes that widen when they gaze. I was wondering what to draw and it just happened that Dan’s general features highlighted what I wanted completely, so now I had this unfinished work of art. Not that I was short, I drew Dan and Phil a lot, heck I drew my friends a lot and even fictional characters. Personal drawings for me was almost always of things that I loved, it so happened that one of them was Dan. I had a pretty significant amount of Dan drawings where I would just admire him from afar, a bit creepy but hey when you see art it deserves to be relished. Dan is funny, articulate and smart, not to mention the way he speaks and think makes me admire him all over again. Although he could never know, I love him… well as much as you can for a friend but I just loved him, who he is and what he stands for and how’s he like. He’s an easily lovable person.

DING! A calendar notification “Hang with D&P tomorrow @2:30pm”

I lightly smile at my phone and then look at the time, seems I’ve been daydreaming for twenty minutes and only got 2 minor details finished. I laugh softly and then make my way to get ready for bed, change into my pajamas and sleep.

Today I would be going to Dan and Phil’s house, I had a small breakfast at around 10pm, browsed the internet and then worked on some work pieces for an hour. It was a pretty relaxed morning, but now it’s 1:30 and I need to get ready to go since the car will be over at 2:00. I change into some lightly ripped jeans, a top with a coat over and a scarf. I pick out some zipper boots and finish curling my eyelashes. I have 5 minutes left as I pick up my bag, consisting of my art supplies that held a collection of black ink items and some colored pencils, a wallet wth my portable charger. I quickly grab my sketchbook, and smaller notebook to throw it in and then lock my flat as my phone dings letting me know the cab is here.

I slightly wander off on the ride over after very minimal conversation at the start and then I get to Dan and Phil’s flat. I walk over and ring the doorbell to see Dan open the door and welcome me with open arms.
“y/n!” He smiles greeting me, wearing a jumper with his classic black skinny jeans.
“Hiiiii.” I say with a friendliness.
We hug briskly as Phil sees us coming up the stairs, popping his head out from the kitchen to shout, “Hello!”
Then I hear something drop and a faint, “Oh crap,” as Dan shakes his head and we both chuckle.

We catch up immediately and talk for awhile even though I last saw them about a week ago. However in that short space of time, they had already been to two different places in Europe, had new merchandise and lending plans that sounded amazing. Both of them asked my about my art and I showed them some finished pieces on my phone, to their liking. But, for majority of the chat it’s just casual conversation between close friends. We laughed and joked on random things, talked about pop culture and all our favorite shows. After finishing our talk in the lounge and the tea that Phil so graciously offered, he had to run off.

“Alright guys, I gotta go get ready.” Phil yawned as he rose from his seat. Phil told me earlier he had to get some work done and go to a meeting.
“Ok bye Phil.” Dan commented relaxed.
“Bye Phil!” I added waving as he made his way downstairs to the taxi waiting for him.

“So what ya wanna do now?” Dan asked looking up from his phone, and I was somewhat lost in a daze gazing at him as he sat behind the burning fireplace, such a pleasant scene.
“y/n?” He called over looking over and squinting his eyes playfully.
“Oh, huh?” I snapped back into reality, not that it was too smooth. I hope I wasn’t staring or if I was not too hard.
“Yeah, sure let’s watch something.” I suggested as Dan shrugged with a sneaky cute smile on his face.
“Or… we could play Mario Kart.” Dan proclaimed holding up the game disk and I laughed.
“Okay sure, but you’re probably going to win anyways.” I told him and he chuckled as he came over to hand me the controller.
In the friendly somewhat long competition, I won twice and the other 4 times Dan took the crown. Afterwards, we talked and Dan put on some anime. We had a light marathon in the background whilst Dan scrolled on Tumblr and I drew on my sketchbook. While I told him it was “just a sketch” and “work”, little did he know I was admiring him from the side.

Dan customarily sat on his sofa side while I sat on the opposite so he couldn’t see what I was doing. We talked about life and occasionally giggled at the anime characters, as I continued drawing him. It was almost unconsciously, like a perfect habit with a pretty outcome. I studied his face once again, still finding new things I never seen before and drawing them as I pled. It was now almost 6pm, but I was a bit sleepy and Dan left to grab something from his room and to get us some Ribena. I yawned and leaned back into the soft sofa, only letting myself slip for a moment. I placed down my sketch board since Dan was out of the room. I stretched a bit and closed my eyes, drifting off unknowingly.

“y/n. y/n?” I heard Dan’s voice gently as he sat beside me and I sleepily moved my eyes up to his face and there was now a slightly curl in hair, making him even more adorable.
“Hmm?” I shot up and instantly remembered the sketchbook next to me and all the drawings stuffed inside of it. Just my luck that when I jumped up in panic which caused me to knock the sketchbook go the floor with its contents dispelling. The contents of my personal drawings, but also the collection of the one with Dan’s face. There was a piece with four of his different expressions all blended and colored into a collage, random doodles, sketches, really detailed closeups and everything I didn’t want him to see. I rush to pick them up and so does Dan being the gentleman he is.

“Oh, let me help you.” He put down the Ribena filled glasses and instantly bends down. The chill artist me was no longer intact, I was not chill.
“It’s fine. I got it.” I try speak smoothly to no avail. Then I see him gathering them up and going through at least 4 of my drawings of him, then passing me my sketchbook which happens to show another lot and the one I was currently working on. Dan doesn’t say anything for a moment, and just looks confused then curious.
“I like your drawings of me…” Dan slightly smirks for reasons I don’t know, as if something’s been confirmed. I just cringe with too much nervous to comprehend his compliment.
“I-.. I-.. I can explain Dan!” I stammered trying to save myself, rushing to put the papers back in there place. But Dan didn’t respond, instead he just handed them back over to a red faced me. I place them in my bag neatly, and then embarrassingly look at him. Waiting for his questions and disturbance, I am met with the opposite.
“Can I just kiss you already?” Dan confided me while gulped with my eyes wide.
“What?” I questioned him, too confused for my own good.
“Don’t you owe me for you using my face so much?” Dan suggested jokingly and I rolled my eyes.
“A kiss from me is your preferred form of payment?” I ask slyly as Dan nods.
“Mhhhhmmmm.” He mumbles causing me to slightly giggle before showing my approval.
Dan the puts his hand on my cheek as I lean my head back into the kiss as his lips come over to me. His lips feel amazing atop of mine, and the kiss is gracefully enjoyable with me wanting to savor every moment. After our kiss, I grin at him and he gazes into my eyes.

“You knew?” I asked.
“I mean you kinda kept looking over to me then drawing in your paper. Like a lot.” He answered amused. I shook my head and leaned into his chest to hide my blushing face.
“You’re okay with it?” I stuttered muffling into his jumper.
“Of course, but only if I get your kisses in return.” Dan elaborated eagerly with a big smile and kiss on my cheek.
“Gladly.” I declared gushing with happiness all over my cheeks, as Dan puts his face closer to mine once again and ours lips collide. I wasn’t an artist in this moment, instead I was the apart of the art. Dan and I are the masterpiece and it’s a hundred times better than observing from the outside. We are the art.

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Do you know that some Sonamy fans call Sally acorn a Mary Sue ? You can debunk some of those claims ?


Because for the most part, they’re….pretty much on the mark.

Now don’‘t get me wrong, I love Sally as a character. In fact, she’s my 6th favorite Sonic character and the only non-game character in my top 10. But let’s be frank, it’s pretty hard to deny that she’s been over-idealized and treated with favoritism by most of the writers who have tackled her.

For a start, there’s the whole thing about how she leeched established character roles. for instance, Amy’s role as the (Reluctant) love interest and Tails’ role as the figure closest to Sonic. DiC and by extension Archie basically gave two already established characters the shaft in order to enhance the prominence of their canon foreigner. How do you say spotlight stealing squad?

To be fair though, Sally is not the only character guilty of this. Rotor for instance leeched Tails’ mechanic role in SatAM. Though without a shadow of a doubt she is the worst offender.

The next thing is how she’s treated like Sonic’s better half, his intellectual superior with a near-complete lack of consideration for his established resourcefulness and acuity and the fact that he’s, you know, not dense. Yes Sonic is impulsive and not detail-oriented. But he’s not stupid. Far from it.

Watch SatAM and take count of how many times Sonic gets himself in deep shit either;

- Due to not taking her advice specifically.

- Due to his own denseness  for the obvious sake of forcing the “Sally is the brains and they complete each other” angle.

Now also consider how many times she’s responsible for pulling his ass out of the fire compared to the amount of times he extricates himself from a sticky spot.

It’s nothing less than forcing Sonic to take a level in dumbass in order to make the utterly obnoxious and forced dynamic between him and Sally look compelling. Instead, it outs it for the character-degenerating, Sally-shilling exercise that it is and shows how even the series’ main protagonist has been patronized, knocked-down numerous levels of competence in order to elevate the position of this Sue in the ongoing narrative.

Thirdly, many of the writers who handle Sally have a serious favoritism problem. It’s as if they simply can’t help but idealize this character, portray her sympathetically for the sake of elliciting pity from the audience, make the characters and their relationships revolve around setting something up that serves the interests of this one character or their OTP; Sonally.

Just…what is it about Sally that makes many a writer who tackle her, be it on official or fanfic work, go head over heels and fixate on shilling her no matter what to the detriment of the character herself, the characters around her and even the work itself!?

Let’s take for instance Ben Hurst. Who went on record to say that Sally and Dulcy were his favorite characters (And BOY does that show).

In season 2, other Freedom Fighters are shafted into the background so that Sally and by extension Dulcy can get the Lion’s share of prominence (Poor Bunnie). Tails has already been reduced from the proactive and genuinely useful character that he is in game canon to everyone’s baby brother in order to further Sally’s standing as Sonic’s right hand and for her to maternalize over him, a trend that would be seen years later in the comic regarding Cream, a character who, like Tails, has quite the number of badass achievements under her belt in game canon yet is reduced to a pet the dog opportunity for the obvious sake of enhancing the likeability of Sally, much to the Rabbit’s detriment.

Another example - Ian Flynn. Who went on record to say the following in order to get everyone to adore his beloved Ground Squirrel;

An additional kicker? The entry that elaborated upon her “weaknesses” on the same blog that featured the above was filled to the brim with a non-descript elaboration of how she’s some poor ittle lamb due to how much responsibility she shoulders and how hard she is on herself, a blatant attempt at making the fans feel sorry for her.

I and I know numerous other fans were like…

And it doesn’t stop there either. There was also Flynn’s blatantly obvious Sonally agenda. Because when you have to resort to making a character do a complete 180 in blatant disregard to what was previously established in order to get one cog turning in an attempt to reconcile Sonic with Sally in wake of the split in #134, even resort to effectively saying “fuck you” to Amy Rose and SonAmy shippers, exhibit a SHOCKING disregard for etablished character in order to enhance the standing of the pairing and insert an instance of intense tonsil hockey action that takes up the largest panel on the page right in the middle of an important mission, you know there’s a rampant bias here.

It’s a shame. Sally’s a cool character who gets a lot of hate for reasons that are so predominantly blameable on her writers and there are numerous accusations of Suedom leveled at her that are frequently legitimate. If her writers weren’t so fixated on shilling her and the pairing she’s one-half of in such a clueless way, if she wasn’t overly-idealized, if she wans’t the spotlight stealer to the level that she’s consistently been since her inception, she’d be a much less controversial character and a more well-received one.

A^3 MBTI Analysis of Asami and Korra

Our favorite anon is back! You may remember good ol’ A^3 (Anonymous Asami Admirer) from these essays:

Well now putting their psych background to good use, A^3 is back with a vengeance: a Myers-Briggs (and also just general character) analysis of Korrasami! It’s a great, great read and really goes to show the way in which our lovely ladies work perfectly together. Enjoy!

This analysis assumes that readers have some knowledge of cognitive functions. There are eight functions that make up a type: Se/Si Ne/Ni Fe/Fi Te/Ti. Most people only use four functions while the rest operate unconsciously. If you don’t know what that means, read up on it. Understanding cognitive functions allows for deeper analysis and helps to easily distinguish between similar types. For each type, the order of preferred cognitive functions reveals: general characteristics, social roles, goal-seeking behaviors, decision-making processes, communication styles, and coping mechanisms. A type profile shouldn’t be treated as a horoscope. It is simply a way to understand how your mind functions and interacts with the world. It’s most useful for understanding differing perspectives.

Typing fictional characters, especially supporting characters, is difficult because of limited information. Everyone takes a slightly different approach to typing. My general approach is first to determine whether the person developed in a healthy manner. Then I identify the top 2 cognitive functions: dominant (dom) & auxiliary (aux). As confirmation, I then try to pinpoint the 4th or inferior function by examining how people behave in stressful situations. (Stress saps a person’s mental energy allowing the inferior function to take over and produce odd, out of character behaviors.) Lastly, I try to rule out other similar types. I possess a truly and outrageously awful memory for facts/details, so if you have an alternate interpretation or you think I’ve overlooked important canonical evidence, please feel free to share your thoughts!

Asami Sato: INFJ (Ni-Fe-Ti-Se)

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i love your railroad headcanons!! my favorite dysfunctional family!!! oh man i just finished my bos playthrough and it was so painful... do you have any headcanons about RR + physical affection? like for some reason i imagine that dez is super cuddly behind closed doors

Hey thanks! I really enjoy filling in the blanks and fleshing out background characters, and I’m constantly surprised people keep asking for RR headcanons. I’m sorry you had a rough time with your BOS playthrough B( 

I’m not sure if you meant platonic or romantic physical affection, so I’m just gonna go with platonic because platonic physical affection is rad as fuck.

Tinker Tom is who I headcanon as the most physically affectionate HQ member. He hugs agents that come back in from the field that he knows, tugs on ears playfully, pat faces. If someone on his team has a tech breakthrough, he’ll hug them so hard he’ll lift them off the ground. Who knows where that string bean gets the strength, but he does it. If he’s having a rough time, he loves holding hands. His anxiety can get overwhelming and he finds physical contact very centering and soothing, especially if he’s coming off his mentats or finishing a big project.

Desdemona can also be physically affectionate, with shoulder squeezes and pats, hair ruffling, knee pats if she’s sitting with someone, but she also mixes in just spending quiet quality time with people. Her time is valuable, and most of her people know that. Giving them her undivided attention even for a smoke break does wonders. Not only for them, but for her, too. It grounds her, it gets her head out of the strategies and planning and onto the people they’re doing all of this for.

Drummer Boy is another physically affectionate HQ member. He’s pretty intuitive and is usually the first person to reach for Tom’s hand when he looks lost or upset. He’s a great hugger, not too tight, not afraid of bumping junk so he doesn’t stick his ass out. He’ll also do his best to run errands or do things for the person he’s trying to make feel better. Those reports they need delivered? The shoes they needed resoled? The glue they were looking for? It’ll be waiting for them when they get back to HQ.

Glory is ok with fleeting physical touch, like high fives and ass pats, but she’s much better with her words. They mean more to her. Giving someone a compliment or words of wisdom and watching their face soften or their eyes sparkle when they smile just does her heart in. Like Dez, she’s big on spending focused time on the people she cares about. Her life and her schedule is always up in the air and who knows the next time she’ll get to sit next to these people and share a bowl of noodles and some stupid stories?

Carrington is almost the worst at physical affection. It’s not that he doesn’t like touch, he’s just more comfortable expressing affection in different ways. He prides himself on his objectivity and physical closeness sometimes muddles things for him. He’s much more apt offering solid words of kindness and comfort. He also takes pride in doing helpful things for people when they need it. It’s substantial, quantifiable, and makes a physical improvement to their lives (he hopes).

Deacon is the worst at physical affection. It’s just too… close and intimate and leaves him too vulnerable. He wasn’t kidding about the hugging thing. That’s not to say he’s not affectionate, not by any means. He also knows his propensity for lying and he knows better than anyone that actions speak louder than words. He spends his time showing affection and care by doing things that’ll help or bring happiness. He’s also the best gift giver in the Railroad. Honestly, he has Leslie Knope levels of skill at giving the absolute perfect gift at the perfect time. Dez likes to think she’s just as good, but she’s consistently outclassed.

P.A.M. is a pre-war robot and she has no physical affection protocols, but she will set aside a few processor cycles to compute various personalized scenarios for people and for PAM, that’s affection.

how the women of the marvel cinematic universe hold everything together

last night i saw captain america: civil war for the 3rd time since it’s release. each time i watch it i get more giddy, but also find more that i love about it. while i could write a 1,000 word essay on everything that makes me punch my fist in the air, i want to write about how vital the women are to this story.

it’s easy to say that this movie is heavily soaked through with testosterone, sweaty angry men punching each other, but the more subtle traits of the female characters are what’s vital to the story in the action being moved along.

if you haven’t seen civil war yet, continue at your own discretion.

first, wanda maximoff/scarlet witch. if you really think about it, the entire conflict of civil war comes from the fear of wanda’s powers. it was only after the accident in lagos that the UN felt the need for the accords. wanda is powerful, and everyone knows it. they even go to the lengths of keeping her locked in the avengers’ compound against her will. this is what starts everything, not bucky. in an interview, joe russo was asked “if you could save one superhero, who would you save” and he responded “scarlet witch because she has the ability to save the world”

doesn’t that speak volumes about the respect for her that the directors have? that they mean to make her more of a vital player in the universe? she is the most powerful, even surpassing vision because she is the only one who can control him. DANG. that is one awesome female superhero.

second, sharon carter. i am so grateful that we got to see more of her in this movie. constantly throughout the action, sharon shows up to assist both sides of the war. she is pretty much team cap, but sees the end goal and that working together is the only way to get through this. so she aids team iron man as well. she must be an agent in a high position of power because she has access to and knowledge of everything going on. she is respected, just like her aunt peggy.

now, regarding peggy/steve and sharon/steve. while yes, it does seem like very bad timing to kiss your ex lover’s niece, i ship it completely and fully. unlike nat/bruce (which i will get into later), this relationship has background. it is justified. granted, there was a deleted scene of sharon and steve getting coffee after the funeral that would have helped immensely in the growth of their relationship, this is hardly the first time either of them have made advances. remember in the winter soldier when steve tried to ask her out? that was a while ago. my theory is that steve has not been able to open his heart to the possibility of being with another person until now because of peggy. because she was still around and he still felt a connection that he didn’t want to betray. once peggy passed on, a weight was lifted and he finally felt he could be with someone, and it’s what peggy would have wanted. while yes, probably bad timing, i still think peggy would want steve to be with sharon. 

third, natasha romanoff/black widow. i really felt like the russo brothers corrected what joss whedon did to her character in age of ultron. i could go on and on about what was wrong with her in that movie but basically natasha in the civil war is completely consistent with her canon character. she is wise beyond all reason, and is similar to sharon in the fact that she sees both sides of the conflict. most of the time i bet she feels like “augh boys come on, stop trying to prove your prowess and let’s get over this”. although technically team iron man, over and over again she aids steve and team cap. when first presented with the sokovia accords she says “staying together is more important than how we stay together”. this brings me to my other point. the fact that black widow wanted to join the avengers to erase the blood in her ledger. she joined to make things right. along the way, she found family, something she had never had before. she found people who cared for her no matter what she had done in the past (so doesn’t running away with bruce because she is a monster seem completely inconsistent now?). throughout the entire movie she asks different members if they are ok. she goes to peggy’s funeral simply to be there for steve. she asks tony if he is alright. she constantly CARES because this is her family. she is so incredibly bad-ass but so incredibly compassionate. she has found love in her friends and will do anything to protect them, including hiding from secretary ross because she helped cap and bucky get away. 

also. natasha/bucky. canon. very canon. and they hinted to it in the movie when she says “you could at least recognize me” to bucky. because he trained her in the red room. and all i want for christmas is for them to explore that past. 

PLEASE MARVEL. it’s all we want. a black widow movie. please.

what are your thoughts? anything else you found that was empowering to women in this movie? favorite female characters? what are you excited for in the future? *cough*captain marvel*cough*

IchiHime reflections (+ some tangential things) part 1/20

(based on manga chapters 1-25)

(Other parts)

I was rereading Bleach and thought about making a post about my favorite IchiHime moments, mostly because they are infuriatingly adorable. I intended to choose just the very favorite ones (because let’s face it, I like pretty much everything with these two a lot), add caps from manga and some flailing about why I liked them.

Anyway, it started to get longer as I started reflecting on their relationship more and more, because it’s just a very interesting dynamic and they and their bond evolve through out the series very nicely. I especially love how they are not meant to be perfect from the get go, there are hurdles and they make mistakes on the way, but they keep going and it gets better and they get better, becoming good friends on the way (and obviously I’m rooting for it to become a romance, it seems to me that’s what Kubo’s been building towards since the beginning, but obviously I’m biased).

Basically I got swamped with a lot of feels, and this post became this thing instead. I’m not even sure what this eventually will be, I’m just mapping their relationship, and, knowing myself, will probably discuss many tangential thing as well. I’ll try to make it through the whole manga, I don’t know how many parts there will be yet, probably more than is sane.

Anyway behind the cut are caps and a copious amount of rambling about these two ginger dorks.

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You rank the Korra books as 3 > 4 > 2 > 1, correct? You may have written on this, but I'm just curious as to why you think book 2 is better than 1. I know the ending is unsatisfying, but it seems to be a much more consistent season.

Book 1 is 100% the more consistent season. And it might be a better viewing experience? Book 2 has a ton of pacing and narrative flaws. Before I began thinking about like, arcs and themes and stuff (basically before my rewatch), I ranked them 3>4>1>2. So like, the “pure enjoyment” factor is not nothing.

I do think “Endgame” (1x12) is absolutely atrocious, however. It’s probably my least favorite, though writing my Book 2 definitive ranking metas (just did one yesterday that I think is actually kind of insightful) really made a few turds stand out. “Night of 1000 Stars” has very few redeeming qualities, but at least unlike “Endgame,” it only casually dismissed some of the tensions.

I think I’ve used this before (because I’m so mature), but “Endgame” is the narrative equivalent of a beer fart. I mean, even ignoring that significant moments had to happen off-screen for it even to make sense, such as the Air Family being captured (which lessened the impact of Lin’s heroic sacrifice…an oddly fitting meta result for her character), we’re talking Idiot Balls, more plot holes than a Game of Thrones episode (and that’s saying something), and the entire Equalist revolution just fizzling out.

Why did Amon stand and let Korra and Mako shout at him for no reason? Why did Korra and Mako think anyone would listen to them given that these are the people who cheered after all of Republic City got bombed. Where did Hiroshi go to for the 5 minutes in which Bolin, Iroh, and Asami escaped, because he literally just pops up in a mecha suit so he clearly wasn’t doing anything involving the planes. How did Iroh know how to fly the newly-invented airplane when he can apparently fly himself (so why would he have bothered learning), and we only ever see him commanding a navy? Why did Amon even bother with a fake “I was burned by a firebender” story? It’s not like people needed more reasons to want to change things. Why was everyone involved with the revolution totally cool with the brutalization of pacifistic airbender children? Frankly, why was Amon? Post 1x09 he seemed to just be kicking puppies. Why did seeing Amon waterbend suddenly make everyone stop caring about the Equalist cause. Like, yeah, he was lying, but these were people who were cheering when Hiroshi declared bending to be illegal, so…they just decided that without a charismatic leader, there was no point?

This was just to tie up the main plot, mind you. There’s also the issue with Unfortunate Implications. Like… “hey, superpowers fixed my depression!” implications. Or the fact that Mako gets rewarded for not respecting Korra’s boundaries, when that is a very, very dangerous attitude to have if you’re dealing with someone in Korra’s mental state. And then, of course, this implication:

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Heh… said I was gonna be in hiatus and not post anything - which I still am... but I just had a spark of writing something today while writing other homework stuff and thought maybe someone might want to see it *shrugs*…

Kinda had a spark on if PJ was a kid and ‘I’ was his mom. When I mean “I”, I mean a version of me in another universe… who so happens to also be in college cause I thought it would or could add an interesting dynamic. 

So yeah it is inspired by Momma CQ since it would be interesting to see how he would even act in that world or a world similar to it. However, the thing is that (1) this isn’t canon in the slightest, (2) Paper and their family are not near by any other characters in that world, and (3) this whole thing is more of me experimenting with writing PJ as a kid due to things that may happen in Mediplane with him ‘as a kid’. So I just want to see how he would interact with others… so yeah!  ((this also might not follow how the world works with Momma CQ so keep that in mind.))

Title: First Day of School (cause I can’t think of what else to call it)

Characters: Paper Jam (6 years old), Skie (this world’s version)

(it’s just a small drabble that’s around 1500 words - basically what happens when I get bored enough to write)

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Hi i saw you recently post about skam so what is about and where can be found?

OH MY GOD, FINALLY AN EXCUSE TO GUSH ABOUT SKAM!!!  THANK YOU, YOU GLORIOUS HUMAN BEING.  Okay, Skam is a Norwegian web series that is currently in its third season and follows students at Nissen, a high school in Oslo.  The idea is to immerse you in the fictional life of whatever major character the season has chosen to focus on, so they have social media accounts (Instagram, for example) that are updated throughout the week, as well as text exchanges, until we get a new episode on Friday.

Season 1 is about Eva.  The squad™ in this season, I can’t even fucking explain it to you.  We’re plopped down in Eva’s life, which is given the impression of already being well-lived in, as she meets the friends who are going to stick.  There’s Sana, who probably has the most badass introduction of any character in fictional history (goddamn, I love her), Vilde, who’s high-maintenance and kind-hearted, Chris, who is extremely comfortable in her own skin and hilarious to be sure, and Noora, who is one of the most thoughtful and socially cognizant young characters I’ve ever seen on screen and who has one of the best first lines ever: “Girls who call other girls sluts have 90% more chance of getting chlamydia.”

It’s more real, both in terms of behavior - it digs in better to what millennials are actually like rather than the cliches of what we’re like, and in terms of losing the Hollywood-style glam - kids get zits, their thighs touch, they smudge or mismatch their make-up, etc.  They’re not professionally put together, they’re high school students.  And this show, my God, it has so far embraced creeds, sexualities, body types and races with such care and delicacy that it warms my cold, cold heart.  And most just blend into the background without mention, it’s a part of society that people are different in a myriad of different ways - bellissimo.

I think this is my favorite season just for the fact that I think it’s so, so important to see girls taking care of other girls - THE WAY THESE GIRLS CONSISTENTLY DO - and watching them build this bond between them was damn good.

Season 2 (part 1) | (part 2) is about Noora.  Noora.  Noora, Noora, Noora.  Noora is so special because she’s not inflexible and hard, she’s not portrayed as a bitch or frigid, while still getting to be - completely undeniably - a strong character, with a backbone and then some.  You rarely get to see one without the other when it comes to women but HERE SHE IS.  She has extremely solid opinions and ideas about the way the world should work but also recognizes that she doesn’t know everything, that she can be wrong and that sometimes she needs to bend.  Her interactions with Sana in this season are some of my all-time favorite interplays between any of the characters ever.

Season 3 is about Isak.  Isak has been lurking in the background of seasons 1 and 2 and by the end of season 1 we’re twigged to the fact that he’s likely gay.  Season 3 is him coming to terms with that and his realistic and emotional relationship with Even is probably some of the best romance (romance, period) that I’ve ever seen.  But honestly?  HONESTLY?  My favorite thing about this is his squad™, because at every turn they are such boys.  Horrible teenage boys who talk nonstop about hooking up and can be awkward around feelings but who are also fucking bros.  The scene of Isak, Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus sitting around a table and strategizing what Isak should say to Even?  I can live off the goodness in that sequence for years.  Dead serious.  And Isak is almost never made to feel different by them.  When he tells Jonas the person he likes isn’t a girl, Jonas doesn’t even have a visible reaction, just guesses a boy instead and when Isak tries to play ‘straight guy’ before he comes out and make fun of a gay man, Jonas shuts him down so fast and so hard that Isak nearly swallows his tongue.  Mahdi is horrified that the school might think he fought with Isak because he’s gay, that people are saying he’s a homophobe (and this is before he even knows Isak is gay).  And Magnus finally gets to meet Even and throws his arms around him because anybody that important to Isak is going to be that important to him too.  Special mentions for a moving speech given by Eskild (Isak’s out and proud roommate) and Sana this season too.

Basically: I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS SHOW ENOUGH.  Especially as I know people in my neck of the woods are in need of this kind of pure and heart-warming goodness these days.  I promise you: it delivers.  All links are embedded in the season mentions SO GET WATCHING.

Animated Shows Today

(taken from my Facebook)

Honestly by now it’s more than apparent that those who bemoan the “why can’t cartoons today be like the 90’s? kids these days will never know what it’s like to have good shows” complain couldn’t be more irrelevant. Taking into consideration brilliantly crafted shows like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and (the sadly but perfectly ended) Legend of Korra, it’s evident that if anything the 2010’s have ushered in a new era of non-prime time animated programming. As of late these shows have been able to do something that never could have been a regularity for this demographic during the 90’s, in that they can dedicate themselves to a fully realized serialized story. Take this into consideration alongside the structure a lot of former animated shows had to adhere to, they were all built around the studio preference for syndication. Meaning they could be scheduled to air at any order at any time as the networks saw fit. This is why a large majority followed a status quo (Pinky and the Brain could never really take over the world. Samurai Jack couldn’t return to the past. etc.) and even when they did follow an expanded plot it was typically in a made for tv movie or story arc that spanned to a few episodes at most. And that’s not to say any of those programs were hindered, they’re still memorable for a reason in that they’re all great, but there’s always a desire for more shows that really commit themselves to a bigger picture and can take their time in getting there while the characters evolve in the process. Characters for the most part stayed the same in the past and kept everything underneath simple. But I don’t really think it was until Avatar in the mid 00’s that there was a big animated series that followed a constantly moving plot that had every episode act as a significance towards future plot, something that excellently bled through to Korra nearly a decade later. But in shows like GF or SU you get the brilliant traditional animation that people often clamor for, if not better (honestly the backgrounds for Gravity Falls and the gem worlds blow me away. I’d easily buy an Art Of book for either one), the humor that expands itself to various ages and demographics, and on top of all that they’re given a plot that plays itself out at a gradual pace. Gravity Falls never once lost track of its phenomenal humor while slowly transitioning to “monster of the day” episodes to one of the best executed revelations that had been built up piece by piece, while what was once daily adventures with Steven and the Crystal gems has quickly unraveled into an ominous oncoming war. The dedication to the plot in getting from those early episodes to now has been phenomenal in peppering in details that would have seemed insignificant at first but now show they were made with a bigger picture towards the future in mind. Characters are given their animated qualities but also genuine sense of human emotion and growth through each and every episode. the money-grabbing Grunkle Stan from episode one has been given moments both heartwarming and intense while still keeping his Grunkle-ness, and the Gems consistently show a different form of maternal love but are reminded that they’re not without their flaws. To think that such a commitment to story, character, and art gets to exist for shows with such huge child audiences is AMAZING and I couldn’t be more happy that kids get to have these shows to hold onto for years to come. And that adults watching them can appreciate the complexities of the characters and mature undertones beyond what was once just “oh wow they snuck in a sex joke, even adults can enjoy this!” Brilliant creative minds like Alex Hirsch and Rebecca Sugar are getting to do what they want in sharing these worlds they’ve created in means of creative freedom that was once unheard of and it’s fantastic. Characters can be overweight without jokes made at their expense, gender neutrality is portrayed with positivity, non-nuclear family households are prevalent, people of color are given central fleshed out characters, an honest to goodness bisexual couple is legitimate. I’m not even scratching the surface, and while there’s always room for more it’s still amazing to think how far we’ve come in what was once seen as a medium strictly for kids where this could have never existed. And even now there’s probably a lot of other great shows i’m not mentioning but these two are some of my all time favorites and I feel like i can get the message across the most using them.

And i think the internet/on demand/dvr capabilities have had a huge hand in that with the easily accessible availability to stream recent episodes. People who miss the latest might tune in asking “how does Stan know about the journals?” or “Who’s Peridot and why is she coming to Earth?” can go onto the channel’s website and catch up with ease. People yearn for an older generation of television but it’s this modern nature that’s allowing its content to move forward and get the audiences captivated in ways that were all but nonexistent prior. I know this might seem like a long piece for shows on Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, but it just bugs me to no end to see so many currently existing 90’s-worshiping websites continue to dismiss the current state of animation when in reality its undergoing such an amazing creative renaissance with quality programming that actually takes its audiences seriously. I’m saying this because it’s a field I care about and it feels so AMAZING to be able to watch all these pieces of animation existing at the same time that continue to do things through story and art that astound me. In my opinion they’re just as good as any prime time or live action series that get all the attention. In my experience the people who complain about the state of animated shows today are the ones who aren’t taking the time to actually watch them. And i just think that needs to end, because these deserve appreciation.